The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1931
Page 6
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SIX (AUK.) rOURWR NRWS SINIF1 STILES Recent Wrestling Recruits From Grids HOW THEY Bhmineham Memphis NL I W Orleans Llllle. Rock 20 Atlanta 20 When McLarnin Caivic Back Washington 23 Ken- York 20 How ilocs one control the lance en the nutting (rreen? On putting green as well us fairway (he distance to be stroked dc '"'mines Ihe amount of backswlng HippotJi'oine Demands Fi'c- ;• quenl Change of hictics and Champions. ,:',". EDITOR'S NOTK: Tills Is III? fifth' ,of a scries of articles en ., wrestling, revralinjr Ihe scopr of the revival the mal panic lias been enjoying, ami liKmlrins into llu- conduct of the matches as thi-y are slajcd tcday. • » • BY WIM.UM BUATICIIKI N'EA Sen-Ire Spurls Editor NEW YORK.—The same men | who shitted the pupp?ts of th. 1 1 wrestling shows 20 years a^o are ; behind the scenes today. The ac- tlon and scenery arc a little different, there is a bit more rou^ii- house—but the theme is the s;ui;;-. That theme is HIPPODROME. • The only improvement 1 have found—and the greats factor in the present wave of wrestling \ia\i- - 'Ularity—is that the modern wre.i'.- icrs with their dash and t.o arr I ' 01 "' remit irmilts frr.m (he belter entertainers than t'r.c ijrun'.- rawuus lu tin- r:inln r>r ers and crimaccrs of a d?,-adc aijo. ! misllini; arr pUiiircd ln-rc Hank The same tontine ii brim.; fol-:[,....,,... ..... ........i.. nf ,,„. v -, t ., lowed today that was popular then.; ^ , "L^ ea,, a^ n A WTCstling champion dcc=n'l hsl i , k| , S;VV||W1 w . (s ; , N]lr| . n . mf ' very long-hs cant las', very lon s ; fm . ^ aia.-alnv,, ,,f -not only because the public con- ;,,„, tllc na » , M . Alnfrtc;l ' slanly is demanding a new intrr- ,„., „ „ m ,, f „ cst, but because (he strain of con- , ,. ' . , „ , phs"tca r r™lf "afe too'TcaY'""--- S ' "" l *»'" * l "'"'"'' h ' ' s llllt 2:1 and regained It four limes. A man just has to rest sometimes! * • * •-• 'Revival of a racket like wrestling depends i;pon new faces and changin? st.vles. The lines of Punch and Judy must be changed once in a while. Jim Lamias hasn'l boon tile Curley chninpirn very Ions now. but already fans in ciiles where he has shown half n times arc beginning to wonder how .he manages to end till his matches with thai same old airplane spin by which he whirls n brother pachyderm over his head a couple of times and slams him to the mat with a resounding crash. Thc first few limes you sco the airplane spin, it Is thrilling—all (hat Ilesh Ihud- ' ding to Ihe floor in an Iner! mass, and so on. But after you s;c It seven or eight limes, worked with the same unvarying technique, ho hum! and a couple of well, wells! When Lewis regained his title recently in Los Angeles from Don George, he really was only resuming his work where he left o!f when he lost to Snnnenberg early In 193D before a $70,000 house In Boston. His Vacation over; he was back pounding the beat.- The fact is that Jim Londos, thc - Curley champion, recognized in - New York anrt Pennsylvania, had been cutting seriously Inlo (he na. tional wrestling surplus. Understand, Lewis had thrown Londos many, many (lines. With Lewis, the conqueror of Londos, champion again, the fans would scream for the Strangler. Besides, a rich Reid in New York city has been practically untouched b y the Bowser- Sandow people. Now llicy are starting lo go after the spoils here anci ill. other Curley strongholds. Thus. Illinois acted drastically after thc Slrangier' had posted a forfeit and signified his willingness to meet this Londos champion. The substance of Illinois action was that there can't be two wrestling champions defending their lilies In that state. The problem was solved by declaring there is no wrestling champion at all. no not one. You never know just what plan - the men who control wrestling are hatching. From certain sources come tips to the effect that Ray Stcele, the California collegian, is soon due to supplant Lowlcs. There are other whisperings that Joe Savoldi is to become the Bowscr- Sandow bell cow. since Lr.vis was so unfortunate as to lose his championship