The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 11, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 3
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MMUY, rnxoAxr 11. MM (ARK.) COURIER KBITS Has It Sapped Moral Strength of America? I'i MOTE! Th«ra bu •MB a trarfnt; defeat* «v«r ehotch-aUU KUtionahlp* la the in**! 8Ut«. AaweUt«d fn~ wriiar Oa«t«* Cornell atudied tha potato of tension and telli In m Hue-part aerlw the atory of an old ttraftk that again is new. The wriM »Urt today.) ™ Br GEOKGE COaWELl NEW YORK UPi - The United Watte, which pioneered the idea of separation o( crurch and state, today Ic grappling with It anew, A wave of controversy has risen about the concept. Two opposing question* hsve been • underscored: Is an effort being made to modify the historical division between church and state? Has the divorce between the two institutions been carried to an extreme, sapping the nation of moral strength? Numerous recent events have rekindled the problem. Among them: 1. President Truman's move to send an ambassador to the Vatican. 2. The question of using public funds for parochial pupils—a matter tijjected to be raised anew In this Congress in connection with proposed federal aid to education. 3. A series of coujt cases, several of them carried to the United States Supreme Court, involving the state and religion. 4. The spread of "releue time" jferellgioui Instruction and kindred - relijloua activity In ecaineetion with the public nchools. 5. Rallies, lecture tours and a flood of literature on the subject throughout the country, usually under sponsorship of church bodies. 6. Formation of "religious liberty" committees and such groups a* "Protestants and Other Americana United for-the Separation of Church and State," aimed at curbing what they consider "a drift toward church-state union." Neither federal nor state government haa ever been entirely de- TOld of religious content. The ques- Mon now being posed is: how much k wise, or fair, 'or in the interest tc the general welfare? "It Is a vital matter for the United States in the present time," said Dr. Sidney Hook; New York University philosopher and winner of a •attooal Four Freedoms award. "If further attempts are made to twwn church and sUt«. "But w* can't let the fear of one danger drive us headlong Into another—which Is Btate control of religion." Philosopher Olvtf View Father John Courtney Murray, Yale professor and a leading Catholic philosopher, said: "While the secularization of our culture goes on, the church is pushed more and more off to one side," he said. "In the end, it can mean pushing religion completely out of public life, and lead to some kind Of atheistic quasi-totilltarlanism." Although It is "all Important that the distinct Jurisdiction" of church respected," he said, and state "be "there are areas of common Interest" to both. Dr. Mordecai Kaplan, author, philosopher and Jewish leader, said there Is "a general trend toward breaking down the separation between organized religion and the state." This separation, he said, has proved historically to be "America's main contribution to democratic civilization" and the main spring of religious liberty. The chief theoretical conflict appears to lie in Just what "separation" means. Where Is the dividing line? At what point do bonds between the two Institutions infringe on religious freedom of the individual citizens? War Games Hit By Death Toll Seven Lives Lost In 'Battle Mishap.' CAMP DRUM, N. Y. W) - - The big-scale winter war game of the Army and Air Force entered its third day today with a death toll of seven providing grim overtones : realism. A paratrooper plane crash, a railroad crossing smajh-up and accidents In parachute jumps yesterday claimed seven lives. Nineteen other "fighting men" were injured phase of "Exer- and itata. It -will divide our people as a time when we should be uni- JSed ki facing the most urgent Issue ||£ totohrtmrian communism." Vh* p*obt«m has stirred discord wrong religious and other groups, not slmys on clear-cut !n the "warfare else Snowfall. 