Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 22, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1896
Page 3
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Ministers Should Use Dr. Miles' Heart Cure. T HERE 19 NO PROFESSION, whose hiborr, so severely tax tho nervous sys- tu::i, as that of the ministry. Tliu Oo- rans" 1 " 1111 ' ot til0 nerve centers of the brain by over work, frequently brinRs on attacks of huart trouble, and corvous prostration. licv. J. F, Koster, M. !>„ Pastor U. B. Church, Lon:loa Mills, Ills., himself a physician, writes Tob. M, 1893: "Ik-art alTuctlOQ and nervous prostration had become so serious last f:i!l that a little over work in tho pulpit v.-oiild so completely prostrate mo T\r M' 1a c' tl ' !lt " sconioc! certain I L)i, lU»A^a must rellriouLsh tbo work ot lho milll -- !r l' entirely. Heart puijiliiLtlou became so Dad that my auditors v-OKUln.sk ine If I did not have (mart dl.waso. Last November I commenced talciuK Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure alternately with Dr. Jules' Nervine and derived the preatest possible benefit. I have just closed revival work of 10 week.-, presuming nearly every night and twice on the Sabbath. I can spoak tor hours without suffering as I formerly did, Uard working ministers should keep Dr. Miles' grand rctnecii(-'S on hand." Dr. Miles' Heart Cure !s sold on guarantee, first boctlo will benefit or money refunded. STATE NATIONAL BANK I.OGAXSI-OUT, $2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullerjyvice President. H. J. Heltbqlntc. Cashier. DIRECTORS. f. T. Johnson. B. W. Ullory. J. T. Elliott W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and e^l Government bonds. Loan nocey on personal security and collateral! Issue special certificates of deposltB bearing r per cent. Interest when left one rear; 2 per cent, per annum when aepos- Boxes In Sale'ty Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds, insurance Mllctcs, mortgages and other volluablea, Knted at from »5 to »15 r«r year. THE linson Typewriter Is a Good!Machine. A. hluh standard of excellence, ilanj users ot the "Munson" consider It THE .BEST. . Tou will [tnd it » valuable asstetaut In jour office. Address (or partlcnlars THE MUNSON.TYPEWRITER CO 2.10-2-I-1 West liilcc St.. Chicago, 111. SIX SIX Special Train EXCURSIONS -TO- BaxinWee Lake VIA THE VANDALIA LINE July ipth, 26th, and August 2nd, 9th, i6th, zjrd. Fare for U;e round trip $1.00. Train leaves Yaudt'.lia station nt 0:30 .1 m. CHAS.L. WOLL, ; : UWDERTAKER •-• Ko. «7 '.Market Street. • Cu"i.'i T.t'.Munl to promptly, clny or ""<jff'' r "l L'n'on find Mutual tclflphcncn. o.",.-.-.:, V,\-. J''; r.oalclence. No. 12L THE RAILROADS Figures of Interstate Commerce Commission. THE LIMIT IS REACHED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Tlii> mvinlicrof nifii i-.inploycd by ruil- H-;iys slioivs :HI liic-ivjise of r.,-lli('>, :is compared. wrt'li 1-tisr. yeur. Tin.' statistics on 'Hitio point show flint I lie ct'tVr.'l: ol' c-o i n n H-W! a 1 dep.n>ssum upon the payroll f'C rail \viiys LVU most severely upon tlio £rmiT>s emuprist'd umlor tlic dfc-Trl[>- tlnii, "malnk'jiance of xvny ;unl Mtnu-- tuiv." and iioxt 10 tlii.< nponi "mainlp- naiu'i. 1 or finii/pnwnt." Thf 1 jMiinunt of niihvay capital ml June -I, ISO.', was *10.0S.',i!0;l,ll!.". or .•fthMHU) per iniliMM' liiK 1 . an iuereasi' ol' .<ilSS,7i!O.Gl2. Cm-wilt liaiiiljtiiv aniouni- ,-ii to .'•i<;it;.&;o.'i .">.".. or MIC «i.pitai stock oiirsla-iuliii.vr Sl.ll!'