The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 28, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, February 28, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS _ IH k DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHPA K'n ATJI,., „,<•„<. ,.»,r. ,.„,„,. _._ VOL. XLVII—NO. 287 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader BIytivevilic Herald African Air Base Waste Is Studied DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTI1KV1I.1.R, ARKANSAS, THUI13DAY, FHBRUAHY 28, 1952 Truman First to Know OfHouseRadioJVBan WASHINGTON OP, - President Truman disclosed today he was among the first lo know of House Speaker lUyburn's suddenly IT nounccd bttn on TV and radio coverage oi House committee hearings. President didn't say hoiv- cations Commission. TWKLVE PACKS $25,000,000 Said Smallest Amount Used W ASH INGTON (AP) _ llol I0 mn , ,„ „ Two congressional commit-[ings should be conducted. wmlp „,. Mn , tees focused attention today R«>; b "™ '<>'« "porters of the ban stick m tl," House KM, nnr y n. l ° ii _ . _.. ..i _ i . , .. . on Monday. Sfiviii" thr»,-n .p ..n ~~..! , ' _ - -' Jl ° t-um- evcr, whether he endorsed the ban lie limited himself to saying at his news conference that when lie teas n senator nnd conducted hearings at the capitol. lie didn't make side, shows of them. He added that it is un to t:on- not to him, to say . Barllcy lo noplace Cov Hartley will fill a vacancy'causcd by the resignation of Wayne Cov as FCC chairman. The aueiicy supervises radio and television bill It lacks any authorit on Hie reported waste of at least 25 million dollars on i'ivo North African air bases. The bases are being built tor U. S, Air Force by Army engineer 1 ; under contract to a groilp of construction firms. The original estimated cost of is no permitting U-levUing, in the Senate. broadcasting or making neusreei movies of the House or its committees. And, lie added, unless the rules arc changed, he will not al- Raybur/l Visits Office Trumaii said Raj-burn was in his senators toiiav mi, uii&iu.ii uMiMi.iu-u cost- oi :.,„., ' --.-j....... ,,.,0 lu m ^ the project was 300 million dollars, ] ",' , ,1 "" Ke ilond »y '»«™i" and a House expenditures subcommittee said as much as 50 million -.i..i. \..i^ mum- mg when the speaker announced his decision in a telephone conversation with Senator Moody (D. Michl. Moody wanted a House un- may already have been "poured down the drain." j -~ « The project is bein? probed also! American Activities Committee - • ! meeting in Detroit to be televised. Truman said Mcody's request was by means of an emergency telephone call to Kayburn and that the call was routed through the White by a Senate preparedness subcommittee headed by Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex). The Johnson committee was expected to go over testimony released yesterday b.v the House group, whose chairman is Rep. Hardy (D-Vn). Cassldv Tells of Loafinc Tlie testimony, given by William i , J. Cassidy, North African resident auditor for the Army Audit Agency, told of kickbacks, price-bcosl- Ing, drinking and loafing by em- House switchboard from the cin itol. • H Raybucn's nubile announcement • of the ban followed when he returned to thc capitol. In another White House development indirectly affecting Rayburn, ployes; gifts of wine and gin * store-keeper, and inefficiency in general. Testifying last Monday in a deposition taken by Ralph E. Casey, counsel for the House group, Cassidy told of a veiled threat to have him removed from his job if lie didn't, approve a $21,000 voucher to an engineer-architect firm. Threat Is Reported The threat, he said, was matie indirectly by the deputy district Army engineer, who