The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE srx BLYTHEVTU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 28, U. S. to Send Europe More Air PowerjReds May Face Tough Trial' Army Groups Will Not Be Sent in Year WASH1NOTON <AP> -- T h o United Sfato.s will arid no more Army division* to its around-force j in Knropi* this year l>ut will ^enti considerably more a' r puiv?r to hrlp niool the immediate jseaK «:ct up at tlie Lisbon sossion of the North A'- lantic Treaty O r e n n i /. a t i n n (NATO), III outlining yesterday the part the United Stairs \vnuld hnvr? mi- ripr the NATO mas tor plan. Drfrmr Secretary l.oveit also iriod to < Irar up confusion arising from thr phrasing of an official summary of the merlin? which he PI tended. The summary Issued at Lisbon prod need t h e win e spren rl i n i pi T .> Finn (hat by the end nf this year-only 1ft months hence the \Vi'Mrm Kurouran defense command o! Gen. Dwicht D. Eisenliowor v-nulrl hsv« 50 battle-ready rii \ p if inns or shout 20 more than previously expected. Idea Called Wrung Ijovett lold a Penta»rm m"A> con- ' fercnce thru rhii idoa was wroii?. : The plan, he said, is tn huve ' something more than half of -Hint number full;- combat- ready, ihcir manpower and weapons com p Let o. ready to Ro into action at .in in- stant''; no tiro. The others would be of Ihe reserve system uenernlly ii^ed in Europe—with major combat equipm* 1 ^*. transpnrt.ation nnd supply system-'; ready but without, all the manpower needed for combat-readiness. Difference i:\plainnl ' Lovett explained ihe Kuropcriii reserve system differs from the American; that- in Europe men can be called to active duty quickly (sometimes within -13 hours i, nnd that they often have their small weapons and equipment stacked and, ready in their homes. Lovett made It plain the Defense Department has no In tent inn now of aMcins Conprws to approve tending oiie or more divisions to Knrope. After first ronsiiltinc with his military and legislative nides, Lovett noted Lhnt the Senate resolution sanctioning the buildup of U- S. ground forces referred to pending four additional ri I visions, four arc now in Germnny. he 5aid, and Congress would be consulted before nily more were fcnt. Divisions Only Mcntinnnl Lovett talked only nf divisions. BO Army division i=, an entity ol about 13.000 men, with its own artillery, tanks and support. However, units of lew than division Fize have been sent, tn Western Europe and England, including antiaircraft outfits for American air and other military installations. It, , deems rea, r -onab!e to expect more 1 ~, of thesfl smaller, sub-rilviMnnal units if> appear overseas. Army strength In Europe noT coruiJits of Jive divisions and a constabulary force presently equal to about two-thirds the size of a division. Lnveit said the American fl!r buildup would be controlled by the readiness of air bases. This con- Etruction at the moment is behind schedule, he ^airi hut he indicated the summer months inicht improve the situation. Rebellious Bunch Bring Impatience From Investigators DRTnoiT >f\\ --- The CmnmunKt inquiry pushed on toclnv '.vith hinis that investi pa tors rnitrht adopt, n policy toward r^Vieilious tativp.s of Hie Hoiro Un- American Activities Commit toe rnntenricd with no less trnn If) ilo- flant u'itnfs.^e.s in thrrc 1 t r <vV:v d^vs of an exnrninn;!nn ot <-nmm»infsm in netroit and Miclilr-nn Five prr son.s, finionc: rtK'iii Klir<"r Mnki. 42. snsprndr<[ Dr-troit puhltn ai'(. tench^r. 'Aent nn the Mr.nd v-^'s- terdav onlv to dnricr nil TUpri^s per in mine to c-oiTimnn^iir. tmpn Mr nre Shnvvn With t b i.s v 01 n t p nn h v t h r- \\t\\\ r, memhf-rs n( the s*ihroniiriit'er h^n- dlint: ' he hen rine hea^n to sho-,v Ripns of Inipa1i-?nr;c. Hep. Potter < R-Mich » nnnifir OTI one witness. Prn! Williams, Det I'oi t n u t n worke r . Tn several a ties MODS V/illi:ims siv pp''il buck fih^rplv. "F^inc :• n, isamo rens.nn." LiV:* 1 the ot r; ho pleaded his ronstjtiilrnul no! to nnswr-r. "C'cjntonipl" Is Seen snid tlint "in my 'i|iiiuon" NO STRINGS ATTACHED—In Berlin,! Hncsslcr. A 37-yenr- old radio engineer, demons t rales (he new portable pinno, which he his wife. The instrument is played like a piano, tip lo five octaves. In place of strings, it has metal bars similar lo those o[ a mouth organ. Thn vibrations are picker! up nnd transformed into tunes in a magnetic system nnd nmnlifled. The "pianophon" weighs 25 pounds nnd is iii inches wide and 3C inches long. \Adds Insult to Injury LINCOLN, Neb. i(Tt*~ Someone look 10 chicken. 