The Eagle from Bryan, Texas on March 19, 1974 · Page 2
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The Eagle from Bryan, Texas · Page 2

Bryan, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1974
Page 2
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Pa««* 2 Tuesday, March 19, 1974 Rryan-College Station, Texas The Kagle Arab Suspicions Undermine Soviet Efforts By WIM.IAM I.. KVAN Al* Special ('orrrsp<tndrnt ’I'ho stor> just unfoldnl on Arab nil »■id the N'lddlc Kast must treato frustration and cvon humiliation in Moscow IV Unite(l States has gained, not lost, influi’nce amon^ the Aralxs even though it armed Israel Ix'fore and during the «Htol)er uar and sto<Ml bi'hmd her even in thr fare of the oil difficulties. Moscow broadcasts lon^ have been tellln^{ the Aralis the only way they could net what they wanted was to punish the United States as the pr»)te(tor of their enemy •‘I’rematurr lifting; of the oil embargo Analysis will enable the United States to uii dermine efforts to settle the Middle Kast crisis at some sta^»e,” said a typical broadcast. Now, despite Arab an^er over U.S IHisitions «tn Israel and all the Soviet encouragement in recent months to them to keep the lid on oil .supplies for the United States, the pnHlucer nations have votiMl to lift that emlMir^it. Thi’ men in the Kremlin I m * asking why the Arabs didn’t heed them After all, didn’t the Soviet Union arm K^»ypt and Syria*’ Didn’t the Soviet Union build the Aswan HH',h Dam for M^ypt after the Americans refused to*' Didn’t the Soviet Union back the AraUs m all they*' Didn’t the Soviet Union all alotu; es| Arab aspirations ’ Mo.s<*ow indetMl did all th(».M* things, and that is preci.sely why the Arabs arc suspicious. 'I’he AraUs are nationali.stic and devoutly l.slamic. 'Hiey are fearful of what they have .seen of S<»viet .sentiments in .spheres If tN’re IS to Ik’ peace, the Arabs know the United States .still holds the key. If there i.s to Ik' economic development in the Arab world, the keys are in the, not the The Hu.s.sians ,s(»und a lot like a rei;inie I mm U on detente than one hoping to keep the waters nuled in the sen.sitive .strategic area of the world Yet (MMiple who .should know credit M(is<‘i»w with wanting to avoid a major explo.sion, even while trying for all ll can Met .short of that. Mo.s<’ow .seems to have .some }K»litical problems in this resfx'ct. h*onid I Hn*zhnev, the chief, wants detente and all it Hut that co.sts a lot in terms of surrendering •»pportunities to I n * more disru|>tive in the Middle There have In-en si^ns lately that Soviet hawks que.stion the lofiK-raiiKe prospective lM*nefit.s of detente 'I'his .S 4 *ems to 1m' echoe<l in rec ent Soviet press articles that for the first time in a lonn time are .sharply critical of the Nixon Admini.stration and S<MTetary of State Henry Kis.sin^er The rea.son: the Hu.ssians don’t want a .M'ttlement t(» take place tliat has the look of iH'inr all the result of US di|)lomacy Sambo’s Officially Opens Doors Sambo’s Hestaurant of- ficiallN opened its doors Monday night at its 1045 Texas Avenue, i'(»lleK‘’ Station, loi'ation with a riblmn cutting ceremony, cocktails and light buffet. College Station mayor J.B (Dick) Hervey, Hryan mayor J. A Skrivanek and Bryan- t’ollege Station c hamber of Commerce president .I.K (Jocko) Roberts .sheared the grand opening ribbon in half C0I.LK(;K STATION Sambo’s re.staurant manager Richard Khine.smith, his wife, Kern, and Sambo’s territorial manager (ierry Blue ho.sted