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32 3C0aiOanb2fcributu July 23, 1967 Stewardess Tf2 Anything Put on Newsprint Going Microti kelv on U.C for: Your; Sake To Work Dawna Stearman, 23, is taking a three-month leave of ab-' sence from her job as stewardess with World Airways to visit the remote country of' Nepal high in the Himalayan mountains. She'll be "Working with the Thomas A. Dooley Foundation, which brings medical and educational aid to the people of Asia and India. Dawna, who lives at 3438 E. 18th St said she first became interested in the foundation's program after reading some of the late Dr; Tom Dooley's books.

"I thought of joining the Peace Corps, because I realized that there are many people of the world that need help," she said. But the 18-mon th Peace vrps swmwi a wng uuie iu uc awdj uuiu iiuiue, so Dawna applied for the Doo ley program. "It's going to be work," she acknowledges, "but I know I'll come back a much better person for the experience." The Doole Foundation keeps four stewardesses in Nepal at a time, rotating them on a three-month basis. Others are stationed in Laos. Dawna will be a chi English.

W' children in a Katmandu orphanage, and area residents who are interested in learning the language. Stewardesses with a nursing background work in the Dooley clinics. Dawna was honore dby Mayor John Reading in a spe- IS Lll BERKELEY In 1884 a man wrote the Pall Mall Gazette of London to advise that bathing female canaries distracts- them from grieving to death over the loss oMheir mates. After a dip in water, he explained, the female canary turns from mourning to preening and is too busy to pine away. This Pall Mall reader could hardly know he was1 corresponding for microfilmed pos-.

terity, or that anyone 83 years later would care, but he was and someone did. In one of the stranger requests directed to the University of California Library's newspaper and microcopy room, the University of Colo-rado reference department placed two long-distance calls to Berkeley to learn the contents of that letter. The first call told Mrs. Anne H. Reed what was wanted.

On the second she read back the canary formula, found in the Pall Mall microfilm file in the archives she superintends. Who wanted to know about canaries or why? The Colorado library didn't say, but Mrs. Reed receives about five reference calls a day and is used to supplying information. Her storehouse holds a lot of it. Covering three full floors, the room contains close to 10,000 titles.

It accepts 621 newspapers from around the world, including 119 from California. Some date back to the 1600s. Those from the 1800s printed on rag paper remain well pre Wins Awarrl From Army. Castro Valley California" National Guard battery was judged today as the outstand- ing Nike-Hercules missile unit' in the continental United States. Battery 1st Missile Battalion, 250th Artillery, commanded by Capt.

James R. Vanderveen, of 2040 Montclair Circle, Walnut Creek bested every Nike-Hercules battery in the Army Air Defense Command, including active Army units with the same mission. Judging was based upon the unit's combat proficiency in a series of maintenance and tactical operations. The announcement was made by- Lt. Gen.

Robert Hackett, commanding general of the Defense Command, at, his headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo. Gen. Hackett and Maj. Gen. Glenn C.

Ames, State Adjutant General, will take part in an award ceremony Aug. 8 in Castro Valley at the missile site, located in the hills above Chabot Road. National Guard and Army batteries man their weapons 24-hours every day forming an air defense perimeter around major inland cities and along both of the country's coasts. Monsoon Patrol NEW DELHI (AP)-Police have formed a 100-man patrol to combat an increase in crime at the outset of the hot, rainy monsoon season. 1 body in his In great tis-' comfort, and the foxtail is of the most common agents The eye that re- ceives the insult will tear excessively become inflammed, swollen, and will be held shut.

The danger from self mutilation of the burning, painful, eye by rubbing or scratching must not be overlooked. Suspected eye disorders should receive prompt medical attention. Foxtails often manage to gain entry into the nasal passage of the dog. The dog will show signs of often nrnlnntrori snpf7inP SPiTlireS accompanied by sudden hemorrhage from the nasal cavity and excessive pawing at the nose. The sneezing will be continuous initially and then rather sporadic.

If the foxtail is not removed a short time after it gains entry, it will usually migrate to a deeper location. Under these circumstances it is usually necessary to administer a general anesthetic of short duration to locate and successfully remove the awn. Questions about animal health or pet care may be sent to "For Your Pet's Sake," c-o The Tribune, P.O. Box 509, Oakland, California 94604. Questions will be answered when accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

served. Of the bound volumes of a French newspaperJor the years 1791 to 1868, for in-stance, Mrs. Reed says the paper "is in excellent condition not a tear." No one sends durable rag, paper copies anymore, but the library buys many microfilm newspaper subscriptions durability of a different sort. On top of this commercial supply, the library itself has filmed more' than five million pages. Asked how long it would take to get the microfilm record of The Tribune for March, 1908, Mrs.