1 ; from the hen- huu^p of Cirorne Bo'.r-l. But K'haf. really marip Hotel mari ™* "« r ' : The 'prowler al<o stole Hie lock r>[( Hie hcn-lmusc door. oiher bourbon in tile world. Yet OLDfflZGCMLD Kentucky's /Irs! Sour Mash Bourbon, costs no more 10 enjoy. StilicViVeller Distillery, estDbiishtrf lotiiwifle, Xan1u<ky, 1849 100% BOMDEO KENTUCKY S1RMGHT BOURBON WHISKEY C S* 100 PROOT 5 ARTISTIC REMINDER—The poster art, above, warning children not to {let their feel \vol at play—because il lends to increase Iheir thr witness "is in rnni»nipi. of flon- j chfinces of pulio—wr^*i>;iintcd by l^jrruiiic Iluber of Queons. N r . Y-. » ^^->r'nr-olrl polio victim. Slrit:km wl y«e three. Miss Hnber was nlinost lotnliy parFtly/ed for IS years, but has begun n promising career as an driisl in spite uf h«r handicap. cress" nnd Chaitrnun Wood iT)-Ort> sa id Will i amp \vr*s "in contempt of all loyal i\merlcan.i." Tlu-re were other tiff? with witnesses. ; But Mrs, Ma kip was a NOW AGED *J FULL YEARS $6.75 K?»!r $4.23 ^nts'" $2.14 HMfplnls ' Oislrihiildd by MOON' DISTRIBUTING CO. [>itlle Rock, Ark, ST1TZEI-V/EILER DISTILLERY • ESTA61ISHED IOU1SVLLLE, ICeNTUCKY, 1849 100% KOMOEO KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY t 100 PSOOP lint Mrs, Miuup was a comrast. • •—. • « The veteran school tenchrr, spnke. j LaQWVGl'S • OlO in so ]r>v, - a tone she had to bo | * nskfd to raise her voice. i T O Set UD rQCS On the stand briefly, she wns [ " ***>'~ leciuterl Ivy both Wood nnd Rc[>. ]l n Tfi-BraJ rvf Rc»rlc Jnckpon tR-Calif). *" ' « IWI UI IXCU> Curfew Presents Many Problems in Cairo CAIRO, Keypl f>Ti--Prn^nan1 women fiavfi been one of thn liicce.if : worries tn Egyptian autlioritics nn- \ der Cairo's strict nlphL curfew. • For wcrVts only a few je-le^t per- .^nns with special pns^cs wcrr per- miHed to stir outsittf their hornet during the 10 p.m. to fi a.m. curfew following .Inn. 26 firr riot. 1 ^, The htuirs nave heen cliancrd to U t>-i« to :> ft.m.. bill tlie prnblcins persist. One British woman expfdine a bnby reported to the hospital at S pin. every night for two weeks. Just in case. She had no telephone at her hnme. She finally hart ht-r baby during dayllRht hours. Maine was the (lr$1 statp lo rfiti- the proposed 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitntion. Tt would limit to two the number of terms any person may s**rve as President of th3 Uriled Stntrs. Relat-ives' Old Document Is Found in Old Desk BAD GOIJE&BERCt, Gnrtn^ny j i AP.) -Theodor Lirdiredl. Rot mil ' of R refuser camp In l!MO nnd rent- ; eri a room of his own together ' with .^ome «cconri-hand furniture, j from local welfare authorities. In- I eluded was a desk which looker! !. like an antique. Recently he bonphL A secondhand, hook that descrtried secrrl drawers ma^ter orf\ftMiien oncf built in rtc5ks and cabinets. Lled- stpdt sturiiert his desk anrt found n .secret drawer thnt rnntainert n document dared In IB13. 11 certified thnt R Tbendor Lleristrdt nnd IIIP wife gave their world In p rhigs for their Prnpsinn (at her land, then nt war with Napoleon. The (iorunient was Issued a I Glopnu, an East Germrm town which TherKlor l.irdstcdt.'s Hnme- s.akc sii\d pi enL-^ratid-nepbew had I fled tn 104.S. Authorities ahd many complfilnts j from frantic women and their hus- i brtntls. | To inske tliR situatinn worsp there is a *honace of telpphnnes in i Ms cliv nf twn 'million. There nre only nbnul fifl.OOO lines available, ro many frunJlles liari no telephone.s by which to summon doctors or i nmbulnnces. j Rifle - carrying soldiers who mount guard at street, barricades j snnn «nt used to the sight, of excited