1 The toll since the first practice last of the exercise started a 117 Injured. C ** ° n<1 Four of those who died yesterday were crewmen of a C-46'trang- port loaded with paratroopers TMptona Major r*H0k)U6 leaders have de- trtowd. acrimony tn the debate. Here arc comments by some leaders, indicating the differences: npiseope^ Bishop Henry Knox ChartM, president of the National Oowcil of Churches of Christ in the. U. 8. A., said many Protestants tee "evidenoe ot a movement, to break down our traditional practice." H« added: "Some people frankly 1 don't be- Here In it. ... One of th« great difficulties of our generation is to avoid secularization ot American life, without involving relations be- by Felix Carney CAVALCADE OF AMERICA is coming to television. That's good news for you folks who've been listening to this fine historical program on the radio for many years. The new series, to be sponsored by DuPont, is slated for filming in the very near future. It's a program to appeal to adults and youngsters alike. Each week a dramatic "real- life" story will. be woven around a character of historical significance . . to be portrayed by a well known movie or stage star. With DuPont's affluent backing, we can count on a top production ... the best writing and the finest sets. Keep your eye out for it. Iji' And remember, there's always good dramatic fare on your TV set. There'll be more and better this yeamvith such programs as Pulitzer Prize Playhouse and Firestone Theatre going full tilt. Be sure that you and your family get in on all the good things. If you don't have a set ... or want a good trade in deal, we'll work it out with you. In fact, we'll work any of your television problems out for you. Just call us or tome in. Get the- most enjoyment out of television—choose General Electric "Black-Dp.ylight" Television at BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO., 109 East Main, phone 3616. others were Injured seriously enough to require hospitalizatjon. The warmth of a fabric depends generally on Its thickness HERE'S HOW-Little Roger Hearn of Houston, Tex., who only recently learned It himself, demonstrates hit technique with tha bottle to four of a family of jeven puppf«. A vtttrln*rian prescribed the bottle for the pooches when their ov«rwork»d mom was unable to feed them »1L Pennsylvania Barber Still GetslOCents BEDFORD, PS. (/PI— There's a harbor In the nearby WeaMrn Pennsylvania community of Woodbury who doesn't know the mean- Ing of Inflation. Daniel N. Byers, 33, a barber for 69 years, still gets the same pay as he did when he started-10 cents per hair cut. "Just never saw any reason to charge more," he explaJna. PAGE THRBH Officials Draft Gloomy Report On Peace Plans for Germany BONN, Germany IPi~ Th« three Weitem htfh commissioner* today drafted a report, "gloomy «nd full of disappointments," that they are t«ttinj nowhere fast in negotiating » "peace contract" with West Germany. The report Is belni readied for 'he Brltlth, Americ«n and French foreign mtnliters when thfv meet In London next Saturday. A new blockbuster of German de. mandi. Mi down by ihe West Oerman parliament last Friday confronted the high commissioners In their pence talks with Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The dickering has "been joins on ilnce last Sep. timber without much headway. More Relf-Gortrnmenl The peace contract Is supposed to give Germany more self-government In exchange for German 'Primaries Not Eyewash'-Kefauver NASHUA, N. H. (AP) — Sen. Kefauver of Tennessee, who seeks the Democratic nomination for President, made an attack on President Truman yesterday by saying he doesn't consider primaries "eyewash." That remark was the only political reference Kefauver made In a speech before 5GO men and K'omen in the junior high school auditorium. He and the President are entered in the New Hampshire March 11 presidential primary, Pope .Requests Crusade to Save World VATICAN CITY, (AP) _ Pope Pius XII has called for a spiritual crusade to turn the world from "paths which sweep on to ruin" and from a general condition which "may explode at any moment." Broadcasting over the Italian radio network, the pontiff said yesterday each man must re-examine ally a.s,his own contribution to the saving power.o£.God.'V._i .