Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on January 4, 2000 · 35
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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 35

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 4, 2000
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SECTION gwuii lyune vjuuljlwji 435-482 1 CamTaitE2 Ann Landers E2 Classified E5 I EDITOR: BARB WILKINSON, 429-5374; livingthejournal.ca Edmonton nnninmm 11 , " EDMONTON JOURNAL "tu E SPAY, JANUARY 4, 2000 1 m m m b 7-m"3.fl. Eclecti Hair You can tell a lot about a person by what's on top LYNN LAU Journal Staff Writer EDMONTON Listen carefully. It's your hair talking. It's trying to teflyouasto- ry- There are almost as many heads of hair as there are people and, as you can imagine, some have more to say than others. Today, we take you through Edmonton by hair. Try to describe 53-year-old Ba-ba in one word and "visible" might be what comes to mind. At 6'4", the "old hippy" is hard to miss. You've probably seen him on Whyte Avenue, or at the grocery store, or the Folk Festival. Those who listen to CJSR 88.5 know him as the campus station's Master Crocodile. Baba grew up in Punjab, India, and moved to Canada when he was in his 20s. According to the Sikh tradition, he treats his hair like a part of his body, sacred and whole as God created it therefore he does not cut it "I was raised with this," he says ofhis hair. "This is part of the Sikh tradition. I cut it as a rebellion. Then, I don'tknow, for five orsix years, I just did whatever I wanted to do with my hair. Then there was some sort of return to my roots. I kind ofbecame sensitized to my body as a whole. I sort of gained a new appreciation of what Td learned as a child and rejected as a teenager. "Whenlstarted to wear my turban again, when I was 27, it was nourishing for me. It was a rediscovery for me, like a child. A lot of other stuff came with wear-ingaturban and growingmy hair learning traditional values and understanding why my particular culture believed what they did."Babahasn'tcuthishairin25 years but last year, he stopped wearing his turban. Inside Tips For Living 3 HEALTH Is a crash diet always a bad thing? 4 FASHION The booming business of fabulous fingernails A FOOD Warmutwitha J I winter stew Here s how to figure RAY TURCHANSKY journal Staff Writer EDMONTON ' If your youngsters just got a Pokemon Snap or Toy Story 2 game for Christmas, you will have found out the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ES-RB) separates software games into six categories. ' It also divides them into a number of "descriptors": ' Mild Animated Violence Contains scenes depicting cartoonanimatedpixilated characters in unsafe or hazardous acts or violent situations. Mild Realistic Violence Contains scenes depicting characters in unsafe or hazardous acts or violent situations in photographic detail. 0 Marie Sato Chris Falconer Electrician Jerry Paschen, 61, likes to tell people that dectrifi-cation is the reason his hair is the way it is. It's been tousled ever since he was a kid and he doesn't have to put any of that funky pomade in it to make it stand up. "There's nothing special about me or my haircut," he says, pensively. "My daughter says to me sometimes, Dad, are you apunk?'I say No, that's just my hair.'Ido it myself. Diet may have something to do with it I eat a lot of carrots." One way to describe Sharon Johnson hair is "bum-length." The 49-year-old waitress at Silk Hat Restaurant wears it piled up high withabow clip most days at work. "But I wear it different whatever mood I'm in. It's really long, eh? So I can wear it down my back. Sometimes I wear it up and sometimes I wear it down."John-son goes through a bottle each of shampoo and conditioner each month. Itmaybehardtobelieve, but she says it only takes 10 minutes to blow-dry it "But if I leave it to dry by itself it takes all day because my hair is really thick." Comic Mischief Contains scenes depicting activities characterized as slapstick or gross vulgar humour. Animated Violence Contains depictions of aggressive conflict involving cartoonanimatedpixilated characters. Realistic Violence Contains realistic or photographic-like depictions of aggressive conflict Animated Blood and Gore Animatedpixilated or cartoonlike depictions of mutilation or dismemberment of body parts. Ref lisdc Blood and Gore