The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 12, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1952
Page 9
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, OUK iOAKDINC HOUSE — wtHi Molor ffaopl. BLYTHEY1LLE (ARK A* P)C«l»s)O A, CAKE—; WE fOOL OUR 6EftDV«3Rk AlJD BUV "fHAT NAPOLfiCXJ VC6T FITOM SUMHORW FOR *lWO~.WHErJ-TH6 80VER ,FKOW trie LOK' COME6 FOR IT, We WHACK, WHAT FOR ? A4.L We SOTTA tx> is guy IT—. WE'LL se Trie CHftRGC OF 3ELLINS GUMHORN'S ANTISOC6 HE'S AWA.V —•6HALU WOE LET HIM WHEN CUSTOMER Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 22, 18^ For Count; GENE BUADLEY For Circuit Clerk L1STOX For Slate Senator SEN. LEE BEARD EN In 1951 an Irrigation project was completed at Horsetooth Dam near Ft. Collins, Colo. New York and Phll»delphl«, as well as Washington, have witnessed the inaugurations of Presidents of the United States. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE SUM np to 36 la. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sim np to M In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete & Metal Septic Tanka Sewer Tile Best Price. We Deliver Highway (I at State Lint ' Phone 714 FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS test for GERM I NATION Send Samples to Woodson-Tenent Laboratories «« W«rt Ash St. / Blytheville, Arkansas ,) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY~ "I'll b« another hour or so, dear! Towser Is enfoyinfr his exercise so much!" B The Angel Palls in Eastern Vene- j zuela has a total drop of 3,212 feet. Guaranteed Watch Repair FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. .,':/ Sell That Stuff" -;---• -- f / I. -r. Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land $ 3.50 i Your watch Is disassembled, I cleaned, pivots polished aud | hair springs adjmted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler I Next door to Wade Furniture I How About You? If You Want the Best Car Service, Come to T. 1. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrrsler-Plynwulh Deale? 1Z1 E. Main Phone 212Z Dr. Logan's Wife 6 - i »" THB STORVt J.nnel I. OK... J-f.oi.1 «ir. of tk« old ..4 r«l!l,, K Dr. »<t» I. OK. p.. a.4,1 bcr >.»...l] 7 well-nt«frtd life . r , rl Wr».c »( fc«r »llrKctln« to tkt ckirmlatl yo«n^ hlopkr%Tclxt I'cier snrlnoT. J*etcr hn* mnile ^armlr*. txclmltntc M»«wtll Coin, l«jm» n kr,d o f ,i, c k»Npl(.I. Mnil wun (rTrnilK Inclad- >WB Or. l.oican HHd I»T. Walter Pellrllcr ky hU «ctl'. lilt. I. tk , kniijtrtHl .n« o«r.«ld c . r«( C r kjt« l»« . ranvrmcnt r»r li«t<rr kon.- loK nn< C<il. kn. InrKe koTilimcn In <kr «lnm». c«l« »li» npam , nm- mnnUt. UniTeTtr. npj,. n n d rrllcllrr xnnpi'rt Pn» r m , mrtt- XVI TF,^mET heard Gus's slow foot•* fall on the slairs. At the door of her bedroom, he called softly, "Not asleep yet, are you, honey? I saw your light go out." "You're not supposed to climb the stairs," she admonished. "I took them slowly. Onro s ri 3 while d'jcsn't mailer." She slid up on an elbow and turned on Ihe lamp. She squeezed her eyes a couple of times at the light. Gus bent to kiss her on the forehead, smoothed her long hair with his hand. She sat up and : moved her legs to make room for ihim. "What happened at the meeting?" Jennet asked. "What did they decide?" "Nothing yet. Walter and I fought for Stirinov and a couple of men chimed in on our side. The decision is postponed till Thursday night. They've called a special meeting. I'm gelling sick ol these meetings, I'll (ell you that." H« looked hard at her. •You all right, Jen? You look awfully pale." She leaned her back against the bed and wet her lips. , MAmd kr NCA SHVICt, taT^ "I think I ate something that disagreed with me." "What'd you eat at the Club? Oh, brook trout. You shouldn't order fish at the Club. I shouldn't have let you." "It wasn't that. The cabbage, more likely. I'll s l ec p it off. Maybe I got overtired. I met Peter Surinov after I left you. I went to a lecture with him— on public housing. It was sort of horrible." * • . QUS'S mouth pursed with troubled sweetness and the V appeared over his nose. "Sny, that Surinov is getting to be an ubiquitous character. How come you were interested in public housing— or was Surinov the attraction?" Jennet turned her head away. She didn't smile to his teasing, and Gus's voice sharpened. "What was horrible about it?" "Everything. The description of the slums— rats