was said .to have been responsible for the removal of a former auditor and said "he could do the same to me." Casey identified the engineer as Lt. Col. ^Leonard L. Haseman. The 527,000 withheld 'from the firm oi Porter-Urquhnrt, which served in a management capacity ^for the Atlas project, Cassidy said, "was for payroll charges and purchases that lacked substantiation. Cassidy said Haseman requested but that the charges be allowed Cassidy refused. High Salaries Paid ' Tlw Porter-Urquharl firm, 4 jidy said, brought in inoprftpetaft personnel, paid high salaries fo students and kept inadequate rec- . Other highlights of Cassidy's testimony: A company storekeeper who had kejifc work records had drinking parties "every morning of the week," received wine and gin from employes who were recorded as aav- ing worked but didn't, and for...! employes to buy him a watch. The government was heavily overcharged on local purchases made by the contractor because competitive bids were not required: because purchasing employes received commissions from sellers, and because "leaks" enabled vendors to corner the market on supplies about to be bought. Cassidy said the- overcharges were as high as 110 per cent. One thousand Arabs and several hundred Americans were fired in one day for drinking, loafing or sleeping on the job. . .., ....^^LIUI; l^a.lDUrll, Truman told his news conference he is appointing Robert T. Hartley of Bonhnni, Tex., n nephew oi the speaker, to the Federal Communl- S. Missco Blood Drive Under Way Bfoodmobile Unit Due in Wilson Mor. 7; Quota \s 175 Pints WILSON.—A blood drive is im- ler way in Wilson and surrounding communities in South Mississippi County in preparation for a visit by an American Red Cross bloodmobile unit March 7 at the school gymnasium from lo am until 4 p.m.- ' ' The drive, sponsored by the Parent-Teachers Association of wil- ir, Dyess and Kciser, is __„.....„ u.^j,,...,. . ui t?.t osueola Reel .Cross chapter". The communities ot Whitten, Bajaett. Frenchman's Bayou and Evaclale also will be served by the unit. ,Mrs. Maurice Lynch ot \ VUson is chairman and Mrs. w 3 Burkett of Joiner is co-chairman! They r the donors. E by the P'^idents of (he towns in solictimr . Residents who wish to donate UT 5 ' C0n(act thc ch ^™^» or PTA presidents in their towns. th U Commillccs Namert Committee members include- Wilson-Mr.,. B. F. Boyles, Mrs. Raymond Cotner, Mrs. Gillv Wri«ht M«. O D. Pr;ce, Mrs. E. b. Bcall' Mrs Hudson Wren. Mrs. Charles Bea 1. Mrs. A. L. Greenwell, Mrs. Pauhnc Corkrar,. Mrs. Jerry kaves Mrs. Ralph Robinson, Mrs. Clicve . . Metcalfc. M«. ionise Sadler. Mrs -f^";- Irs ' Ciaurtc I '- vnch ' . G. B. Craven. Mrs. Rudie Cecil, Mrs. Demy Stotts, Mrs. J. D Rankm, Mrs . N . B E]u . • Roy S obaush. Mrs. jimmy Hart-' rich, Mrs. Maury Upton, Mrs. Gilbert Wiley, Mrs. Russie Pc ^," Hu<!h McNabb and Mrs c."^, WASHINGTON up, — President D J'e. Olaucie Kciser— Mrs J w J. W. Lyerl}?' ' ° Hawaii, Alaska Fight Continues — Truman said today the fiRht Is sti on for statehood for both Alaska He told his Hens conference that: Mrs. Don Wrrv when he starts anything he never i - A S ' gives up until the last dog dies. Weather ,. >e :";'~ ilr5 - Clyde Richardson Mrs. Vernon Humphries, Mrs Tea Fox- and iirs. Harold dines ' Afternoon relief crews 'include- Wilson-Mrs. H. p. cash. Mrs D Sen IM.OOnw.lHI.E on race "' Arkansas forecast: cloudy, widely scattered light rain and cooler ex-^ oyy fo T; g/ , fen _^ Shorten Them 6 Inches As Economy Measure NEW YORK (,v, _ Thc N;>vv wn:ch until now has made all its enlisted men's belts « Irichci CLOUDY Ion?, said today it vl il bet'n sav- treme north portion this aflemoon | ',h! *£™f"*^*£!