The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1952
Page 7
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WBWMDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1951 Arknuas News Briefs— State's Death Toll Rises to 12 For First Two Days of Week By The Associated Frn> ; . HM Tiolent death toll in Arkansas during the first two Axyt ot thfc w«k was 12. *oU«nd, about 3i, of Hot Springs, apparently drowned in Tuesday when he fell from » boat. His body hasn't ftrnict Lowe, W, Negro, perished when (ire destroyed a two-story in Hot Springs Tuesday night, she va.i the only occupant. $3 Million in Utility Rate Hikes Since 1947 LITTLE ROCK C/P>— About three million dollars In rate Increases lor i ; Arkansas Utilities have been approved since 1947. ' This was the report of (he Arkansas Public Service Commission In reviewing Us activities diirjng the post six years. The commission said that a total of $30,736 in rate reductions had been approved since law bu', that $4,614,342 in reductions were approved loi utilities between ;S36 and 1046. The bulk of reductions was made by the electric Industry. Joe Hardin Named Head of Plant Food Fitm LTTTM? ROCK Wj— Joe Hardin of Grady, Ark., has been named president o! the Arkansas Farmers Plant Food Co. '• Hardin, president of the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, succeeds Ralph Hudson of Harrison, Ark. Hudson had been head of the company since ius organization in 1949. Hardin's election apparently is the outgrowth of recent Farm Bureau charges that it helped build the company but had no voice In Its opeiation. Contract Talks at Lion Oil Co. Broken Off El. DORADO, Ark. (^i-Coiitract negotiations between the CIO Oil Workers International union and officials of the Lion Oil Company's chemical plant here apparently have been broken off. I B. TV. Lawrence of Dallas, international representative of the un • ion, said last night CIO representatives and company officials had failed to reach an agreement. No new meetings have been scheduled The union is seeking a pay raise and other considerations About 640 CIO workers are employed at the chemical plant. The men have voted to strike should a new contract not be signed. 010 oil workers at the Pan-Am southern Corp., plant here also hav. Yoted to sh-itee. They, too, are seeking a pay increase. ' Form* Co»ter Woman Gets Life tor Slaying MOOOTT, Ark. W>-Mr*. Aliene Perry has been sentenced' to life *m»TMonni«it lor ths fatal shooting of her father. A CI.y County Circuit court jury convicted her ot first degree murder yesterday. It was her second trial on the charge. i V-ye«-oW woman's husband, E. Perry, now is serving a life • tor th« Game crime. M«. Perry's father, William' B . tewfc. 6 i, was shot down at Nim .Art. ^January, 1M1. by five bullete fired from an automobile. srtyn wteti resided at Cooter, l^fo. **•**•«• •' Qu«ds Heads Bock to Arkansas W-Mrs. Leonnrd, fonder, mother of the Arkansas •"*" !or *»» •*»«<« when ,ht appeared - : Th, qu«U, three boys and » girl, W w* bom J«c. 14. Tobacco Firm for Uirtaxerf Sabs 1.ITTLB ROCK (AP) _ The LfvSir Tobacco Co.. Earle, Ark., is changed with selling more than 43 CM pttktgu of unstamped cigarette dwring the put Tea r. , AlhMUM Revenue Commissioner Out Ptrker took th'« caw under • dviwment ««« a hearing yesterday. Oouriw Newi Classified Ads. ., Sler ™ Nevada Mountains run down through inland California roughly parallel to the Pacific GOT A COLD TAKE for fast symptomatic RELIEF BLYTHEVIILE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Remmel Asks Accounting of Federal Funds RUSSELLVHiE, Am (API — Littie Rock's Republican mayor Pratt Remmel, thinks the federal government should account for every dollar it spends. Speaking at a Lincoln Dav OOP dinner here last night, rie nlme l '•The public has a right to expect (hat