The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1951
Page 5
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I"— - I f ?AGE EIGHT KLYTHEVILT.E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1951 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION utive Dally rate per line ror cons insertion' Mini muni charge ................ 50c 1 time per line . . ........... lie 2 Uines pro Uric per day ....... . I2c 3 times por line por day ...... Be 6 times per line ppr day ....... lc 12 lime.' per Une per day ...... Sc Monih pr-r line , . *0<= Count five hvorape words to the line Ad ord*nxi for Ihrpe or six tlm^s and stopped before expiration will he rhun.'- ed (or the niirnbcr of Uim-s ihn asi 1 appeared and neljMstmrni of hill made j All classified advprt'.slnn ropy Mib- mttted by persons residing ontMtie ol the oHy must be &<rninpan1<*d by caUi Rates tuny easily he computed (mm the above table i Advertising nrderert for inv-fiiilai In- j •entonR iakc'5 the nne time iikble No responsibility will be " mken more Ihun one Incorrrcl Insertio Sewing -inn alteration*. Mrs Mndg« I Wells. Ph. 2668, 407 E. Hose St. f 7,23 pit 8 2R I RADIO & TV- SERVICE rout tt on Hie blink? Foi fciu nerr- e rftlt Manager CarJ [x>ng at HLYTHflVILLK Television ' & Ra<lio Service ll«ifc IV M*1n Phone 3756 u;i5 ek u my ad All nd-> see result**! to classification style* «Tid Courier No** rr'rrves Ou- [ ot reject any «<t- Apartment for Rent unftir apt. with bath, rea- rent. 1215 Holly, ph 3812. 7 31 r* 83 3 rm fi<rr» upt PrtvaU ttove, 535 mo 320 N. 2nd. bath, oltr- 731 pV 1 1 rm. furnished apartment Eire trie fcitclien. JOR W. Ktiuurty. Ph. 3109 731 pk 82 Light Housekeeping rm, Ph 2920. 730 pk 8 3 room unf apt,, private bath. J decorate". Ph 6HO, 1|3G s 3 rm iinfnr Rpt, Rood location, redecorate for perm, renter, call 3325 7:M p* 823 Tur. apt., -* rooms ftnrt bath electric refrigerator. gas co,u!p/n^rH. good furniture 124 W. DavlJi. Ph 3373 T. Simon. • ck tl TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 132 W U'Rhiul Phone 33flJ Plenty of Parking Space Machines repaired. all makes. Rtythcvillc y Shop. Phone 2828. cti tf Sanitary *vork on crss pools, a Ad tanks. Ph. S630, Day or Nlirtu. 7 ; jo pk as for Sale, Misc. 1 *0 Combines y aluminum " Illf ot JIOLIC dcr* duppjy [n E«c Conillllon, ph 7il9 pic A 2 "creen wlnilnw.* to In^tivll o)' 65 ch IT M I N NO WS :\ Vliitc" R i v er Shiners and Gold Fish. C'rap- pie and Hnss Six.e. Koaches and worms.- F'hone 3839. 828 K. Main St. G. C. Hawks. 7-9 |)k 8-11 Modern 2-rOom furnlslied Rfiartincnt Cap 565 or 2595. M ck If ."SLlT »p,™ ln! Mn G«' 1 &!"«£.! Tl.oi- \Vashcrs. ami Motorola For The Highest Trade In And the host terms in town on Kelvinator Refrigerators, night 236(5. 1 2fi pk 82 Auto Supplies and Services AUTO AND FUHX:TORE LOANS Prompt Personal Service General contract Purchase Corp 108 South 5th Phone 6803 45 ek I! with foon't endanger your family OultJ tires—BUY LEE TIRE3. CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Main and Division Phone 2563 U.13 ck « i i : —- I Services & Television See your friendly, B. F. Goodrich Co. •117 \V. Main Phone (>33V 8-1 ck 2 Hot Point Klec Water tank, 40 «al. ._. Like New— t i5fl gal 6160. . all RI\S heatprs and tanlt — real hnrgntns, call J950 FORD Tudor Sedan . . . here's a beautiful dark blue car at Phillips special price 1947 FORD Club Coupe ... get dependable service from this car (has a nearly new motor) 7947 NASH "600" Club Coupe . . . the condition is good and so is the price —check this Fit! rtlrl for *- Ph. 6:163. 8|l pfc 01 model Expert PlumhLng, oil stove pump repair .Rll worK guaranteed. Call HRtry Myers. 6319 7;:!» P* B . 