*""* half and in south ami centra! potions wcrk c lbe° s'x i n h<Jllns . arcl!s or tonight. Friday partly cloudy, cool- I, „ S mchcs shorler ' cr in south and central portions , , , E "S« cstlo n of a textile Missouri Increasing tcr - !nQ '0!;'St, Louis Oarbarini. of - BrooWvn, Ihe Navy said It discov- po - Increasing I cloudiness, becoming mostlv cloudy I - -• •"••" "• i«,i,,. —i ....!„>.. , • .. . i ered half of its me today and tonight, few snow flurries north tonight; colder north and I central today and over state to- [ night; partly clourty Friday: colder- ! southeast: high today 40s north' to 60s extreme south: low tonight In 20s north, lo 35 to 40 south. Minimum this mornine—35. Maximum yesterday—38. Sunset today—5:53. Sunrise tomorrow—6:31. today—none. Total precipitation since Jan. 1— ll.ot. Mean temperature (midway between high nnd !os-!--4S.S. Normal mean temperature fd February—43.4. This Dale 1,asl Minimum (his mornin«-50. Maximum yraterday fil > n were c-jtiuiir off and rtts-arding more tha " - S1X Inches of their belts to ma ^c them the proper size . . While the ban appears likely to tick in the House, there is no com- pniilon move lo apply a similar one word came from two key Maor y J an oyden ,D-rirt, chair un _ OI Senate Rules Committee. No Senate lllnrkant In separate interviews, tliev they knew of no Senate plan See TRIULAN on Cage 2 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I:NI> i-on jivr I>II.OT—capt. icari R. Wiignci of Ontario, Calif., died in the crash of this twin-jet F-80 Scorpion fishier plar.e, burning here nt Ciiino. Calif. Reports said the craft last 1 Mini; ami liicn made a dive to the earth. (AT H'lrc IllMltO) Communists Asked For New Account Of Civilian POW r s )!}' GKOKGK A. McARTUUR, MUNSAX, Korea (AP)-U. N. trace negotiators today asked Hie Communists for another accounting of non-Korean civilians believed captured by thc Reds. Staff officers lumtled b.ick to the Inside Today's Courier News . . . Ost-fola NY«s. . , I'age 3. . . . Arkansas tax loud estimated at S:i;2C<10.noo. . . Arkansas News Uriels. . , I'ajic. 5. . . . Society. . , Page 4. . . . .tl:<tk'.'(s. . . Paste •>. ' . . . I'hUks versus (Vrninp; [o- nliihl in tournament. . . Johnson says (,'arils as gnuil as yanks. . . sports. . . Page 0. Leachville Offers Impressive List Of Improvements in Contest Bid (Second at Tlin-i: Articles) By CLAum; r. SPAHKS (Courier News Staff IVrilcr) LEACHVILLE—What improvements have teen made in this town's bid for first place in the Arkansas Community Accomplishments Ccntest? In brief, they include (in addition to those previously mentioned): ' —Completion of a SISO.OOO sewer system improvement —Construction of a 5170 tX» grade school (not finished) —$7,000 playground ^ —Addition of a $70.000 bank (This will not he counted in Ihe contest because it was finished one week beiore the contest be- will be evc-cU't! on a pedustnl and R drinkink fountain will be built. This will be encircled by flower beds and a concrete walk, For Leachvillc's young people, Boubye Jean Dyrd, 4-H leader has organized a Junior Farm Bureau to work on "recreation community activities ana education." In other projects, the school Missco Won't Lose Its State Senator— Candidates Resolve Representation Issue ^ Fighter Bombers Maul Red Supply Buildings has been outfitted with new A P ol ' t ' c » 1 ''l>«> l >!i>in arising from .senatorial rc-dtslrieling of Arkan- unifomis and the Masonic Lodge i sas by " 1(; E' !llt .Supreme Court Monday appeared today to have been « trying to^ complete a sprinkler j solved—lor the time being at least. the week's end. Originally, plan's called for a wading pool, but this was discouraged b.v the Arkansas State Health Department. The PEO SLstcihcod sponsored Sec LEAClrVILLE e-. I' 2 Kan.) —Construct!!!) oj about $6000 in sidewalks. —Plans and material, except cable, acquired for a S30.COO improvement In the telephone system appearance —Cleaned up and improved the Main Street —Formation of a Better Government League —A new set of city ordinances --Acquisition of a $23,000 straw.', berry piijnt ;. .:, , r-/ " -"?' - -Nii/nct'ous Hft"vVd?eifchts t!