Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 26, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1895
Page 7
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KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort an'l improvement SM/ tend/) to personal enjoyment wh'-r- lightly nsocl, The many, who live better than others and enjoy life mor<-, svitt lew expenditure, 17 mors prompt!; 1 adapting tl-e world's best product!- v. the need* of physical being, will attest .toe value to health of the pure_ hrjiny laxative principles embraced if th; remedy, Syrup ot Figs. Its excellence is due to its prewntiiia in the form moat acceptable and plea* jmt to the taste, the refreshing and truh- beneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever:- »nd permanently curing constipation ft has given satisfaction to millions aw) met with «the approval of the medic;:, profession, because it acts on the Ki>> aeyM, Liver and Bowels without wi-nx- Bfflinjr them and it ia perfectly free frou. «vcry objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for wile by all drug .rists in 50c and $1 bottles, but it is rciin- ufactured by the California Fig Syr;;;. 4Jo. only, whose name is printed on e VIM > package, also the name, Sy/up of FIJ.-I and being well inforaied, you will 0"' accept any substitute U offer* 1 HIGHEST QCAirTY OF AIL. Columbia Bicycles THE STANDARD FOR ALL POPE MFO- CO. r Hertford, Conn. •HANCHKS, •OBTOrl KBW YORK OMIC400 ' BAN rAANOIBCO PHOVIOKNC* WAVE you feasted your |i eyes upon the beauty ( and grace of the 1S9S Columbias ? Have you tested and compared i them with all others?' Only by such testing can , you know how fully the ( Columbia justifies its proud title of the Stand- ' ard for the World. And . the price is but *100 An ATI! * T Catnlofao oftJ^fsffamous zvfitels and of Jlartfords, $Jb t6o,/rec at any Colitin- tia Agency, or mailed I ' fur twos-cent stamps. I. IV, r for COLUMBIA "'"I IMKTFOIH) lllryrlo MMIA.VSI'OHT, IXIHAN.V IJnurluuH CntliHrtlcH. Are you aware thai the uae of purging tens are Injurious—they dilute tb> Btomach fluids, Impair digestion, do not move tbo secretions or bile—pb.v atolana never use them. The best ea thartlo la a pood pill—but you mor< get reliable ones Hloebart's aro the beat—only one for a dose, plensuct in itlon. Sold by B. F. Ks*ei).c£ find ijeiono drug store. Children Cry for Pitcher's C- If you feel dull and have DO nppc-~ title tstke Riaehnrv'H Liver .Pills, One B d03e. Sold by B. F. KcesliDp noc KeyjHouedrue -Uoro. Children Cry fo? P: -cher's Castorla. Palo lips, tludQud eignal for norms in children — '.bat tbfr mother may ste tho danger and provide the remedy. Tno only known atd thorough cure !a Rinebari'p \Vorni Loiecfres — they lemuvo all klr.ds ol worms and the worm ue«t. Ploasnm to tfiki , need no ctiihartlo ftnd are a safe and certain cure. Sold by B. F. Keeslicgnnd Key,->tf,oe druptiore. Tbeo Bnbr WM sick. w« e*iw ber Cutmfk. Item in*-rain Child, sftecniM tor Costorta, /hen «DP Ofcanm !llE!s..st» ciunp «> Castona .fbm UM oiui Collared, >ae g»veuiain camXH- If your child ia weak and sickly, give Rinehart's Worm Loz^npfs'. old by B. F. Keoaliog and Keystone Irug Blore. Children Cry foF Pitcher's Ca*toria. One of New York City's Moat Stately Mansions. »I1» Aro iiJo imd Kooiuy, vlili an Air of Luxnrioun Coiorort In All the THE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE OF A WELL-KNOWN CHELSEA MAN. The spacious New York residence of Georfre .1. Gould, in the Moorish draw- injr-room of which his .sister Anna was madii Countess do Castcllanc, is located at the corner of Fifth avenue and Sixty-seventh street. It is a beautif n~ home; the