31 nompt. Expert Service on Coinmsrclsl : REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING r Ait (or ' FRANK WESTALL 1 Charlie's Electric Service Phona 2993 - - - R«ldenc« 3S08 IS rt >t Watch and Jewelry Repair icrvlce on Jewelry—3 day* on •watches and done by e*per* prices Guaranteed war* •epalrmcn Lowest PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second CHAM SALES CO, Railroad * Ash 1'hcinr fiSSR Ynur Friendly Studcbakcr Ilcalrr M-l? II Cotton Plcxer. LMe *9 Plefcrd less than 60 bftlp* UnrRHln WhlsUs Qln Co. Ph. 261V Dell. 7;13 ck tl 1946 MERCURY Tudor Sedan . . . it's equipped with both radio and heater —make a good trade .... '1295 '895 '745 '745 J946 TUDOR Sedon ... get miles & miles ot good driving in this car (new reconditioned motor) OHtpatiy [r|^:» Broadway & Chickasawbo Phone 4453 YES, WE HAVE VETCH SEED PMA Certificates Accepted Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceolo, Dia! 520 — Blytheville, Dial 2371 EDSON Continued from Page 4 r.s." It 'A'ill also figlit sales tax idea, which many hiy business groups have heen |>romotmK as substitute for higher income and corporation luxes lo finance dcfomc effort. , Itallier Have "Wings" Air Force IIO-A has everybody completely balk-el up by changes in de- MORRIS signalion of It's what constitutes still apjiaretitly all ri^ht to say that the U. S. should have a 150 "group" Air Force. But the Air Force wish people would say n 150 "wing" Air Force. The 150 groups would be only the flying or- gftni/.ntion of combat planes— bombers, fighters or interceptors. But each "wing" consists not only of the combat "proup" but of one depot or all-base group, one medical group and one maintenance nnd supply group. These last three groups have no planes. They are the supporting elements which make a combrt giou A complete and Independent operating unit, or "wing." Reason for this shift hi names arose from disputes over command. Formerly, every airfield had its base commander. When a group moved in, the group commander often had a combat group a complete nnd in- commander. Today, when a combat group is assigned to any, both the group Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS ni Tam'j C.ife Tor sale, with or withri building. Good business. Urn son (or •llltis. HI health. Ph. 4902. 723 CX R;ll b Pedigreed Collie puppies for sale. AKC 325 each Hum Moore. Rni 1513, Wilson Ark Ph 3631. 7.26 pk a 2 If InirreMcrt In NEW PowerLawnMower Full 18 inch cutting width, Rriggs & Stratton Motor, lle- Inced to$98.SO. Also good "si'd radios & record play ?5.00 down, J1.2S per week. See us for your tire needs B. F. Goodrich Co. '117 W. .Main Ph. 63;U 7-30 ck 31 Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glencoe Blclg. Ph. 6868 There were six British colonies In Australia before Ihfiy were united Jan. .1. 1001 Private Rooms STUDEHAKKU • Sedan •19 ('luimpion Kri;.tl Deluxe 4-d o o r Jicdan "19 Stnrirbukrr T j- Ton Pirkiip, nice 'oft Commander Pcli Sedan . ,, $945 u\p l-rtn< $1595 AH cars arc euui|>|>crl with nvrr drive and Clini»1ircr. • CARS & TKITKS • -il Ford A-rtoor, nnv paint. rcrondi- C>17C tioncrt •?"»/ «> Pirknp, one own- 'i - Ton in fine $945 $745 '46 Ford 2-tJoor, a onc-o^vnrr . rnake x good trade on th rar! (iot More For Your Car— Trade- at f hamblin's ood con till Ion, call Magic Chef ORS Stov^. radically new. ph. 4405 . 730 pit 85 If you want to sell or buy JSKU FURNMTURE see us. Arnold & Goines 40I> East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf 1913 Gibbon Hange. New giiAinn ill Dlcl Rnbetis. 6700 7,13 ck tl for Sale, Real Estate Bedroom i neat'on Pt tlrnt to O:\tli nice «1] W Mnlri MO pk d IU NEW CLF.NCOE HOTEL 117 -3 Kr COlltl I'h 4444 $9.00 WEEKLY 1.6 c* 1C Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. ! Pollard Aacncy Planned Protection m w Ash st OLKNCOK HOTE1 SUILDINO WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 43GO Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost J. G. "Bob" Barnes \V. