The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 28, 1952
Page 2
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f PAGE TWO Big 3 to Feel Out Russia On Austrian Treaty, See If She Is Planning War BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEW! By RICHARD O'KEGAN VTENiVA, Austria w/--The Uniled Sin ics , Bi'i I n 1 n n nri Fra n r e n n - noimccrt today they are examining new projwsals lo Russia for a peace treaty with Austria, This move possibly may be dc- Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Mar Mai- July Oct Open HlRh Low 4053 4051 4038 .1985 3EIS3 .1%3 3»18 3505 :iSVS 3657 3600 3033 I'.ew Orleans Cotton open M,ir . M-y . July . Cct . . arm 3C52 3302 365-1 Low 4035 3ni;o 3813 3G32 MO 1 ,„',. | 1.30 40M 3ns i 3C.11 3010 Soybeans High 2% 233- v , 270 >:, Mow York Stocks A T and T Ar.i-r Tr.barco .rVTconda Copper ....... Ecth Steel Chrysler Cora-Cola ,. Gen Electric Gen Motors M-ritsomery Wnrtl 17 V Central Int Harvester J C Penney R-O'jblic steel Rp.dio Socony Vacuum Studcbakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Scars . U S Steel Sou Pac | signed to get a clear idea whether 1 the Kremlin intends to stall a war in finropc. Announcement of Die three Western powers was (he step toward proposing to Russia tin- four po'.ver.s stun nn abbreviated treaty that would pull all foreign troops out til Austria and give the country Its freedom. Nrcnlliiliims Ilnikrn Off Prolonged iiccotiatlons on a treaty were broken off in l/onclr,n l"l mciiiths ago, j Today's dec-laralioji.s .sought to pin di>v;j> blnme for Die presenl I l.sialcinalc and called on Moscow to I honor a 11)13 aRrei-menl ».-|tlr-h plcclcc-d a free and Independent AuMrin. The "JKHV proposals" beiriK PX- amhii>(i were not fnriher idemifiecl In Washington, nut informed dipJo- Jiia'ic- olflci:ds hnve iiidicafed Ihev involve a Western proposal for an nbhrevfatecl trr-aly. i Ttie Unssians w'onkl have throe ; 1. Tln-v cmilcl accept tlie prr>- • |Hi«:il. Tbis \\oulfl lip ;\ far-rciich- Im; li>dlci\tinn of pi-arc. 2. They coiild reject the pra. : Ii'i^al, lint nevertheless krep tlie t.ill's -in a complete Irc.ily EoinB. ! 1.1 Ilils rave (Jir H'r-st u-riiilil mil worry. IVr.sli-rn diriliiiuat-! lu-ri- fi'lire this winilil l!iissi:i's liiiiiir-iliali- hiti-jillojis In Kuropi-, at least, are pc-arefnl. 3. 'they coulil rcfrcl tin- pro- pofiil and split ll,i v ,\ii'(r| ;l be- livern rasl Jlljil irrsl, .is lias lice/1 ilfire Iti Germany. Dipl-mal.s here fay Ihl.s would be clear indication that, the Kremlin ready for u-ar, •I!) 1-Hi Tllcj ' rcasnn thus; The Russians ,_ 2 us n mailer of policy rlo not THTJKSDAY, 28, ^.,. THREE MEN ON THE ICE-"Joe SK.lin." "Harry Ti-uman" and "Winston Churchill" gel alone very smoothly in an ,ce ballc , to the entcrMI-nu.,,. of ice arena fans in Krankfurl Cermfny The "Hill Throe" are German skaters ......ring bead masks to resemble the chief's^ slate 10 Men Jump So/e/y from C-47 Mrs - Redman As Plane Falls in Blizzard ! SYDNEY. N, K. tn; ... Kinhlcr-n men—17 of them making Ilicir first I leap from nn airplane safely hall; cd out of a U. S. Air Felice linns- ! port early (oday, ntonients before ' It crashed In a bltndiiiR bli».ard. last man leaped Into When Ihi tile darkness. .s\v(rlu«! rifl-mlle-an-hrnii- wind, -he plane hnd only tln-cc minutes left. Ail 1R met State TB Group Meet Mrs. C. G. Redman of Blyibe- ville. eveculive secretary of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis and a j Association, returned yesterday from a mrelins ol Ihe Executive Committee of tlie Arkansas Assoc- 1 lalion of Tuberculosis