walls are hi;r!i, the hulls and staircases wide and roomy, with a.n air of luxurious comfort ia all the sur roandinffs. Upon ascending- the broad brown stone st<_ i ps, with their couched and vigilant lions keeping guard, and passing the vestibule, the visitor finds himself in a splendid hall, from which lie is conducted into a stately waiting- room on the left furnished in the styles of Louis XVI., with chairs and tables of narrow and slender form and elegant workmanship. In the rear of this reception room is an alcove furnished with the richness that would delight a connoisseur. Across the hall is a magnificent apartment, known as the Moorish drawing- room. All the wainscoting here ant woodwork is made of solid ebony, elaborately carved by hand and inlaid with mother of pearl, the floor alone being of inlaid sandalwood, with oil finish. In the center of the room is a carved ebony tctc-a-tete of large size, like- wise'inlaid with pearl and wrought by hand, the cushions and upholstery being of a richly-brocaded oriental stufl'.' fit to grace the palace of one of the old moguls of Delhi. A valuable cabinet of curios, rare pictures, u wonderful inlaid table, a colossal Japanese urn of beaten brass, with the richest carvings, and count less objects of vertu complete the fur nishing of this room. The velvety skin of a Bengal tiger is spread on the floor at the entrance, and his fiery eyes and open jaws guard it from intrusion. The Moorish drawing-room opens by a pair of folding doors into the music- room, an apartment fully as spacious and, if possible, even more magnificent, or, at least, more dazzling. The room is furnished in the style of Louis XVI., and the furniture apoears to be one of GOULD'S xi-;\v voi'.K HOUSE. lolld oast gold. In the middle of the room, on tho polislu'il Jloor, lies a rug that was still fresh from the Persian looms when Coin in bus iirst saw the ihores of the western world, and that fvas old when Hontlrih Hudson made Us adventurous voyage np tho river that bears tils as::;'. 1 . between four lnd fl vo hundred ycrivs old, its colors So not seem to have iV.iled by a single lhado, nor its fabric to have become worn- Its cost was £10,000. At each corner of this magnii'u.-eut rug stands a Choir, or it might be (.'ailed a throne of fold, whpsb upholsteries arc of the daintiest and richest brocades. Pictures 'pf tho masters hang upon the walls, and in one corner, diagonally, stands tho grand piano, a glittering mass of gold, with the initials G. .1. 0. wrought upon tho front. A vast oblong table in- la'iil with pearl is covered with easels that contain photographs of acquaintances and friends of the family, conspicuously among them being the photograph of the prfcieo of Wales with his autcgruph, which his royal highness gave to Mrs. Gould during her recent visit to England last summer. Then the dining-room is reached, the sunniest and plca.santest room on tho lower floor, with windows opening on the street toward the south and a conservatory filled with all sorts of rare and exquisite exotics immediately in the roar, through tho open door of which comes a rich perfume of roses and of spring. It is possible to pass from any ol these three rooms into the main hall, which is almost as lame, and as far as Consumers of clie^.tokcco wlm arewilliijjto paij a lillleroore M llie price cbged for tie ordinanj trade tokccos. willjindtkis brand superior to all others BEWARE -1 IMITATIONS. Stricken wltji an Ineonbl* DlMue «"! yet Cored. (From Ike Argus and patriot, Montpelirr, TT.) Eight years ago Geo. Hatchiiison moved from Bradford to Chelsea, Vt., and bousht the sawmill at the latter place. He va.