$v> public and private" buVlalrijs made by individuals j Co-Opcratiori rjcd'ge'd Leachville's new city Ordinances came about with tti? inauguration of a new cily council, or "(oivn board" who promised lo co-oi>cr- ate with the Chamber ."pi Commerce in its drive for community improvement. The city has obtained social security coverage for municipal em- ployes. an ordinance a- clopting Ihe crimiiisl'code of Arkansas law {so that offenders maybe tried in mayor's court at Leachville rather than in Blytheville), revised and raised occupation taxes and privilege licenses for more revenue. It also has divided the town into three wards, fixing boundaries far elections and other purposes, passed an ordinance providing salaries for elected officials, provided for initiative and referendum petition, fixed the rate for sewer service charges, and approved a standard plumbing ordinance in ccmpiianre with a request of the Arkansas State Health Department. An ordinance has been drawn up lo prohibit erection or maintenance of unsightly awnings nnd norrhi-s on I.c-achvil!e slreet.s and i requiring removal of those now j occupying such a posilion. ' Tlie Better Government I.ta- j giie was formed by leading business, professional men iiiui fp.rm- I ers "to acquire political rccor.-ii- tion in state affairs and sec that Lrachvtllc gets a fair and equitable distribution of taxes, according to its leaders. "TJiis i.s not to perpetuate anyone in office or keep him out." If. H. Howard say?, "but merely a menus for asserting our voice in government.' 1 One of the projects bcinc ru-.,h- ixl to completion MiLs week is 3 monument at thc American Legion Building and Community House at- the expense of ihc legion. Jno. C. McHancy of Blytheville is (loins the work at rosl. Dedicated lo I.cgiin Posl . Tills monument is to lie dedicated to Croom-Voung Post No. 205 and is to cost about S5W. To beautify the grounds, a flat-pole SEOUL, Korea (/iv-Allled fighter bombers today mauled Communist supply buildings and rai' bridges and blasted 120 more holes in North Korea's patchwork rail lines. * Planes of the Hfth Air Force fiew 625 sorties during the day in their continuing campaign to choke off Red supply lines. Saber jets combed Korean skies without sighting a Communist MIG Jet, the Fifth Air Force said. Night flying B-26 bombers spotted 1,158 Communist trucks along North Nehru Against Reds for India 'Communism Would Be Injurious' *.-, *•*- " , DELin, Inciiii f/pj—Priinu Minister Nehru 'declared today that despite Left'Wins gains in the re- Korean-. j,|jighways befor J'^^Mfi^' 0 .' 5 ^P 01 ' 4 "' Suppl Line liombcd nrls bombed Norlb for India Communis '^utterly disruptionist ous." , would be and injuri- At his first news conference since the end of India's national election.?. Nehru said thc general policies of the Ccmmunists are "conditioned by factors which are extraterritorial. That I do not like.' Nehru's Con.»ro.