Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas on May 12, 1977 · Page 45
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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 45

Abilene, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1977
Page 45
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REPORTKR-NEWS . Mom.,M.y 12,1977 Police Report Murder Charges Filed Against Police Officer Several Schools Broken Into A persistent burglar made the rounds o( Abileot's elementary schools Tuesday night, itriklng lour at them but ending up with only $45 to show COT 11. School personnel at Johnston, Bonham, Robert Lee ml Jackson elementary schools all reported to police about 7 a.m. Wednesday thai someone had broken Into their cafeteria storage rooms, apparently looking for cash. Although there was minor damage to several doors and windows In each building, only Bonham Elementary, ·CM Potomac, and Jackson Elementary, 2SM S2nd, reported any monetary losses. Oulda Snow, in charge of Bonham's cafeteria, reported the break-m to police, who determined the Intruder had entered by removing the screens off a window In the kitchen area and opening the window. Once inside, the burglar made his way to the storage room, where he lifted about 125 in change. Jackson cafeteria's storage room also was pilfered for JzO in petty cash, police said. The burglar apparently entered by removing the hinge off of a dining room door on the west sidu of the building, and then prying off the vents on both the kitchen and storage room doors Perhaps those in charge of the cafeterias in these schools will learn to do as their counterpart at Johnston Mrs. Donald Kenner, does. She told police investigating the break-in of her cafeteria that she quit keeping money in the storage room overnight because of previous burglaries. Police are continuing their investigation of the burglaries but had no suspects Wednesday. They did report they had found some tracks apparently left by an intruder at Johnston. HOUSTON UP) _ Houston police, their Image scarred by recent accusations of brutality, suffered another deep cut when an officer was charged with the murder of a young laborer. The b a t e n b o d y of Joe Campos Torres, 25-year-old karate expert who had been trained as an Army ranger commando, was found Sunday floating In the murky and Irish-filled waters ol a bayou that winds n e a r downtown Houston. Officer Terry W. Denson, 27, a five-year veteran of the force with six commendations In his p e r s o n a l f i l e , w a s charged Tuesday with murder. Five other policemen were suspended from duty. The case is expected to go before a grand j u r y next week. Asst. Police Chief Harry Caldwell said the department "will have to start from the ground base to restore public trust and favor. We hope the public will note our sincerity and desire to at least retroactively do what honorable men must do." Police Chief B. G. "Pappy" Bond said he could offer no explanation for tie incident and "1 can't for the life of me understand how young people (the officers) can get their lives so messed up. In my mind, there was absolutely no reason for what occurred." Torres was arrested late Thursday at a tavern where a disturbance was reported. Police attempted to book Torres into the city jail, but were advised by other officers the man in custody appeared to need medical attention and should be taken to a hospital. The body of Torres was found three days later. A district director of the League of United Latin-American Citizens (LULAC) Wednesday said she would ask the Justice Department to investigate the case. Mamie Garcia earlier had called for establishment of a citizens review board to Investigate complaints of police brutality. The request was rejected. Stale Reps. Mickey Leland and Craig Washington, both of Houston, said Wednesday they would In no way help Chief Bond in his drive to recruit black policemen. Leland said young blacks do not want to be Identified with the police department "and the system. It would be hard for black leaders to go out and recruit black officers as long as blacks are harrassed." Washington said the police d e p a r t m e n t "Needs more b l a c k s to h e l p In e f f o r t s against brutality, but blacks will not join because many feel there are too many incidents involving brutality. I don't know where you break the circle." In recent months, the police department in Texas' largest city and the fifth biggest in the nation, has been under fire from citizen groups, primarily those representing the black and Hispanic minorities. A l l e g a t i o n s of b r u t a l i t y came to the surface Feb. U when Sanfprd H. Radinsky, 36, a millionaire Houston attorney and businessman, was shot to death during a narcotics raid in (he historic Rice Hotel in downtown Houston. Officer w. J. Stewart said Radinsky, who was in bed and unclothed, brandished a pistol at officers when they entered the room, Stewart fired six times, killing Radinsky. The o f f i e r was cleared of all charges of misconduct, On Feb. 20, Patrolman J. T. O'Brien shot to death Tommy Manning, 39, of Houston, during (he Investigation of a burglary. Manning was hit by 13 slug!. Investigators said O'Brien had been stabbed in the leg with a pair of scissors and In the darkness was unsure If he had disabled Hannlnj, On March 11, Tteraiw Btnolt Jr., 42, ran a red U|kt and of- ficert |av chase. Benolt wai armted In front of lh« home of hU parents. A rookie offl. cer, Alan Dtta Nlcholl, liter accused fellow offlceri of beating Benoit's head against a concrete porch after the man had been handcuffed, House Approves Teacher Pay Billl AUSTIN (AP) _ A $369 million pay raise bill, providing some teachers salary increases as high as 13.5 per cent but others less than six per cent won final House passage Wednesday, 143-1. It goes to the Senate along with two teacher retirement bills that also were passed by the House Wednesday. A Senate subcommittee,'meanwhile, has taken an entirely different approach to teacher pay, and final amounts probably will be worked out in a conference committee in the final days of the legislative session. The House bill gives the biggest raises to beginners and those with more than 10 years in the classroom. The stale-subsidized minimum salary for a beginning lejcher with a bachelor's degree would rise from *8,000 now to J»,0?4 in the fall -- more than 12.S per cent -- and would take another jump to $9,385 in September 1978. House amendments added three new steps for teachers who have topped out under the present 10-slep scale so that a teacher with 21 years' experience would jump from a minimum of $11,730 now to $14,332 this fall, or 13.5 per cent. But a teacher with six years' experience would get only a six per cent raise, from $10,050 to flO.622. Administrators and nonteaching employes would gel smaller raises than teachers. The Senate subcommittee has recommended across-the- board raises of S.t per cent this fall and 3.4 per cent in September 197S. Existing taxes would not finance the general appropriation, school finance, teacher pay and teacher retirement bills pass by the House. Retirement bills passed by the House would: · Appropriate $104 million to the Teacher Retirement System for increased benefits, up to $40 per month, for teachers who are already retired. A teacher who retired last year after 30 years' service would get n $22.50 increase. · Increase benefits for teachers who retire this year and in the future by 14.3 per cent, financed by increased contributions from both active teachers and the stale. Teacher contributions would rise from six to 6.65 per cent, and state contributions would increase from six to seven per cent of salary. State cost over the next two years would be $109 million. Save $ 3 to ve an extra 1 a gal, ! 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