.t.071,lTS was owmM by tlu> rai'd.i-oad corponi't.iini^. as well :is .•?.|:!7,5(iS.S-l I ol' Muds (.iniNtaiidiii^. Tho ioi.-i.l riii'way nrikMjie i]1 '''"' Kniti'il Slates on .'I mil- :;n, ]$!).", was. ]SfUi~'~ iiiili-s. Tin' a.u'Kfi'wito Ifiijrlli of Hill tracks hi I'lii) L'niH'd Sta;.i:.- on .Tune:'.! 1 . IS!).", was J.'W.S'.i-t mill'.-'. Tin; miinluT 'if passois^M-s carried by rhc roads dnri-tv- tin' year ciiflhix .'line :?0. lS!i.". was ,-H7,-ll'1..'':iL > . a ili'cn\isi> ol' ,",:;. '_'i 11 ;S:17. Tli.o munlHT m' inns ol' fiviirlil carried as '.•e;ic!'U'il by railways was iilK'i.Titl.lT'!, aji increase nl' ."S,."p7-l.- i.llS for Ihe yca.r. Tile artn'f earnings for i.l'.e year end- .iiu' June :':o, iS'.in. wore $i.o7->.-7l.-iii-. an Increase of $2.00!M><i.'"i for tlio year. rajwii^'or ri'VL-iuif 1 was ifl'.'i.iMf'i.lSi'i, a ilec.rcasc i.!' :xi:j.1.i>:';,::T.S. Krci^lit ivv- C'llUe, $72!i.!i!'.".-lli-. jin increase Ot' $.'!').• .~>n2..~-IO, Tin- expcii-M? of operations Wi-re .*7i r >.720,-Hfi. "f .?"'.(!!)y.!l07 less than for ISfM. Tlie niHulK'i- of railway employes killed (1 iii-iii:: the year oriilins -Timo W. ISO.', was J.811, .M'liil tin' iiilmber lii- jui'i'd 2.-,nni;; pas-^npH-s killed 270. injured 2.r.7.". Tim mini!*'!' uf pii.-wonprors killed is remarkably small, liein.s only one or.t of each 2.0S-1.S32 earned, and only OHM Injured out' 01' 2i:;,fi.'l carded. LIMIT J.S KEACI-1ED. A well-known sirperinttiiuent of mo-^ live power i.s quoted a.s saying Hint in 'his opinion, wlr.'a the present staud- n nl fti»-w.so of minis tlic li.iii'it of speed of trains IMS been reaelii-O. He says that ho sat by the side of the enKineer o.C one of the bl;r "hicycle" exprrvs euffincs or rhe Keaduisr on a rot-cut trip, and euro- Cully notiMl tiUe results of his efforts r.o iittain a hiprli rate of siiootl. ne had a clear track, wltti a straisrlit stretch of II fry miles ahead, the IVack in splendid condition. The stftiui jraugc registered 200 pouriiUN which fell only to 17<\ witli thiu tlirottle wide oiwn. For a instance of -forty miles, ivith notWug In the way of j-Tade.-: or cnn-w to hinder, tlio best speed Miat eould be uiaintalmed was fif- l uilJcs nu hour. In his opinion, if the public- want fifter Irate, the rail- wayii can only afford them by widenl-os the sause, so as to f,'ive heavier enslnes, with liiiTor drtvins wheels, better iiibi'iiini nml sn>ntor steam pressure. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. ;•• ; .-.i •.-. -l .-. 1'ti-e iuid Accident Inaur- r-." • <-.'':••• ••". ','.' Mroatlway, U P statni, ana .i.-,::.')li.i f- ;-.!i:iro nt t.'io public patronage. i'lvi" tii'C j":v-t C'lu'in Companlos Repro- !;--h! v.l. t.i-;ji rato to St. Joseph, 92; to ii-'itik'iclvCi,-, ?1. Trnla leaves t f.tation cveiT Sunday at 7 :-.i of l-'rar.kliji, lod., will o'.iiidry, July M, nt McU-n '.'-lt, .".t It .a. m. awl S p..in. . Sul^crtlie for Tlio Journal. UA7UIOAD NOTES. Engineer William Idler of the Vandalia railroail. and wife, Dave Just returned from Tnt-iii-Bay. F. T. Hatch of the cllrfslon of tlic Vau'aalia spent Sunday In Logausport. Tlie couiJaijT convections at St. Louis •luive .«o far -had uo perceptible effect .on the volume of travel westward over the Indiana polls lines. X:li'e VauilaJift I'.as m.iOe n strong bid for tlio Krax.il business. They nslc SO cents per ton. to Chicaso. Tbe C .& E. I. frcttiinj; ooy., cen-ts. • A P'»ll was tiikcu Sunday on an excursion from Fort Wayne- to Cincinnati anil the result was McKanley. 