the preview opening of the 24- hour per day facility, facihty. The re.staurant opt'ned foi today with a broad range of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as many des.sert and snack items. Seating capacity is 125, including banquet ac- conuiiodations. Khine.smith is a graduate of Sambo’s own manager training .school. He comes to College Station from Tuc.son, Ariz., where he worked several years at the local Sambo’s. While there, he met and married the’s daughter who was a waitress for her father’s re.staurant. “ONE OF THE mam factors in Sambo’s dynamic growth record is a .shared ownership plan that is unique in the restaurant indu.stry.” Sambo’s officials said. “Under this SAMBO'S OFFICIALS FROM LEFT GERRV BLLl:;, MR. AND MRS. RICHARD RHINESMITH TALK AT OPENING Bryan Mayor J.A. Skrivanek (glasses), Chamber President J.E. (Jocko) Roberts Visit with Officials Fraction of the Action’ policy, managers own a share of the re.staurants they supervise. “All manager-partners have the opportunity to m other units in the chain” 'i’he finn began with one family-owned restaurant in 1957 and now does m 32 states from to The College Station facility is the :t66th CAB Orders New Fares For Airlines WASHINdTON (API Airline fares should b«* increa.sed on .short flights and decreased on long-di.stance trips, the Civil Aeronautics Board has ruled. Thi’ board on Mondav al.s«* ordered the nation’s airlines to the difference in price lietween and coach travel and to lower the chargc pa.ssengers pay when tht*ir trip requires flights on more than one airline. The board, calling: the present .sy.stem of dome.stic air fares unjust and discriminatory, ordered the changes in effect in 120 days appealed by the airlines. Sliort-<iistance flights have a higher cost-per-mile than long- di.stance flights, but the current fares do not fully reflec't this, the board .said “In the long run, the coach fare .structure ought to b<* ba.sed upon the of .service the l)oard .said. 'rhe l)oard .said the changes should bi' made on a gradual l)a.sis. ’I’he change in fares as compared to di.stance .should b<‘ made partially in .luly, with the final changes to be made at some une.stabli.shed date. The change in the dif- lerential l>etween and coach fares should b<‘ made within two years it .said. House Committee Justifies Request WASHINGTON (AP) U- nying again that they are on an impeachment lishing rx- pedition, House .ludiciar\ Committee officers sa> thc> are giving the White Hou.s« ^pecific justifications lor wanting each of 42 additional ta|>es. Chairman Peter W. UcMlinn Jr., D-N J , and .special impeachment'l John Doai told new.smen Monday - that bargaining foi ihr tapes ol conversations between Wednesday Marks Filing Deadline The fihng deadline for Texas A&M University student government po.sitions i.«? 5 p.m. Wedne.sday. Application and petition fomis be submitted to per.sonnel in the Student Programs Office on the second floor on the Memorial Student Center. This is a requirement for running for any fwsition. F'Jections will be held from 8 a.m. to () p.m. on April 4. Polling places are located at the Library, New.s.stand, the Commons, and Zacharv Kngineering (’enter. Students must a I'AMU ID and activity card in order to vote. Police Report Bryan Man in Hospital A Bryan man was listed m serious condition this morning in St. Jo.seph Hospital with a gun.shot wound, according to a ho.spital spokesman. David Wayne Smith, 44 ol 1110 Travis St., Bryan, had a collapsed lung, but