<= ! known as one of the strongest men in- that ! section. On Dec. 20, '92 while at work in ' the mill, he was struct in the hack by a flving board, which seriously injured him and incapacitated him for work o!" any kind. As a result of this, Locomotor At&xia. let in, (this is a form of paralysis which deprives the patient of all use of his lower limbs.) The Aryus & Patriot interviewed Mr. Hutchinson to-day, and his story ii here given in his own worda. "My back ached continually and my legs b«"an to grow numb and to be less »nd less usable. By the 15th of April I could do absolutely nothing and was scarcely able to stand. My phvsicians advised roe to go to the Mary Fletcher Hospital at Burlington, to be treated, and I took their advice. When I left home my friends bade me good-bye, never expecting to see me alive again. The physicians at the hospital told me that my cust; was a serious one and I was completely discouraged. I remained tt the hospital seven weeks and took the medicines which the doctors gave me. I felt better at the hospital and thought that I was recover- in" anil went home to continue their treatment, which I did for two months, and also had an electric battery under their advice. The improvement, however, did not continue and I 'began to give up hope. August 1st, 1893 r could not pet out of my chair without assistance, and it" I got down upon the floor, I could not get up alone. About this time I chanced to read an account of the wonderful curativ. powers of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People in cases similar to my own. I did not have any faith in the Pills but thought a trial could do no harm, so I bou"ht some without telling anyone what I was" going to do. After I had been taking them some time I found that, forthe first time in months I wns able to walk down to the post office, and my ncichbors began to discuss the marked improvement in my health. As I continued the medicine I continued to improve, and aoon recommenced work in the mill, at first very lightly, and increasing as I was able and as I gained in health and spiritu, and now for the past three mouths I have been working ten hours per day almost as steadily as I ever did. I fed well, eat well and sleep well as I ever did and I have no paia anywhere." The reporter talked with several other gentlemen in regard to the case of Mr. Hutchinson who stated that any utatemcnt he might make would be entitled to entire credence. Or. Williams' Pink Pills contain all the elements Tiecessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. Thev are for sale by all drus?i.sts, or may be had by mail Irom I>r. Williams Medicine Company, Schenectady, ft. X., lor 60c. per bos, or six boxes for ¥2,50. i 'ls/.iies reached the great ag-e o: severity- ; ' sevt-n. and had both rcfrainsd fi-ora ; tying- tho nuplial knot.. D-.mng- tha ; i whole of this time tliey wore never : known to live apart.—X. Y. Advertiser. [ i HAWTHORNE'S FIRST NOVEL. the dome is covered v/irn a n^tn-eu vci- vet The dome is a n::;in feature of the house; it runs from tho ground floor and gives iiir and light to the whole interior. A broad i.li,";lit of stairs rises *ro::i platforin to pliil'/orm from the basement to f.hn .top /Icor, while from the center dome h;ui.?.- a juagniQcent chandelier of b:>;>.i.en metal, in the form of a f; l i;;':iritie i"';-.c!a:it. wiLh three globes set at intervals :md formed of variously eolored g-lass-js set as brilliants. SYMPATHY BETWEEN TWINS. Carious JnHtnnccs That Arc Ucmurltab!