The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1952
Page 11
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FEBRUARY 27, OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Sr^^^^FB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS -*,AND ITS "7'" Y ~ S''-''Sf ONLY SLIGHTLY (.655 / ;^^,SL&) : T.i R USTIC TM*SJ Tvfl/J ;S WAVE WH soi_n amr J/ . ! •• Pol if ICQ f Announcements Subject to Preferential Eleclloi July 22. 1852 For County Judge GENE BRADLEY PHIUP J. DEER Far Circuit Clerk QERALDINE LISTOM t-'or Slate Senator SEN. I,KK BKARDFN CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Siirs up to 3(i in. Corrugated Metal Culverts Slics up to 81 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood dates Concrete A Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Price* , V e ntUrn Highway Gl at Stale t.m e I'lione 714 ' *i\ .'5 (j*/A-xx^^_ 5-2 9 " NOVV «m h Ca !' aff ° rd ex P e ' lsive dressy like that, somehow I've lost the desire to show off!" The imputation of Libya j s S |j,, n , J' more lhan a million. ' " FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plonf-Promised Land SPECIAL PLATE LUNCH Choice of Meat & 3 Vegetables DELICIOUS BARBECUED RIBS GENUINE PIT BARBECUE SANDWICH NICKEL STAND Mam DI ' r<fi. Phone 9666 Guaranteed Watch Repair o% $3.50 Your wslch is disassembled, cleaned, pii-nts polished and hair springs adjusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler I ,V>tt door to IVade Farnitnre I How About You? If You Want the Best Car Service, Come to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-rirmouth Dealer III E. Main Phone 2122 r. Logan's Wife By Diana Gafntj XXIX TEJOJET thumbed through the J magazine. stopping only for the cartoons, Icnsing with concentration for each gsgline. Every day since she had been released from the hospital five months ago, she had come to the psychiatrist's waiting room at this same late afternoon hour and had £31 in H, boxed like an animal with a price on its head, cushioned and provided with air-holes (there was one window that faced a charmingly planted alley anil a ventilator in the ceiling), waitm- for her turn. Every day except Saturdays ancf Sundays for live months she had waited in this room. Jennet supposed that her own retreat from social intercourse worked the hardship of boredom on her mother, who had been staying with her since Gus's death Her refusal of invitations which rame in from those who managed jy overcome their shyness o/ >>e- V--avemcnl was not due lo an observance of the amenities of the mourning period. No, tt was not (ins she mourned II was herself, the self she had 'been able to uslccm. The doctor promised it was a self well lost that the emergent self would be , a sounder, a happier one. This she believed— or make-believed, one had to ciing lo something — but meanwhile she mourned, and ^ ruing was a private aflair. Nlie was glad that Ihe hate was (i'-nc, and (he gtiill. She could • see Gus more clearly now lhat he "as <I MC ( ((ran she h n( { t, ccn able |" see him when he was alive, t.ei.-aiisc she «', 1S f[ . cc of !l(m shc could even love him at odd moments, not, perhaps, at „ J.usband, urn as a person—o fine, well- meaning, seiitlemanly „„„,>„ Wlth whon, she had spent JO pleasantly dignified if superficial years. Meanwhile, the time passed quickly enough, however joylessly It passed. She was regaining the lost wnisht, eating we ]l and enjoying her food. She slept a great deal-often 12 hours a nightibut her need for sleep wns tapering off and she had ceased cat-nan- Ping during the day. She shopped she took long walks up White- oaks into the hills. And she continued to refuse to sec Peter. By her act of suicide, she had given vent at last to both the desire for crime and the egoistical demand for Minishment. Afterwards, she had pronounced herself dishonorably discharged from the battle to be good, freed from the struggle I,,- having lost it, and was only recent' , in the i asl monlh or so, that she was beginning, with the doctor's help, to redefine her "goods." She was beginning to unlearn the tenet that lo be human was in itself a sin • * • [}Y the time the knob turned and the blurred head coked through Ihe wedgo of space and said, "Cornc in," she was ane Bui one couldn't stay angry at the psychiatrist long without icelinn a fool. After all, )i n probably ob jected lo being phoned during the hour as much as shc did. was friendly and gracious polite, and he remembered .. a lillle "Oop!" that you were the one who liked a piece <rt tissue under your head, and if he thought that was phobic, let him. At IcaV, omT 1 ":" 1 ' 1 *"* """ i( was "'< someone s ger.ns you minded It was just that you couldn't stind the faint warmth of the recently departed head. ' |llow are you today?" he asked. 