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Thursday, February 28, 1952
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fAGE TEN (ARK.) couEran NEWS Sunday's Breakfast Is an Important Meal\Kraut^Fr. Baked Apples Add Touch to By G A TOOK MArmo.v XEA Slafl Wrllcr Children with little or no breakfast are likely Uj bp undernourished bemuse they cannot take a Jnrge enough quantity of food at the other two meals to supply their daily nerd.s. na-oytiinK to top Om 1 - ernmeiiv nutritionists. Sunday breakfast, when HIP trtni- lly Is together, is Important. Teen- apers who am inclined to skip breakfast or slight tt, ran li? insert to eat n hlslc breakfast n( (tint, cereal, bread and butter and milk. They may chscover they feel belter and have more pfp as a result. Then they may improve (heir first meal eating during the rest of tlip week. The following Sunday Sweet Potato Pie Is a Budget Dish of Chopped Meat Makes It Main Course in Any Meal Here's a main dUh that »PC? inexpensive sweet potatoes and chopped tncaf, (1 jfenrrntis servings) One-half potind rliopprci vcfl], J i pound chopped pnrk. ground t/i- gethfir. 3 eup,s 5«atoned ma.slied swept potal4ie,s. "-1 cup /iiiR dry bread crumbs, 1 p.$z. 2 fahlespnoi^ orange nmrmslndr. 2 l-ahlnspcon.% [ /at, '^ rup fjnrlv dicrrf onfoti, IHJ teaspoons kitchen bouquet, 1^ lea- poom salt, H teasponn peimer, l i teaspoon ginger. *; CLIP water, l tn- blaspoon cornstarrh. [ Prepare about 2'i pounds sweol j potiitoas with bread crmnhs. PSR ' snri mannalncifi, mixinti thoroughly. Line a pronseri 9-hu-h pie plate on bottom and Aides with mixture. Melt fat In frying pan. Add nnlnn and cook one minute. Arid ground! meat. Sprinkle with kitchen bou-j qnet- nnd cook until meat, IR lighHyi browned. Adri snll, pepper finri gln-j ger. | Combine a3iri arirl wafer arid rorrj- starch. Cook, stirring constantly until mixture thickens Tour thkken- eri meat mixture into sweet potato crust. Rake In morferafnly hot, oven CHS depreeR P.) until potato is lierhUy browned and pie w thoroufihly hot, (about 30 mlntiieA). Serve immedi- I •tely In piR-shapert wctlgps. Here's fin unusual squash recipe I IOT you. TVr meduim-si?p(i at*orn snua^h, 1 slightly beaten escf, 3 - ounce cnn chopped Viroileri mushrooms,. Vi r'lp j chopped Brazil nuts, ^ ctip fine dry bread crumbs, i teaspoon salt- H teaspoon pepper, K t^a.spoon on- km juice, 2 tablespoons melted butter. 2 tablespoons minced pnt'sltry. j Cut squash in half len^Lh\vi«e.! Cut tliin .ilire from .skin side of earh • half so xfiuash will stand evenly 1 In j p»n. Plnce liftlvfw. hollow i «lria rto^Ti, on. prea*ed JshAilnw hnk- uig pan. Bflke in hot civrsn (4(K) degrees F.) about 4S mmuips. Wean- : while cx»mbinp thn epsi, ronicnUs ol , can of mushrooms. mt(j», crumlw?. : fcasoninfis, nnloti Juice, butter mid parsley. Remove cooked .squash from oven. Turn halves hollow side up and fill hollows with the sluft- inc nu'xture. Return t*> oven nnd conk- uncovered, until squiish i: completely tender, (about SC! n:lr. nte.s lonccr*. Serve inunwiintely. menus offer sirnpte ways for any teen-ayec to pitch Iti and help prepare the family breakfast; 1. OratiKe Juice, corn !lakc. r % brir- drrnd with slevred apple slices, scrambled ofics In t/visl mips, bieafcfflst rolls, butter, milk. 2. SKMvrd pnifips with Jrrriou aarni^h. on (meal fliminirrv. milk, Drilled bacon, bran muffin*, butter, jam. rjuick eoron. Ondnonl Hiinirni*r.v Combine >* riip r»f peach, puif- npjilf 1 , cheuy or nrnnfte juice wMh '» cup ho/iov. .Stir hits* natural just ^fier it has finished (.