Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 4, 1967 · 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 4, 1967
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0,000 Russian Spies in -U.S.? tiyltu-.nr rthGi KA.'Jt.tNtrtM lHt h lootUrrl r4 tr2rr 94 teaf U) M, t4 ttf fox lrt!H luc tl tW1 h4 loa'irf at 4 if Um tMjyid tttt.S MJ IM I'lUinJ Wale. Ufcfti finn f r i a 4 f t-.ia t-i Ui ac I eta. lajf v4 Mia& BaAi tty irw)' fef . tW iu Utr r. o j4 iJO eus 1 M P NUj joteiil: F4, ! , V, 1 ,1 ,1 t MAYOR JOHN READING ASKS FOR McARTHUR FREEWAY TRUCK BAN Ho met with newsmen along the Nimitz and ipoke over roar of trucks. Battle to Keep MacArthur Freeway Truck Ban Opens With a masterful piece of well-planned and well-executed showmanship, the Citizens Against Trucks on MacArthur Freeway opened Its campaign yesterday to do exactly what its name Implies. Mayor John Reading, honorary chairman of the group, met with newsmen alongside the Nimitz Freeway and tried to conduct a press conference over the din and roar of truckers rumbling along the free way. It is" hard to believe that anyone could have thought of a better way to get' across the point, j x The noise of the traffic was almost deafening and newsmen had to crowd in close to Reading to hear his message. It was a simple spiel. When the MacArthur Free-way was first opened four years ago, the city was aoie to impose a ban against trucks over 4 tons traveling on the new thoroughfare. The ban expires Jan. 1 and the new citizens committee was formed to see it reinstat ed. . V To dramatize what the Mac- Arthur Freeway would be like with truck traffic allowed, the committee scheduled its first press conference along the Nimitz at the 29th Avenue Overpass. Reading wasted little time in pointing out that the "background here certainly lllus- BERKELEY TOPS Class Size Reduced in California Significant reductions were made in class size in Califor nia's elementary schools the past year, but there was little change in the size of second ary school classes. Dr. Garford Gordon, re search executive for the Cali- Jornia... Teachers - .Association.. Who led the study, attributed the improvement in the ele mentary schools to financial incentives offered by the stae and to the use of federal or other special funds. ' Berkeley had the lowest class size in the state for dis tricts wiin irom iu,wu to w 999 average daily attendance in elementary school. Berke ley had an average class size of 215 students in the elemen tary grades. The statewide average is 28.7, down from 29.4 last year. Berkeley was also among the lowest at, the secondary level wiui ui average urn so size of 23.4 students. The statewide average was 28. 1. Among the 20 largest districts in the state, Richmond ranked best and Oakland second at the elementary lereL Richmond had an average class size of 25.1 students and Oakland. 27.5. The average in the largest districts was 29.4 EtodoELS. - - Richmond alao ranked sec-end best among the largest tsrfcts in secondary class wii aa aver?je of 263. Okilari, hosrevg, was amorg t'? r -l-c.-X nth n arr-?re of SO 1 The arer??e fT if largest dlsncts wii r? S. trates that this (the truck traffic) would be disastrous if allowed on the MacArthur." The residential areas adjacent to the freeway, he said, would be "very adversely" af-. lected by truck traffic and it would tend to "downgrade the entire area." Reading noted that 90 per cent of truckers, given the choice of routes between the .Nimitz and MacArthur, would choose the Nimitz because it is flatter, has less curves, and would provide a generally more economical route. But, Reading said, the,, trucking industry is fighting the ban and "it looks on this as an issue .... a precedent that needs to be broken." . The mayor said the industry has been putting pressure on the, state to lift the ban and-will continue to fight any efforts to extend it. The citizens committee, officially headed by Oakland at-t o r n e y John Sutter, also brought along John