the doctors had not confirmed the X-rays on the gun.shot wound, the spoke.snian added. Bryan police reported that patrolman Eddie Carter went to the Travis Street address after the police received a call from “a woman .screaming an<l reque.sting help.” CARTER REPORTED he .saw a man lying on the bed and a woman sitting next to him holding his The man Hospital Admissions Area residents local ho.spitals elude: admitted Mondas to in- ST. JOSEPH HOSPITAL From Bryan, Wilson IMlcher. Mrs. .Mary I<erma, Rodney Dube, Roy Baker. Robert Attaway, Monty (). Williams, Mrs. Myrtle Sparks. Mrs Vi/oiiiti«! daily by the Eagle Printing Co inc P 0 Box 1073. 124 E 76 th St , Bryan, Texas 77801 Second class postage paid at Bryan, Texas 77801 Send Np «79 to P 0 Box 1073, Bryan, Te* 77801 J Terry Hancock. President, Publisher Henry 0 Byngm, Business Manager Gus W Allen, Marketing Director jerry Waggoner, Managing Editor Mennber of Associated Press The Associated Press exclusively entitled to use (or reproduction all dispatch« credited tc it or not otherwise credited to the paper and also all local news published herein All rights of reproduction of special dispatches herein are reserved SUBSCRIPTION RATE« BY CARRIER or MAIL Braios and Surrounding Counties with 771 Zip Daily A Sunday; 1 Month »3 Months $7 94, 6 AAonths »15 90, 1 Year S31 W Sunday Only l AAonth Jl 25, 3 Months W 75. 6 Months $7 50, 1 Year $15 00 Daily Only; 1 Month $2 20, 3 AAonths $6 60. 6 Months $13 20. 1 Year $26 40 MAIL PRICES State of Texas Outside Surrounding Counties Daily A Sunday. 1 AAonth'$3 15. 3 AAonths $9 45, 6 Months $18 90, 1 Year $37 SO Sunday Only: 1 Month $1 35, 3 Months $4 05 6 Months $8 10, I Year $16 20 Daily Only 1 AAonth $2 40, 3 Month» $7 20 6 Months $14 40. 1 Year $28 80 other States and A P c Daily * Sunday: < Month $3 65. AAonths $10 95, 6 AAonthS $21 90, 1 Year $43 80 Sunday Only 1 AAonth $1 6S, 3 Months $4 95, 6 AAonths $9 90, 1 Year $I9 go Daily Only: I AAonth $3 00. 3 Months $9 00 , 6 AAonths $18 00, 1 Year $36 00 MAIL SUBSCRIPTION PAYABLE IN ADVANCE ONLY Single Copy 15 cents daily, 25 cents Sunday The Eagle is not responsible for advance payments to carrier Of dealers ^nle^ recglved in this offic» Bernice Mcdlachlin, Mrs. Randal Tomi.son, l>orett.i Wager, Mrs. Janette Daniel, Mrs. Sliirley Bi.sor, Wayne Smith; from Hubbard, Mrs. Callie Jordan; from Caldwell. Melvm Albrecht, Philip Brin.son; from (.’ollege Station. Larry (irubbs, Robert Bellomy. BRYAN HOSPITAL From Bryan, Berta Allen, Carrie Ca.stle, Idella (ioosby. Randy Hodges, James Saunders, Manuela Vela.squez; Irom Wheelock, John Williams; from Madi.sonville, oreii Wil.son. apparently had been .shot in the chest with a .22 caliber pi.stol which was laying on the bed next to his right leg, Cartel added. Only one bullet hole was observed in the man, Carter reported, and the pi.stol had three fired cartridges. Smith’s wife, Mary Ida, .said he .shot himself, (’arter reported. In other law enforcement activity, Bryan Detective O.scar Chavarria and Brazos County Sheriff’s Deputy Ronnie Shaw left this niitrninu to pick up a Bryan man in Port Isabel who was arrested Sunday on a local warrant on violation of prol)ation LT. MIKE OROZCO said Doyle 1/eslie Heed, 20, of Route 3, Bryan, who is being held b> Port l.salxil authorities, was arre.sted in connection with the disappearence of Terri Lynn Holder, 15, 517 Bryant, Brvan Ms. llo'M- r reportedly left Stephen I u.stin High School with a man .March 5. Bryan and (.’ollege Station