-nnkuiz. Servn hot. Any rnnnrd frnit, JIJI;-P , mny IK> used. It .sweetened jnir* is I cscct, icdur'e amount of honey. I .1. Orrtpefntit half with i:heir\ i «auif'ih, shredded whnat and <-ni- rmmm raisins, wnffle rrnnrh loasr, bultcr, syi'rp\ milk. Cinnamon IlalsiiiK Combine "t cup siifinr, 1 nip of water nnd I'-i cups seedless taivinv HritTfj , ! rr bojJins pninf,, s(ferine tic- cflsuii'inlly. Arid 1 teaspoon cinnamon nnrt mix well, Eloil until raisins ure puffed. \Vnfrie Prrnrli 'I ri;ist Prepare bread for rfiRtjIar French t<mst; brown in waffle iron 4, T/ificrrinr. wlJMf flnkrs, assorted toppinp.s, in Ilk. ci i^py onic- anks I I*oorl pg Chuck Provides ]K-'Ji .... | Chuck Provides [Economy Roast ! An ci'oiiomv jnt ror^i fmm rhn T^ef nhiirk islioiildrn |r, rinothrr ' i smart rhojf-p (or Inimlv mrjds thf-oi I days. A pot ronsf should he prr-- '\ pnrod by brnismi;. \\hirh means i Ham Is Budget Dish if it's Carved So Not One Sliver Is Wasted THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28, Hnni rnn he n buriyei, if riol one .sliver is -,vn,<:ied, Ow»d carv- ln^ Is vpry Jnjportajit in prevent L;IR e. So t'.-; tnke a quickie rn- sin ire. The? meat should UP rhor- ! mitrhly browned h'-foic liquid nnri . *ea,so tilth's air nrltlrrl. SrasoiunKK o/trn u.wl in adrtinoii fn ,-:*h ' and proper nip rhnrm<"d or .slircri ' onions, hay lfa( and shrfd rol^ry. { One "feU:hinc" irica [or .vMstsninu : pot roast ronu-r; irr>in t!ir- wr-sr i when* tiiey hke in < nor; tlii-ir |ioi,' rnnsts in rat'-mp dil'ilr-d ivhb wjm-r i then adrj stlcM /j»i/>ns. a thin]v'I Sliced leilinn. It !l!tl'- 'w>Ji'r-.Sfi'r'- • shirr saucp find --Mi nnd m-iMir-v Ground Beef Is StijJ a Favorite fresher in rarving Sunday's J. The* fork i-s- ;n. e:frri hi Mie Ifir^r* end of Uir ham, Cut two or n\rer>. si Ires paraJJr] i/> DIP Jrn;jth "f the ham firm I'nf .side opix>sit«* t ru- riishion ^itic. ^ Thn linrn i:^ ;tvji runirri so it. c^is on ihf 1 cui surfficp Hold DIP !ruii 'A-ith (he fork find f u' a sm;)!I ntj, 'l hfji boy in ,s)ici)i(( fiowji to hf horif. 3. A.s liic- sliffv a IT hours, or until vpry MI ft.. •r-movpd by cntniv^ filon^ the ! riornoiT hum bonr njid celery Ata» »t m-lit niK-lPs as :0i'wn. This j FoiTe f"nni»d«r UnoiJKh cnlnndpr. K "hrrfffhne" cuU i S™ 5 ™ tri ta.ft^. Out ham in small l»ipm ajiri adrt to /niip. Tliin witii milk or cream if ijp.sjn-d. Assurli-,1 loppings ri, opngs Tjav nf fo]>pinu-s. which mnv hp phcrd in a rihlderl relish dish ToppinpK may incJurfr rlmpped nur.s. chncnlaie bits, rhnppprl dates CVispv Krononiirnl ero-md StjU are the |v.mpn, a f h " |lockNMr brtVi Brourifl hrvf pnliipf-- nntl rlclicious, urn. SCOTCH - f'Of 'K F; c I buck !>•» thf; ;u!x:hhnjie. 4. IJ;iIan<-<' of b;im csn he turned bricl*: (o firi-inal pa*itjoji on plnt,i,cr vviih "hf 1 fat side up anri .slices cut ut I'j'rliL ftn'jle.s lo 1 hp hfinp, These :-,]jrr;; arp not ;-;r, la r'jp as (.hoM.sft from i hf cushirii side but iirp Jiist n.s rirlicion^, 18 srrvin^s) Oiif hum htjni', 2 f) l:;ij "^ 'A'atfr. 1 pound split ppa.