The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 13, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1952
Page 2
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' SPACE TWO Under Fire, Li Defends Sale of Park Site fo City Prie* Not Outrageous, Hf Says in Answer To Alderman Wilson (Continued from Page 1) comparison with that "If I had had my way, I wouldn't have fold for any price as I had other uses for the Innd and could have used It to gain more than $15.000, but I realized the need for'the park and let the city have It. - - , . "Also, when I sold lliat property, there was quite a bit of Improvement to be done which was promised by the city. Tile city was go- Ing to build a community house for out-of-town people where mothers could take their children and both colored and white citizens would be provided with badly-needed resl rooms nnd facilities of that type. "That Influenced me more! the playground part of It. Also jKLTTHEVn-LE (ARK.) COURIER NRW« dont teller* H» kw will h*rm the pl«yground or lt« use." In » nhort, rebuttal, Alderman WlUon then «s)ced I! the agreement as to improvement was made with the Commission and not thq city. Mr. Little agreed It was. Alderman Wilson then said that It takw money to develop such im provements and the city doesn't have the money for Improvements any more than the park commission does. "Not many months go by when businessmen are not hit by some drive for money," said the alderman "and the Park Commission didn't feel like asking and Imposing on busJne«men for money although they still intend to make the Improvements. Offered $800 ,J,1 a " swcr lo a question, Mr, Little said he previously had offered S800 for the strip of land m question. Alderman Wilson then netted Mr. Little. "Won't this new store (Safeway) . . . tnke some of the cars off the Kroger lot and ease the parting situation a little?" "Yes," replied Mr. Little "if Kroger cant gel parking space for ts customers, they will be shoved awny. •Since Kroger came here first •vnd did the missionary work, I he- ieve they're entitled to some con- •=lderatlon," The discussion ended when Ald- "e're" Oll " n " ld hc WC' 1 'hey tbe .playground was to hn'i-e been j asked thVthc Part-" colmni^Tnn improved so that anyone would meet with Mr. little and his" Lt- torncy and report back to Council. Mayor Blodgett know It was .a playground and a parking lot for emergencies was to have been built on the north Bide of the ground. . the improvement that has made. . ..''Nothing of that type has been done yet. The city 1ms built a sidewalk, a Softball backstop and put up'some goal ppsts .and that Is all been "Just a tew years ago, that area was occupied by a mule barn, Just a lew blocks from the main part of towri. There was another nearby. I bought both and tore them down, paying a premium price, to get them, out of the city — from within a fen- blocks of the court house and city. hall. "Whether that was In the citv's Interest or not. I don't know. G»T« 'first Decent Store" "Kroger gave Blytheviiit the first decent store it ever had and has done Blytheyine a world of good . . . they're not planning to harm •nyone. "They employ 18 to 18 men there • nd since business is better than th«y anticipated, they want to add to their parking lot to gat the ears off the street in that area. "Whether, we get the land or not makes no difference to me, I'm onlr trying »o live up to the terms of my contract with Kroger, which Is Just trying; to give BlythevtlJg a (ood business. "If Kroger hadnt built a good business here, Safeway wouldn't be building today behind the count? >1L I aint see how sale of that 40-foot strip would harm anyone •nd it would help Kroger have suf- ftcient purking space »ri oK th* street. that strip) to keep the . : ,•. ...- , (Th« ehy« ownership oi makes a, 40 by M -«>»T uH,f . . . iimivea • ^w tiy WJ foot stop I own nesrby worthless ' I e«n't get to It and I the Commodity And Stock Markets— New York Cotton Open High Low 1;30 Mar 3930 4030 3980 4510 3SSO 3010 3040 3954 3868 3012 3380 3893 3635 3677 3628 3653 New Orleans Cotton Open High Low 1:30 M jr ....... 