police are continuing the investigation into the disappearance of the Holder youth and U'slie Noe. 15, of 1501 Ciunsmith, College Station. Control Lift Lets Prices Out of Can WASHINGTON (API Shoppers can expect to find higher prices for many canned fruits and vegetables in the wake of the government’s decision to free them from price controls. But to keep prices from rising .sharply all at once, the of Living Council .said it lias commitments from 10 major canning firms not to prices for the time being. The 10 firms repre.sent about 30 per cent of total production of canned fruits and vegetables. The ( ost of Living (’ouncil .said it is removing controls because of a shortage in canned vegetables and the need to increa.S(' planting of crops to production for the 1974-75 .sea.son The exemption from controls applies lx>th to prices charged and wages paid by processors ol canned Iruits and vegetables Affected by the decision are 1,223 finiis with %,(KM) employes and 1973 .sales totaling $4.4 billion CS P&Z Approves 9 Tract Changes In an apparent attempt to make known future of undeveloped College Station land, the CS Planning and Zoning (’ommission approved zone change reque.sts for nint> tracts of land totaling 276 acres located at th<‘ intersection of tht' and FM 2818. The land is part of a 1,200 acre development proposed by the Area Progress Corporation and the Southwood Valley Corporation. The land was recently annexed by the city to provide proper zoning in advance of development. Each of the nine tracts was annexed as open agricultural land and the zone changes included residential, commercial, multi-famil> and duplex cla.ssifications. “The of the zone changes was to obtain proper zoning for the future of it,” Willy Koehler, city planner, .said. “By zoning it in advance, luture residents will know exactly how the land will be u.sed and therefore Ix; able to plan where they want to live.” Recent zone changes around already developed re.sidential areas has cau.sed much controversy over whether apartment buildings and commercial e.stabli.shments should be near single family residences. Heame Gets Refinery Continued from Page 1 proje< ted when the r<*finer> will be «ompletely built Ix' they are .still roundiru; up all their equipment and th<‘y arc buying more equipment Part of the equipment to I k * u.seil ill tr»‘ first phas<‘ was removed from a refinery near Cayuga, Texas earlier ami is lying by th«* tanks. Tlii* Uinks them.selves are undergoing refurbishing to meet with Knvironmental Protection Agency standards. Tills ini ludes a “floating roof” tin (he tanks so that no gas vapors can build up between ihe liquid and roof and e.scap<‘ into the atmosphere Two small lakes are l<eing built near where the refiner\ will I k .* u.sed m case of fire and for the normal cooling ol engines that will In* running in the rc'finery Bishop .said that atx)Ut 15 new jobs will Ix- created In th* (ifx'ning of thi’ phase in July and said others witiild Ix open as the other phases wi*re completed. He could not givi an approximate numlx-r of jobs ttiat WOlilU lA ujf/cii iv>i mv vVtilK force in Hearne and surrounding communities, lx* the sale of refinery products has not lx*en ( on- tracted yet. He did say, h(;wever, that all money brought to the r<‘finer\ would lx‘ from out.side Hearne and that would probablv I m * recirculated inside the city, helping its economy RKMCO will engineer, de.sign. build and o[x,*rate the refinery for Mid-Tex, a corporation ol several oil