-i Part.v ™, all ovcnvhelniins majority iu the National Parliament, with the Communists placing third behind var - ious independent factions. But the pained surprising- strength in was attacked by a Communist plane British ami American carrier planes pounded Communist targets on boat coasts of Korea Wednesday. Allied warships dropped lii»ii explosives on coastline Installations. JJcds Cnliven Day In the re-shuffling of district; iMLssisslppl County wound up combined with Cratghead and polnsett Counties ns District 24. It previously has been a district (No. ao) in itself. The inerger raised an Iniincdfatc Iverson Morris Dies of Illness Rites for Veteran Postoffice Employe To Be Held Sunday Iverson Morris, who had been with Blytheville Post-office longer llian any other employe, died Ihls mainins! aflcr an illness Of several weeks. lie was CO. Services ..wilt, be conducted Suii- ciay afternoon' at a/o'closk.-lh'Lairtl Sucet Mcihodist.ChurphTTJKe^CT.' Ciehrse Mcaheh'ey, pastor of Lake Street cluireh and the Rev. Ernest IVlcis. formar p.'.stoi are to officiate. Mr. Morris stnrltd Ihe first rural mail delivery roule from a Post Office here. In the 37 years he Kcr;<eri for Hie Foil Office, he was a City and a rural mail carrier, a mail dispatcher, money order clerk, • — •- ".->i*<iiviii.i . ntuinjy uruer ci( The Reds enlivened an otherwise ami registry and C O D clcri- " tn to operate a uir-rit market on Main Street u-.Uh a h:!if-rnothcr. Bryant Morris. He Joined the Post Office st-ifl in IfJM. Born near Ripley, Tonn he lived state K-islaturosV big and'impor- An Allied "oflircr" ^11' w-, 5 the "'M? l " ULI . Cl>1 " in ," to B'vlheville. Innt sections of southern India and first lime thc Red- 1,-d u »d »r h , '1 " '""' '" * ^ e '"!' h « w..i-r i!« 1 I., v '•"'" "••" "»"" or- j hospital where he Ins Iji'en for .scv- armlstice sulKo.nimittec the dead- lo-k over voluntary repatiintion of prisoners. 'Hie officers reached virtual agreement on all other points. I'lie subcommittee will meet Friday. Negotiations on truce supervision appeared deadlocked on Communist iukience that Soviet Russia be named to a neulral supervisory commission. Delegate Handed List Allied stuff officers handed Communist delegates a list of 57 names -two more than were oil the original U N I Dec. 30. The new names are iimse of the Rev. Father Jean Ccliti, a French Calholic Mis sionary. and Alfred Gerald Matt! a Swiss nalional. The Reds disclosed late last month that 48 foreign civilians are interned in North Korea but 21 weren't on the Allied list. Thus the U. N. .slil] seefes an accounting of JO civilians who may be held by the C'omiinmisis. Murray ,isks- .v all , rs Col. James C. Murray gave Red ncRotiatcrs the new Allied list after thc Communists asked for a, gllaranlee that foreign nationals in ........ L •.^uiiiu.iu.v, ii, wouiu uc pos- Alhetl-lielii tcrrilorv would be re- sib!e for all Ilirce Eenators to come] tllrjlcd . Murray sa'id he knew of tribution of (he three "slate senators the new three-county district will have. Technically, it would be pos- from one of the counties. Considerable discussion arose over this, but it was a political problem and resolved ns such—by a meeting of declared and undeclared camli- rates for the senate seats. According to Oscar [•'eiidlcr of Blythcvtllc. secretary of the Mississippi County Board ot Election Commissioners, the four men interested in the senate posts met to formulaic a "uc-nllcmen's agreement," According In this nsreemcnt, Mr. Fcmller said, there will be, for the next two years at least, one senator from each county. Positions Designated Mr. Fondler said it was agreed to designate "positions" for the candidates. Sen. fx.-c BrardPii of Lench- ville. Mi^sii-sippl County's senator has i-c-rilcd as a candidate for Position No. 1. D.OUB , Bradley of Jppesboro has ^tMlLj ^ ..... boro.' luis lio! indlcafcd ills Intiri- •5ions vet. If he files, he will oppase Mr. l:iLi(i!cy not tin- other ran- . l-'cr Position No. 3, the Poinsctt County .'-cat, John Mcsby has fifed. 