the expenditures of government are carefully considered and made only when necessary that every dollar is accounted for}' He said corruption in public office Is one of the basic reasons the counlry needs a new national administration. Banker Jailed For Tax Evasion LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Thomas V. Jones, Dardanclle bank presK dent and lumber company owrier, has been sentenced to tvvo years in' prison and fined $10,000 for income tax evasion. Jones pleaded guilty in federal court here yesterday to evasions totaling 550,059 over a 3-year period. Hollywood Continued from Page 6 time it's on." Channel Chatter: Bob Clam'p- eti's children's show, "Time for Beany," which originates in California, wii! be sjjonsored in New York by a Florida orange juice company! . . . Irene Dunne will collect $84.000 as emcee of 26 TV films. . . . NBC-TV and Barbara Stanwyck are talking about a dramatic series. . . . Bill Bentiix has signed an exclusive deal with the sums network, irttli a good chance that "Life of Eiley" will return to the home screens. The sponsor's bill for televising the national political conventions on ABC-TV — $2,000.000. ... Recovery of Reed Hadley's wife from a serious nervous breakdown has their friends cheering. He plays Captain Braddock in Hal Roach, Jr.'s film - TV show, "Racket Squad." . . . Jeffrey Lynn and Nancy Coleman may be in the video version of -radio's "Mr. and Mrs. North." Their names are on the desk of John Love ton, who will produce. • * * • A second micro-wave relay is being discussed by network heads and telephone tycoons. It will double the number of live programs £oi»J east and west and reduce thi kinescope horror. Parlor .• Kuzzalu: Dinah -.Shore's warmth and ease,, not to mention her eye and ear .appeal, on her twice-weekly show. Let's call her vornq vegetables HUM&O THE ; (Dainfy COOKIKG FAT Jfs UionderhM! America's Girl Friend. . . . The glamor of Maria Rlva, daughter of Marlene Dietrich. A zip off the old block. . . . The successful transition of "Dragnet" to TV and the skillful underplaying of Jack Webb. . . . The pure Hitchcock terror and lack of cllclie in the "Danger" series. . . . 'I lie way Andy Dcvine and Guy Mftdlsim compliment each other's personalities on "Wild Bill Hickok." • * • Parents can breathe sighs of relief over the forthcoming science- fiction scries. "Rocky Jones, Space Hanger." No wild, fantastic interstellar suits for Hie kiddies. Just space jc-ans and space T shirts. A New Kole For Joan Davis Video ventures: Joan Davis will depart from her radio comedy style to fiance slid sing In her series for NBC-TV in April. ... Jackie Gleaam's new contract with CBs, starting in September, will pay him S7500 per week for three years with his "Cavalcade ot Stars" show. . There's a video version of "I Was a Communist for the FBI" in Dana Andrews' crystal ball. . . . Some of the top movie talent agencies are doing more business in the video field than with film studios. • » • James Gleason bowed out of a TV film series built wound him, Even Marlon Brando, decided Gleason, couldnt survive * schedule that called for two 15-mtmite fjlms Per day. • * « Margaret Dmnont (remember her as the haughty dowager stooge In the Marx Bros, films?), Is Mrs. Rhinelander in "My Friend Irma" • * « This Has Got to Go Dept.: The designer who whips tip Kate Smith's gowns and gives her that football shoulders look. . . . Frank Sinatra's pixie domestic references to Ava Gardner, such as: "Ava asked me to bring home a loaf of liunijKi'nlcklc." Ava's glamor won't hold up under it. ... Programs in which stars, munch on crackers, potato chips and other sponsor delicacies. . . . Comedy stars who dash out to face the cameras in their Sunday-best baihrobes after playing skils in which they've been squirted with seltzer water. . The