companies. The refinery will Ix- tln' largest in this area and will turn out petroleum products sorely needed by an energy- tllir.stV country r Pre.sident Nixon and aides is continuing on that ba.sis. RoduK» .said he still will sub pm*na the tajnvs if neces.sary but not while White law* ver John I). St. (’lair ( ontiniies to negotiate handing them over. “Not as long as he’t say no,” R(Klino said, “and we’re convinced that he hasn’t said no.” Liter Rodino .said he might have to i.ssue the subpoena if negotiations dragge<l out for weeks with no firm yes or no from St. Clair but he ref u.sed to say how long he would wait. I)oar, who met earlier Monday with St. Clair, .said that St. (lair has indicated he would like to have the committee’s s|x*cific rea.sons for asking for tiu’ ta[H's. Stock Quotations Quotations, furnished by A G Coca Cola 112 Off1'4 Edwards & Sons, are apCont Oil 46off H proximately those of noon today, Dow Chem62'2 off 1 New York time Over the counter duPont 167 off1'-4 stocks are bid prices and do not Eastman 107V» up>4 include the commission Exxon 85'■ off Î4 Aileen Inc. 4'4 Fairchild Cam53 off American General Life 15'J Ford 50^4off Bank of A8.M 35 Gen Elec51^i off Baskin Robbins 16^ Gen Foods28off >4 Community Savings and Loan 5^4 Gen Mtrs 52's off Fidelity Union 76H Gen Tel 25'4 off '.4 General Security Life 2»» Gen Tire }7Xt off'■ Harte Hanks 9 Goodrich 16'ioff •• Holiday Inns 16 Great A&P 14Î4 up Interco Inc. Gulf Oil 23odd ' 4 Kaneb Services44 IBM 245^4off P4 Lone Star Gas 29 Int Paper 49'■ off •• Marcor2414 John Joh 110'■off Moore Corp 51 Litton 9' 4 off <■ Oceanography International IH Marathon 45 off '-4 Redman Industries 5'J Marcor 24Vn off >4 SCMCorp 12'4 Mobil Oil47^* off '2 Southwestern Life 38*2 Monsanto59^« off 1'4 Southland Financial 22'2 Penn Cent. 23/4off Tipperary Land 5'2 Penney IV» off Î/4 Zales Jewelers 18'2 RCA 20'/4 Safeway411» off '• Morning Stocks Sears 86'2 off '4 By The Associated Press Sony 77H off '• AT8.T 52’i off '/• Stand Ind 94'4 off !'• Atl Rich 100<i off 1>4 Sun Oil 48Î4off >4 Beth StI 335^ off '• Texaco29 off '2 Borden 23H off '* Texas Inst 105'% up Brit Pet. 12 '2 up '• Un Carbide 36^4 Cat Trac 60' • off Uniroyal 8^t Celanese 14't US Steel 42^4off '2 Chrysler 18'«off '• Woolwth 18' 2 off '4 Cities Svc 50H off '2 Xerox 119'-;.off 2*% In other action, the com- mi.ssion; Approved a preliminary plat for Southwood Development Section 20, located on South- Parkway near the South Knoll Klementary School. Accepted a po.stponement request for a zone change of a two-acre tract adjacent to the city cemetery. The change is for the Shiloh (lub. liie was withdrawn by its in.stigator and no rea.son was given. The will be con.sidered at the next P&Z Commi.s.sion meeting. Jury Begins Deliberation In Parr Trial lORPll.s CHRLSTL lex APi \ equestereil lederai court jiir> was to begin d(‘lilx'i .itioiis lodav in Ihe in< (tine tax evasion trial ol loiu'tiiii« Soiit’ lexas political leader (¡eoriM- B Parr Parr, V3. (if .