The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 27, 1952
Page 9
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' WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1981 " Posse Shoots Negro In Mississippi Hunt BLKTHEV1LUB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS COLUMBUS, Miss. (AP) _ A posse hunting the slayer of a white plantation owner shot and killed a 39-year-old Negro ex-convlcl near this Northeast Mississippi town. Sheriffs Deputy Tom Glover said Robert Cobb was shot down a.s he fired at a group of about eight posse members while he lied across a field yesterday. The Ciclc! was tour miles'west of the plantation where John Allison Hardy Sr. wa.s killed early Tuesday. Hardy, prominent in New Orleans as ii-ell as here, was fatally shot as he sought to stop an argument -at the house of his Ne^ro cook. "Never lie Taken Alive" f;taheriff C. K. Farmer said (he C'.flk toM him later CoWi had been there and had told her he would never be taken alive. As soon as news of the death of the 62-year-old planter spread, between T5 and 100 neighbors assembled at his home and were deputized to hunt Cobb. Other Columbus Countians joined the hunt un- der authority oJ a Mississippi law which authorizes any citizen to arrest any person known to be wanted for a felony. Area Blocked Posscmen blocked off an area several square miles and began to comb it. As several approached n clearing, they sighted Cobb running across it from concealment in a wooded area. Glover said they c&lled on Cobb to halt but the Nr-gro turned and "filed at least twice" before the guns of members cut him down. Shtrifl Farmer said J. A. Hardy Jr. told him he and his father were colled to the house of the Negro eook to queU a disturbance. Yonn? Hardy said his father was shot by someone inside the house before a word had been exchanged. The elder Hardy was a director of the New Orleans Federal Land Bank, a member of the Boston Club of New Orleans, and prominent in agricultural affairs here. Taft Does Not Question 'Ike's' Qualifications for President By .TACK BELL WASHINGTON (/P) — A friendly ' letter from Gov. Earl Warren of j California prompted Sen. Taft to! say today he doesn't quest inn the [ presidential qualifications of Gen. •• Dwighf- D, Eisenhower. j At the same time. Sen. Lod?e i (R-Mass) said in a statement that! Eisenhower, if he wins the nomt-1 nation at MIL? July convention in | Chicago, "will take otf his coat | «M! fight for R Republican victory j ^r November with feryer and con-1 vlctlon." Taft told reporters he had re- cpivfd a "cordial" eltter from Warren, who like' Taft is an avowcr candidate for the Republican prcs- 'idential nomination. The letter cx- plainrrt that Warren's invasion o Ohio lor a Cleveland speech las' ni£?ht was "non-political." Taft. opposed by the Californian in tbe April 1 Wisconsin primary, said he \vill write a friendly letter in reply. TO FRANCE—James C. Dunn, above, U. S. ambassador to Italy, has been named U. S. ambassador to France by President Truman. He succeeds David Bruce, who returns to Washington to become undersecretary of state. Budget Director Assumes Koreon War Will End by June 30 in His Planning WASHINGTON f/T'j—The administration,! in planning its spending, is assuming the fiehting in Korea will end by June 30 this year and that this country will not be involved fn war for at least a year afterword. Sen. Taft <R-Ohio> brought this out in questioning Budpet Director Frederick J. Ln\vion at a closed hearing of the Senate-House Economic Committee Jan. 23. The 1 testimony wts made public yes! terday. Lav;ton said spending estimates for fiscal 1953—which starts next July 1—\veer based on peacetime attrition rates for forcesin Korea. "Por the purpose." Taft asked, "you arc