The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 9
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9AT, H, Bt,JTHBVILLE (ARK,', COURIER NEWS FACE OVR WARDING HOUSE — with Major GENTS.' AM IDEA rUT MS Like A LOSW 41 Buy THAT VEST— AS A* A PARVC.INJS TICKET ~~ AGMlJ SLONrt •DIDVO) •SAV ne FOK -THE SOUP- I.OOO FOR IT JHEKl SLWlH ,, v SETS BACK/ OR WAS rr AtJ OLD . BOS TRAI-J6PEI? 60UMD5 EASIER '* EMBEZZLEMENT Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 22, ISM The Peshtlgo forest fire In Wisconsin in October. 1871, covered 1,280.000 acres and caused the death of about 1,500 persons. For County Judge GENE BRADLEY Tot Circ»it Clerk &ERAU5INE LISTOS For State Senator SB*?. J^EE BEAHDEN To produce 27 pounds of nickel, 1,080 pounds of ore must be, mined in* processed. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Size* up to 36 in. Corrygated Metal Culverts SlMi np to Si in. A. H. WEBB AMtomattc Flood Gator Concrete A Metal Septic T»nt« Sewer Tile Be*t Price* We Deliiw Hljhway It at State tin* Phone 71* OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. Wlllkrn. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A wto swnr xaoor *>VN/ -3^5~**^ •o ^^'•^-'^••^JS^^SJ^T -KSswIf''* " ~"^> ' J"9. 2-11 BOKM THIRTY •>EAg^. IPO 6OOM ,_,,^,.».._^.' 7 ^ L !'^1" Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads "Certainly I'm worried about being late—! haven't nearly enough clothes yet to be fired!" The Iclt tents of (he Mongol j tribes ol Asia are called yurts. FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS t«*t for GERMINATION S«id Samples io W0o4sQn-Tenent Laboratories 61Z West Ash St. Blytheville, Arkansas Starters & Generators Repaired &' Exchanged J. Raymond Smith ZM'E. Kentucky ATe. Phone SM5 BUILDERS SUPPLY 1 KNOT (Proof Next Week) d your heart be In yovr month, If you discovered burn- Urs had located your most Tal- lable p«9ses>k>D>? Se« as about Burglary Insurance and be protected aralnst financial Ion. Lincoln Did Not Originate "Of The People, By The People, For The People" Cleon of Athen*, who Hred about 400 B.C., expressed Ihe same idea. In an address on May 29, 1850, Theodore Parker said, "A government of all the people, by alt the people, for all the people." 1. "Popular Questions Answered", Geo. W. Stlmpson. 2. "Handy Book of Literary Cari- osities," W. S. Walsh, '/2 Price Annual Wallpaper SALE Now in Progress! How About You? If You Want the Best Car Service, Come to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer lit E. Main Phone 2121 CAMERAS REPAIRED C^ •»i» To BSOFY THEM in. serriE our OF un OWN POCKET.' BUT •fcU'LL. MY ME BACK ' YIKE? BY THEM £ Having trouble with your camera* Then bring ii io Barney's Dru£. We're equipped to fix all kind! of cameras . . , from Brownlei: to Ltlcas. Prompt service. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 WITH THE ozprr CALCULATED, LANDINS OPfKATIOHf EACH DOFV THE HE HA* KEHtAK$ec>. SLOCKY*r Ol>T4\PE IN THE FI*HBCHV[_... AMA1ZA AfJP PR. BUPP K UN THE OBWT ilJ PI OPE EATS q s IT* HMPLYA MATHEMAriCAL EOK4TIOM... REDKCIK6 ODE. HO ALTITUDE TO ZERO IN EESPECT TO THE PLANer. vr, H-fl LTCRS •*_ TV SHOC SHOT [' W. MAIM ST. APPELLATION? OH, THAT MEANS THE NAME OF , SOMETHING! JEEPERS! THAT'S WHAT I WROTE ON MV PAPER AND THE TEACHER MARKED IT WRONG} I SAID IT WAS THE NAME OF SOME MOUNTAIN'S.... THE • APPELLATION MOUNTAINS IN VIRGINIA! / Dr. Logan's Wife By KM i<W^*«BL *Mirrfiri'IfiMa fai •I ir NIA SCRnCt IHC THE STORY i Je«»e< Lo*.«, y«»nnfC wlfe M tfce >|d mnd f a m BK T>r. Gt>* ).r>K*m. muidenly find* her lift, which nh« belleTeri to k* vrcll-rr KII|« led, upwet by fcer «t- frnrtfnit 1* • jounur j*»4 churmta* Fctcr SarlnOT. Al" mat arc inJ ker e If ,. >hf mmtt- lite fcift* tfc*1 II v*n* Mtnpltf, but • Cnln *hr tNcet* him nne rTr^lnn. She votu with him lo n mrrilhA on pnb1l« hotKlng. Dr. I.ncrnn, mrnn- wlillr. !• Kltrnrilnjc » mrrltnjE cnn- cernlnp Feter, whn U inoprcted of beltiK « Commnntsi hy Mnxrrell Corn. laymnu o( ihe mlly Ihr l nlthoofcli rrlcr Cot«'« rcul r«^w«n for dfxKk- ln|t Petrr. It xcrmn. In rcler'n In- t^rrnt In .