^an I'lei'o, is Ix'inr ti led in federal court oi « barges ol evadmr more th.m $r21t,IMlo III incoiiM taxe Ix* Iween l%ii and Tin- eight counI indiilitK'Ht against th< I Mival ( ounty political i>oss, .ils*> accnseil liin ol und(‘i latini' his in< oine ioi the loin - >eai |K'i iod l)\ iiioi i tliai V2H7.0IMI I I.S I >ist ( Olili .Indge ( K\ei I < o\ Monda> denied .i de- motion fot .i direi te<l 1‘kIicI i>l ■ic(|inttai. iH'letise lawvei Doiii'la I inkei oi < Olpiis I hri.sti iisked loi lln direrted verdict on i rounds m III ulficuMit evidence I itikei then snrptised th< |ir(»sr( lit ion by l estiiu'. Ins < ase uithiiiil IIIrsentiiir an testi Hll\ Weather Bryan College Station data Fairbanks34 1 IV\ cIr Wednesday; Sunrise, 7:30 am.. Fort Worth 8565 cdy sunset 7;37 p.m. Green Bay 3521 10 cir Temperature to noon today; Low Helena 49 22 .08 sn 67 degrees at 6am., high 72 at 11 Honolulu 78 6 .38 cdy a.m. Houston 79 70cdy High Monday: 81, low, 64. Ind'apolis 56 41 cdy Rainfall: For the past 24 hours Jacks'ville 7645 cdy ending today, O inches. total this Juneau 40 1M cir week, 0, total this month, .34, total Kansas City 62 31 cdy this year, 3.24 Las Vegas 8061cir Wind ve.ocity: From the S at 12 Little Rock 76 59 03rn miles per hour 1 Relative humidity Los Angeles 67 59 cdy 78 per cent. Barometric pressure Louisville 58 53.02 cdy 29.47 and rising Memphis 73 67 rn Miami 74 70cir By The Associated PressMilwaukee 47 28.11 cir Hi Lo Prc Otik Mpis St P 39 15 cir Albany 38 26 .06 snNew Orleans 7666 rn Albu'que 77 50 cdy New York 50 40 rn Amarillo 81 43 cdy Okla City 8144 cdy Anchorage 31 Mcdy Omaha 54 25 cdy Asheville 58 34rn Orlando 74 44 cir Atlanta 67 54 cdy Philad'phia 52 34 .06 rn Birmingham 72 63rn Phoenix 87 59 cdy Bismarck 37 17 01 sn Pittsburgh 43 38 .06rn Boise 53 34 cdy P'tland Ore 6140 cir Boston 42 33sn P'tland Me 39 27 sn Brownsville 86 73 cdy Rapid City 46 25 cdy Buffalo 14 31.07 snReno 55 21 cir Charleston 63 55 cdyRichmond 5841 rn Charlotte 63 4 7 rn St Louis 70 35 cdv Chicago 50 3719 cdy Salt Lake 52 30 .05 cdy Cincinnati 54 48 cdy San Diego 6358 cdy Cleveland 45 39.09 cdy San Fran 60 48 cir Des Moines 47 25 cdy Seattle 5539 cir Detroit 41 36 12 cdy Spokane 5337 01 cdy Duluth 31 4 cirWashington 5839 01rn Syrians-Israelis Exchange Fire I a Syrian BKIRUT, Ix'banon (AP) Syrian and Israeli forces on the (lolan Heights exchanged more heav> Uuik and artilh-rs fin lo<lay. Syria .said l.sraeli shells hit a United Nations (d) sei'vation |K).st, wounding two U.N .s<ildiers and liai.son officer. It was the eighth coii.s<M utive day of fighting along, the H) mile Syrian front and the long est ‘tretcii ol daily dashci sinci* the ( k tolx'i war imiy wieeiY mmrim PORK CHOPS A $5,000 Investment Returned $80,000 Within 7 months. Blind Luck? NO! Knowledge Was The Reason. THE ART AND SKILL OF COMMODITY TRADING, developed by Bruce G. Gould, author of the Dow Jones- Irwin Guide to Commodities Tradlna, and Training Concepts and Communications, Inc. is a unique "Listen and Learn" tape cassette and workt)ook program. With this program you will "Listen and Learn" to: develop the art of using trading orders to reduce risk; develop the art and skill of forecasting to improve your odds of choosing the right commodity at the right time; develop good capital management skills and techniques that will reduce the possibility of costly mistakes; make independent trading decisions with confidence; and trade like a professional. Who can benefit from this program7 Speculators, Hedgers, Farmers, Ranchers, Businessmen, and Housewives. The complete set of four tapes and workbooks can be yours for $75.00, postpaid. Please send your order to the address bek)w, Note: CEIS needs an Area Distrlbutor-Sales Supervisor. The person I seek must be able to organiie, motivate, and maintain a sales force of 10 to 100 salesmen. Liberal commission rate. Submit your resume to CEIS < Personnel. CEIS P.O. Box 892 Mercer Island, Washington 98040

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