3085 4025 3984 4003 May ...... 3543 3975 Ju| y ...... 3868 3509 38fiS 3837 ....... 3631 3671 3631 365< Soybeans High Low Close Mch ..... I... 30HS 299 >A 3(H»i y ......... 2B2V. 280-4 292'i y ......... 28T,i 285?; 237 Sc P .......... 280 273M 279VJ Livestock snirt he would arrange the meeting. In other action, the Council voted to refund a $15 prlvilese license fee paid by the Flower Mart. 1501 West Mninf which burned before the license became valid, and voted to refund *U paid on n building permit by a ccuple who have since been told that, their residence Is outside the city limits. Alderman Nash also took a shot at parcel post and railway express tracks that "seem to think they on-n the city," as he phrased It. "Abuslnj; Privilege" "They stop In ircut of stop lights or any where else anrt Just take oil to deliver a package." he snld. "I can't do It and no oilier citizen cnn. I know they frequently must double park, but they are abusing their privileges." The matter was referred to the Police Department. A suggestion by Alderman White to study the need for a third exit from the fence at Slythevllle High School on Highway 61 was referred to the Street Committee. Alderman White said he had been told student* "pouring oil' either end of the fence were creating a new traffic hazard and that they felt a third outlet was needed. Mr. Nash said he had encountered the same problem. Tire Chief Hoy Head asked the Council fo .seek location of a lire plug behind the school buildings on Chlckas&wba. We need __ buMlnga as we plug behind the don't have facili- ., STOCKYARDS III (AP)-USDA— Hogs 10.500; 180 Ibs ap including sows steady lo a-eak; lighter weights steady to 25 lower 1 180-230 Ibs 18,00-23; several loads MO-210 Ibs 18,35 to shippers and : packer lop 18.00- 240-270 bs 17.00; Ibs 17.00-75; few at 1785; 280-300 Ibs, 1G.50-75; 150-170 bs 10.00- 17.50; 120-MO Ibs 13 7S- 5,50: 1C-0-110 Ib3 '2.1"!-I3.2S; sows •100 Ibs down 15.25-10.00; heavier -•jws J.:.Sj-15.00; '.lags 11.50-13.50; ties lo get enough water In there If „„„.,. lire should break out," Chief Head! Accounts payable totaled $1,621.75. said. He also pointed out that the city Is supposed (under Its new fire rates) to have a fire plug on opposite cornels of each business Intersection of Main street. Thai hasn't, been fulfilled, lie said. Both matters were referred to the Light and Water Committee. Privilege Licenses Top Kevenues The Council also received the monthly operating statement for January which showed total revenues o[ 438,150.57 and total costs and expenses of $20,637.64. Privilege licenses headed the revenue list last, month with $11.759 '.vhilc vehicle license sales brought In *8,B15. other revenues included state turnbsick, $5.700,80; sanitation receipts, «5,6C5; police nnd ccuuly fines. $4.134.01; parking meter receipts. »2.323; county tillage, J585.- 05; dog licenses, $62; F.H.A. office rent. $50; State Revenue Office rent, $10; and civil costs, 415.75. Expenses were as follows: Street Department, $5,752.49; Police Department, $3.343.03; Municipal Court (Judge's salary). $391.68; Sanitation Department, $3.758.59; Fire Department, $1.623.11; and general and administrative, $4,104.79. Accounts payable totaled $3,456,60. The statement of operations for Municipal Airport showed revenues of $36.579.51 of which $38,471.25 was from rentals (annual payment lor land leased by Lloyd L. Ward). Costs- and expenses totaled »6,230.86 of which $3,825.60 was for salaries. Serving Coke serves hospitality One thing most, guests will welcome is ice-cold Coke. Easy to serve ... easy on the budget... and so welcome. Keep several cartons on hand. IOTU» »M«tl MJTHOIITT OP INI COCA-COU COffirANY IT COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. OF BLYTHEVILU m> _ m| c Sunday School Rally Planned An s.isoclational Sunday School rally for the 37 Baptist Churches in Mississippi County will be held at First Bapllst Church here at 7:30 p.m. Friday. Misj Haze! Brannen, associations! superintendent, announced today. The program will Include discussions of Sunday School methods