in Montreal so one Henri De Glane over the little matler of a bitten wrist. As a rule the lines of action of thc big Issues of wrestling are fairly sharply denned, but I am lo!d there have been some disagreement lately between Paul B;w?r:-man- ager of Don George, and Biliy Sando*-, the Strangler's head mnn This dissension within the league may mean that Ihe wrestlers o Robins Push Giants Down As Cards Pull Alongside Macks Are Idle. Two teams chm« to Ihe top| run^j in thc National league ladder after yesterday's-games. The iianls slipped bill managed lo lujl on although Ihey sn-siained Iocs while the Cardinals won and climbed a notch. The Brooklyn Rcbins wjlh Daray Vance and Jo; Sham? beat the Mew York Giants 3 to '2 at New York. An *rrur by Ott provided the winning margin however. Ott Kicked a single by Thomp.son iiroimd the ontiield and a runner icored frcm first. Travis Jackson stole two bases, one figuring in Liic scoring. The Cardinals walloped (lie Cincinnati H:ds. The r:ore mn 14 lo 3 al St. Louis. Both teams hit the ball freely with the Birds making their blows count. Burleigh Grimes was cre'llt';d v.'ilh the triumph Hafcy cf the Cjards hit a homer. The Chicago Cubs eked out u clcsc (IrcLslon over the Pittsburgh I'lKitrs, 4 to 3. A fuinbie. sacrifice ami single ;$ave Ihe Bruins the decisive lully in the tenlh sinnra. Krenicr was Ihc winning hurlcr. . Tern Zackary went In with the bases leaded to retire Klein and Arlcll and Hit Boston Braves beat thc Phillies. Thc sc=re was 5 to 3. Thc- gi'.ine was a sec-saw battle all the way. Cunningham was credited with the victory lull Coins was the loser. The Cleveland hiltcrs jwunded ,n a 9 to 2 victory over the Dc- rcit Tigers witli the- aid of some eat pitching by Brown. The score as 9 to 1. Slon?, Detroit ou.1- .cldcr, struck by a batted ball hat bounced off the fence as he \as attempting to field It and will be in the hospital for a few days. The St. f,ouls-Chicago game, the >nly other gam? scheduled in the Vncrican league was rained out There a crowd of 20,000 tr> spur on Jimmy McLarnin. Vancouver's 1 liavd-hitthiB welterweight, and Billy Pclrollr. of Fnrgo, N. D., as they nlxrtl lu n (,pe;Ue.u!ar bailie In Nov.- York's Mndison Square Garden. McLarnin. who hero Is shown. ri|:hl. (lodging a swing [rotn Pelrolle in he exciting seventh round, avenged tho defeat hr sulfered Ists last fall. Reftre Arthur Dunovan and Ihe judges inous in (heir verdict for McLnrnln. Blanchard and McKinney Meet Here Tuesday Nightj headline bout of the second card of the season at the Armory Clayton be remembered ns • rounds boy who hugged through four Big BDV Blanchard. local light- Ihe second round. Sala should rale icnvy, will face Dummy McKinney.. lo wallop th; Mlssourian. veteran Mississippi fighter. In Ihe Lambert and Seaton weigh in somewhere along aboul the welter ov lightweight class. Lambert, UcSjiy r.ishl. . throws p. lot of punches tat has In Ihe semi-windup of six rounds, never shown a damaging wallop. Kid Pritrhard.Slcele lightweight. Seaton carries a powerful kick, will have a tough problem in Ihc.T"^ your crafty and experienced Joe Sala of Memphis. Nolan Lambert will mcc'. Tom Rye Seatnn of Luxora in a four rounder and Arnold Clayton ot Armorel and Young Stevens of Stcele. Mo., iviil swap gloves in another four rounder. McKinney administered I h e kr.ockcut drop lo Ilianchird FI-V- j cral months ago and Ihc lanky on? ! has asked .for an opportunity to even old fcores with the Dummy.' Lambert last week. Stevens is as much of an unknown amount. VVALTER H,'6E,\) AND EASX S BMXSWlNOr ACCORDING TO FRO.\\ THE Cl'P. I GAMES TODAY Nc'.v Southern tangnr Orleans at Memphis I I to tile shot. Al no time should a jputt be conlrolled by the expondi- jlure of muscular energy. , Stars sometimes vary in stance two and swing, yet all of them employ Chuttanooja at Atlanta (two Ihe Curtcy circuit will get mere o! R play on the Pacific coast, un to this lime a Bowser-Sandow ^nil- dig. Lou Daro. the Los Angeles promoter who ran a shcestriiif inti considerable hay putting on wrestling shows, recently visited New York and there is a possibility that he may change the cast at Los Angeles to include more of th; Curley herd. Los Angeles fans arc beginning to catch on to the Bo-.vser- McKinney has a reputation for ab- j ' lle r.t Birmingham Mobile at Little Hock. sxbing nil manner cf punches so' if Blanchard docs win. his chances; 1 apparently rest on his abilily to! outpoint McKinney. who wades in with littie science but persistent optimism. Blanchard knocked cm Sandy R'cSgc, a green but willing ! Gam "'- , , , boy. here last week. ' Clev.