< i2 rupsi, 'i cup <iirrd carrots. '- <up slktcl onion, 2 st nfts cflo'ry, pa It., prppfir. Cover h:ini hone wiih water. Arid rflrry. Ccvcr and simtncr 2 to 3 vt NO EXTRA COST . IVYMIXING BOWLS *'"''*' rOUKS WITH POHCHASf Careful Cooking Helps Cut Down On Food Waste Tn eat well for less, uaslr nnlh- inp through cnokins. Here thrre .siiccer-tiDii.^ for no wa>ip In the kitchen. J. For tender, crispy, 2ood-(/j-cat potato skins, rub potatoes with a llltlc fnt bcSore baking. Important mitridit.s lie Just under the "jackets." so why not i>rH t!ip skins. To I nK'.ke potntce.s mealy, cut i\ cross- slit in top when removing < measure level and use standard measuring cups and » set o( meiizs tiring spoons. 3. If In a small /anilly, bread lends to dry out. or mold In the breadbox before H, Is all used -jp store It, wrapped. In the refrlger.' ator where It. will keep fresh for days. from oven acid potato gently to open -slit and let stoam escape, 1 — 2. For unod results in cooking, I Road Courier wews OasKifJcd Ads. Hpa(. I nrp of oven-po|»ind rice; 1 thfn slire.^ inmnio onodi'im nj7«> ! rcrea] ui mrlted bacon rat niUil: 4 trthlcspoons finrly rhopnpri onion I tifintly brnu'iird. Spread thj.s pvrri- 2 (cnst>ofiM.<; Won rpfei shire naurr* )y over tho bottom of the. skills ! Mix ground href «jih Mlt'andl before ndriinc rpp mlxtnro. > pepper. Flatten hent hitrj'n laj-iip ' sctunri*. ni\ r itir into rlcht pqual lirirts aiul make ;i thiji pnttie nf pirh pnrl, Mix (oyrthor the Wor- r^slc'i^liirc- snttcp niirl onion. On half Itip pnltip.s placn a slice of to- | m;ilo nnrl n tnhlrspoon nf rhoppftd ! nnfon«. Top with a srroiul 'pat.tip \ aiirl pinch prtgcs tocrUior, Place in ? 7i shallow pan nmt broil about 15 ml till) n,s. turnint; once. ENRICHED FLOUR 1 BOWL 25 Ib. | 2 BOWIS SO Ib. A/ays Supermarket '121 Soulli 2lsl St. «fa0l NO EXTRA COSTj "^ IIMJTI& SUPPIY 1 IVY MIXING BOWLS — YOuas *inn PURCHASE GOLD MEDAL lBOWL25lb. I 2 BOWLS 50 Ib Buff ing ton's Grocery 324 North 2nd SI. PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE SCiO On Vnui Dii] Friday. Kelintaiy -T. l'.)52 fi:4n ,Sicn nn 6:!?>—Kr-iser Cio-,p»', Turn 7:nO-N'f"*-s 7:03—Yawnin in tlip Momln 7:.i5—Ar;Mrdinc to ;np R<rord 81OT—News fl:lS —Mornma R:.llJ—Guv I/imb^rrio Time 8-M—Mert the Artist 9:0i>--Wnniat;'? V'tr^prjint S:30—Concert Master 1(1:00—Dodcc Rrpnrrcr l(l:0.i—finsprl C'ierns 11:01)-World News ll:0"v—Farm Frolics 11:30—Wilson On !ho Air AKTKItSOON 12:nO~-Nnnn N'r-wt nnunritip 12il.V-N.ion Srrriiartr 1:00—Behind ihc World N«»- l.O.i— Matinrr. Mrindies l:30-Roal EMaie Time 2:00—Arttans.i.'. jN>n-, 3:05—Hilibsily Houndtip 3:00—World Ne\vs 3:05—Heptnne 4lWV-n!x-lhr.vill<- fUMirirr Vows 4:ft,i- Roijorrx Rounriiimr.o S:0f> News S.OS—Rtrord Fatk 5rSO—Spnrt-iman S:4.s-sien on ONLY plus Tax and your old tire 6,00*16 *^ for popular T Come in today for this Uow Cost MARATHON by GOODYliAR Use our EASY PAY PLAN As low as .25 a week of tlrosl ear Service Store 410 W. Main Ph. 2492 G^esedieck Bros. pRf MIUW LICH IT LAO«» Bfi " ON ALL RIES! No Limit To Quantities! 3 B | G Friday — Saturday — Monday Cash and Carry— No Refunds HALSELL CASH GROCERY MAIN & DIVISION

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