assuming the Korean War will be over for ^fiscal 1953?" ."Yp5, in effect," L,aivton replied. "And that there won't he any other war?" "That is correct." House Probers Seek 'Home 7 Justice Officials Accused of 'Block' WASHINGTON I/P) — Homeless House Investigators appealed to Speaker Rayburn today for help in getting office quarters [or their investigation of the Justice Department. Their appenl was accompanied by Republican charges that the In qufry was being "roadblockcd" by denial of operating space. Rep. Keating (R-NYI, ranking Republican of the special house judiciary subcommittee beginning an Inquiry into Ally. Gen. McGrath's domain, said he regarded inability of the committee to find quarters "very disturbing." lie iras backed by Rep. Hillings IH-calif) a fellow investigator. Keating accused "those are Interested In preventing an investigation of the Justice Department" of being responsible for the pecul- ar predicament of the committee. He named no names, however. Mardi Gras Fnc/s; Canal Street Empty NEW ORLEANS VP>— The "K'ld- il main street ID the vorld" was nlJiiost empty todny ns Neiv Orleans' carnival season putted with Ash Wednesday observances of lh<; Deslnnlng ot the 40 fast days at Thousands who yesterday enloy- -rt the madness ol Mardi Gras went to church to have their foie- tieacls annointed with the ashes ot last Palm Sunday's palms. About 130 n-orrlwi over police charges filed against them during yesterday's parades, dancing, masking and general fun-making. Most of the charges were misdemeanors. Those picked up rar drunkenness were turned loose after about six hours In jail. Police said it was an unusually orderly celebration; usually about 300 persons are arrested on Mardi Oras. PACK MINI ELECTION PROCLAMATION Notice Is. hereby given (hat the Annual School Election for the year 1052 will be held In each of the school districts of Mississippi County. Arkansas, on Saturday, March 15, 1052, for the purpose ot electing school directors, for voting on school taxes and on such other measures as may properly be submitted at said election. The polls will open nt 8;00 o'clock A.M. nnd close at 0:00 o'clock P.M. nt (he following places: Name of district and polling places: GIVEN this 19 day of February, 1952. Luxora Luxora, Bowen Bldg, Victoria. Store. Luxora School Board — C. D. Wood, President; B. C. Langston. Secretary. Rlythtvllle City Hall, Goff Hotel, West End Fire station. Yarhro Langston Gin, Number 8, Clear Lake School. l*romlsed Land MeGee Store, niytheville School Board — Max B. Reid, President; O. Murray Smart, Secretary. GosncU Cornell High School. Gosnell School Board — C. A. Moody, President, G. H, Ledbetter, Secretary. Armorcl Lee Wilson Compatiy. Armore! School Bonrd — E. L,. Hale, President; Arthur Vance, Secretary. Manila .Manila, City Hall. I TV Manila School Board — O. W. 'ipto:;. Prcsider.t; C. B. Chl'.di'Ms, Secretary, Dell Dell, Planters Gin, Half Moon School. Dell School Board _. M. R Orif- fin. President; H. B. Crawford, Secretary. Burdclle Burdetle Supply Co. fiurdette School Board — C. F. Tompkins, President; Holiis Jump- er, Secretory. I-eachvltl. Lcachvilla City Hall, Store, ],eachvi!le School Board ~ j. L«« Bearden, President; a. B. Ray, Sec- rctary. Brlnklej Store, Vcnch's Store. Brinklcy School Board — T. A. Bourland. President; Mannerln* Towlcs, Secretary. 3:30-77-3;* it More C© TOURS U. S.