Depictions of mutilation or dismemberment of body parts in realistic or photographic-like detail Animated Blood Animatedpixilated or cartoon-like depictions of blood. Realistic Blood Represen- i ) r - . Baba Hope Arnott Marie Sato, 19, is a photography student with black hair stripedyellowatthe tips. She got the idea from Japan. She bleached it and died the ends pink about four months ago but the colour has since faded. "It looks cute, I think," she says. Hope Arnott, 25, has to trim her bangs each morning to make sure they're straight "I guess if s kind of I don't want to say Romulan fromStor Trek. It's that kind of idea," says Arnott. "It's usuallyjust black with bangs and boring. Actually last summer I had blue bangs." Believe it or not, 19-year-old Chris Falconer is a business administration student. (And we thought all crazy-haired folks were in the drama department) Falconer is having as much hair fun as he can before he loses it "The father and the brother are slcwfylosmghair "heexplains. "I figure it's genetics for me to lose it" Also, his eye-catching head works for the band he's in, Wood-abeen (he plays rhythm guitar). "My next project is maybe a Ughtningbolt like 111 keep it all out what tationsofblood in realisticor photographic-like detail. Suggestive Themes Mild provocative references or material. Mature Sexual Themes Contains provocative material; mdudmgdepictionofthehuman body in either animated or photographic-like formats. Strong Sexual Content Graphic depiction of sexual behaviour andor the human form (i.e., frontal nudity) in either animated or photograpluc-like detail. Mild Language Product contains the use of words like "damn." Strong Language Commonly referenced four-letter words. Gaming The depiction of ( mJj) - - 1 it Jerry Paschen J (A i.tn SHAUGHN BUTTS, THE JOURNAL JT I 4 . 1 J Joseph Mafe shaved except for lightning bolts on the side of my head." You know a guy is having too much hair bliss when he refers to his hair as a project. It's hard to keep up with Falconer's ever-changing style. He's coloured it blue since this photo was taken. Security guard Crystal Zammit, 18, was spotted minutes after she walked out of Ebony & Ivory hair salon witha$350 style. "I saw other people with it and I thought it looked cool,"she says. "It's different" Before, she had short layered hairno longer than her chin. The new braids feel like Barbie hair, and like Barbie hair, you're not supposed to wash this stuff often once every two weeks is the those software ratings mean betting-like behaviour. Use ofTobacco and Alcohol Product contains images of the use of tobacco andor alcohol in a manner which condones or glorifies their use. Use of Drugs Product contains images of the use of drugs in a manner which condones or glorifies their use. Informational Overall content of product contains data, facts, resource information, reference materials or instructional text Edutainment Content of product provides user with specific skills development or reinforcement learning within an entertainment setting. Skill development is an integral part of product. Some adult assistance may be needed. m: Crystal Zammit maximum, Zammit was told. In between washings, you're allowed to use rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip. With such careful care, the hair should last four months. Jacquie Aanen, 36, is the wacky owner of Hair Classique. Her hiair is an explosion of blond curls, like an angel after a lightning storm. "There's a little perm on top and little on the bottom," she says. And some natural waves in there too. She likes her hair long and wild. We like it too. 'X The Legend of Zelda is a family-oriented adventure game. JENNIFER PARKER, THE JOURNAL f ' M - if Sharon Johnson J Si ft -t (Si i t- Jacquie Aanen Long-haired Joseph Mate, 70; finally got a chance to let it all hang out after he retired from his job as a draftsman with the dty Since retiring, he's also taken up his life-long passion, painting, i "The life you have when you re tire changes," he says. "And one of the things would be the hair.1 Whenhe was aworidngstiff, his hair was "square and normal." Now, if s very painterly. He gets it trimmed once in a while, but he isn't planning to cut it for at least five years. "You know, the hair of old people doesn't grow that fast" FILE PHOTO w i it I 'J

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