Secretaries were found within n j in Little Rock. 277'. ir.S l-8i" 00 3-4! ls . Only two men were injured, neither j half-mil from elcc- r,3 S-B 1 ""' 11 lo 'W AiiHrin .split. A divided j I'llot Mailc 20 IM.VW.S j M-eetop hndlllB onlv vard.s 10B 1-1 Aiisltin would have no polilical val-I The pilot had made 20 altemplsi hiqh trnsion wl-es Vifrvtnp 55 5-8 '! e lf> llln ""-wuins, Economically, a, '" lnl "l throuch the .storm at Sytl-j tricil - into Svdnev 50 ].2J' l( ' <:l> l ll " lt < ; 'l Austria would leave Ihe I I1C 5' Airport, c-lghl mllt-s from the! The pilrt rjant "T E Koblensk' r>0 ].8-' nstW11 l M ''t without elrclrif: power "'»* site, before he ordered every-Uuirl the' sinrtn "chased us ri->ht 19 3-8: I".."!'" 1 '"" !'. s f""»-les. .Militarily, (one Into (.arnchutcs. , j „•„„, Wc.stovcr." lie said he c"- Penn- i peeled to outrun the blizzard lull iln her cnslr-rn '/nnr as ' a".st,rh"!''- j will , .. , „ _ •fitted tht? 'chutes and gave each: i man quick Instructions for the leap. lo ,, ,., K'issin would gnin no nrlynnlnite! Staff sit. R RS 1-lif, ^ Hhtl "'••••'""y lw« «-000 troops j sylvanian. the only man jibonr<l | <le,.-W«l to try lailclinc at fivdnev 4i i-4i!L! 1Jcr ^^. l , r : m .":'."• «••=.» «I»-'»R-i^! lh . ^ m « !,"•»»«* ^>^ m ,^^ m ,, lc st o,-m woSrd y J "'" " " ' times he sighted the Airport but cuolrl through 'ne n.s •>! 3 R "-"<>u, Hinal'er contiiii^rnt.s of Amer- ; " i lean. 'British and French tlons. m general, the children liked best those plates finished with borders of seomctrle figures. The paper plate project has been an attempt to let the students see a clear connection between seom- clry and design by producing crc- iitive drawings. Revenue Plan Hits Opposition Senate is Asked To Kill Proposal 'For Reorganization WASHINGTON la'i -- President Acheson to Meet House Group In First Talks on Foreign Aid Ry JOHN M. HIGIITOWKR WASHINGTON llfi- Secretary ot State Acheson meets with (he House Foreign Affairs Committee in the first stage of what may become funds. a battle over foreign aid The secretary was due to report . .... ... In a closed session on results ot Truman's plan to reorganize the'tlie I.l.sbon conffrence of th<? H- Internal Rcvcnce Bureau today nation North Atlantic Treaty Or- faced powerful bl-partisan oppos! tlon in the Senate. Senators ncorge in-Oa) and Millikfn ID-Colo) Inte yesterday Introduced a resolution asktn? thn Senate In kill the pla;i. Tlie Hcuse has approver! the reorganization, firorgr Is Chairman George is chalrjnaii of the Finance Committee which handles all tax legislation. Minikin is the ranking Republican on ihe committee and is chairman of the conference of all GOP senators. Tdflr resolution Ls certain to gel floor consideration before the March-14 deadline. If th» Senate does net vote it down by then, the proaram goes into effect automatically on that date. McClrlhin Kxpcrls Vole Chairman McClellan iD-Ark) of ganmuion (NATO). Acheson returned yesterday from the conference, which decided on a formula for merging German units I into a European defense. Members of the House committee already have expressed belief that U. S. foreign aid should be-geared to the actual progress made by European countries toward unification. Leaders Are Confident Artmini.stration statements made rlear in advance that Acheson, president Truman and other lenders were confident they u-onld be able to report enough progress to justify the proposed $ mutual security appropi iallon request the President is expected to submit in about two weeks. However, it was certain Ache-son would be called on lo explain