* in Their Wiiy. Many instances of this nature have been quoted from time to time, and certainly the latest is very remarkable. A minister has twin daughters, twelve years of age, and the other day. when they were at dinner, one of them junjpcd upand said a dog had bitten her leg just above the ank'.e. As there was not a do;j in the room or in tho house, the statement caused a little amusement. An hour later her twin sister went out, and. strange to say, a neighbor's dog bit her in exactly tho same place where her sister had complained of being bitten r.t dinner. Afterward both girls suffered pain, and the one not bitten would eveu cry out in her sleep, and say that she had been bitten by a dog. In fact, they both suffered alike, :ind when the real victim's pain decreased the other was equally fortunate. A very similar case is reported from Basle, only that the victims were boys. LI ere, if one fell sick, the doctor's services were required for the other as well: but perhaps there would be a reduced rate of charges adopted to suit such a unique ease. Farther, we are told that if one began to hlivu a pain in the head the other would presently feel the like; while, if one was asleep or sad, the other could not hold up his head or be merry. This was a "double" with a vengeance; but as the sympathy, held good in many other things, it is to be hoped that there was more joy than sorrow. In appearance, too, they grew up so much alike that it was very difficult indeed for their intimate acquaintances to distinguish between them. A remarkable case of this nature is mentioned by Zuingerus. Tho twin sons of Tetrus Apostolius, a senator of Mechlin, were so much alike that even their mother often mistook one for tho other, so people outside the family would be very mueh confused. Such a state of affairs might be very convenient when a little chastisement was about to be administered, and it might even be tolerated in love-making, particularly if a breach o£ promise cas'3 were in view. Pulgossius tells of an. instance which would bo more to the taste of twins than the foregoing, provided they could only have thsir choice where this excessive sympathy has to form such a part of their existence. The twins referred to by this authority were French and were named Gerardus aad Medardus respectively, and consequently started life with a similarity even in their names. They are not mentioned as being particularly alike ia appearance, but rather in their career, for, strange to say, they were both preferred to bishoprics on the same day, one to the see of Xaviodunuro,,and .the other to that of Rhotomage. This affinity remained to the last, for they both died on the same day. Two twin sisters also died within a i The I.OBS uf lib Survi-yor'.Uli) Stirred Uim ?0 Wrltp II. ' Uavrtliorue was hnpnier Jn these. years of 'rian'iood than he had been in his youth. It . might almost be >aid that his marriage was the making of him; for that ha:l brought him back into the world before it was too late— before the doors of solitude were closed behind him forever. Vet these early years of wedded life \vcra a time of struggle, for he had lost money and had little to live 02. Knowing his need of an assured income to bring up his young family, some of his friends in 1S4G secured" his appointment as surveyor of the portoi Salem, the town where he had been born about forty years before. He remained in the custom house for three years, with increasing dislike for the work, and then he was removed. When he went home qne day, earlier than usual, and told his wife that he had lost his place, she exclaimed: "0, then you can write your book!" And when he asked what they were to live on while he was writing this book, she showed him the money she had been saving up, week by week, out of their household expenses., That very afternoon