The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Ywi wid Y«ur Income Tax— Remember These Items in Filing Long From Income Tax Return Br JAMES MARI.OW WASHINGTON (fp) — Remember these points before making your 1951 income tux return on the 1040 long-form. 1. Besides form 1040, you need that 16-page government pamphlet, called "How To Prepare Your U. S. Income Tax Return." It's (he Instruction sheet for using form 1040. You have to use the fax r»te schedule on the back for figuring your tax. 3 When n wife has no income, a couple'can't lose by filing a Joint return on form 1040, For It to be a Joint return, both must sign it. In most cases, but not all, they'll save with a joint return alien both have Income. Since there arc cx- ccpllons, try it jointly and separately before turning it In, . Vou Can Withdraw If you turn in separate returns and later realize you would have saved by a Joint one, you can nt any time before March 15. 1955, withdraw those separate returns by substituting a joint return to gel a refund. 3. Be sure, before sending your return to the collector, (hat you attach to It all your withholding receipts — form . w-5. Form w-2, given by your boss. Is the proof nf the money he paid you and the income (ax he withheld from yoiir pay in 1951. 4. You file the return by sending it to the Internal Revenue Collector for your district. With It you must pay In full any tax owed. 5. If you're one of the self-employed people who must nay a social security tax now no your Income from self-employment In Ipsi, show what your social security tax is on line 5 CB). page 1. The tax Is 2 l i per cent on the first S3.GOO of your self-employed Income. Social Security Tar You must pay that social security tax, plus any income tax owed, when you file your return on form 1040. Self-employed people, besides form 1040, must also use another separate form, called schedule C. There they provide Information ori which they base their social security tax. 6. Be careful to claim all the exemptions to which you're entitled For each ^exemption you knock SSOO off your income. What's left is taxable. Everyone filing a return gets $600 off for himself, another $600 tf he's blind, and still another S600 If he's 85. And you get $600 oft for each dependent but nothing extra It he's blind or 85. Wife Not Dependent . Note: A wife Is not considered a dependent. So the rule on exemption i for wive* it a utu, «ombll- cattd. , \,a 7 '1,1 M your wile had i» to" ' ~' - is not someone else'* dependent and you alone file a return—or II she did or dirt not have Income but files Jointly with you—you get _ $600 exemption for her, plus $600 If she's blind, plus $600 If she's 65. Note; If your wife had any Income at all, no matter how small, you get no exemption for her unless she files Jointly with you. If a wife files separately, she claims her exemptions on her own return. 7. Anyone with $5,000 or more Income gets for deductible personal expenses what Is tailed a standard deduction. It moans that—without Itemizing or having to prove anything—you lake a deduction of 10 per cc-nt of your Income up to a limit of $1,000. You deduct that much from your Income before whnt's left Is Uixnble. Examples: Jones, Income $9,000— standard deduction of 10 per cent is 5500, Smith, Income $10.000 — standard deduction of 10 per cent gives him the limit, $1,000. Brown, income $15.000—can inkc nu more than that limit of Sl.OOO unless his expenses were more and he wauls to itemize. Anyone whose deductible expenses .amounted to more than that stamlnrcl deduction can claim them In full but In thnt case he must Iteml/c them all on pane 3 of form 1040 and be prepared to prove he had them. And right here, for husbands and wives, comes a problem which a single person, with $5,0(10 or more Income, doesn't have on form 1040. That single person takes the standard . deduction. If that's not enough to cover his expenses, he can claim then) all by Itemizing. When a husband and wile file a Joint return—whether or not both had income — they can take the standard deduction or Itemize to get more than the standard deduction Hives them. But note: When a husband Mies separately—and it makes no differ-| encc whether the wife did or didn't! have Income—he no longer car. take that standard deduction up to SI.OOO. He can take only a flat deduction of »500. Example; Jones had $9,000 Income, his wife had none. If they His Jointly, lie takes n standard deduction of $900. I( for some reason she falls to file Jointly with him. he gets only $500. They lest MOO on that deal. Husband ana wife both had income but file separately on the long form, each \s limited to a flat deduction of $500. If Both Have Income If both had Income, and cne uses (he long form while the other, with .smaller Income, uses form 1040-A or the 1040 short-form, then: 1. The one USI.IK the long-form. Is limited to a flat $500 deduction. 