snnie 'cnditKr Committee, to have s total of 50 divisions In « state of "appropriate combat readiness" by the end of this year. In the case of 'the promised 50 divisions, some surprise developed, here because all preliminary Indications pointed to a smaller number—around 30 divisions. Apparently thai Is actually the case, except that under the Lisbon agreement Eisenhower would have command of the reserve divisions. They would exist in fkelelon form with full equipment but would not be ready for combat until shortly alter mobilization was ordered. TRUMAN (Continued from Page 1) invoke a radio-TV blackout such as was imposed on ihe House and its committees by naybiirn (D-Texl. A storm of protest developed but the House seldom changes Its rules over the speaker's opposition With a ban clamped on Honso hearings, 'the crews of TV-radio of the conference decisions which »'-'.bh !t,e disapproval mc.™, re was j 'j' '?. o '^™ J, C ,"' J';^" 5 " °"' y '"i"""' 0 «"""i<"' to Senate'commit- -sent. told newsmen his grcup would 1 "'" Inriy T F'pNincri '?°f K . eiva ^ a »" "<™S''<*1 offi- V °i? ~V ,! 1 earlv 1>cxl wcrt: ' OutstaiidinK among 'the.- McCiellan himself is onnosed tn announcement that the tntcrna- the President's plan. He Introduced ycstrrrtay a bill which would givi Ihe Treasury ihe right to set. up the j same kind of organization in the [ Internal Revenue agency that Mr. . Truman's proposal anthori/e.s. tional force Ocn. Dwighl commanded by Eisenhower will Railroad Strike Approval Hinted With the Courts operators here are expected more attention I tecs. Network clals claim a wide public Interest in such coverage. Hayclcn said us far as he knows there are no Senate rules cither permitting or banning sound and visual recordings of its committees, although thc.v are barred from the Senate chamber itself. ,^> Circuit (Civil): Carl F. Parker, Arkansas Revenue Commissioner, vs. Asa Terhime, suit to collect, Si.582.53 back use taxes. Delta Loan and Finnnce Company vs. Dwight Burnett, replevin. Delta Loan and Finance Company vs. W. o. Rises, replevin. Cade Export Company. Inc., vs. n d i c a t e d ! Doyle Henderson and C. W. Hoover, ' suit on debt. J. P.. Shields o! the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers said today returns already tabulated in a nationwide slrike vote "overwhelming approval Shields said there is "no qurs- ! circuit (Criminal) • tlon" but that the final tally next ; James E. Poster rape week will show the union's mem- ' Common Vli-ni- bcrs will have okayed a walkout on! Dycss Implement Company vs. J. P. Ramey, suit on account. ihe railroads. ACTING St.Joseph ASPIRIN WOBID'S UROEST SEUEB ^ AT I0c . '-"i tationeri I " C Several of Sydney 5! I-a 50 :i-i 3B 3-1 63 1-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, ill «>-<USDA) —Hogs 10,000: active generally 15 to 25 higher than Wednesday's average.; bulk choice 1M- 230 Ibs barrows and gills full widlh of choice grade n.50-65; Severn) hundred head mostly 1DO-220 Ibs 17.75; choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 240-270 Ibs mostly . 