The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 7
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THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 28, 1952 BI.YTIIEVILI.K (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN U. S. Troops Will Stay In Japan Indefinitely Agreement TOKYO ulV-Diplomats sirinrd ars 7, Japan will rontrilmle Stvi.OQi)- ajt'ccn-cnt today provirJina trnit. i 000 yearly for "pror-un-mmr by Amr-riccm troops will ,-Uy in Jnprui'thc United Slnir? of transportation indefinitely on just about the r, crins as f x is t now. No limit -A 1 us . C K nn thr ^ (t-Y'" 1 . No limit was , c et mi Icticlh of Uirir stay. Thfi agreement implement/; U.S.-J;iimn Security Fact signed at I Pan Pr.uicisco last Spptrmbn. It j :nme i and other rpquisitP services and i supplies in .Japan." o or! T)IP AtM'f fm?n'. i-sivers it u i y Uinn i American forces. !T "'.firr nations dn>'in the orvupatum foirrs ;is'p in rc- ! main in Japan ;Ute r I IIP peace trie , they would have tn neiiotiale sep- jirnte pacts. Thp (Inemnriu hiys I lie will bpc.'tinip cffrelive raiunnat ically ' whrn thp prnrr Irrai.v IF r;\ti!:pj:L Husk Hails /isrrnnpnl Drrm Knsk, chief U.S. iicp.o1iat.or of the aereoniem, liniled u- as ''another stop lov/arti pfacp." Tlin fiociimenl pi nvior.s ininirdi- M.e consultation for joint dpfrnsp of Japan "in the event of hrv^ihtips. or imminently tlnoau-iiPd hosLili- tie.s." i;he ^Et-pace pact covers admin- j tinned Isirativc del Mils for keeping Amen- j run snrrison forces in Jiipan wlien ; lhr> rcriip:ii.ion fntls. It prcivules: j 1. 'the U..S. may briny into Ja))an^ whatever armed frnre? ftrn needed, their dependents and Rita chert civilians. 2. Japnn Mill pranl ihe necessary facilities anA lanil for garrison forces. 3- Tho U. S. retains criminal Jurisdiction over everyone brought jjj under this agreement. ^ 1. Tiic U. S. retains uiric lax exemptions, 5. The two government?; will cooperate to "ensure the security oT the United States armed forces," departments, civilians and property, fl. Japan will furnish necessary facilities, righls of way, etc. uro;id outlinp.> for fnun'o inrunicn- ani-e nf CJ. S. Iroop.- in Jnnnn. Fnr- t he v a o t a i Is will l>p \v or k ed out by jfiint consnlation. A "preliminary wovkinu erntip" was crfiatort *o brfiin nc;:oiintinns "on an urgent biisis" to determine exiit i ly what faciliTios and areas U. H, sarrif-on force. 1 !: \\\}[ need. 2 In .Vortli .)ri|i:in Two in fa at ry d i v LF,mn s a re ;•' n Northern Japjtn fRoiiia 26 Charged in KKK Action n In Men Arrested North Carolina Whiskey 5n/e Boomorongs Shoes Have Gold Soles, -A pn- N ° MOOSE JAW s pint hnttle of rye whisky. The .«rll- er paid R lot tnnre than that. She | S1T ivas finptl $200 afirr ptendirm cuil- of ly to sellinc liquor in hfr home. offl- WHITEVILLR N. C. OP.— Staff iri county officers rounded up '1(\ met) rhnrtffti with Klfin ncdviiy iii njnnif! Columbus aiui Robr^on Counties 1-ist nlKhl. S\vift movinp officers ;\ nvpfort 1 1 inns in the TitusvihR .section, scone nf niehl- riding terrorism in rrcrMit months, and 15 men In the nearby! Li itnb t'ft (in section. : Those arrostrd in the Lumborton ! raid were charged vith violation nf l nn IRfifi Nnrth Carolina Mnintri oiitlnwiutf membership in seccrt political orgnul/ntions. The w:uT£\nts did ne.t mr lit inn (he Ku K!nx Klan hy name, hut Solicitor Malrnim R. Sca\vp]| told the LuiiitHTlnn (•roitp: "Ymi wore niTi'.sirri . . . because you art 1 members of the KKK." Txvolve r>f the men posted bonds nf .?'>!>0 for rourt appearance and were released. They denied the oh aver. The ollirr threfi admitted previous membership in (he Klan Ijnt said they no longer belonged, Madrid the piny price tags on their merrhnn- rlise and then eharginq exorbitant prices. ill Chinr.=n ship, noticed a pair shor.s in n passageway. Inside the .s.hoes, they found 12 ounces of told- 'H'onh aVxiut SiOO. No one confessed ownp.rship, so I ho rn.^oirLS men marie everyone aboard t!