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf r or Safe, Cars and Trucks HGfKSIIER SVESTEND AUTO SALES Pn 4274 - 2!st *ml Kenwood We Finance 'Cheapest Good Cars In 1'own" 19.11 Tudor Ford f!50 620 ck 5 2C CARL. PAUL The man to see IT you're loofcl O1.DSMOBI1,E. commander and the base cominan- a few *' eeks a B°der will tfkc orders from the wing i commander. Thn wing con inlander will also have authority over the medical and supply group commanders. Two or more wings make up one 'air division.." Two or more air divisions make up an "air force." Going down the other way in this table ol organization, each combat "group' of fighters or bombers is made up of three "squadrons." In a fiErh!er .squadron, there will be four "flights' designated A, B. C, nnd D. That's 16 lighters R stniad- ron ami 48 to the group. Bomber squadrons usually have 10 planes each, but they're seldom broken down into flights. So, 30 bombers per group, only hereafter, please call 'em "wings/' to'keep the fly- boys happy. Beef Prices Would Soar Beef prices will soar and serious beet shortage will develop if controls are relaxed in any way, according to Department of Agriculture's latest survey of cattle on feed. It covers the U corn-belt states from Ohio to South Dakota, Nebraska Conttneud from Page 4 and accurate to serve for all time/ he says. Last, year a $5,GOQ photostat machine was installed for use in recording documents which formerly had to be typed. Mr. Morris says he has bo en ' ex- trr-mely fortunate in having unusually good deputies. All have been conscientious, loyal and efficient.' He attends all court sessions in person which he says Is the most "enjoyable part of the job." In his spare time, Mr. Morris likes to keep up the lawn and hedge o his home at 1138 Hearn where he also has a workshop. There, he turns out small pieces of furniture and has marie 30 or 35 gavels which lie has given to Judges and many of his friends. A member of the Lions Club, has one son, Harvy Lynn Morris who is in the Coast Guard and stationed in California, and a daughter, Mrs. Jack Mister of Blytheville, and two grandchildren. "I like my job," he says, "and like to give it my full time. A lo bl people come here for informa tion and it's here for them. Some times it Uikes us a while to find i but usually we do." He also has served a long time as chairman of the First Methodist Church board of stewards as he began his Kith year in that position IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR .THE CIIICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Arnold Arthur Mayer, Ptf. -vs- No. 11.754 Elsie (Sheila) Kraigher Mayer, "Dft WARNING ORDER The defendant Elsie (Sheila raigher Mayer, is hereby warnei 0 appear in this Court within thir y days and answer the complaint 1 the plaintiff, Arnold Arthur ^^ayer. WITNESS my hand and Seal as 31erk "of the said Court and the ;eal of said Court this the 23 day of July, 1951. Harvey Morris, Clerk • By Ruth Magee. D. c. Oscar Fendler, atty ad Utem. 7:25-8;l-8-15 ,LCk Rive vnu find him ni HnnuT-Wilson Phone 7055 . a GOOD USKD CAR Ue'U he best In lownl Vou'U iotor To Night 4464 Kansas, nnd shows nine per cent fewer cattle on feed than a year ago, American Meat Institute, which Help Wanted the packers' translates this trade association into 1L7 million White woman or man Abraham'A c.iTe on Ash dm Call in person- female Help Wanted Ply a Main. ir dr.nble ti R1ce StU pounds less beef in the next 30 to 90 days, than In same period o 1950. This is about one pound les. per adult, but that's enough of a shortage to encourage black market ite<i at without livestock slaughtering quo Broadway [as. 7,17 ck tl There are still more cattle o ranges than ever before, but feed lot operators haven't bought them " n j for conditioning and later market ing. The heat of price controls am mil-backs !s blamed for this situa tion. llr- operator. Ap- ctory, 21s! and at cx 3 Ho?p1ul Hrtls IR.OO wMppl chairs *<j CHI per hods !fi fXJ pel ruomli, Trtci i rv SI W per rfaj-. wax*! 