16.50-17.25; 280-320 Ills 15.00-25; fip-I7u^lbs -.15,15-17.25; 120-140 Ibs <3.50-i<iSj-> 100-110 !fe= 1SM-13.00; saws -KMTos 'ojown - ls.1l- 16.00; heavier sows'13.2S-IS.OO; sla'gs 11.50-13.50; boars 850-10.50. Cattle 1.500; calves 500; relatively'' 10 little done on steers; some early sates good and low choice lots 31.50- ™ »»• ordcre Ui.llke Germany Au uiviet the country's free federal cov- ernment. Britain, Prance and (he United Slate.s wnt-.t io preserve (hat government and end the werecapl , nrciipa- tlon by troops of the four powers Geometry Students at BHA Use Plate Decorations to Link Math and Desin 33.00; some, choice quality yearling steers lo feeders at 33.00; commercial and good heifers and mixed butcher yearlings largely 27.50-32.00; cows" and bulls steady: utility and commercial cows 21.50-2-t.00- canners rind cutters 17.50-21.50. LEACHVILLE (Continued from Page I) a clean-up week recently and seven young women, aided hy two Boy Scouts, hauled away six truck loads of unsightly trash nnd waste from the city. Miss Ruth Lee was chairman of this committee. Many imu.silBl meOicris of f'in- Bnce have been itMd by these people In paying tnr their progress as cnch group has tried to pay it.s own way as far as pns.sib!n. (Tomorrow: Financing) BLOODMOBILE {Continued front Page 1> D. Cash. f,frs. ,1. u. \vhftakrr. Mrs. Parker Dmven. Mrs. Don p n i. Icrson. Mr.s. .Mnr;.li,ill U'ondy.iro;. i Mrs. John Enoch. Mrs. I.evi Cisr.ell. Mrs. D™ Ray; Whiitcn -Mrs. n-.ih CJamcll. ^Trs. Jess Forrester Mrs John Crook. Mrs. Kd Wricht M.irie Wrtphl and Mrs. E. C. Mrs. Charles Lc!t\vich Is deni oi the w:i.wn PTA. Mrs. FM| \Viilinr.-.s of Wilson will be typist Tly HUTU I,I:K (Kchord (;orres]idntl[-nt) Apinoxlmalely r,n plane womclry Hlytlievllle High School pot the right angle on their assignment when they combined their knoivi- crujc of Geometry and their'nrtlstlc skill to decorate paper plates. UstilK nine-lnrl] pa|irr plates and New Recruiter Sraf^ned Here , M/Sst.,0. f. Barion*)ia.s licen asi 1 signed to the. Anmy'and Air Fnrce nrcruiling Stallon in City Hnti lo replace T S=l. Arthur Bahu.- who has been transferred. j nrt media of their own choice,! parallel lines (with color between)! A native of HimthiBtcH. Ark., SRt,| c stu<ltlllts bronchi l « class : on a black background clearly re Barlon cnme here Irom Lnngley Air j nl ' <xnlons • tans:ln(t trnin " modern i venl their gcoiiir-tric ori-in'and! Force Hasp. Va. ife has served in' (irsiqjfs; to nil Imitation com-; make a:i attractive color combina- i .yellow swirl was achieved with two i concentric circles Divirlr-rl inlo six I equal arcs — produced artistic ef- tets which rated "A" grades from the teacher and the students. j Olving an original touch to the; plae display In Miss Bowen's room is Linda triylor's creation in the' rectangles and triangle*, nnd four. . the Air Force, for the past 12 years j Dnrinjt World Wnrfl. he .served tn I' 1 "*- A » lion as well. the na-Rurma-India theater of : s <l Operations. SKt. Narton'.s wife and three children are scheduled (o join him here next week. circles l.s. ICSIIJJM featured Iri.ingJcs, | Fred Abbott and Louise Goff re-! circles, nrcs. concentric; crlvert A's ni, their tlesi"ns which i and straiRht line arange- i feature .sl\-pninled sinrs for cen i Mrrtla ranged from pen and; I ml themes. Bolh received favor-! ink to airplane dope, which, ac- \ able comment for their color ar- i rorri.nff lo the students, "gives a - i angemcnts ( rtnrker finish." | Mcrl( ,,, c ,i o |,, 150 ,,- s gaily-clad bov' Using a comral flower Ilicme for'and girl tlecoratins the center o'f.' Harold Daniels. Charles j her plate seem rather ordinary at! ami Robert first tlruicc. but closer Inspection 1 whose oraiiRc and reveals (heir geometric construe- Jor the driv Lucky Drill Rig Used N'ORTHRrDGE. Calif. -.-T- ... p tl . gineers. drillinc the Mulholland Nn 1 nil well here, have more than scientific Vnawledee on iln-i —the ri? they are using has produced a dry well K. E. Swectser. sllpri uitendenl fald the lucky rip. has brought In : . 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