he sat down and began to write the more serious work of fiction lie had longed for leisure to attempt. It was really the first book he had written since the forgotten and unknown romance; the other yolumes he had published were but collections of tales, while this was to be a story long enough to stand by itself. A broader experience is needed to compose a full- grown novel than to sketch a short story, and the great novelists havo often essayed their first elaborate fictions when no longer young. Scott was more than forty when he published the first of the Wuvcrly novels; Thackeray was not far from forty whoa "Vanity Fair' 1 was finished; Gcorpro Eliot was almost forty when "Adam Bcde" iippeurcd, and Hawthorne was forty-six when he sent forth "Tha Scarlet Letter" in 1S30.—Prof. Brander Matthews, in St. Nicholas. PINK Jin;:., Ala., March 25.—During a storm near here Mrs. .lephtha Williams and her sou were killed by lightning and Mr. \Villiainswas totally blinded. TJJE MARKETS. Gruln, L'rovlslons, Etc. CniCAOO, March i r i. FLOUB—Quiec and unchanged. Quotations as follows: Winter — Patents. &:.;"><)3-.'.Oj; straights. $2.35 t2.nO; clears. 82. la'of!. !W; .seconds. ijl.OOS2.00: low KTMlos, fl.COil.ij>. Sprins — Patents, }3.00j,3M: straights, S'iIOtf-.T5; buliers 1 , SI.E55fri.25; low urailcs. fI.T3&1.S!),- Red Dos, 31.03 ,U.T5: Kyc. SJ.30iJfi.50. WHEAT—Firm uiul 1 higher. Cash, M©S5o; May, 55;i®"»Sic: July, SiiJi iS7Jic. CORN—Puirly active anil iirin. No. 2ami No. 2 Yellow,45«c; No. 3,4-IMi-M'.;c,:incl Xo. 3 Yellow. •I4^i3;44?ic: May. WKiSMXc; .July, -id'-i'.'i 40-Jic; September, 40 Aif^4!i?ic. OATS—Firmer, with fair iradins. N-J. -', KSyc; May,29K®20Jio; July, 28;jis>2ac. Samples llr'mer. No. 3, 203J20i.Sc: No. 3 White. 3iy?'!t 32c: No. 2, L'oaeoi/.c; No. 2 Wane. S2.3:(aWc. HYJI—Market rather slow. No. 2 In sioro, SS^c; sample lots, 5-i3">4/ji:: outside choice; No, 3, about 49.i£!ilc: M.iy delivery, ss^u. BAlit.EV—Slow and easy; demand lijjlit. No, -1, 50.ii.Me; No. 3, 5-J@04e tor I'.di-to choice, :inj MESS I'oilK—Tradin; wa-j quite active :tnj prices higher. Quotations rar.ire l !itSI2.2">J I 1 '-")(J for cash regular; ^J2..'i;^;)0 00 Tor .M;:i-cii; ^2.303145714 for Hay, and flJ.50tJl2.70 for July. LArtD—RatherQulenmd higher. Quotation rnr-sod at -57.00 j>7.10 for cash; S7.03y7.lJ for March; S7.0J j,7.17i4 foi 1 May. and S7.27>4O7.32Ji lor seller July. Livj! POULTRY—Per pound: Turkeys. 93llc; Chickens. S>t,S>a; Ducks, 9Sl!c; Geese, per dozen. j3.00®».oa iSUTTBK—Croamcry, lO^'.Oe; dairy, C3l7o; Pac..iii£ Stock, 5iiljc. LIQUORS—Whisky quoted steady at $1.28 per NE^S' Y"R!v, March Jo. FLODB — State and western qu'-*'. Il]lm - \VJIKAT — No. 3 red steady. May. CD D-13-J Clc; June. GD«®Gl>ic; July. G3!i ,01Mc; Au- pu-;t. OlfeCl^.c; September, Cl?;©0].'je: Uo- ceraber. 03?i(i}l>-l 1-l^c. Coi:s— No. J dull, llrmer. J[ay, Ol&GIMo; - - -,. OAT.-5-Xo. ^ dull, steady: May. 23'/,o; state, 37SHO!.io; western. Sl^-l'J'/ic. BEEP— Firm; oxLr.imos 1 !, S7.5033.2 1 ): family, .-. POKK— I'irm.ciuict: mess, £1300313.')). ' r,Altu— Firmer; -st.e.-.m rt!t:i.;ored. -p.'.-i'J. KUTi-EB— Host ffi-Btlos lli'iii and fairly .icilvo; western dairy. S J I3j; do. craa:aur.r new, \l& !S^-. do. old. 12-,;-ril-le: do. iaDC.v.7<ilJu: Klslns, L'lc: linitatioa oroasnur.'. 0-.,'-l le: rolls. 7.3.10C. CMKKS^— Fancy linn :iaJ moJjrately aeilve, Sttuc law. <;ill/;e: do. fanjy cjalored. H'/jc; (io. white. 1'u; do. small, SiilJf ; part skims, 3-4 8Ke: full skims, 1 dp-c- EGKS -Lower. \Vesturn. Il?j'e. CHICAGO, Ji.-irch 25 s—iliirliot actlvo aadfei'lin;,' JU-m. Prices !0c lusher. Sales runted ;LL mft)i-l.""> for rii;;: f-1.53 ?