2S-1, Bryan 13S. will t .forty undecided. It Is reported Wiat the .Peuusylvania will lake tire dining caw off Xos. .7 aud whicli run ilirotwrb hero, (is, they are siiiil not to be a paying Investment. No. 0. the .inorriuiR train, from Cincinnati, has only been ou time mice since ft was coiisolldated with No. 12. It was late Hits :uonilnft a.nd the usual kiekiag was heard.— Richmond Item. The l>ijr I'r.inie mill nt Lewiav.ille, owned -by Toole i^ GIMdou, was destroyed J\v lii-t- la,st week. Insurance ^0,000. Origin of the lire not known. A lars;o amount of jn-aln was cQusumed aud a number of .freight cars belonging to .tlio reimsylvan,!a were also destroyed. I'.ast week, on the Pcrmsylvauia division of tlie rai-iliandle, two fa'iglit en- f,'Liit-.s were ran, tlffougJi from Colutu- bus 0., Walls, cast of PUtsbnrg:, a dis- tan.ce of n«irly two hundred miles. Th-j experiment was reprat'dcJ n& a' sncccesa and niay lend to rnimins 'engines Mii'oiigh. as on the Indianapolis AIvl- 'sioru Tlie ejisinecis changed at Deii- nison. . • Ladles around the %ytvi»t tables at the Tirade Palace this week. T-litak of It. Lawndriecl wafets, • 22c,-4Sc, OSc and $1.48 for choice of all wulsts.' Reported for the Journal by F. H- Wipperman, Abstractor. May Lux to Thus. A. Jones lot i") \Vm. Heulvee'.s add., warranity, $100. Kni'ina Ootuer'to Mary S. Ilossur lot 15 II. Hulk add,, w side, -varrauiy, $1,21)0. Fred Hockuubeamer to Mary A. Ifes- .st'i- same as above, quit claim, $L (.reo. "\V. Funk 'to Jacob F. KiiiKie. 1! I/I. NK ] A Sec. .20, Miami Tp.. Couimis- shjtier's Jl.OO .lohii H. Watts to Nora D. Watts uiul Interest lands in See. ^!) Noble Tp., warranty, WOO. ,lohn it. Lux to Sarah G. Khinclinri: lot. 5 SluiltK Oil add., Shnltxtown, warranty, $!$">. David M.. Flory to Chas. A. Flory, trustee, Pt. E V-i SE Vi See. 23. Miami Tp, warranty. $1. Chas. A. Klory, trustee to D. M. and Jlafcjie Flory same as above, warranty, i? I.. 00. .Mar.u'iiret A Harvey to Fred Crnsi.'n- meyer uud 7-24 lot 2i) talierville. truar- d laii's: .*4S1 .MO. Margaret A. Harvey 01 al.. to Fred Cinw.'iuneyei- 17-2-1 lot '20 Talierville. warraaty, $1.,-IOO. .1. .M. 1-Viy 10 Mary N. Knchiinaii PE Vi See. 1. 1-larrisiMi ip., and oilier laud, qiiif claim, Jf.'n. Sarah MeTas^iir:. el al, to l''rauklin I'ien-e SE 1 /i NE Vi and NF, Vi SE V, Siv. :i!'i .TelT.. f|i.. warranty, .f2,»)0. A TrtAATELI-NO MAN'S V1KAVS. A speci.-il to r.Iie Gom-nuTeisi-l Tribune say.-.-: Ellin^h.-im. 111.. .luly .18,—A fi.'\v days :-ii I iini'.k-eil-.in rlii- St. Louis llepublii-. UeiiHifi-Liiii: paper, that: tlie wmnU'i'- cial tiu-n were chtlil.ii.iin ii'Sv'thv 1 :- for Mryaii, That is nut so. or it i.-i oul.v :i very few. Men on the ii>:id today who will voro for wliat we have had for four years aud worse—free silver—are few. iioe tlie annonucenieut in the Republic 1 Irave seen lit His editorlais that the truvcliWR men kuew that free silver was wliait Hipy wanted. Now, since then. 1 'lia\-e been looking it «|). I find in Litelifiokl, 111.,' the Traveling Men's Club, c-onslstlins of lihirty-Uireo aiiein- bers. tliii-ty-oue for Mciaulcy, two for Bryan, and it will bo seen thac way all over the State of Illinois. Most of '.'Jt tare families TO support. Some of us have g'ouo In debt for property, and voting for McKinley is our last chance. Now, all 1 want you to u'uderstajid fc that die salesmen on tho road are not i'or ;iiiiother Democratic ad- minilstration 1 . I 'have been on t.he wad for seven yeai-s in tlio «imc business Chat I now am in aud