1 ai 11 Oft rcr [lav WADE FUHNITURK CO er month, onth rjnhy uum clrs\n- nd polisher Help Wanted, Male JCAR SALESMAN WANTED' Experienced anln & tnick ~alosmoti. Giuiranlccd salary inirl commission or straight ne nt 111 E. Sycamore. \ . no terms ("alt Mrs > ' ;U pfc S H • ! Nice-I mum with car- purl .Cnneri'le driveway. Gl fiiiinu'L'fl. Move in tuOay. I'JSO down n;iymcnt. F. B. Joynor or !!. C. Campbell Ph. -M Hi, 3205, -IS71 7-30 ck 8-2 1950 Chevrolet A beautiful buy if tliere ever was one! Here's a shining maroon 2-door sedan( our deluxe Fleet- line model) equipped with Hie things you like... deluxe radio, fresh air heater, defroster, bumper guards AND 5 new tires! And NOW just... $ 1489! • 1950 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton 1'ickup Truck...very clean, $989. • 1918 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Tim Pickup...a dandy.. .?875. • 19'18 Uodge '/2-Ton 1'ickup with an overhauled mo- lor, good tires. . .a clean truck.. .$745. • 1917 Dodge '/2-Ton Pickup...a nice truck.. .$629. • 1950 Studehaker '/j-Ton I'ickup.. .looks and rum like new...$089. • 1941 Ford '/j-Ton Pickup ...the motor's A-l... $295. • 19-10 Ford long wheclhase Cab & Chassis Truck with perfect motor and good tires.. .$295. • 1911 Ford long wheelhase Truck with 12 foot body ...$195. • 19-10 International long wheelljas* Truck with 12- foot platform. . .$119. Many more late models to choose from. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 891 West Walnut Phone 4578 NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has issued a permit No. 223 to Harold Taylor Lewis to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as: 406 W. Ash. Blytheville. This permit issued on the 1. day of July 1951. and expires on the 30 day of June, 1952. Harold Taylor 7J25 8jl For Rent /(unniisKion. One uf Amcricsi'.- , v,,,f,,r. homo.~lloot "f,,T- '--'"'lillp lillOS All ILT MM K S"'' V "K''- ! ''' ( ' C ''''"' • W V "' e ''" x p ' ' I Courier News. Mid t)^t!i. j^h ! i2.i F A..II. m ICB i'on- j Hfi c'ol fl 1 ]1'K 4 j \V.\XT TO SFI.I,? \V,-imtl5 Good fi-rocim house anil hntli on North Rroadway, also 4- I'oom house and hath on rear of lot. Tliis house is only 3 years old ami is KOOI! rental. This property is well worth the money and will easily G. 1. Total price ?T.oOO. Nice 3-tiedroom liome with K.TS heat, on larpe lot in Country Club Drive Addition, clnse to Central School, also new hijth school. $1,000 to $1,500 cash will handle. Balance $51.50 per month. This is »n 11 i *• I owpv la\vn mowers tor"; rtsnt Master Mower's the one j thai cms all. Rnto fl.fjO first' hour, $1.00 \HT hour there- ifter. Hlytliovillo Machine Simp Phone 2328 mrhuiod 112 S nth. l'h f ^tv ll.fir brturen l)vl-;p. as "rrt ;im! Ilnrnld K. Unfu rot w rontii prJvnlf h hcatrr N'o-A-lv ,IM. On Main exceptionally good liny. price $8,500. See or call Total JOHNNV MARR Office phone -Jill Residence phone 25% 7-16 ck t£ 2611, «fler 3. rrnt 1 7 13 pfc Notice COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, j that in pursuance of the authority auci directions contained in trie de- cretal order ol the Chancery Court oT Mississippi County (Chickasaiv- lin LfUtrict), intule ami entered on the 9th day of July, 1951, in a certain cause (No. 11.683) then pending therein between Federal National Mortgage Association and Victor Howard, as Trustee, Com- plainnnls. and Carl Benjamin Germany. Pcgtry V. Germany, Carl R. - '><i .JGiay, Jr.. ns Administrator of Vet<-_o Cl; ll i cra] i. s Affairs, nnd Victor Howard, as Romc ! TniKtec, CplrndanU, the undersign- \vrrit- ' p( l- nfi Commissioner of .said Court, 'j t<> <:;, nil n' stnrt • \\ill ffer for snle at public vendnc dr'iviutnhv. inrtns- lo t j ie hlshpst bidder, at the South r<«"!y m \vnTff n th? W j ; rioor * )r entrance to the County ny. hrpt. R-'R. Mem-; f'ouMhovise in Blytheville, in the 2 County of Mississippi, ftt 11 o'clock, A. M., on Ihe 15 day of August, 1951. the following described real estate, sttnatcrt in Mississippi Co\mly. Arkansas, lo-\vit: Lot Two <2i. Block Four M). Of the David Acres Subdivision in the City ol Blytheville, Arkan- Sfl.S TERMS OF SALE: On A credit nf three (3* months, the purchaser lifins; required to execute a bond as required by