*S-' for ligal: !jil503-'-53ior rousli p cl:iu^ r : »M.:a,cS.l)D .'o.- '.nisi-d. .".1 .-l.bDiiS.ll) for l:savy pjiL-Kins; iia^i sllippius lots. CATTi'L.^—-M-rl:et. ;icLi\ciind ;tio foolin" ^aa tirrii unil "prices tuJvaaceil 10c. i.ii:otations r;;n-:ijc! ut i^.S-'t^-''.'^ 1 f^>r (ihoicu to e.-'lr^. ;?hlp- pi;!; 1 Stecri: iii.-Xns.Ki for ;:oo;l to chnlco Jo.: J-i.7i).'5.1tifor rilir to pooil; C-:.Ou..j;-l.(W for coBiinoa to medium do.: SS-vKJiiLSU tor Butoh- L-r.' Htosrs: i-.'i'^sJ! CO fur Strikers: X".M'i4.40 lor feeders: -H.5U'j,UOi f;ir Co\v.-i: Si.Od 5.0D (or Heifers: S^.OO-.ciTo for DulN: S!.OOSi.OO ror Tcxii- 1 . S'.L'crs.' aiv.l Sioii fj.5 1 ) ror Veal Splendid Profits Are Made- By senains for our \ Pamphlet on Speculation and In. vestment*, Successful Wall Strcci Operation Await You- After Heading It. Vailed Free on anpUmtlnn. It will fl 1 you how jon GUI Specoliite «lt!i n-lniman cbanees 01 loss, ninslrcrea;6 KAl'IDLV. Our IHsrretlona-; ipec-'iatlon. jWd o r Cns- tomem large pror.ti for modest invfsmw.ts arid rece ve special al'eni-oiis. Stork. Bond.-, i-ruln, PruvMoH* »nd Ono", B uxh • am Sold lor CjSu or oa a Ma- gin c£ 3 tn 5 per can;. COMMISSION 1-16 PER CENT. Writ* for lull parf.cu axs. Highest r- fercnces. (Established 1SS9.) (Inwrpurated 169:.) Consolidated Stock And | Produce Co. CO New and 52 Broad Sc. NEW YOBK. for Enfants and Children. I OTHERS, Po You Know «-t Eatenan's Drops, Godfrey's Cordial, many so-called Soothing Syrupy end most remedies for children ore composed of opium or morphine T Do Yon Know that opium and morphine art? stupefying narcotic poisons f Po Ton Know that in most countries druggists are uot permitted to sell nirc0ti« Without labeling them poisons ? Do You Know that you should not pannfr any medicine to be given your chU unless you or you ' physician know of what it is composed! Do Yon Know that Castoria is a purely vegetable preparation, and that a list o« Its ingredients is published with every bottle t • Do Yon Know that Castoria is the prescription of the famous Dr. Saroud Pitcher. That it baa been in use for nearly thirty years, and tiat mo:e Castoria in now sold tt»». of all other remedies for children combined ? Po Yon Know that tho Patent Office Department of the United. States, and of other countries, have issued exclusive right to Dr. Pitcher and his assigns to use the word * Castoria " and its formula, and that to imitate them is a state prison offense ? Do Yon Know that one of the reasons for granting this government protection w» •because Castoria haa been proven to be abtolutaly harmless? Po You Know that 35 average do<»3 of Castoria ar» fur-jisiwd for 35 cent*, or one cent a dose T Po Ton Know that when possessed of this perfect preparation, your ehildren m«j> be kept well, and that you may havo unbroken rest f Well, th«nt> thing* are worth knowing. They are facts. The fac-»fanile dgnatnr* of Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. IN THE: WOFEL-P I ___ For keeping the System In a Healthy Condition. CURES Headache. CURES Constipation, Acts on the Liver and Kidneys. Purifies th» Blood Dispels Colds and Fevers. Beautifies the Complexion and » Pleasins and Refreshing to tho Taste. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. A nicely illustrated cielitT-piifre Lincoln Story Book (riven to every purchaser o* A of Lincoln Tea. Price 25c. Ask your dra^is!. or LINCOLN TKA Co., Fort Wayne, Ittft. For Sale by W. H. Porter. Spring Curry Comb CJoor Spring Binds. Soft as a Brush. Fl*«crvCurx*. nni. Ported Comb. Cscd bv 0 S Annr «na by Ba«n»i Circuses, «nd Leading Horacmcn. of Ult t oa> DC.IICI toi tt Snmnic mailed post paid HFMSfl CUttBI COJU. CO.. I LEARNING TO TALK. Flrft Attempt* or n CtolUl to I^xprcrts Itn It is now recognised thut a chilli's first imitative; talk, u-hich mijjhtbe described :is rnonepie or siiifflo-worJi^l— as "xvow-wow," "clow" (down)—is essentially vjiffue in so far a.