know what I am saying. Yours from Ohio, ' D. K. CRESS. CONCERT FRIDAY NIGET. Tlie Military brand will give a free, open-air concert a.t the park Friday niSht. There will be no concert Thursday evening nor has Jt Deeji m-muRed that, music will be furnished Mondays or. Thursdays of each week, a^ The .toutnwl was wawngly iBifoi-med. Frir ctoy ulght the tond will board curs at Fourth and Broadway, play on the way around the loop, mid to the park and there render a choice program. FOB OVER FIFTY TEAB8. Un. Wlnsiow'8 Soothing Syrup has aeen wed for over fifty years by mil- lloan of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect uuccens. It soothes the child, softens the gums, Ulays all pain, cures wild colic, and It the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggist* in every p»rt of the world. T.wenty : flve cents i bottle. Be sure and aeV for "Mrs. fTInslow's Soothing Syrup." and take no other kind.' CARELESS DRIVERS. Monday evening Mrs. Wtlllam Sender hitched her horse at the rfde of Fifth streetwhen three men came out of .Tohn Wilt's saloon, aaid drove south on Fif tu •street Tlley ran into Mrs._ Schrler'a bupgy and completely demolished It. Mr. Sclirler says that'he, knows tho men who broke the rig. A CHILD BNJOTS The pleasant flavor, gentle action, and soothing .effect of Syrup of Pigs, wheu In need of a laxative, and If the father or mother be costive or -Wllous, the most gratifying results follow its use; so that' it Is the best family 'remedy known and every family should have a bottle. . DAUG'HTE-KS OF Jjoraln Council, No. 10 will meet this t afternoon, at 2.o'clock in the G. A. II. hall and the tliwncial secretary wants to meet every Insured member as it Is a matter ol preat importance.. By order of ' .'• . COUNCILOR. MARRIED AT ST. JOE.' •It was reliably stated .yesterday that Mr. Melnotte Befooe ti.'id Miw Alia jr. Hanley ol.' tljis city we're'inavriea jit'St. .Toe, 'Mleh., Subscribe Jor The Journsl. PLOTTED FOR BRYAN. Silverites Planned That Burst of Eloquence for Months. A special to tin; Chicago Inter Ocean from Kwinioy. Xc!)., says: •'From reading the ri'iuarlw ul! Tlic Litter Oceaiti concci-iihii; 1 llm llryan sla.nipi'dc in the Cliira^o coiivcn'.ioii tin- nn-know-iiK? rL'.-uk'.r would suppose t!);if this fervent yonu.ir orator had arisen in •his anloL' for I:to c-atwe of the niassts and [jouivd I'orr.li liis symparliiiw I'or the "cammon. people" in an clornHMi!. soui- t'clt .speech, whicli had so touclicil I in. 1 i-i'.spouwive cbords in rlic hearts of his audience that they wore carried off the.ii- I'eet in a wliivl o.f enthusiasm which finally save him the rri'Sidcnti.il nomination. As a citize.ii of Mr. Bryan's own Sta'te, I wish to utter my emphatic" protest usaiusl nirtkins a deliberate effort to sfampiide the convention appear, to he an outburst of righteous anger apalnst the oppressors of. the "couiihoii people." 1 admit taar the convention was taken, off its feet by Mr. 'Bryaui's oratory, but 1C there ever was a plow of premeditated rteiungo?