2. The other, using form 1040-A or the 1040 short-form, gets the regular deduction of about 10 per cent allowed for in the table used to firnre the tjix on people using thof-e two forms, Example: Jones' income was SlO.OOu, his wife's 82.500. On the long form he takes thai llat $570. She uses the 1040 short-form and on her $2.500 is allowed nn auto- mall.-, deduction of about $250. Jnnfsw Have 5150 Deduction That gives the Joneses, with total Income of $11.500, a total deduction of around $750. If they had filed jointly on the 1040 long-form, they could have taken that $1,000 limit n the standard deduction. They lost $250 by not filing Jointly. Where a couple wishes to file separate returns and one USES the long-form for itemizing deductions, the other must use the long-form and itemize, too. This means each must list his own expenses separately and each can claim n« more that his actual expenses. When a couple files Jointly and •xanls to itemize, they put all their •xpcnscs together. 'The King Is Dead :Long Live The Queen- LONDON. </7'i — At noon today British warships and army posts throughout (he world etarl tit- ing at minute Intervals 56 rounds — on» lor each war ol the life of King George vr. Mourning commands to the three British services order half- (Uifferl easlgns, draped tumpete, drums and colors, and black arm bands for all officers. CANTERBURY, E n g. f/Pj — Prayers were read at Canterbury Cathedral Evensong last night (or -our gracious Elizabeth, Elizabeth the Queen Mother and Mary, the Queen Grandmother. LONDON UPi—One of the two thrones which have remained side by side In the House of Lords throughout the reign of King George VI will he removed today. A single throne will symbolize the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The Duke ol Edinburgh, who Is expected to be created Prince Consort when Queen Elizabeth wills It. will occupy a small gilt chair on one of the lower steps at the opening of a parliament. LONDON I/PI — Queen Mother Elizabeth, who under an act of parliament will receive a life pension equaling $190,000 yearly, Is expected to move into Clarence House when Queen Elizabeth and her husband move out to take up residence at Buckingham Palace. U.S. Seeks to Prove Communist Parfy Is Dedicated to Violence in Nation LOS ANGELES W;—The government buckle.s clown today to the huslness of trying to prove that the American Communist party L= dedicated to violence as the first witness tnkes the stand agnlnM 15 California party leaders. The_ initial witness, possibly an undercover agent, is expected to lay the keystone of the prcjiccu- tion's three-week presentation supporting the charges that the party leaders conspired to tench and ad- yoeato overthrew 9f v th« rmem- «ientpy v !oree ind ity^ncf,!* U. S. Ally. Waller 3. Blnns declined to disclose the identity of his lead-off man. but said: "I think he'll be on the stand quite a while." Tile defense — spearheaded by State Party Leader William Schnel- dennan. who is defending himself —concentrated In Its opening arguments yesterday on the thesis that the defendants had always been practicing Communists openly and legally. They had never been conspiratorial, nor made attempts to hide Ihelr' Identities or true pur- PP?<« > ,tht;iury w»» t-ld. DEVO.VHORT. Elig. f/FJ-Dock- yard officials ordered a stop to the refitting of the battleship Vanguard yesterday. The slilp was being prepared to take King George on a spring cruise to South Africa. LONDON lift— Silent crou'ds stood throughout, most of last night outside darkened Buckingham Palace. There was nothing to see. but they stood there Just the same. LONDON (IF) — Britons will speak the Queen's English during the rcgin of Elizabeth II. The change from King to Queen as sovereign means many other twists in familiar phrases and monograms. 