Reed replies, "Just as long as it would take a boy to go upstairs and bring it down about one minute." Originals can' tatter or go out of print, and most California -papers come in filmed. Historic newspaper editions are saved from extinction by filming at U.C. Paris Woos Arabs PARIS (AP) Moving deeper into the Arab orbit, the French government has decided to raise its diplomatic representation in oil-rich Kuwait to embassy level, author ized sources reported. NAPA 5 I A MODERN RESORT WITH OLD WORLD CHARM FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY LAKE COUNTY Berkeley's newspaper sources include the "fantastic holdings" of the Bancroft Collection, and grow larger daily. Under international arrange- mentl45 titles alone are received from India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Israel and the Unit- ed Arab Republic, OPERATING RANCH BOYS-GIRLS 7-15 65 Miles North of SF OPEN HOUSE, EVERY SUNDAY Riding, hay rides, campouts, canoeing, sailing, swimming, ri archery.

"Every fun College Counselors. Member ACA! Free Brochure. Edw. A. Keith, GA 1-7585 DI 2-5409 eves.


IN LAKES. Supervised children's activities, movies, mghliy games, IV, folk, dancing. WRITE CEO. HEIIEl, AETNA SPRINGS, POPt VAUET, 4567 OR.PHONEs (AREA 707.t6S.2115.) BLUE LAKES Cuisine. Housekeeping Motel Units.

Trailer I UPPER LAKE SPRINGS EUROPEAN PLAN ROOMS: UP PER DAY' MEALS AVAILABLE COUNTY "Among the Pines" Entertainment! 7 boy area stores ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY The NARROWS LODGE AL AND GRACE KROEPSCH, OWNERS Resort ani Vacation Spot! EUROPEAN PLAN. Excellent European Spaces. SUPERB FISHING. Largemouth Bass and Trout. TROUT SEASON NOW OPEN! Outstanding swimming beach.

Motor Boat Kentals. Boating Area entirely gnat ana mosquito free. Beautiful, Restful, Delightful Cocktail lounge. On Highway 20, 18 miles from Ukiah, 12 miles east of Highway 101. Phone 275-9987 for reservations, in Nepal DAWNA STEARMAN Off to Katmandu cial ceremony in his office, in which he wished her "God speed on this very worthwhile mission." Marksmanship Program Criticized (UP I) -Rep.

Richard McCarthy, says the civilian marksmanship program the Army runs in conjunction with the National Rifle Association is a prime candidate for the a 's latest budget-cutting campaign McCarthy said in a letter to Defense Secretary Robert S. McNamara that the program, jhich he claimed cost the taxpayers at least $3 million a year, was not achieving its primary mission of training civilians for future service in combat. WASHER AND OAKLAND Downtown wntown I i A -V' ll iM in I iyWi4si WAS 3 temperatures, oil fobrics through gentle toe and the door Bright interior ORIG. 169.95 SAN FRANCISCO LAKE COUNTY AMERICAN PLAN $10 DAY 3 MEALS 60 PER WEEK SARATOGA One, in a series on ani-'mal health and pet care presented as a public serhice by the Alameda County Veterinary Med ical Association. The common a i 1, a member of the wild barley family, is a mechanically, in-jurious grass.

They are a bushy-branched, spreading annual. Fortified with stout, barbed, awns they pose a constant threat to your pet's health during the summer months. The foxtail is one of the most widely distributed grasses in California pasture lands; thev may be easily seen in cultivated fields, meadows, orchards, along roadsides, and in waste places. The awn or "foxtail" will cling to an animal's coat, and may bore into the skin.They very frequently pentrate the mucous membranes of the mouth, the conjunctiva of the eye, and the delicate skin which lines the ear canal. The; foxtail that penetrates the skin will usually start to migrate.

The bacteria found on a normal animal's kid do not under most circumstances cause any medical problem: however, when the skin's natural resistance is lowered by the intrusion of a foxtail (which also has its own bacterial population) an infection occurs. One of the common locations that foxtails tend to gain entrance under the skin is between the toes (the interdigi-. tal areas) and between the -pads on the bottom of the foot. The skin in the area where a foxtail has entered will appear swollen, inflamed, red, and moist. There may be a thick, reddish, discharge from the tiny wound caused by the penetrating foxtail.

This area of the body will be subjected to quite a bit of licking, biting, and scratching. The general health of the pet at this poinf is not affected; however, as the foxtail migrates under the skin (often all the wayup the leg), fever and deeper secondary infections may develop. The deep dermal infections may form ulcerated, fistulous, tracts which discharge pus tinged with blood. These are very serious forms of a dermal infection, and they should not be neglected. Improper treatment with home remedies at this point can be dan gerous.