ana deinoa'itratlons of procedures a film titled "Ye Visittd Me," and an address by the Rev. Owen Sher- rlll, pastor ot Charleston, Mo., First Baptist Church. Departmental conferences will be held with associations! departmental superintendents in charge Obituaries Accident Discloses An Extra Body ADDIS ABABA, Ethlopi. W>-One man was killed In a traffic accident, but when the police arrived they found two bodies. One man was killed when the Jeep he was driving rammed Inlo the rear of a truck. Police then found the body of an army lieutenant In the truck. He had been Injured fatally by a hit-and-run driver a few days previous and the truck war hospital In Nashville Te carrying his body from & hospital 1 learned here l?«t n'-'ht to his home for burial. j Mr. woods was born In Luxor» „ ~ but moved to Al?.b^ Read Courier News Classified Ads. ' was a veteran of World war i." boars 9.50-11.50. Cattle 2,000; calves 600; generally about steady; high choice medl- •im weight steers 35.00; low good ind choice steers 31.50-33.25; utility and commercial cows 21.CO-2300- camiers and cutters 17.00-20.iO. New York Stocks Amer Tobacco . Anaconda Copper Beth Steel C'->r.yslf-r Cora-Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Wani N Y Central Int Harvester J G Penney Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum .. Studobaker Standard of N J .. Texas Corp S?ars " U S Steol .' Sou Pac . 61 . 51 . 50 . 71 101 . 57 . 51 V 64 18 . 34 . 11 42 ~ . 38 . 32 . 78 . 57 . 54 14 .. 3S% .. 63 : V, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, Former Luxoran Dies in Nashville LUXORA—W. F. (Bill) Woods, 58. a native of Luxora and a resident of this community for 35 years, died yesterday In a veterans hospital in Nashville, Tenti., It was He Is survived by his wife, two sons' and three, sisters, Including Mrs, R, w. Thomas of Osceola. Funeral services will be conducted In Alabama. * • • Johnson Rites Tomorrow Services for Mrs, Hattle Johnson of Jonesboro, mother of Mrs. Lynn Brown of Blythevllle, will be conducted at 2 p.m. tomorrow In the First Baptist Church in Jonesboro. Langford Mortuary of Jonesboro is MEAD STUFFY 10UE TO COLDS .-. _-^» In charge. for fast symptomatic RELIEF Pains, distress of "those days" stopped or amazingly relieved in 3 out of 4 cases in doctors'leiff I • Here's wonderful news for women and girls who — eacA month — suffer the tortures of bad days" of functionally- caused menstrual cramps and pain — headaches, backaches, and those "no-good," draeced- out feelings. It's news about a medicine famous for relieving such suffering! Here Is the exciting news. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound — gave complete or striking relief of such distress In an average of 3 out of. 4 of the cases in'doctors' tests! Yes! 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Jftratv^ci" 1 !! ^uti' when you bring this ad Treai ynur Valentine (or yourself) lo ;» luscious Dairy Queen Strawberry Sundae lomorrow . . .on (he house. Jusl clip out this ad and bring it to our Drive-In on South Highway 61, across from 1!ie Razorback. One fo a customer, of course. TOMORROW ONLY — FEBRUARY 14 Come see the car with America's most revolutionary engine design. It's sensational! TREMENDOUS NEW POWER! Biggest engine advance in a generation ... 160 horsepower . . . terrific acceleration and cruising performance on regular fuel! TREMENDOUS NEW FEATURES! Try new Power Steering . - . it's unbelievable! Super-safe Power Brakes. No-Shift Driving. Electric Window Lifts. Lots more.' DESOTO HAS POWER STEERING! It's absolute magic! ... now you can turn the wheel with ona finger. Hydraulic power does the work for you. Parking is child's play. Come on in and try it! NEW, UNIQUE AIR-VENT HOOD! Look at the new De Soto above .., note the Air-Vent that directs air to carburetor. This helps increase engine power! Wfcjf. •y.woJI irt.,. wft.n ovoil. obf*. or« oplionu' fqviptntnt. from i dome - sha P e d combustion chambers with n that i ets m « MOTOR SALES COMPANY .UK 1 10 West Wolnur - Blythcville Tiw

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