'Oli--all right," she said, wtlh her head down. Try as she would she could not look him squarely m the eye. He had posited the explanation that she did not want him to look squarely at her but she did not believe this. She thought she did not want to see him as he was because she knew only too well that she was going to see him that night in her dreams as he wasn't. "I suppose you want my dream,' she said with acid terseness.. "Whip out the little pencil and paper." pETER sat in hij new car, parked in front of the Beverly Hills medical building. The sun had long since been blotted out by a rheumy tog. When the wind blew, the fog was a fine spray OD ,he (ace, c!o=e to rain. The weather suited his purpose. "Jennet's pone to the doctor's," her mother 'had told him when he had phoned that afternoon. "She left early to take the bus because her car's in the -Jhop beins fi XO rl.» After he had hung up, Mrs. Lecky's polite explanation began to assume the significance of a hot lip. He had left work early so lhat he could be on hand when Jennet emerged from the doctors' building at 5 o'clock The door-johnny tactic wns no more pndeless than that of telephone jockey. He had heard that the patients routinely fell in love with these •psycho" doctors, lhat that was part of the treatment. Th, bought was row ginp;er. He shifted hi< body on the leather scat. Maybe she was setting her cap tor a more socially important guy lhan a struggling bio-physicist who'd been canned from a first-class hospital. Well, he'd give it one more try. He had to see her. It she brushed him oft today, he'd give up. Maybe. H e didn't want to make a nuisance of himself he ia<l lhal much pride left, didn't he? Actually, he rationalized it wasnl a lack of pride tria , kPDl him courting, it was (h, convic- inn Uiat Jennet really wanted h.m and wouldn't a.lmit it. she was he believed, the kind of cirl who needed a firm hand. {To R« Continued) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Hcst ['rices Drug Stores Complete Selection of GIFT ITEMS! Vickie & IJarhara'i GIFT SHOP 10« S tnd Phone 8301 JoulJ find a wnndcrfu , MlKt)on l Maderla Linens, Colored Sheets and Fj)| olf Cases Cadillac Hosiery. Handmade Apron,. Cosine Jewelry, Lamps, Planters Handkerchiefs »„« raany o , h Hems. Come In loon! CAMERAS REPAIRED ;v lnjt trouble wllh jnnr im«ra? Then bring: It to arnej's Drug. We're enulp- rti <o fix ,n Wnd , „, cam _ '»»... from Brownies to =ica*. Prompt sen-Ice. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main I'lione 36-17 / fi> '- SHOE REPAIR HflLT€RS PAGE ELEVEN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS THAT FDR RUNW1KI' " "-A-S FvurM >* I_(^A/ EK r~Al CUT CF A WALK. ANV MORS TH BOS<^ MAC, A ir,T..-rir^ THEN rr WAS JEM? HAVE Ycu SUNDER 0 / THE SUBSTITUTE it by Reoding and U $ mg Courier News Classified Ads AMAIZA'.WHEKt «7 ARE vouz « :v - jm ... DE.JEKVLL WHO CHAN6JW& Ty TO AN EVIL POP (YOUR FATHER so, , VOU KILLEP A A^AM TO . \VAIMT VQUe HSi.p . H AVE TO Ktt. V'Ot/ TO 6£TTMB,V\ FOK ' COMPOUND vou, TEASY. LOOK- riSo^rf* 'NWWWKkflld !__'"" <0 FtNP A \ LOr,,,fSfJT THftT WHEELS HAUE BEEN TtvKEW O THIEF GOT TOO FAR AWAY " ttftW KU^f(JIMG OUT THE OTHER. »-»v^iti= wiv*\ i ii^it-l Kir? /1 HELPFn 'ifm /~rii * • HELP; , K ^^^ rE ^)f^^^f^ foFSCSSNo^ i««^P^fi/XVE /AIN^O^^,, ^^J..™ • v-'*.i,LJUI imj CAN'T WVK3VV ANYTHING OF THW J ' MACHIME'S T OPEKMK)N!j- WHYNOffMYSTAafftZT YfiOr T'DOBPULI. DOWN AM 1 SHOVE UP jJHIS TMINGAMA-DO 5<=us«a /^/tt"' ^>undneA K ^REAM • n • M _ Drivc-ln V/M 'l

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