The lining of a pet's ear Is very sensitive, and this delicate area is easily infected. Foxtails that gain entry to the ear canal can lead to serious trouble Jf prompt medical attention is not obtained. The affected pet will shake its head, scratch at the ear, and show evidence of pain. An animal with a foreign Grant Helps Student iir HeartStudyi Harold McDougal, son of a Concord -couple is spending the sum- mer in siuaeni resttuui nwn -at the UCLA School of Medicine in Los Angeles under a grant from the Contra Costa County Heart Association. McDougal, who currently lives in Sacramento with his own family, is the son of Mr.

and Mrs. Charles McDougal of 5211 Olive Drive, Concord. Young McDougal, received $750 for the ten-week course at the UCLA school's respiration laboratory, is one of 45 college students throughout the state chosen for the program by local heart associations. He attended Diablo Valley College, served with the U.S. Air Force where he decided to specialize in aviation and aerospace medicine, and received his B.A.

degree from Sacramento State College last month. Fliers Recovering From Bailout MOUNTAIN HOME, Idaho (AP) An Air. Force pilot and navigator were recovering Saturday from minor inju- A ries suffered when they ejected fro ma reconnaissance plane that crashed in southern Idaho Friday. The RF4-C aircraft went down near Anderson Rancfr Dam, some 20 miles northeast of Mountain Home, Capt. Dennis O'Hara, Newport, the pilot, and Capt.

John Sinclair, San Diego, the navigator, ejected safely. They are stationed Mountain Home Air Force Base. Housekeeping cottages (6 people), $55 per week, Also $40.00 per week, Rooms $6 and $7 per day. Trailer and camping sites. Children welcome! Cocktail Lounge.

Free Deer Hunting. Dining Room open- to the public 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Write: The Callans, Saratoga Springs, via Upper Lake, 95485, or Phone 275-2244, Area Code 707. LAKE SUN wore 110 BERG'S nv Dawn to Dusk Family Enter) Dawn to Dusk Family TO THE JUST FOUR GROUP hotel units European, or American Plan Special Children's Rate mmm Swimming Tennis Water Sports Hiking Golf Baseball Horseback Riding E3q LAKE COUNTY Werld'i lorgtit combination Nat- I'ral Mineral Balhi 1 Drinking Wstart.

RthM lor Arthritu i Rhtum-oliim. Mamura Mantun. Swimming Peel Swndecki American flen.3meali. Write Howard Hot Springs, Middle- town, Calif. Phone Area Code 707 928-5256 or S.F.

Plaza 5-3131 i i DANCE New luxury 1 I NEW LOW renc BOYES HOT SPRINGS IF YOU REALLY "TH Sonoma JVLuLQyi Unn Permanent ir Vacation Guests Bit tnt, olT, fames, activities Whelesami foii IK, CALISTOGA THE PETRIFIED FOREST A sanctuary of Redwoodi attracting tour-' iiti from ramote parts of tho world tint 1 870. A Paradiio for Geologists and reck! hounds. Picnic Grounds, Gift and Coffee. Shop. Located 5 miles from Calistoga, 12 miies from Santa Rota on Calistoga Special Rates for Oreeps.

Rheee! Calistoga WH 1-4540. 128, BOYES HOT SPRINGS, CALIF. COUNTY uounie occupancy with bath, breakfast aiid dinner) FREf; Color Brochure or Reservation! BLAIRSDEN, CALIF. 96101 Phone (916) 116-2501 I This Vacationland Guide oppears in THE TRIBUNE Sunday, Tuesday, Friday Uads if NATURE. P.O.

BOX PLUMAS MATCHING DRYER DRYER ORIGINALLY 134.95 40.90! 16-LB. WASHER ORIGINALLY 199.95 1 TO This Summer Come See Enoy Feather River Inn 4 96103 On hour's drive from Reno or INVIGORATING MOUNTAIN AIR E00 acres of wonderful mountain playground 9 hole golf course directly it front main lodge 11 hole putting green Giant heated swimming pool Tennis Horseback riding Hayrides, Steak Fries, Stream and Laki 'islling Nightly dancing Daily supervised children's program. Social hostess Golf pn Golf shop-GOURMET CUISINt- SAVE BERKELEY Downtown 4 speed olmost any for heavy, Our 1 clean. Get In flexibility give you the correct wash end spin speed for fabric I 3 wash and 2 rinse temperaturei with settings normal or light soil add up to olmost Infinite flexibility. continuow-oction Pen-Jet filter gets a full 16-lb, load really on the big savings while our limited quantity lasts hot, worm and fluff-dry give you safe drying for Including permanent press.

Automatic dewrinlcling cool-down makes ironing easier too. A tap of your opens wide to eliminate excess bundle handling. drum light. Save now I GAS DRYER 47 WASHER AND DRYER PRICES INCLUDE DELIVERY WITHIN LOCAL DELIVERY AREA jlgll Si C50 perjgn, (includes room CALL OR WRITE: FEATHER RIVER INN 210 POST ST. ROOM 109 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF.

410t Phone (413) 421-4196 SAN JOSE SAN JOSE 1 ll HAYWARD Southland MAYFI ELD MALL Mt.View-PoloAlto vownrown btjhiw 1 nt" "1f" :4 i..

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