husbands summoning help. The | problem finally was salved by i-isn- I ing temporary passes to precnant i women and thrir husbands. Army | jeeps were used sometimes for am- I bulances. - | The ciufcx has mnde this arral' middle past cnpifnl an carly-tn-bed (own. Tliere nre no convl^-ml par-si Lies stretching far into the ntplit,! except fimong frirnrls livinc in the j same apartment house. . | Diplomatic black tie par-ins be- ; gin at 7:3t) and end before curfev,-. : This usually means a quickie \ cncklail before dinner, nnrt one or ; (M P O courses less on the tniilr. Surprisingly, (here have bren Irw coinphinU on that score. Most of i the diplomats say they arc hnppy j to get more sleep. 1 Some night workers have li?pa! Inconvnniencerl since street cars and buses stop running in the; lafi. half hour before the cnrfrvv ' begins. Taxis riisnppear from t lie i streets about the same time. As n ; ! result many workers get pnrt of , their sleep nt. their offices. ! LOS ANGKI.K5 Wi- -AMorncys the cotispirncy Trial of 15 California. Commniii.^tji are under court orders to step up the pace of the casp. The tri;i} is scheduled to resume today artcr a one-day layoff due t/> the illness of a defense attorney, A. L-- Winn. Thizvc*' Loot May 8e Rather Hard to Keep \HAMF. Kin. fAPi—Victor Car~- cfirann i old police today (.hat he thinks the loot taken from his home last night will come hack. lie said thieves took 22 homing pice on s. worth $L*2Q. Whpn the ".4:y survey" now un- cifr '.vjiy fit (he Pfllnninr Oliver tjry in California Is completed, an a tins of I.H70 photographic plates will br publisher!. r n Put New Life Into Your Clothes! Trade now "New Low GOOD t vet* Wake up I h c looks of your wardrobe with <1 n a I i I y dry cleaning. Colors arc re- freshed . . . original lines restored. Your c I o I h e s iv i 11 look like new for Spring. The new MARATHON c /. cuAluot Our e>pprls vise c^nflp hut effirienl sf>K*cnls in ctcMiiinf.'. and tin a finf pressing job Inn. M'c pick up and rklivi-T. (all us BLYIHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 rh. rr il is . Mir Hrr th^t inrci? Ihr i\ -111 i nil rd nintnrisl'jt drm.ind for ired. Imv prrssurc tire . . . thr \iaihon Siiner-Cushion. Thr Srw i>n Ins the s^nie soft hiioyanrv n>ilyoar lo« prc.ssnrc Su|ier-('uslii<ni? Us 5tnoi>llily o> er bumj-* rtnit nV ins. sn.iks xip hls1u*:iy jolts, arlnallv krr|> c^r repair bills low. Thr H up In a softer, smoother ride . . \lrrt mil PS. Sn, for A» racier ri'lr -i a prirt 1 i«f;ins hit: sn vines, ronio \ mil Irl \i\ piil new .M,ir;Uhon Siiprr-<'ush ion tiri-s on your car today] GOOD/YEAR " TIRES. " FEBRUARY FURNISHINGS SALE FEATURE Special Purchase — Save $ 40 2- PC. 159.88 is% Terms If not spscinlly purchased,our price would be $40 more — savs during Words Horns Furnishings Sale. Smarlly tailored in long-wearing jacquard fricie, trimmed with thick luxurious royon fringe. Foiled cotton and rubberized hair padding. Coil-spring base ond back for years of comforl. Prelecting hardwood knuckles. CHECK THESE SAVINGS ON HOME FURNISHINGS ,M:ir.i of GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 410 W. Main Phone 2492 REG. 1.49 FEATHER PILLOW Only 1.00 Cach Full !7n2J-incK Pillow, ptumply Hllcd with fiuffer! and curlcti chkkcn feathers. In long- wcoring leather-proof woven-slripe ticking. REGULAR 3.93 CARD TABLE Only 3.49 Eack Well-built Table with new-process fiberboard fop that resists jlnin—plain or patterned. Reinforced frame, corners, icgs. REG. 229.95 FM-AM-PHONO Airline 199.88 BayonTcrmi Outstonding performance—beautiful furniture craftsmanship. FM and AM, plus 3-speed phonograph Mahogany veneer cabinet. STEEL VENETIAN BLINDS 33-36x64' 2.87 Each Priced lo save money — designed to sovo work. Slats, tapes remove quickly. Pull, tilt cords on one side. Baked-enamci finish, j REG. 8.80 TWIST CARPET 9. 12' widths 7.88 Square yard Rich, light-twisted pebbly pile —long-wcor- ina; resists soil, hides footprints. Imported wool and rayon. Beige, rose, g'ey, grcens. 83c HEAVY WARDOLEUM 6, 9' width! 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