-l.ind al IMroli dwo 5,1 n ii i. i j t . j New York at Washingtcn Prltchard defeated Sa:n Cope- r:mKS ) and via a technical kayo on the ~" Tirst card of thc season here last St. American Louis at I. raft ut- Chicago Sandow curves. In both the wrestling leagues, changes in the "championships" are soon due. It U not good policy lo let a champion stay in there too long. That may help to explain why Mr. Lewis has won and lost the title four times. Can you imagine that sort of thing happening in boxing? The story of Lewis' title the last few jfars is Intriguing in more ways lhan one. You nny remember that Lewis lost his title in Kansas Cily in 1925 lo Wayne (Big) Munn The mistake that Mr. Munn made was to wrestle Stan Zbyszko later In the same year, C.urjsy went to ?t>yKk(Vi corner, offered him « an oasy. free putting swing. tlu: backswing increase according to the distance their ball is from the cup. To be able lo determine the roll ar.d speed of thc green dem.i::ds diligent practice and playing experience. .IIONDAV: What is (he sirnprr stance for a successful putt? , itwo week. However, ho gave no indication of what he might do in a i fight with a boy of Saia's caliber I as Copcland gave up the battle in - Email fortune if he would throw Munn, and Zbyszko consented, mak- I Philadelphia earnest. at Boston (two ing short work of Munn. It was then claimed by Lewis that he had bc-3n fouled In the Munn ; sanies.) match. In thc same year steelier National League Boston 'at Philadelphia gamesl. Brooklyn at New York Cincinnati at St. Louis panics). Chicago at. Pittsburgh itwo Pajamas or Overalls O.K. for School Garb BOISE, Ida. (OP)—Insofar as', Mrs. Myrtle Davis, state school su- i perlntendent, is concerned. v;irl p u -1 Pairings for Annual Spring Handicap Tournamen Are Announced Today The annual women's spring han dicap tournament of the Bythevlll country club opens with 38 mem jcrs scheduled to tee off some tim between today and the clow of pla; Sunday, June 1th, on the nrs round. • Pairings for Ihe tournament hav been released by the tournamen committee. Rules similar to thos governing play in the men's tonr ney, which was announced recent ly will be in force. Each round wi! consist of two circuits of the nin hole course. With the first round to be com pletixl on June 7th. one more roun will be completed on each succes stve Sunday nnti! the tourney eui The committee .urges all to pla their matches. Pairings for the first round fol low: Jtfrs. Edgar Borum (10) vs. Mr. Ernest Roc (4) . Mrs. O. G. Caudill (8) vs. Mr Neal Ge«!ll (5) . Mrs. Bernard doocli (8) vs. Mr W. S. Steger (2). Mrs. O. W. Vollmer (8) vs. Mr Floyd Acton (8). Mrs."Charles Afflick (2) vs. Mr R. P. Kirshner (1). Mrs. C. E. Atkinson (71 vs. Mr J. A. Waterman (4). Mrs. J. S. Bollard (2) vs Mr Lloyd V. Wise (8). Mrs. Gordon Wright (6) vs. Mr J. P. Lent! (1). Mrs. M. A. Isaacs tB) vs. Mrs W. J. Peck (10). Mrs. R. N. Ware (10) vs. Mrs. L. Van Ansdalc (10). Mrs. N. II. Helm (10) vs. Mr W. J. Pollard (2). Mrs. H. T. Culp (5) vs. Mr. Charles Baker (8). Mrs. W. B. Tanner (10) vs. Mrs, Byron Morse (8). Mrs. W. O. Chamblin (1) vs. Mrs. E. C. Patton (6). Mrs. O. W. McCutchen (8) vs. Mrs. P. P. Jacobs (10). Mrs. E. B. Gee (1) vs. Mrs. Sam Morris (8). Mrs. J. B. Clark (10) vs. Mrs. Rodney Bannister (10). Miss Dorothy Helm (8) vs. Miss Peggy McKccl (7). Mrs. C. H. Hall (0) vs. Mrs. Russell Phillips (0). SATURDAY, MAY BRUSHING UP SPORTS !E SftRWEKI AslD GOtF'S FOREMOST PEDFESSIOX^U TEAM, 6cCM U Di.V?