Pichotto, an elementary school principal, to add strength to its argument. Pichotto, who runs Lazear Elementary School at 824 29th Ave., which borders the Nimitz, said the truck traffic had a disruptive effect on the school. . Teachers and students, Pichotto reported, were always working under "a constant strain to be heard." After two years exposure to the noise; Pichotto said he felt it would be "tragic" if this were to happen along the MacArthur. Reading endorsed Pichotto's position and noted that there are at least, eight Oakland schools and Mills College lo cated within a block of the MacArthur Freeway. Chandlers Sale! 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Nobody provides a spy with group insurance, paid vacations and irtirernent at age 65. The only fringe benefit he enjoys is that be may be sent to prison Instead of being executed If he is caught 1 iht rwi Oi Uokat ki iU ti'X WeA htrurtrt, fJ ltaaj la -IkJ) M k tUhe in I Wdil6 ttdUj; hef$ M Wardf.gtu4 U tyy t4 ! uaan or a t u )tr lm faiati liao.eoo, torn ifwM imJ IJi tttileiut W pnJl Cfct firit III fri JtuU am, perbipi u atkst BotiH rvef 10 Pff' ! in It United Suirt. rrryin M.Soo n rsh firn arreetcd, lie aW M 1 t dqwoit In Nw York's tUut lUver Savings flk, and I tl.ooo In a Mfe opoeit box. ttut 0jm mm wtrt the mil-UuruurM 0 (Kptotvaft and the average 3oW ipy lead a gruh6y. luorfy life cwnjlrtcly raguialedby onlrn from pt iy fccfu;. Uf ljt4, Njvirt ct4 Uvt4i W in Klaui it.JlliW Hrt)f ta, M4 If tl atju w torctrficd We a?f U M Ift ffiuftry (of Blj. TTi Oca eorneri in ivne Umiu t t had PO buiiftrtl W b. Ttf kUJini U um in tfitap rrtovM )hI U lief I had l IrJ ftt hoina w4 ki my frit-fxla to mi4in my supposed treabuuts (Mum m Uin I u rwrymg Mi a run of ctinUrttme love af. fairfi, It as (Uvtry, Anyofte who hai an Wea liiut tlai work is glamurous kini ewiiuig u vtty wrong in-dred, NottUftg could lwve UcO muredrtary." Ttien wiy do people oWiu to become spies? In tt orr-H-twlming majority of taw H U bwauMi th7 are ptiycttolug- bu.'7 H-Uoi if Tt-a l H hiuf ti; t f jf iwvjuuij la U it IU rvJJ footed tl:n ftfliiy, U4 ii ruul tt-k ii J' Good Agent Can't Fight Ignorance WASHINGTON (UPn-0e of the most frustrating tilings that can happen to a spy b to deliver accurate Information that is Ignored: Adolf Hitler was informed of the precise place and date of me Allied Invasion of Normandy by a Nazi agent in Tur key. He Ignored it because he bad decided by intuition when and where it would happen, incorrectly, of course. Joseph Stalin was informed by two separate sources that Hitler would invade the Soviet Union. He paid no attention and was caught completely by surprise. Ike ifu he fOUoJufJ ikjeacdtvou dl every lhmg ru He tOe ite i lrt Ifl WvUU'ie Uik tufh fc aey ituid ran buy m a by Hote. U4 prgoOatWvi were ka ftutuy Ux4 h failed vtn la i a fuw pnt fuf hi rvut In rum fur Uing uths of feirairgie Air Cwuruiid, he mi tly i"td tt iioviHi tftry feimuld him wwufe-h rout? la r U my tar." How he evtf pasatd musttr a a n?ibM In rryp-tfigraphk; devtct is a que-Hon that kwji Anwrtcan s eurity officer ake and pacing the fW all nigtti, TOMORROWi Hew Soviet piri are trained and bow Ihey tpefite. Una Turner, Sixth Husband Separate MALIBU (UP!) - Screen actress Una Turner and her lxth husband, producer Robert Katon, have separated and she plans to file for divorce, it was announced yesterday. The 48-year-old star, who recently returned from an entertainment tour in South Vietnam, said she and Katon decided to separate last weekend and that he had left their beach home here. i 6 Tuetjwt, 4J7 Architect Wins . Harvard Award a l'ierti!y t tUtJftu iaiilf ifiiUf, W tl l tt4 U V tI Antr W. UciAjim tfitsen by Harvd Uwveri!'i tirfcf Mul t4 iJtsigft, Lfcksmm will atniy m Uatsit ivstcmi and wul unt a a VlaJtWI elL torf at u lidrticii Mm4 of Arrti' ifci-ture at lnii'i Uwer-Illy CtJirge, CHTrrr. - OAKLAND 1724 Broadwajr Otxn Mondy to S.JO f M. BERKELEY 2I21ShattuckAvf. Open Thufdy to 8 30 P.M. ir -IT". 