\n .ship try the shof.s on. •They fitted nn rtie pqrticnlarly well. Stymspd. t>ie officers made no at- re-sts bin took the ?;olri away. There Soviet Russian islands, air forces are scaitcreci throii^houi the country, nnd naval forces (ire stationed in Centrn! and Southern Japan. "Syinpfilhrl ic consideration" TV as promised to re^(tests from Japanese anthoritips for waiver of jurisdiction in criminal en?PS whore Japan considers it "to be of particular importance." The pact was siynrd by its nrff- tintor.s-nnsk, .sjiecial ambassador of Prosident Truman: A .vis taut Secretary of the Army Ear] D. Johnson; and Japanese- J,fini5 ; nr of State Kalsuo Oka?.aki. Immediately after the sicitiinc. Rusk said the agreement "rest. 1 ; firmly upon genuine partership and mutual aceoniodnlion," HOW TO FLOOR A SWIMMING POOL—These carpenters at Natick, Mass., are building a Moor atop the ice on None Such. Pond—and they're not as mad as you might think. The plan is Ihis; They'll load the wooden floor with wind and when the ice thaws (they hope) boards and sand will sink neatly to the bottom of the pool, thus giving next summer's bathers a smooth, sandy bottom in place of the treacherous mud that has made swimming Hazardous. Sparkman Hopes 'Ike' to Be Called Home for Testimony Price Gougers Caught SINGAPORE <AP>- Police airi- itic Jionsc'-vives in their war acanist . shy-hiph prices for veuetables. In I ripe, ihe t;a.s beein.i tn expand and; TWO day.s police arrested 9n 5hop- i fills the has to capacity. kefpors on chaidej; of tailina to riis- n.v MAHVIN I- ARROU'SMITH WASHINGTON i AP) — Sen Rparkman i D-Ala i said today he hopes the Setmt-e Foi-eign Relations Committee will ask Gen. D wight D. Eisenhower to return from 'Europe soon to testify nafions. "T inn not tryin» to Pntanrrle him in n- political situation," Sparkman said, addiiiK: [ "I just think it would bp quite [ helpful if our committee could cct on i Eisenhower's views bofoie Congress U. S. aid to North Atlantic Treaty A STUDY EN ACCEPTANCE OF THE INEVITABLE — Officials at the new Alice M. Bfrney School in Rivera, Calif., figured they might as well get it over with all at once, so they lined up the school's 300 scholars and let each make his handprints ami initials in the wet cement of a new sidewalk. The soul-satisfying event, seen here in full swing, marked students' dedication ceremony. ecides how much to vote this year in aid to Western Europe. After all. as supreme* commander thnre ho knnws morn nbmit (he situation than any other man." Son, Brf-Asttr i R-Mc>. a foreign relations nicmbpr, whn ).=; Mipportinp Sen. Tnft of Ohio for the Republican presidential noini- i it inn. .=;p.i<i Eisenhower's ir.'iti- mony "micht, contribute something nf valup if his appearance cnnlri e completely di\ - r>rcpri from the presidential politiral picture/' Meanwhile, Sen. Rii^Krll of Gcorpm made ready to receive a home-state dele cat ion fiticmptiner to put. him i nt o the Dcmocra t ic pre.=;nlontial race. The Georgia Dcmorratic Executive Committee ha.s askort Rus.sell to become HII active candidate. The state croup plan. 5 ; to PITAS for an answer at a mcctinK with htm to- ri ay. Friends of Ru^clL sairt hp had not mnde up his mind last nisht what he would tell the dele- it ion. Risinp Inflation A dirieiblfi coiunmini; hcuiim "ielriom I. 1 ? inflated mere thnn ier cent when leaving the around. hut n.-s 5oon as the ship begins in UNRETOUCHED PHOTO OF "CATERPILLAR" DIESEL D-2 TRACTOR WITH TREE CUTTER Revolutionary! ^'Vr^oT "CATERPILLAR"—D-2 XCUISIVE! a Alans Whisky EARIY TIMES DISTILLERY COMPANY Louitvill* }. Kentucky SAVE TIME SAVE MONEY SAVE EFFORT for Land Preparation, Earth Moving, Spraying, Power, Etc. Use The "CAT" D- 2 as a THEE CUTTER... BQZEE Nothing clso like Ihe "CAT" Dioscl D-2 for all-round usa on ihe farm. Use it for TREE CUTTING. . lor earth moving and land prpnarat;-n . . . as an orchard spray or n sonrc "tl economical, dependable H ower !OT n hundred nnd one different farm operation!. Tho D-2 Traclor is the ell-purpose trnclor you need on lha f-rm HOW! It will pay for itself over and over again throughout its long, trouble-free life. Contact SPRAY ... POWER MACHINE With Belt Pulley Drive MAIL THE COUPON FOR DETAILS t J. A. RIGGS TRACTOR CO. LilllD Hock. Arlc. Ih Farmer Sludenl l likr to h;*vo more information about ni.TpiMar" lJirj--r] 0-2 Tractor, n? intii- "CATERPILLAR" SALES AND SEflVICE FOR ARKAHSAS 121 !•:. Third I.itllo Knds. Ark. Fnrt Smith MKlelire SrnrJ full information about Ufie riiimr aHnrhmr-nl for thn D-2. H.ivn your "Ca!rr pillar" salos*nan fxnl^m ho\v tho 0-2 ran ?oivr mv Frum nrohlrms. . . N'o o hi i cat ion, o[ rrMirsr*. Pfnn mr laT^'l hi rr.ilnrr on how th" fi ? rnn make my farming more Address Difference In Dry Cleaning Hudson's Modern Methods, as executed by skillful cleaning experts, provides you with the finest cleaning known to the industry. BETTER CLEANING 8 HOUR SERVICE SAVE TIME . , . Take your time . . . relax . . . shop at home by phone. Your mail order office is as convenient and near you as your phone. It is the quickest and easiest way to shop. And you have over 100,000 items to select from. Save time today! SAVE MONEY . . . Prove to yourself that good quality costs less at Sears. 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