'Hie 250 King's counsel now are Queen's Counsel. For two of (hern this has a familiar ring. They served under Q-ieen Victoria. It will he the Queen's Bench In law courts. Criminals will turn Queen's evidence. Travellers will ride on Queen's highways. A military officer will take a Queen's commission. 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Mif.t Ruth fvfassey of Osceola, regent will welcome tlje guests and Mrs. Smith Johnson of Marion, the chapter's Good Citizenship Chairman will Introduce the winners. Pol- lowing luncheon the girls will speak Informally and will briefly tell of their activities which led to their awards. Each girl will be presented her Oood Citizenship pin by the chairman In her town and given a corsage, also a gift of the chapter. Winners In 11 Northeast Arkansas High Schools In programs sponsored by the William Strong Chapter and who will be honored Friday are Patsy Nunnally, daughter of Mrs. Mar- thllde Nunnally of Whltton and Osee Nunnally of Truman, Wilson High School: Carolyn Reia. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dan M. Reid, Osceola High School; Kathleen Montgomery. Crawfonisville High School; Billle Sue Clark, Urxora High School; Barbara jean Chadwick, Hughes Jllgh School; Cathryn Davis. Forrest City High school; Judy Billings, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. T. BillinKS. Wynne High School; Lila Mcitler. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. c. R. Mettler, Turrell High school; Shirley Bagwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Bagwell Reiser High School; Audrey Haw] Barle HlKh School and Irene Billings. Clarkedale, Marlon High School. There are 87 members In the William Strong Chapter. Sixty-three attended the meeting ol the Osceola Progressive Club Tuesday at the club when the group met for a chowmein luncheon. The small tables were covered in valentine cloths and held large valentines filled with homemade candles. Following luncheon. Mrs. W. B. Flanlgan, the club's first president at Its organization in 1915 was honored, with the occasion also marking her 80th birthday. She was presented a thre« tiered birthday cake topped with so burning candles. She also was presented lingerie from the club. Habbt Alfred vise of Blythevllle was guest speaker and was introduced by Mrs. Harry Jones. His subject was "International Relationship." He was bom in Germany and spoke on different phases of government of that country. Mrs. E. R, Reid of Kennett was In Osceola Tuesday for the meeting of the Progressive Club. Personals Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cromer spent the week visiting Andrew Cromer in Unlontown, Ala. Their children visited with their two grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Cromer -in their absence. ! Cpl. Billy Lcvensteln arrived Friday from Camp Stewart. Ga., where he lias been In training for the past year. On his return Feb. 11 he will report with his unit to Camp Stoltman, Pittsburg, Calif. From there they will be sent to the Far East Command. Cpl. Levenstein Is the son of Mrs. H. J. Levenstein. Mrs. John Whit*, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Jap White drove to Charlotte, N. C,. Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. White's daughter, Mrs. George Snyder and Mr. Snyder. Mr. and Mrs. Whlt« will return home soon while Mrs. White. Sr., will remain until Feb. 22. . Junior Progressive Club Mrs. Sue Pennlngton will be the leader Monday night when the Junior Progressive Club holds its monthly meeting at the club room. "International Relations" will be the subject. .The hostesses will be Mrs. D. E. Young, chairman; Mrs. M C Stiles, Mrs Joe Thomas and Mrs Bill Thomas, During a recent six-month period. North American readers bouhgt 51 million copies of newspapers every day, says the National Geographic Society. Visitor Wants Ordinary Chow in Pittsburgh •> PITTSBURGH W-ElettrR Ma'- conl, 21-year-old daughter of the late Gugllelmo Marconi, enjoyed the best of American food during a recent visit here to witness the dedication of a bust In honor of her famous father. Finally, Elettra told her eecort she would enjoy some "ordinary- food. That's why the attractive girl toot a few minutes out from the banquet grind to munch hot- dogs and hamburgers. fcit ttil may avoU thowlrvg ^TnHily itraln nwy monthly loofc out e[ jour ryw. 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