The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1952 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 13
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, FEMtTJAItY T, OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopla BLrTHEVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS EGAD, BOYS' VWL*. <5ASTOri I* COT OP TOWN, T'W IM CHftRSe Of- CELLIfto HIS IF VOO'RB MAK- IN3 A PITCH TO Me, YOU'D 6STTER POT tM A LINE OP FREE OF MlrtE ? WOULD (: *• •ft* H*ADU««T FROM OtD 636, THS LOCO- MOTW6 K4 WUlCU -WE IMMORTAL CASEY 3Ot4e* TOOK HIS. LftST Rros.' 6ASTON LIKS TO FIRST HORSEIESS CARRIA66/ Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 22, 1952 For Coiinty Judge GENE BRADLEY For Circuit Clerk GERA1.DINE LISTOtf For Slate Senator SEN. LEE BEARDEN The remains of Neandertha man, who lived about 100.000 years n"' 1 - were first discovered in Germany. A St. James' Palace, official seat ot "The British court, stands on the ona-time site of a hospital. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 3fi in. Corrygated Metal Culverts Slits up to 84 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gate« Concrete & MeUl Septic Tanki Sewer Tile Best Prior. We Deliver Highway 61 »t State Liu Phone IM . FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS test for GERMINATION Send Samples to Woodsoh-Tenent Laboratories 811 West Ash St. Blytheville, Arkansas FAGE IHuiiarirf 4-7 :»»'. m] *y NC* fen**. Inc. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William. MMPH'^Mi^'^ ' vtxjRseLves ^= i i ,M' SLEEPIM 1 KIPS PAST STUFF AMP THRU PCORS AMD IWTO CARS IS LIKE C^TTISVA GRASSHOPPER IWTO A BOTTLt WITHOUT BCEAKIKV ALE&6R . ARM OFF/ WELL, THAT'S A i Dee WITH SCOTCH TAPE TLL. SHOW XXI WHEW SIS v IS REApy TO TAKE — 'EM HOME.' f-N m, ¥5^1 ^J^ ,N rj "The best insurance prospect I ever had—and you had to t«ll him all my investments were defensa bonds!" Natural gas has practically no smell. FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Staff" Phone 2089 Of f ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged < J. Raymond Smith IM E. Kentackjr An. Phone 2665 BUILDERS SUPPLY V? Prke Annual Wallpaper SALE Now in Progress! COUNTRY How About You? If You Want the Best Car Service, Come to T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-PI j month Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 2122 Dr. Logan's Wife Frttr kl»*r.« hrr, hot Jennr krmrlf mhp I* » dullfnl rrlfr, b«p- yllr mnrrlrd nnil thlfl win Mot pen fnrflipr. MrnnvrMIr k<r hitnKHnd. nr. Gun T.ocnn, hax hail M cenfcr- rnrft Trllh the Iny hrnd of AncfVii honpllMt whrrc i'eler l« rc»icRrrh- Ir(K In atomic mcrtfrlnr. I'cter. It •rrmtd, oMveled lo th« loj-nlty ••th nnd M(\A*TrIl Citln nmrpccta Fct^r i*r hrlnK M CommvnKt. XII flblAXWELI, COTA puckered his eyes and mouth, and relaxed them again. "So far you've taken a mighty Olympian view of this whole rticXus, Dr. Logan, and I want to know-where you stand." The smell of Cota's cigar was beginning to make Logan's head ache. Outside, the palm fronds thrashed in a late afternoon wind. The imagined freshness of that waning day made the air in the office all but unbreathable. And w, in the last analysis, it was a cigar as much as anything else ^Jhat motivated his answer. (j|uess I'd say no, Mr. Cola. Tm not with you. Not on the basis of this meager little protest which is not the first nor the !ast of its kind. I don't think it's meant to be smart aleck or Bolshevik. Su- rinov put up a pretty eloquent fight against the oath ond he': just young enough to die hard Jf you have damaging evidence against him, that's another story But so far it's not treason to have » name that ends in 'V,' or to take an unpopular stand on an issue. I'd say a friendly reprimand would be all this thing"—he tapped the form-sheet — "i worth." Not until Dr. Logan had worked his way to the door and had hi: hand on the knob did he reali?.< how much the superintenclen wanted his support. He felt thi restraining touch on his arm heard the furred promise In the man's tone. "How important is t to you, Logan, that that little redhead on the fourth floor keep icr job here?" Dr. Logan laughed down Into he corrugated face. It was not the irst time he had congratulated himself on having kept the secret of his physical condition from his colleagues. "You (latter me," he said gaily. There are only two things that are important to me, Mr. Cota. My wife nnd my life—in that order. That ought to answer your question." • • » PUS'S horn, sounding »t last, fa- evitably caught Jennet in the midst of musings »bout Peter. She jumped as if pitchforked out her chair. She squashed out h«r cigaret, slipped into her jicket picked up her purse, and hurriec out of the building into the rosy gilded twilight. "Watch out for th« car coming,' Gus called to her as she rounded the nose of the convertible. "Sorry to keep you waiting, dear. Did Cota's secretary call "you?" "Yes," Jenn«t said, settling herself beside him in the front seat She patted his thinh by way o greeting. "What were you doing with Cola all this time? I thouph you didn't like him." Gus laughed. "That's one o your more delectable non-sequl turs. I had some business with him. Listen, honey, 1 have thi meeting here tonight at 7. I think we ought to eat at the Faculty Club, don't yoj? It will be toe much of a rush if 1 have to home and come back. You call Ingrid from the club. Atte dinner, you tan drive the ca home. Ill get a Ml b»ck f.. th» meeting with Walter Pelle tier." 