- ... As Bishop of Rome he addressed the Roman Catholics of that city, but his appeal for a return to "Jesus Christ, the Church and the = -------- j „., Iw tiuv-MLe^a anu, »ua ^nrist, tne tjnurcn and the more particularly, its thlckiieiis un- Christian w»y oi life" was clearly der a iv der a given pressure. meant for all. the first In th» country. Truman first indicated he would withdraw his narnt from the New Hampshire primiry, s»y- tng primaries were eyewash. Later, however. th« Prwident switched stands »nd permitted hit name to appear on the ballot. Spain Has Last Word on Truman Mention of Franco WASHINGTON <AP>— One In- ternatioinl Incident — President Truman's remirlc about Franco, which brought • quick iot« from the Spanish ambassador — ippar- ently wa* closed today, with Spain Betting in the last word. Mr. Trumin told hl» news conference Thursday thnt he h«d never been very fond of the Princo regime. Saturday, the Slat* Department said It got a memo from Spanish Ambassador Jos« Pelex de Lequerica. Officials said the not* wu less than a formal diplomatic proleit and did not call for a reply. Its contents were kept secret. RHEUMNIC/MfirliP Coirtjfni 2 l*tr9tfl+*H Often Prtstritod by Docton H'« 6 tltf, with fwt M(l*r'*W Mifen tJwt •p**4i comfort 1» thouMnd*. H'I "f*dliMl." too—alio conUlnt "Biic*. Bnik» BMI" h«H9. Get O-2I23 fw bin*** h«lp \*lij. fr\»» *) flru boute I»M* K iwi fer.'l **'» C-U2S. Get OLA^BERON-12! BOLSTER YOUR HEALTH WITH SCIENCE'S '/ , 't V VimWf foww^ffff m/ CRYSTAUINI »W VITAMIN B 11 ' - ~^<*>~~•>*•**&*&&ttMf.**C^s. «t.. *-*Jb-^**<, ftffP? MG*r Cry»ta»im» Vitamin BI2 right HOWI ^| G«f Powerful TKIfLl-mlcrogrom Sfrwtgffit ^ Get fh« New Super-Potent Vitamin formufo— OLA-BERON-12 START TODAY! Ye*. <er OLA BERON i» to „,„,„„. s« ,*.« 1affm „ vit. 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OLA-BEROrf.12 give, y™ ,!,„* Hood- tnrirK.-.-, s ck..ienl. that (tarn up witli the EU and Folic Acid in 01a.B:ron.l!. form. ing a pcu-erful S.w.jy treatment to fight the luinj clTtctiof nutritiontl tnemi* Gc} it All — KIRBY DRUG STORES ieOU-BEROH-12! troops for th« proposed «(x-n»tion European army. The Bonn Parliament voted by t slim margin last week to help defend th* West. But It hedged Ita pledge with demands for the Allia* to slop all direct Influence on German affair*, for «n equal voice In Western strategic council!, for release of most of the 1.000 German war crimlnnla. »nd for elimination of all Allied restrictions on German affair*. New Power Given Allied observer* Mid these new demands had irlven Adenauer ntw harBn!ning power, but tha Bl| Three's horn* iovernm«nts now must decide how much they'll concede. Some of th« polnta — tha war criminals luue, for ona — already t are under dUcuajlen. But Allttd Hturet* aaid the tallu so far had achieved little more than an agree- m*at that West Germany can fly 1U own civil aircraft alter th« occupation ends, New Blow Aimed At'Narcotics' WASHINGTON (AP) — Another and tougher blow w»s aimed today at 'the narcotics racket, .already staggered by sweeping raids which reportedly have cut teen-age addiction in half. Rep. Sabath D-I1I said he would Introduce today a bill striking at sources of supply, rather than at peddlers. GOT A COLD TAKE symptomatic RELIEF Read Courier News Classified Ads, Colon Troubles Often Serious FREE BOOK — Explains Causes and Related Ailments A new. FREE boolt contains many diagrams, charts and X-Ray pictures of rectal and colonlo conditions. Write today. Thornton ft Minor Hospital, Suit* J12, 911 B. Llnwooti, Kansas City 3, Mo. • Goodyear • Firestone • Goodrkt t Dun fop TRACTOR TIRES, TRUCK TIRES, IMPLEMENT TIRES. 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