- iisin it was that speech. It is well- known throughout the State that the Clilcoso speech a.ixl the accompanying results wore the culmination of a carefully la.ld plot to stampede the convention Ira Bryan's favor, the preparation oC whicli had been in progress for several months, or since the State silver convention!'was held. Leading Democrats In this city (3o not deny this fact. Furthermore, I believe the people of this State xrffll rebuke this nyprocisy at the noils next November by givluff a large majority for McKiiJey and sound money. Many prominent Democrats in tliis city, have signaled their Intention of voting the Republican ticket next fall." NEBRASKA??. Drawings of All Kinds Made by DEAFNESS CANNOT BE CURED by local applications, as they can- reach the diseased portion. oC the < There .Is only one way to cure dea.fnc?s and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by en inflamed condition ot the mucous llulnjg oC the Eu- Stachlan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when it is cu- tlrely closed deafness Is the result, and unless .the Inflammation can be taken * prn u pr out and -this tube restored to its nor- usmw -• . mal condition, hearing will be destroyed by catafrh, which is nothing but an Inflamed condition of the mucotis 'ORAXD EXCU15SIOX TO XIAOAKA surfaces. FAU.S-BtG FOUR "™"" T -- j We will give One Hundred Dollars | Qn Wednesday, July -- 'tor any case of deafness (caused by }.Fonr" will run another popular excr.r- BYRON B. GORDON. Draughtsman & Spry Block. Patent Attorney. Logansport Natural and Artificial Gas Bills due the Firs of each month, ten day's grace Ail bills payable at the office cf the Company, 317 Peart Street. Special— Low rates on heaters during the months of May, Jun e^-JuSy, August and Sep- .catarrh) tltat cannot bo cured Dy Hull's 'Catarrh Cure. Scad for circulars, free. F, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. SoJd Ivy Druggists, 75c. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's, Subscribe for tlie Journal, -lit cetiw per month. .An orifritnal pousicu has IH;O;J to Df. Asa Coloman. Insist on having just wlut: you call Cor Tvbca you go to buy I!o:nl's pnrllln, the ODO True and nerve tonic. We urge all dm T. P. bo present ut ""> iv^iii nrda.y uight, tlic £jtli, di.'inancl y-nur pvewavj'. 1 . AVir.. ?f. St'ttart. of Post F vv-Ul e:itci-t:iiii beautiful part of Logrnispocf,. r. ti-aveliii.? TIIIMI; lliolf • licnrts,'' Saiurda All T. T\ A. If. Is. oft™ anil sior. to Xingnt-ii I'alls and n-nirn, wltb i side trip io Toronto. The rale for tho I round trip from Indianapolis Is ?10: j T-afayetle, ¥12: Tcrrc nanlc, 13.. r iO; j JIattoon, ?12.M: Danville, 111., ?12; j Bloorjiugio". $1": Pcoria, ,<?*•!:'Cairo. | ,?13; correi-pouiling. rates. J'rom inter-| mediate stations. Toronto oi.jy ?1 irtoro j- r.lrau rate to Xiasara Falls, j Thursday, Aug. 6,18p6 VIA THE R. R. "Nnturn! Gas Route." A HAXOPOMK 'HOOK KOK A T\VO- J•>:<•! ,'t \Vc!--i.'i-ii H. H. will ran t!iior popu- !iir oxcuivlou to CIcvol.tnJ, Buffalo and yi.,..,..., ]- ;l i;s :.u tln s fo)lowl:iK very low y^ 1 *:. ».:g i-.-.voii-.' 0 ! 1 .."!!!"!!;""-.'""""""- "-so City 7.25 :iiVkV.il:o:-..--> to Pui-ir.-Eay and uct:oi:s irom In- o'V:\ obovo, the jnn-cliasers ; .in"--.'<:•'. trlj',:! to Lc-ivlsion- :n; r. tiea:n boat ride :'.". c.i-:::s. To Toronto Ion I" ;:lrws of special ';\;::--ira ]-\nlls, bin ou',- r-.ii. incliuTi'i;: toll over ;;•: :r.-; 1-5 i' 1 '- 1 Canadian i-;i> NV.-.'.cv'.-i cdsc at 0:1 i!io Ci.ar.atJin side, "•;'.•.•; V.t'lov ivi.chin.cr t' ] C NOT ;\."SS • y n; !")oiuii:i.7 S-jr.ilaj- at fi.~rio::! spot in tlio^lTnJted ,vi v/'.A arrive nt XlAiTJi.i*a i "Friday. -Micust T, 1S?G. . :,,-.-,.)-", ran K-..VO tho Falls , TV 1-ii! o; tiiftir'tickets, ;!!• '::;r(!:m>v at Buffalo, • \,-jy ij.'iy .'LL S:.10 p. m. i- fk.;)-oVor i,i-iv!Icsea ;;cv^r.;:'l, S'amJiisky, '-- iC:''i Cetai'.cd inror- r.l Lal:o Erie & . InOlanapolis, Ind.

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