'AH right," Jennet said. "I or- ered steaks. Ingrid won't have o put them in. We can have them omorrow night. "What did Cota •ant?" "Oh, there was a nurse who almost gave one of my patients the rong medicine, and Cola wanted er head for it. And then it seems hat Peter Surinbv got a little heated about signing the loyalty oath, and Cota wants his head too, and wants nie to help him et it." • • • JENNET braced her hands on the seat. "Are you going to?" "No," Gus said mildly. "I don't hink it's that serious. He did sign t, but he added a posts^ilpi s;i.£- ng neither was he a member of :he KM Klux Klan. Shouldn't ]ave done it, of course, hut he's oung and hotheaded. Anyway, le's Pelletier's boy, and if Pcl- er trusts him, that's good en«ugh lor me. Cota wound up by offering me a trade. Said he'd ;o easy cm the nurse if I backed lim up on Surinov. Can you magine that little weasel sug- [esting »hat just because I dc- 'ended the nurse, I had some special interest in her?" Jennet giggled. "What did you say?" I told him I had a young and beautiful wife who took up all my spare time." "Hah, you did not. You were probably pleased as Punch that thought you were such a gay dog." After > pause. Jennet asked, 'Is the meeting tonight about Peter Surinov?" "Well, It wasn't specially called. It's the regular monthly executive meeting. But Cota said he's going to bring the matter up. Walter Pelletier will give him a fight, I know that. It's not going lo be pleasant. How I hate these hassles! If it weren't for.Walter's feeling about the boy, I'd probably duck the meeting altogether.* Jennet said, "He certainly didn't strike me as a dangerous chaiacler." "Hm. Well. These days yoti can't be too careful, I guess." (To B« Continued CAMERAS REPAIRED Ravine trouble with your camera? Then brinj; IJ lo Barney's Drue. We're equipped to fix all kinds of cameras . . . from Brownies (o Lelcaa. Prompt service. BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 West Main Phone 3647 .-'* X JOLPINGS w . m ..'J._ L p,-';i FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads THI5 CAPER HAS ADWWTA6E5 Ol'ER A DESERT ISLE 6H1PWKECK. CHRiS. A(.L THE AND A VEEV pRerrv / SO NOW IT'S A CKIMB TO \ ^CWE OTIIEE •MIWNE CHAKM'A ) Tln1E.PI6Hr NOW \ CXKSMrpEf! HAS SPECTRUM J A BU^TEP I-J/HOEE ^i THVKOID! 1/MPORTflNT. WELL,I'VE SEEN THE OLP 6L6AM IN VCWE EVE WHEN YOU LOOK AT AMAIZA. THIS BOy'-JA6E«US! ONLY EIGWEEN AND HE CAN TALK!*'-; & THAT PLANT'BY MY BEDROOM WINDOW...ARE ~rOU SURE IT'S A RUBBER PLANT, PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Cirby Drug Stores Uiee&> LOOK! THAT WOMAN'S LEAVIW& JUST AS THE . . .. _. "SIC. TO ffS/ft. I TCLC7 Y WHEI7E VVA& YOU SHE HAP THE;/ rr, AMP WHAT l$ HMW...SO HSS THE FELL*. WE NOTICED IN THW WONTERBEV EK9V! I'VE JU5T HA.O AN 1WSPIRATIOM 1 . NOW I KNOW MHO'C rovicwup US, AND WHVl Drive-ln •becuf Pa &>& 5on»«* ^i <n %«r/. J«<* FDR TRWLIMG JAMET IS THE OMIV PLAUSIBLE — THM *I*U66LER'. HE < |T'5 TRUE. VMES WAS WA.SIN THE GARAGE WHIIE WATCHING COQUIMA GET WE WEflE 1 . SOUR FRIEND HIS CAR SERVICED, E SWD SO WHEM VOU MET HUA ACROSS TUt C TS!£ET I 'l Mff< rv ' vr-^^ //•"» ^ r/^ IfV ^S ^U DOM'T VOU SEE!? CUSTOMS WEN OIONT FIUD THE DOPE OM HIM BECAUSE HE'D KiDDcM IT IM THI* CA>R,TIU IT WAS $AFELV ACROSS THE BORDER'. WOW HE WANTS TO RECOVER IT! "STOPHE rOUVE NEVER HEARD OP POWHATAN, CHIEF OF THE ALGONKIN? -<ftfe. POCAHONTASr AND STOP \GEE,THAT'S i CALLING HE "BABE^I A PKRTTY ]' MYMAf-lEIS JA NAMEf POC AHONTAS,' / THANK YOU.S1K..AND WELL NOW, I I'LL BET YOU'RE ONE WOULDN-TSAY OF THE MEN FROM jl WAS LOST:.. JAMEBTOWN...AND/BUTTHEN OH YOU'RE LOST/^ THE OTHER HAND, I... Uf.W»J VKHOW I NO.... IT JUST SOMEBOOY'3 \ POtrJTSTHE MEBBE A MITB/WAYTO JAMES CARELESS? /TOWN...! THINK Complete Selection of GIFT ITEMS! . Vickie & Barbara's GIFT SHOP 1*6 S. Phone 8391 You'll find a wonderful selection of Madcria Lintnx, Colored Shetts and Pillow Cases, Cadillac Hosiery, Handmade Aprons, Costume Jewelry, I.»mns, Planter*, Itandkrrchlrfs And many other i ittltis. Come In suon! t 4UPP04B -YOU'RE GCUNG TO *TANP AWOUNP FOR S NOT A coupue OF -< A\E, HOUR* WEEPING | 7OC. IN FACT L A'N'T NEVER GONNA $TANP AROUNP "(ER JOINT ACtAlN.^ i^mx FKU\V NOW OM, I'M GONNA COMFORTABLE/ $ o o

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