7T; IT" Fifth of a scries Meet Doubting Donna Montrezza- student. A few months ago Donna Montrezza saw an advertisement for a Reading Dynamics Demon-stration which GUARANTEED -that her reading speed would be at least tripled, with good comprehension, in the short span of eight weeks; and told about people like herself who had increased their reading speed by seven or eight times. But Donna doubted. USD Doubting Donna attended thedemonstration fully prepared loHillcnge" the dramatic advertising claims, and, substantially convinced that she could not be helped by what she considered "novelty reading techniques." IS At the demonstration Donna jaw a motion picture withimpres-sive testimonials from men in high publicoffice who had taken the Reading Dynamics course. She participated In a personalreading test, the results of which were known only to her, and she deter mined that she read a little faster than the average national reading 1 'if She now reads over 3,300 words per minute. It all started at an Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Demonstration. speed but still a slow 486 words per minute. After an illustrated lecture, she joined the audience in asking candid questions about the ' techniques and rewards of Reading Dynamics. S To Donna's surprise she discovered that more than 25,000 students had enrolled in the Northern California Reading Dynamics course more than twice the current enrollment of Stanford University. She learned that the Evelyn-Wood Reading Dynamics course is'the definitive rapid-reading course in the world today. Still-Donna doubted. S But having an adventure-some spirit, shejinrolled in the course anyway. "Eight weeks later," Donna says, "my reading speed increased from 486 to over 3,300 words per minute. Today, I can read an average novel in less time than it takes me to watch the Ed Sullivan television ""show on Sunday night.". -,SiAJreshman.science,.Pmajor., at West Valley Junior College, Donna begins four years of hard studies with an incredible talent and skill few of her classmates have. She now reads faster and better than she ever dreamed possible. And Donna still doubts. Si She doubts that she ever could have achieved her full potential as a college student and ! as a persons-had she not equipped - herself with the important educational breakthrough called Reading Dynamics: 1 See Jb ree Demonstration This Week OAKLAND -Edgewaterlnn BERKELEY Claremont-Hotel Wed., July 5, 8:00 PM Jack London Inn Tues , July 4, 8:00 PM Thurs.y July 6, 8:00 PM -v ' ' v SATURDAY DEMONSTRATIONS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE Tues.AJuly 4, 8:00 PM Ved.,July 5, 8:00 PM Thurs.y July 6, S;00 PM Sat., July 8, 10:30 AM SAN FRANCISCO- Shemton-FalaceLJIoieL Tues., July 4, 8:00 PM Wed., July 5, 5:00 PM Thurs., July 6, 8:00 PM Sat., July 8 10:30 AM 2,99 to 10.99 Handbags now 1.97 to 5.97 Fill out your Summer wardrobe with extra ihon at trnr.i. Dress and casual hijt from our rrgular atock itt mot mes. LfitKtrs, fabrics, patents. 15311 colon and dark?. Hurry for first choice. 1773 BROADWAY OAKLAND TE 3-9 155 OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY NIGHTS TfLQ V The Evxlj-n Wood Reading; Dynamics Inso'tute offers spedal roup programs to. businesses, schools, and recognized organizations. These group classes are tailored to your specific needs and schedules. Contact the Reading Dynamics office nearest you for more information or references on the many firms and organizations which hare been served by the Reading Dynamics Institute. RT PI EVELYN WOOD READING DYNAMICS INSTITUTE iorrHi cAijro!iA omcts ui rt AHCT5CO Map-. It. OAICLiB wicriiT Jul U-m .'!! Tl AtTO rtr Evtlyn Wood Readme Dynamics Institute, Dept. 14 1440 Browiway, OaUand, Cal. 9412 Please tend descriptive folder and tcbeduk of . classes in my area. - Pteaie tend tnormitioo M company daises. flease hae your industrial development rep reseiuatroc contact we. . . 7, 457 OWESS -It- fHOKE. crnr STrt ZTF

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