^liim rlrarancr. Cot.T hn« IATK^ rcnl e«tM(e hotillnfr* In tkr •IMIMH. At the mectlnir. JCKnel PtftT* «* Innjs «* "lie CAO. hut *hr *»» "» ap^ef Momwcii nwrf l«AfrA. • « • XV COME two hours later, Gus Logan and Walter Pelletier followed the same path through the campus, up Sunset, north on Whiteoaks. The car pulled up to the Logan house, its molor idling while the men continued to talk. "What gets me," said Pellelier "is that they put it to the enc thinking we'd all be tired anc anxious to get home and Ihey'c railroad it through. Those meetings are always so long and deadly. By the Uiiiv you've listenec to the minutes and the committci reports and the special businesi letters and gone over each of the applications for new staff ap pointments, you're punchy. You'ri willing to say uncle to anylhiiv that stands between you and bed.' "That's no He." Gus's face nn der the roachlight shifted its ge omctrical patches. "But Walter they had It figured closer thai that. Did Cota sound you out 01 this thing?" "No, why would he? He know how 1 feel about Peter Surino 1 Peter's one of. my boy*. I biie im and I've stood behind him on verything—even his quarrel with he oath. Remember, I was the nly committee member who vot- d against it. I'm willing to ad- iit that the country needs some heck on subversion, but mancta- ory oaths and unenforceable ills are not the answer." "Look, Walt let's not go into rial again," Gus said. "The oath may not do much good, but I an't see that it's going to do nough harm to fight about. Let's ;et back to the point. The point s, Cota knows your sentiments he knows how the other committee members stand. But in pite of the way I voted, h« wasn't ;ure of me. My attitude w; Olympian, I think he gald, and h« asked me point-blank if I'd support him on this Surinov cast." WALTER PELLETIER twitched * ofl the motor. He pulled i crumpled pack of eigarets from his pocket and before h« lit th cigaret he asked, "What did you iay to that?" "I said I thought he was b«in loo severe. 1 said I didn't think I'd side with him. So then, ther were two opponents, you and me The rest he thought he could han die because they would be again; Surinov in principle and incliffer ent to him personally, five of th men didn't Khow up tonight. Th Chief of Staff had i quorum six. It must kill Cola that h can't vote." Pelletier's snort o appreciation forced out a pufl ball of smoke. "So then," Loga went on, "they thought the:' push it through with • minimum of discussion and a decisive voi of four to two." "Then when I got net up Pelletier interposed, "and yo stood by me, and Rappaport an Warnet unexpectedly chimed ith us, they realized they'd got leir powder damp. This businesi ' calling a special meeting fox hursday gives time to reload." •Exactly. They know the men r* tick of meetings and only a andful will show up Thursday, "heir own handful. They'll prime le pump, you can be sure of lat. J tell you, Walt, I don't link it looks good for Surinov. fe held thing* up tonight. But at he end there, Cota got kind of asty. He implied that you want- d to keep Surinov so "you could tick your name on the prize- winning research papers he turns out. Did you get that!" <Y EAH . said I he ard 'hat," Pelletier in his heavy-lidded, ardonic way. "I don't care what e implies. My department's going ull blast. I know what we're Taking for the hospital per »n- um. Gua I'm no stranger around here. The men know I don't go kulktng around with ulterior mo- Ives and a basket out for glory. ?hey know me and they know ~«. Even the ones who kowtow him will admit behind their lands that he's a heel. n He drew m the cigaret, took his time let- ing the nmoke out, "Peter's a fine ad, bright as a dollar and a hound !or work. But he's stubborn. He never should have written his postscript on that oath. It was a fool thing to do. But, after all, he did sign the oath. That's the important thing, isn't it? I suppose iota's right— Peter did legally de- ace the document, but that doesn't render his oath invalid, does it? That doesn't prove he's a Communist, does it? "Why, I know that boy, Gus! He's r.o more a Communist than you or I. Besides working with him, I have him over to the house on the average ot once a week. My kids are cra?.y about him. Slclla is too. Why. I know everything he docs and a good deal of what he Uiinks, and while I don't go along with him on all his ideas, I consider him !he slaunchest kind ot patriot. He makes his own moral and intellectual decisions and he's willing to stick hlf neck out for them. 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