'The pr-silion numbev set-up is sini- MbsI'Mnpl County's lour stale rep- Mr. Fcm'li-r pointed out that voters in nil (hrce cmmti's however will vote on nil aimUdpti-s for sl^lc seiwtor. r<-n;>rdl('.ss o! the candidates none and nskeil for names. However, he indicated there would be no objections to writing . 5uc h a, Euarantee inio the armistice agreement. Murray also asked Ibe Reds to exchange Information on all prisoners held by cither side . The Communists gave no Indication they would comply. l>al.i Would Cover Capture The requested data would cover prisoners captured since lists were exchanged last December, pins additional, information on Red-held prisoners the u: N. said were not properly accounted for. Murray reminded the Reds they agreed to trade such information but hnve not done so. The Allied staff olficer said the ncd s should hand over informa- personnel .,.- --....-;- account- gtyen."..',They are City Buys Two l for Police Chit-t of Police Cecil Graves sri to go home. They also charged (rip U. N. Command with stalling thc truce talks at Panmunjom. West Bwisal. '•Hearing on Two Traffic Charges Is Continued Hearing for James A. Clark on charges of driving while under the influence of liquor and leaving the scene of an accide;u was continued until Mar. •! ill Municipal Court this morning. Clark was arrested yesterday after Ihe car he was driving \va.s in- roa. Thr: U. S. Kitrhlh Army has been mini; Hie idea for months. Snaiv LimUs Patrol Temperatures ramicrt from 2.1 lo 41 decrees IFI. Snow and ice lim- i ited patrols in the east. ( 1 days. He had been in ill health some time and slapped wor>- Jiin. 3. day morning, Front. - !; , lrr . | voivco in a minor accident with eluded 3S kill-d T«l-l u s ™e driven by Mrs. R. u. RHU in j ualtles lor lh^ Korean W ir lnc " )0 bl ° [:K D » West Asli Street. K13.W2 ' Death Sentence Upheld both on the Western [ j WASHINGTON <il; — The U <T\5i C r^) ( rc Cn ca:,n'ili' C:0 ' Jrl °' A "" C;i15 " ><iay l "" u ' kl ' we.-k. Thc fifjure in- Apnr-rliorment Criminis. ion. Bnthl-t nets came ns a result of lawsuits I r. The re-d'Klri'-tmi; makes it nrr-' " essaty for all ^ of Arkansni' stntr- s'lintors In run fnr re-election ovpn if they nrc no-i- in mid-term. TliK Is 'he c;re of Pen. I'ci'rcloi w^n is hf! r -v.ay throngli his second four- year term. After all 35 senators have been elected ,-in-l re-elected, their terms will be derided by lot when the f''.-iic Fciinte convenes In i.ltt'o purcliased " o I ar c " u ™»- ^" shot and killed; " Wi " lc Hol::c R» ;1 «l '» ^ attempt to i ls -':i.'-siiiate President Triimnn. ' I I'vl. Leslie Coftek was shot t City Clerk W. I. Malin said that the rir.s wore Ixmshl on a bid basis from Chamblln Motor Sales which submitted the low bid tnil-'n 0 " C "' Cflrs Ki " cost «ie city S.-,i80 r,i.-h pins thc O i d patro| as trade-ins. Only two motor firms submitted bills. Mr. Man,, sai d. and the uianiwm bici was approximatelv S-r.O less than the other one Cniof Graves said radKs will be "if ullrd m the IICH -cuts this week- Speck Predicts Nine Arkansas GOP Delegates to Vote for Eisenhower Gen. Dwight Eisenhouer for the Republican presidential nomination today predicted thai nine of the state's 11 GOP delegates to tne national convemlon would support the military commander. Jctf Speck of Frenchman* Bayou, Ark., said he could not go along with a report thai Arkansas' dclegntcs would support Sen. lait lor Hie nomination. Speck, the Republican 1050 1111- successlul candidate for povernor of Arkansas, met here wtili OOP leaders from n Southern states to complete organisation of Ihe "Eisenhower for President" mcvcmcnl throushout the South .'jpcck said he IhoiiRtit the South was ready "for the first tune In history lo ? ivc a majar- Ity of its 128 electoral votes to 3 Republican nominee for pir.