and uncollected garble and no toilets — ugh." "Nobody was forcing you Why didn't you leave?" "I did," Jennet said, near tears. "I did. I left while the meeting was still going on. Peter was leading the question period and I just picked up and walked out." "Peter," Gus ruminated. "Do«s he call you Jennet?" "frankly, I never noticed. I don t think he calls me anything at all," Jennet said irritably. "Gus, please stop being silly and get me a pill or something. I'm nauseated." Gus observed (lie dark lashes that quivered on the bloodless cheeks. A faint blue vein showed under the transparent skin and he put his hand over it. "You'll be okay, hon«.T. S»y, you didn't mention anything about the meeting • .onijht to Surinuv. did you?" Jennet'i eyelid* flew up like snapped window shades. "No, why?" "Well, it's confidential, chaff all. It wouldn't do him any good to tell him what's going on. It might even do him harm. H« could cook his own goose faster than anyone could cook it for him." "Well, I didn't say anything. You know I wouldn't reveal your confidences." She reached for his hand. "Gus, isn't it terrible the way some people have to live?" Gus sighed. He wai no more willing to go into the state of the world and the nature of man now with Jennet than he had been with Pelletier. "The world is full of injustices, my dear. You and I can't reform the world." "But we're so lucky. We ougM to do something." "In a small way, I do my share I spend a third of my time treating free patients." "What about me? I do nothing." "You're giving your services at the clinic," he reminded he*-. "It's not enough. We have so much. I should have given some money tonight. I meant to but all of a sudden 1 couldn't take H any more. I ran out. I should have stayed. I should have given five or ten dollars." Unconsciously she quoted Peter: -Who am I to run from the sound at unpleasantness. Some people are living it, not just hearing about it." • • * ALTHOUGH Gus was not • * close-fUted man, there was something distinctly irksome to him in his wife's regret over not having given away a portion of his money. "I wish you wouldn't work yourself up Jiko ihJs Jcn- iiii. i'ou can mail a checkT'in the morning. I don't mind your making a contribution, but I hope you realize it's only conscience balm." "If everyone gave five dollar! or so ..." . T ^*, J" everyone- argument te for cnHdren: If everyone shouted in the halls, if everyone scraped their chalk. The point is everyone never does. Ever seen women a( a b«rf»in counter? Kver »ee« people around • smorgasbord table? A sight more reveslin* than we'd lil;c to believe." (T* B* C«BUauc4) _ CAMERAS REPAIRED Having trouble with your camera? Then bring it to Barney's Jjrar. We're equip, ped to fix all kinds of cameras . . . from Brownies to Leicas. Prompt service. BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 MflLT€RS flL TV SHOC SHOF 2 W. M » I N ST . PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores a VREAM KASTIE Drive-In f Complete Selection of GIFT ITEMS! Vickie * Barbara's GIFT SHOP IK S. 2nd rh«ne Sill ^i/ll find i <randerf>l (election "' MaditU Un;n«, Cotared Sheets and Pillow CMW, CaillHie «««ery, H.nrtiMJe Aprons, C«- rtme Jewtlrr, Lamps, Planters. Handkerchiefs and man; other items. Come In soon! By J. It Williamt FRECKLES AND HIS »»INP« ftSWswwo HOOU6AN I WE C*NT WAVE MOP IN WITHOUT TH' PCX3 G6TTIN 1 1MT WHV, J!& OOZE IT THRU TH' CRACK.- IT'LL WRIMG IT OUT A. LITTLE EVERYTHING./ A MOOS6 COULD SNEAK. IM BEHIND THIS MOP-IT'S FEOZE: Benefit by Reading and Using Courier New, Classified Ads I HAVE THE TIME I LIKED IT FINE, BUT JENNY LLJ ' ALL THROUSH THE MY GOODNESS! WHV TH' DEUCE DIO THr-V STOP AT THAT POUC6 P&ST, ?«! EASY-- I HOT I JSSw %U4*nS Ot) POTfTHSveV I/OTHER. PRISOWERS ». H^CKSAVJ, »* W?eTRYIHG TO £>O VOU 5 .Am. SLEEP' I DREW A fWK OF &CKEWBAIL-& THIS TIME, AND r« dorGErrius ANYWHERE! GOfTA HAVE HELP_ BUT DUNNO ANVOWE I CM! TKUSr THIS SIDE OF NEW ORLEANS! . T«65 OF WAITING DOWN THE ROAD FOR ' H&VE THEY GOT M5E? I BETTER GO BftCK Mlt> NOSE HKOONC CAUTIOUSLY... THEY'RE IN TH CLINK!! DOtfT PAftE TRf TO GET TH' STUFF OUTA THAT CAR HERE THE SOONER WE X.NOT SO FAST, CAP'N~ BECAUSE THE CH1EFOF THE ALSONKIN CONFEDERACY WILL TREAT WITH NO LESS A PERSONAGE THAN A , MILITARY LEADER; ^^ IT SUZI« ME ) / TO ARVMT IT... ' V^ BUT HE'S KI^IT

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