> APMXT INS The SkMS CotWtV (w Ki TBiONi COILV lOMItES AKIRT. S&RwirJ~UJA& AT" RVE. £0-F UK, BB.CU6 FAST FRIENDS— IM ffcoc PURSES,, «ucn TO THBIR. MUTUAL 1$ OFF, Velly Good Hitter Remmer Memphians Back in Second A \i i r- Again ; VolS Lasy p to gain the nnnls of Hie Brit- for Those Barons. ish Amateur golf championship with Roger Wsthercd of England. A star in collegiate baseball in the middle west is Burt Itoga, above. University of Kansas center llelder, who hails from Honolulu In the Hawaiian biands. Itoga's ancestry is Chinese but he goes for the great American game like our Wilsons, Rutlis and. Ferrells. The Birmingham Barons were breezing merrily along yesterday with a shutout victory over the Vols Far in the rear of the' Dixie leaders. Ihe Chicks and Pelicans continued their dog fight for second place with the Chicks back I on top again. | Touchstone gave the Vols but ] four hits and his inatss won a 10 i lo 0 decision. The Barons got 13 j hits including a homo run by Eiseman. Buvid, who was replaced by Pearce, was the loser. New Orleans rallied to scare three runs in (he eighth inning but lost to the Chicks at Memphis, •! to 3. Harry Kelly was the winning hurler and Johnson the loser. Two double plays at crucial moments aided Kelly. The Chattanooga I^ookonts got lo two Cracker pitchers for 13 hits while Griffith held the Crax to seven. The Lookouts won 8 to 2. Scarritt and Kingdon hit home runs for Chattanooga. The Mobile-Little Reck game was ix>stponcd. Five Years Ago Today—St. .Andrews acclaimed Jess Swcetser as thc first. American-born golfer Co win thc British Amateur championship. Sw'cetser defeated Aljx Simpson (i and 5 in 3G holes. Ten Years Ago Today—Big Bill Tilden. American and British tennis champion, beat Eduarjo K!a- luer, Spanish cxr/M, in the ftc- >nd round of pliv In til? world's lord court championships at St. 3loud, France. Tho se; score -vas C-0. 2-G. 6-3, 10-3. Pino Bluff Game Certain Next Fall Says Coach Hudson Conch Henry. Hudson of the, Blytheville high school Chicknsaws, on the eve of his departure for Ccnway where he will be employed by Hciulrix college during the summer months, announced today that the fall grid schedule of the Chicks had been definitely completed with the exception of one op=n dale. Thc game at Pine Bluff with th; Zebras, which was classified as pending in thc .ichcdu'e. announced in the Courier News on May 19th. has betn slated definitely Coach Hudson says. The game with ilelcna. however, which was also classed as doubtful, will not be played and Hudson plans lo nil in the date soon. Ten games in addition arc scheduled includ- ng tw\> Memphis teams. Cotton Plant. Jonesboro. |X)rt and others. Paragould, New- Chicago Mill And Lumber Corporation lifted "the title" from Zbyszko. it became necessary for Lewis back that championship. Mr. Lewis did wrer-tie Mr. Strrhe and won. ITOMORRO^V: Wlnfs ahead i wr»tlin«.| Slmlent Alii ORIN'NEI.L. lou-.v iUr> Miny Kinds of Wtathcr PHOENIX, Arizona, (UP) — Al- plls may come lo school circle.)' '"m' mosl ""^ son of »t a ' ll(;r mft >' overalls and may be instruct by' 00 found vvltllln Arizona. a young woman teacher atMud in lounging pajamas. Miss Gladys Mcrllatte ordered a I girl pupil to leave school bu:a!;<e ishe was dressed in ovcra' recent months bolh tne. high and low 1 record marks for Ihe United States were in Ar!zor..i Frcfiuenlly the maximum tcrt>|j»r ature in southern Arizona cxc:ed.> 100 wSiile the minimum of tno northrrn mountain regions is li\ Ihe 20s. t> The child's mother v>i);«c:i -. and caiT(ed her protest u> M wrestle Mr. Stccher ill order la «el . i;idoi:l who owns an ai;:.-mo- (Davis. She charged lhal Mis^ jj, :bllc re.'isiires im aid Ilinttc had, on occasion, la:;s!u her' ' lihi'iiirh scMar.^iip- acrm-ri:,.- to j class while dressed in p.ij,,^., .' mlsly dcnlcd ihc C(mlc ,„ SPhoo] ,th- iwnid of Crmnc! colic;-;,- !r,re. | "U." jJie argued, "a ip.ui-,-r ,,.,-|n pajamas. Mrs. Davis settled the |v.lne!i has ciinounced (hat luiwt-1teach in pajamas, why can't j »-j. .argument by nilinj that cither fcr.U no a-:l will be B iven if.wlcnts jpil learn In overalk?" ^- of drt .js ^ rar as she w;ls l«ho drive their own raw | Altho»eh MKi Merilntto n, tan . con^ned, «ri s»tlsf»clory, CLASSIFIED- ^f _^ «rae^EM*w BASEBALL Jonesboro vs Blytheville SUNDAY, MAY 31 HALEY FIELD, 3 P. M.

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