-i- dcnt- if that, man be Eisenhower." ,<• - .uiiyi. u> * ol'cmnc Pitchmen in?' M• Biair'V'! tVmp'ir'Lf 'r""i-: Bunted by Prcbers tie; re o! tin- Truman" fiimilv u, Colax-o and it ftllow Puerto Kicaii Nov. 1, 1050. ! "'A.SHIN'fJTON <it', — Chafvnv.n ; Hehcrt iD-La> suirmioiK'd miliiarv officials before his House subniin- \Canadian Police Hunt 'Man with Pompadour; 'Foot, Mouth Virus' Berkley Named To FCC Post WASHINGTON i,T, _ P resident . llman anlidiinrfrl lotay he is an- ['"iiitini; Kobe r I T. llailJcv o; Don»am, Tex., a nephew oi H'msn •Speal-cr Snro Rnyljurn, lo Ihe federal Communications Commission. Thuie is a vacancy on the FCC. which supervises radio and lolc- vi.Mon amort: other (nines, due ;o m AIO.M TOWN-ATOM l'I.AXK-pl ari e at top is one of Ihe pilot; H.-s jel plants being tcsl.d i, y Brilain »i ,,,, ,-,, tk , ; , mt;c at Woomcn ; Auslralia. where 2.50.J people are preparing to xl olf Uritain'.s fust j atomic explosion this year. K-inic Minister CHurclnll disclosed that the I eountry* old Labor government had produced an aloni bomb Plane i !•• (he type which can be fill™ with an alomir: -.varhr-ad. The ,,l a nc ,s 1 -U lee! long and ,,a s a wih.;- S pan of ie.« than 20 feel. The tricycle , trolley , S dropwtl at moment ot lakcoff. Bottom photo is view of W(x , •• mcra. lUe world's -nv^.s. secret town," wl , lcn ,, as boor b ,, m fr()m „„,„. »IK rince 19J8. Mor-i of Ihe buildings arc altiminuin pie-labs imp,,,ted J from England. (AC Wlrrjihnio) i» "«.a petltllc" -in Invrstiualion t t:u'V buying. ' We ore soing to f m( ) ou ; lvi]0 ', the Potomac pilelimen arc and hnw miich thr-y arc p;iid lo Him iho '• public's attention away fmm waste in the military." liehert filtl a rr- ;i-'rt!T. He (ii-rincd ,, ••).:: c .| mi .-ni" .-!•. a ••rrrlilval cllarnclcr who will iry H- ijcrt a.~kert Ihr Pcnlncon Monday to supply :, list of ail Military .i.'ifj rr. ihnn per.'onnel n'>i^r.^d fo publ-.r- ri'Iaticnif. and their Mlarivs /'// Run If Any Three People Draft Me/ Gov. McMath Soys Ann may (inwitiiiiKly be carrying Hie virus frr root and mouth disease 0.1 his clothing. DKtoverv of :!-,r- fa:ni!v-:-prcnd iii-r-r-c [ins ««•;- in the vicinity |J ! ".'"'"i*' S ., V ' : " rfHlltcJ i" !•.•"- a'-ii'-' il!ll:r.l-?s o/ -'.''k moat, ii.iv S-T.inl win wnr' ; :i-;i r.Ti-nUy en the .',:r.-?i a-lierc thc (!-,-.use firs! ap- pf.ircd. Tli.jr- i. ,m rh;>r;e acainst him. Poh-f. v. ,mt liim !o unticr.'i) !;< l ji.i'or". to'-ti 'o determine whe- 1hr'r l;e -A,is ^ic soiircc of the outbreak. NOUTH l.lTTl.p: HOCK 1,1;- C!w. M,-M:,tli h;is irrved notice that he will i.,-ccp! a "draft" lo tun foi a third term. In an address at a meeting of Die J!i-r»!)iorb'«>d of Railroad Trainmen here last, nioht, Ihe "I third term, time people tliat I'm di ot atinrjunce for a but if as many as ;.fk im> lo I'll frrl fted anr) it is my duty to run." Al'-Malh made Ihir, stalemcnt in Introducmij W. p. Kennedy, national prrsidenl of Ihe brolher- Il0f.(l. When Kennedy spoke, ho told h;.-' aut.'ifitcc. "wlipn Ihe Rovern- or :,.-.i',r imr <-s he will be a car.di- (ial« fur re-election, labor will pet h ::i:.(! |;un ami relurli him to of- tii'O wl:n-f hr Ix.lriii'ts." MrM;itli l>.-(ie<i out at hi.- fm s In Ihe l; pi-neral ;i.::-eiul)lv and al>o hiru.'d (lint he had "a" cn-at story" ut n'li about the Slate Hichway Audit Comtnlr.snm—li:- U'^isUiTure quit, thf-v f Hiiiliwav Alld:t Cfxti- :T my entertainment." There i.s a eival story ' HAC nnd I'll b" Ihcv'p !•> yini at. the jnopi'i .LITTLE LIZ— Mother never thought of doing some of the things thof daughter doGi---thot'& vshy ihc diJn'l do

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