comedy story format favored by top comedians whose writers can't shake off old radio habits. Crying for RELIEF Why fcruch inti Itching , nuhw) , relief of Dry d"l m u,7±" ing, medicated r^^PAMK.. RfcSINOI., il>c ff /fllTt»J poi'ularoimnieiii liVtCIIIQ Of „,*„, USC, I Quit crying, itaft trying C-2221 for Quick pain relief. C-U21 is iodized, contains 2 doctor-prescribed ingredients, also "13 lack Snake Root" herb — for fast, effective relief. Price UTHIITS SIKHt tONIAM vnut nve icuei- IT ice i _^ of first botlle back if you are not satli- ied. Hurry, be sure togete-2223nowl ft GREYHOUNDS § YOUR BEST WIY ** IN TRAVEL! Lo« Anfties ., Portland, Ore. IS'eu- Orleans . Gulfporl, Miss. Miami, Her* ewe Bfjr BUYS One Rnur>3 Way Trip $38.90 JS5.15 41.00 3.SO 9.8(1 20.75 • Every daj-. more travelers lit (inding Greyhound the convenient, low-cost way to make trips. They know lhac for long or sliorr trips, travel dollars liuy a. lot more miles, a loi more schedviles, x lot more comfort—by Grej-lioundl in trip} to all America! : New York ........ 23.50 Chicago ..;. 910 Kansas City g.fja Denver 20.40 72.00 I7.SS 17.65 37.35 42.30 24.75 I6.40 I5.SO 36.75 (U. S. tax extra) One Round ftfemnhis, Tenn Jl.Sfj f 3.45 Sikestiin, Mo 1.65 3.«« Cape Glrarcieatr .... 2.35 : 4.25 Osceola .45 , gj Caruthersville 55 j •;» tittle Roek i.gj 8 ; 63 Jackson, Tpnn S.S5 S.60 Jackson, Miss. .... 6.15 11.10 Ft. Srailli, Ark. ... 8.40 15.15 Fayelteville, Ark. .. 9.35 18.85 (U. S. tax extra) 10* N. Fifth GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL Phane 4441 Cr R E Y H O'lT'Nr O si smtUung about a GREYHOUND that maji« rt JK FRIfiNDry ;v,v ,- PLOS THE THBILL OF THE NEW OL08MOBILE HYDRA-MAT1C SUPER DRIVE ! '"v <« '^'^* ' i"' <« . »H^''-S'.^C, 5 ^ >• .. - ^ " / t r 1 >^ Carln.retor. Son.a.ional new f.a.,,re,,,,,,,! W l,,,' s ,n,,,- . V 'e»-.», t h » ne »." S " Kange for ,„,,„ rcr/imim , rf! T . ,, lrfe „, ncw (cal ^ In the new Sripc, "88" oc Ct^ic Ni nttf .Eight See vom- OM.n,M, ,!„!„ ^,,1 YOUR NI A REST OLDSMOB1LC DEALER HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO., r 406 W. Main cr PAGE SEVEN ««• n Phone 4591 L 012.9* an .74 FASHION VALUES FOR EASTER ALL-WOOL TOPPERS Sprlay »4ade. 1^.70 Mil,,,' ,!„* ® Colorful Topperi In all-wool checki, yarn-dyed covert5,plaidiandiu«de-clothi. So Important to your wardrobe, practical for spring. Rayon latin lin«d: New delaili. NEW BLOUSES REDUCED K*y. 1.9S |./ 4 FormtiM. @ Yourcholc* of Dreuy Rayon Crepxand Sildukas al a reduced price. Delicott floral •mb'roiderits, »h««f inierri, lacy trlrni. Many rtylei a rdrtje of colorj. 32 to 3*. t)77cyd. SALE — RAYON GABARDINE c / / ® 53c yd; AND CARDED GINGHAM Yd. 41-42" width @ Rayon Gabardine, sportswear favorite noted for ilt wonderful wearing qualiti**. Firm-bodied, y»l jupple In a durable twill weave. Choice of pajtels brillianli, dark*. Ktg. S9c 36-ia. width ® Carded flingham in sm«rtly.d»»lon«d new spring plaidi. Smooth, fin«.quolity cotton to sew into dren«, children'i wear, attractive home acceivxi««. Sanforilid. SAVE 10% TO 13% Stt-Rtg. S.47 5.14 (D Sanforiied, mercerized »wll In oray, Ian or bark. Shirt hat fufl length lails, dress type collar. Panti are cut on graduated patterns for permanent, correct flii have jip fly and boaliail corton drill pocVett. ON MEN'S STURDY WORK WEAR *.,. S.SO 5. 94 fle 7 . 3 for SI 3 prs. 8 8« 0 Men—hece'« your chance ro save on Good (Suality Green Band Work Shoes. Brown grain leather* are double tanned (o resisl soil and barnyard acids. Durable coric and rubber composition sol»j. o to 11, 12. (S) Men's Cuihfon Fool Sockt will reduce foligut, obtorb perspiration, eliminate sho*-. chafe. Knit of heavyweight colfon—heel, •«!• and to* inter-iinea' with terry cloth for air-condilioned comfort. While, color). !0 to 13. J

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