The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1952
Page 9
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WBMflESDAY, FEBRUARY «, II (AUK.) COURIER NEWS OUt iOAKDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU T'H LtAVIMS / WHILE I'M AWAY WILL VOO «UOVJ MV AMTIQOES TO AI*/ CUSTOMERS WHO EGAD, SASTOfO/ &LADL.V rttf MY5AI LEGENDARY TELL you OP THE TIME A gf?AV£ WAS ABOOT TO SCALP A\e, A^D 1 TALKED HI»A. OOT OF n,6ELLlMG HIM SET CMet? THE PRICES CWTMI5 'tST ft YOUR Political Announcements Subject to Preferential July 22, 1952 Election For County Judge GENE BRADLEY For Circuit Cleric GERALDINE LISTON For Slate Senator BEN. LEE BEARDKN || Capital Invested per employe In pelroleum is nearly 10 times the average for all manufacturing. Rucky Mountain bighorn sheep come down from their lofty crafjs only when forced by heavy winter snowdrifts. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes op to JS In. Corrugated Metal Culverti Slies up U 81 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood G*t«* Concrete & Metal Septlo Tank! Sewrr Tile B«t Pricej We DeUver Highway SI at Slate Line Phone 714 FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS test for GERMINATION Send Samples to Woodson-Tenent Laboratories 612 West Atb St. Blytheville, Arkans«i FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Stuff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land 1 Iteiieious COUNTRY T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Pr. Logan's Wife . • I llr. nnd Mr», Wnlfrr IV-l]c(lcr. 1'etPT n\v/iken^ In .Icnrcr thp rtnl- Ixnllon that her Hf«. «„ mnle <»I «iil<- Ji*Jt nnii »|ir- mrci* IVtrr np:iln. I'eicr Invlirs hep rn Net hi, Inhorntory wlirrr lie t-i rn- en^nl In rcwrnrclt (hn< may ».T*C lh<i<iirii>:r> nf li*<>., |n t!ir rtrnl ol fli-i JlmN lirr.Sfff f n I'c'ifr'n^nru.*!.. lie kK»c» hrr tint *li«- irll* IVtcr Ihnl »r.r l« not nii^r.r. but "Irini'ii (h;.K I htt|.p/n I» lie hniipllr ninr- rr,-«l." Slir rrti.n,, |,,i r .ic nn.T IHI, hrr tin*h.?ml nlioin HL-rfnc ihr Inli- I'rtrr-, .Ii'nni-l i» uttnhic to al.ny In Ihr room. Shr c«rji nitl tn ihr rnr i\lih ihr ovrn-.r ilsr^l -*ir li.i* li-li ihr kcj.i In IT, Actually ihp krj* r PHE LWO r«£n s,.t facing each the small man hir,h in (he banquet chair tSint \vas it5c!f rairecl by a dais, the large ^:unk in the hole of un \iplioi-flcred Iot:r "c. "1 rc;:l!y AWi thin:-, ivc r:(n blriiv.c tl.e mine too severely. 1 ' Gu? Lo^nn was faying. "The root of the (rouble is that v. o don'l Viavo cc.;u3,h tuir;:s 0:1 ll;e fcinih fl:.or. Thcj.-c c' Is are worljm^ ihcir hca.-;s off. Eviry i^J is filled. and you know whni that moans in answering bells alone. This girl was so fus:-eii, sV.e fjol the or- c!o" s linnrcd my pn'ie^t a i.-.yroid pill inf-ieacl of the se- conal I had ordered. Forlnnalcly, Ihe pnliont noticed thai the pill was white instead of the red one he's been getting at th;i( ho~ and ho questioned the nurse." *'If the nurse had any sense, she'd have covered up some wa " the superintendent said. "A mis- Sake like thht is bad enough, but I don't have to pretend to you— is worse. First you know the hospital gels su*d" "C\ come, Mr. Cota, you're always worrying about possible lawsuits." | Maxwell Cola d been su| •- intendent of the Angels University Hospital for 10 years, and h had come to regard it as a constitutional monarchy _,over which, or course, it was he who kinged it., • * * I QUS LCGAN did not begrudge the supcrin.. .dent's po\vor, which derived from a local olili- cnl entrenchment. He himself was aloof from hospital r-l .ics but he was nol '-iof • Igh — the comi>cr^ntor> posturing of little men tc let pass the superintendent's query. "It's our hospital If . yon know." he said, "nnd we all have its interests at heart. But'I can assure you tha; in this case there's io Question of a lawsuit. The patient's a nice, intelligent Buy—n gentleman. I explained the thing to him and t ie him dov.-n. Also, because the nurse w;is honest enough to own up to the slip, no harm was done. You '3! pome more nurses up on that lloor. and I'm sure things will strniflliien ut up there." "It's no! all." the superintendent s.-iirf. He handed Gus the top sheet o' a nnifonn sloct: oT papers piled on his desk. "The • • oath fight is nol quile closed yel. Read this one." Gus glanced through t' icct hurri ly. Us c- -•<: n-er^ familiar to him. All the tl-sctor anci nurses and employes of Ihe hospital had signed similar hcets and turned them i -'nosl Isvo weeks ap. Gils, as a mcml r of the Medical Fsccul've Committee had voted in favor P' •• -* oa th' True, it • s against lh« "democratic principle to force a m»n to slate his political affiliation, and worse, fo hang hij J'' the thread al suck a iu.-.e«i£iH, but. Gus stood with thos« i claimed that Communism had burst the seams of 'he ca' --v "political affiliation," that H was now a movement which sought to overthrow the democracies by meant. He hi. been obliged to spare severaJ taxing evening! to the Ioys!ty-oath controversy. He had thought the matter settled, a dead issue. Now here it was - gain when what he wanted iiost v ? to pick up his wife and get home in time for a Jeisurely r' ^er "... fore the meeting tonight. His eye skipped to the bottom of the page: "Peter Surinov" in black thick Urokes of a stub pen. In the lower margin of the printed form was a handwritten postscript: "Nor am I a membe- o[ the Klux Klan." Gu* supnr:ssed a sigh and a slight twin"' of amusement at the succinctness of the notation. • • » T-TE dropped the paper onto the desk and looked up, wholly unprepared for the extremity of anger which charged Maxwell Cola's face and body. Cota stood crouched over the desk like a jockey over a horse. Nature had unnecessarily crowded the small features, and the olive skin, now empurpled, was deeply convoluted so that tho effect was of a nu'red cabbage in which the dark eyes were active as insccis, Ihe upper lip lost to the lavender bulge ol the lower. "I'm bringing this before the commitlee at the meeting tonight," the superinlendent said. "1 want to know—are you going afong with me on this thing or not?" "\Vhat do you mean—am 1 going along? Where?" "To the end of the line. Suri- nov's asking for it, and I'm going to sec that he gets it. I don't propose Io put up with any more Bolshevik back talk. The oath has been ticbalcd, voted upon and accepted. It is now hospital law. Anyone who refused to sign was to be automatically fired. No one refused. But this smart alcck has signed in a way that is a disgrace to the hospital. Anyone who doesn't like the way we do things, doesn't be'ong here." GIFT SHOP 105 S Vou'11 Rnrl a wonclcrfll) selection (if Madcrta r.Incus. 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