law. and the order find drrrce of said Covirt in said, cause, with approved security, bearing interest at Hie rate of lour and one- Imlf prr rent M'i%> per annum trom riate of sale until paid, and a hrn bring retained on the prem- ies sold (o secure the payment of the purchase money, GIVEN under my hand this 17 tiny of July, 1951. ! ' HARVEY MORRIS. Commissioner 1" Chancery 1 18-25 8.1 WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT If vom car l.n 4.!aiMRS<>ck tn i nn arcWrnt hct«*'« inmolhLnk; you j rhoulri Xnnw Bmirnctt will «!cr you N ' Trrp paint Job on unv repair work ot ] 1300 nr ntorr Fhr wlnur CM I--, p^int- ; prt - not NOT1CK IS HKRKBV GIVEN. th:it in ivir'-iiTiiii-e of thr nulhnrity. iir.'l (MrrcM-uT ront^iniMi in ;hp cle-i t• * i' :il onfrr of the C'Ji;inrrrv Court 1 (if Mi^'-i.'s'-ippi County 1 Chirknpii^ba '• D-r-ti'v-t i, mncJp and entered ou the' IVh dnv of .Inly. lf>51, In n certnlni i 1 thru pending; Frdrrnl National i itlon -ir.d F, W ! e. Complainants, I II and Lillian Ha1l.| Di'fi'nrEnnt'i, 1 he nuderM'.'Lied. as • ('''mmis.-i^npr of snici O>ur'. ',vi! of- j Trr (or snip at puhlic vnirU:e to the ! hitimsl lii<i(lnr, ni the Po-i;h door : hou-c in Blylhevillr. in tlin Cnmify! ni Missi-ippt, at 11 nVl.irk. a.m.. i "ti rhe 15 day nf Aueusr. 1951. the! fiTllrwinir rlr^crihrd r,<=-;Ue. slt-j mrrd hi Mis^i^^ippi Couuiy, Ark- t.^r. T>vrn:\--t\vo «2.?. Block Nine -9'. Davui Aril's Sub<ii\i-ion to ihr. City >jf BlyUievillf. Arknn- No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home REPAIR SERVICE AH appliances: • refrigerators, freezers, runees, »nd washers. Radios and small appliance*. All our work U guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. Presh Slock Guaranteed l!«sl Prices" Kirby Drug HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchase Orders Blytheville Soybean Corp. Phone—6856 — 6857 Shrrds food waste: to small bits . . Washes U safely down the drain . . Simple »s A-B-C. Fits almost any sink, Se« It today at HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO. For rkor u:!n< rrvlr ull HUDSON SALES, 415 ».l«t M«ln per nmr.mi front riate ol sale unttl ^v paid, and n lien beiilg retained on TKRMS OF SAI.K: On 11 i-rcdit of | the pirmi»>< 'old In sccurp Ihe pny- months, ihn piirrhasnr being ic- mcnt of the purchase money. GIVEN imcior nty hand this 17 day of July. 1951. HARVEY MORRIS, Coniniissioiier in Chancery ; reqnlr- t|iiiT<-n to rxrnup a bonct a« ' rrt bv law, auri [he miirr nn<l decree nf fslcl Court In sMd csusc, with rr'iritv. be.innc interest «,2j ck u i at the rau ol four per cer.t 7,18-34-8.1 »** Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 6! Hlwa; So. Blythevine Choose A Hprner-Wilson TRUCKS Ton'll bf jlad NEXT year that you bought your true* Irom Hornet-Wilson. Choos* from a big selection of late * older mode) trucks...and trado with th« friendly people here to •erve jou. TRUCK & TRAILER 1499 '49 Dodge 2-Ton Truck with 24 ft Nabprs Trailer., .just what you need for hauling seed or soybeans. Truck has 900x20 tires—trailer has new heavy duty axl«. \Vow! What A price! $ • '.19 Chevrolet Vi-Ton Pickup with deluxe cab, radio & heater . . . bargain price, $895. Pickup wifh practically new tires . .. . very low mileage, now only $951. • MS International l'/ 2 Ton L\VIi Truck with practically new bed . . . 825x20 new tires. Save now. • '50 Ford 'A - Ton Pickup . . pin? It's than a pin . $795. clean as a CI.KANKR . . now just • M9 CMC 3/4 - Ton Pickup with rack, an unusually nice truck with new tires. A bargsin. • MS Chevrolet >/ 2 -Ton Pickup in perfect shape ... has deluxe cab & new tires . . . $875. ij • MS Chevrolet I'/,Ton SWB Truck. The best buy in Blytheville! Has new motor, 4 brand new tires. Deluxe cab. • M6 Chevrolet IVi- Ton I.WR Truck. A per- t'ect truck for farming— has good tires and a new motor. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lot - - - 300 East Main Street

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