-, trie word- sound used covers a number ol" our meanings. Thus "wow-wow" m:iy mean "tho dop: is there," Or "the cio£ is doing 1 something 1 ," or "I want (or, possibly, dou't want) the doff." These words are "sentence-ivords"—that, is. they are meant to convey a whole process of thought. Only the thought is as yet- only half formed or germinal in the degree of its differentiation. Thus it is fairly certain that when the child wants you to sit down and snys "clow,'' it does not clearly realize the relation which you and I understand under that word, but merely has a mental picture of you in the position of situ.'! 1 . In these first attempts to use our speech the child's mind is innocent of grammatical distinctions. These arise out of the particular uses of words in sentence structure, and of this structure the child 'has as yet no inkling-. If. then, following 1 a common practice, I speak o£ a child of twelve or fifteen months as naming an object, the reader must not suppose that I am ascribing to the baby mind a clear grasp of the function of what grammarians call nouns (substantives,) All that is implied in this way of speaking- is that the infant's first words aro used mainly as recognition signs. There is from the first, I conceive, evjh in the gesture of. pointing and saying "da!" a germ of this naming process. The progress of this-first rude naming or articulate recognition is very interesting. The names first learned are either those of individuals, what we call Tirppcr_names._a,s_ mamma. nurs'u. or tnoso wincn, nice "bath," "\vow-wow," are at first applied to ono- particular object. It is often supposed 1 . that a child uses these as true singular names, recognizing individual objects- a,s such; but this is pretty cirtainly an- error. lie has no clear idea of an individual thing as yet; and he will, B* occasion arises, quite spontaneously extend his names to other individuals, as we see in his.lump:ng together other- men with his sire under the name "papa. 7 '—Prof. James Sully, in Popular Science Monthly. The Louisville Club has signed thtrv baseman Gilbert, late of Brooklyn. JIIssDelta Stevens, or Boston, Mass., writes: I. have always suffered from hereditary Sprofuliu- I tried various remedies, undaiu.ny reliable phr- Ficiftns, but none re- lievedme. After taking Bis bottles of S.S.6. am now well. I am very grateful to you, oslfeel thtt i l saved me from a life of untold agony, aafl shall tatc pleasure IB* npealdng only words ot priuse ior your wonderful mcflicinct nud in rccommcndliii: it to — — — oil who arc niaicted yri th this pninfnl disease. Treatise on Bloo<5 andStlit- DiMjniwwfyrt to any addroee. SWJLFT SPECIFIC CO.. AUXBla, Ga- 'is fe Easiiy, Cuicldy, Fensansntiy Restored. U- f H?. SoilJUy. and all tie train \ i'r-/T\ o'' <?vik from early errors or '£'••:: '.r,wr esccMis, tie results of •"vov'jrworfc..sickness, worry, ^N tv. Fnil strength, devel- } opment and tone given to ii, Jin,, ii ,•••'! a.v., i , Faiiur; impostihle. ^.OW references. Book, i^:pli2iLioii and proofs ciiJed (sealed) free. E^iE MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, N.Y. A LADY'S TOILET Is aot complete without an ideal I Combines every element C"' i bcautj- and parity.' It is beauii- I fring, soothing, healing, health.' ful, aiv* narrnJess, and wher? ; rightly nsed is invisible. A most delicate and desirable protection ta the face in this climate. &!

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