—The Rev. Martin is'iemoeller, leading Protestant pastor in Western Germany and a highly controversial fisure in postwar Germany, arrived in New York by plane (or a snccch- tnaking tour of the United States. Niemoeller, a vigorous opponent of rearming West Germ;ii;v. recently ' ^ted a week's visit to Moscow. Bronnon Breaks 3 Precedents As Jury Applauds DENVER (AP) — Three prece- dent5 apparently were shattered when Secretary of Agriculture Charles Brarman testified this week before a federal grand Jury checking on shortages of government- owned farm commodities. First of nil. ho is believed to be the first Cabinet member ever to go before a federal grand Jury, Furthermore, the Jury gave him permission, to tell reporters what he said in part of his testimony. And, near the end of his appearance, jury members applauded him, clapping hard enough for the sound to he heard through the thick walls of the meeting rooni- The jury 5s checking on cases in which elevator and warehouse owners and commodity dealers have turned up short in. government-owned farm products stored with the:in. Reds Chen POW Mail PANJ1UNJOM. Korea </p) ._ The Allied postmaster or Panmunjom i oday delivered to the Comnmnistel the 43rd pack of mail for U. N.' prisoners of war held by the Reds. Air Travel Mileage Up WASHINGTON (;Pi — Air travel mileage exceeded Pullman travel mileage last year for the first time 1 on record. rJ , GREYHOUNDS YOUR BEST BUY Regular 4O 4 Size LJ tax ffe/p Your Family to Skin Beauty —Skin Com fort—and Save ! • Here's your chance to try Nor- zema—the ^/-ease/ess, medicated skin cream that's a family stand-by in millions of American linmas! It's a fine, «J/-/3ur/Jose beauty cream .. . excellent for Dad, before and after shaving , . . and such a help in healing externally- caused fa/emi's/ies, minor skin irrita- fions, in soothing minor burns, chapped bands, in relieving baby's diaper rash, chafing. Gel Noxzema today, at any drug or cosmetic counter — and sava money during this Limited Time Offerl GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! Use new, improved Phillips 66 Heavy Doty Premium Motor Oil for ten days—or up to I,QOO miles. If it doesn't satisfy you on every count go to any Phillips 66 Dealer, and he'll arrange for a refill using any available oil you want af our expense. t and the S C " -*>. .S.- irn« and t Yes, we guarantee this great new do this because it lias the quality new higli in Kubri-tection: WEAR PJUViNHONt Vest It keeps corrosion ami friction from harming your engine —guards piston nutts antl cylinder walls. SEARING PROTECTION? Yes! Acids are neutralized—protecting bearing surfaces from pitting. CLEANING ABILITY? Yes! And A clean engine means more power, and less gasoline coiuurnptidn, LOW OH. CONSUMPTION? Yes! It resists decomposition—keeps oil control rings free. So —fewet Get New, Improved motor oil will 3*ii*fy ycm: W« CM you want and need. It brings you a make-up quarts ire needed ov*ff thousands of miles of ^pcruloaj It's because ofimporunt ftoturM like these i hut Phillip* 66 Heavy Duty Premium Motor OJ1 surpasses manufacturers' specifications for all makes of cars. It't iruly a "1 leavy Duty" motor oil- will do an outstanding job in trucks as well as passer.gcr ctr»; Try Phillips 66 Heavy Duty PJT^ niium Motor Oil loday. W« gx*r* aritee satisfaction! It's a HONEY for the utid chc convcn- nke t npi. Thfff know for long or ihort uipi, iravrl dollars buy * lot mote mi!«, a IOT more schedules, t lot mo!C comfort—by Greyhound! Here are BEST BUY'S tn trips fo ell America^ I.os Anscles . . Portland, Ore. New Orleans . (iulfport, 3It«s. Miami. Flu. ... \ttr York . . . . One Rounil Way Trip . 5r,8.90 ,. H.OO ,. 9.SO ,. s,so .. 20.TS Kansas Clly Denver . .. N. Fiflh SC5.15 72.00 11.65 17.65 .11.X5 I2..TO 21.15 16.40 (U. vS. tax ex t i-ii) Way Trl^ One Round Memphis:, Term SI.HO $ 3.45 Sikcston, Mo 1.65 3.WJ Cape Cilrarricau .... 2.35 4.25 Osceota 45 ,.8S CarulhcrsvIHe 65 1.20 r.lltlc Kock . 4.SO H.«S Jackson, Tenn 3,6h 6.60 Jack.son. MJ.w 6.15 11.10 Ft. Smith. Ark. ... 8.10 15.15 PayclteviUe, Ark. .. 51,35 16.35 (U. 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