The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 6, 1952
Page 3
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r, FCBKtTAKT 6, IWt (ARK.) COU1WBR 1O5WS Here Are Things to Watc/i on Form 1040-A or Short Form. in. Return (BMTOWB NOTE: Tbki I* the •ifhth •* 1* *i«ne* explaining hew t» Mhe *«t jwir 1M1 ta- «een* t*v Teivm.) By JAMES MAKI.nW WASHINGTON w, _ Her. are •ome reminders on what to do, and what to watch cut for, If you're making your 1951 Income tax return on form 1040-A or the 1010 short-farm. ^1. If husband and wife make a •lint return, both must slfn It. 2. Be sure when you hand in your return that you attach to It all the receipt*—Form W-2—given you by a bos* as proof of what he paid you and how much tax he withheld from you last year. S. Be careful, under item No. 1 on both forms, to claim all the exemptions to which you're entitled, Tar each you knock (600 off your income before what's left Is taxable. > All Get »MO Exemption Everyone filing a return sets a 1600 exemption for himself, another $500 If he is blind, and still another If lie's $65. That would give a 65- year old blind man a total of $1.800 In exemptions. If your wife had no income and you alone file a return—or if she did or didn't have Income but files Jointly with you—you get a $600 exemption for her, another $600 If she's blind, plus another »600 If she's 65. But for a dependent—a wife is never considered a dependent you get only one $600 exemption and |j;thlnB extra if he's blind or 85. About Yoiu Wife Note: If your wife had any Income at all. no matter how small, you get no exemption for her unless she files Jointly with you. If he files separately she claims her exemption on her return. 4. Remember that Form 1040-A and the 1040 short-form can be used only for reporting Income under J5.000. If you're reporting more Income than that, you can't use either of those two forms. You must use 1040 long-form where you figure you own tax. Any under—ts.OOO person can use the 1040 short-form where you find your tax in the table on the back. But tf you're under tt.OOO you can UM Form 1O40-A only If— F»M Tan Withheld **!*• <•« w** withheld from your MM Income e*cept for no more *an »100 In untaxed wage*, Inter «** or dividends. If you don't fit Hit* rule—most wage-earners do— tw» «n under *S,000, you can use •tt 1040 short-term. ». »wryone using 1040-A or the i MftomaUeaUr gets a de- for personal expenses, of JO per cent. He jets it auto•Hf. a* down't have to claim it or Mxntee it. It's allowed for In the t**4« used to figure the tax on peapto wing those forms. If yo«r Income ws» under t.VOOO but your deductible expenses were mope than 10 per cent, then use the *04fl tens-form where you'll have *o HwrtlM but can claim your deductions In fun. to* Don't Figure Born* point* on Form 1040-A— You do no figuring. Answer the questions. You pay no money when you twrn it m, even though you think you owe t*x. The collector will Hgure the tax for you. If too much tax was withheld from you during the year, he'll give you a refund. If he finds you still owe tax. hell notify you. You net 30 days »ft«r that notification to p»y the t»x> If you file jointly on Form 1040-A with your wife, th* collector will figure your tax both ways to see whether its' cheaper for you to file Jointly or separately. He'll give you the benefit of what he finds. ^ Now take the 1040 short-form— ~ When you use the table on page 4 to find your tax pay close attention to those columns which show the tax based on (1) your income and (2> the number of exemptions claimed on your return. Say the Joneses, with two children, had a total Income of $4,835, of which his wife ahd earned S35 sewing. If the Jones file Jointly. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 thej claim four exemptions: their own two and one each for their children. Look at the Column On the line shoeing income from M.600 to »4.850 Jones looks across to the column showing the tax on people with four exemptions. H shows—since his $4,835 Is between $4.800 and »t,850—that the tax on him and .his wife Is »396. But, since Mrs.. Jones' income was less than $600, she doesn't hive to file a return at all. separately or jointly with Jones. But, since she had some Income, even though only $35. he can't claim an exemption for her unless she [lies Jointly with him. Say she doesn't file Jointly. That leaves him only three exemptions, for himself and the two children, And his income, minus her 535. is $4.800. He looks across that same line as before, the one showing; the tsx on $4.800-$4,850 Income. But this time he looks under the column for a married man with three exemptions—filing separately—and finds his tax Is $530, or 5134 more than when he and his wife filed Jointly, claiming four exemptions. If You Are Kelf-Ernployed f you're a self-employed person using the loso short-form, note line No. 5 B on page 1, where it says to list your social security tax, If you're self-employed. This year several million self- employed people pay a social security tax on their self-employment Income for 1951. The tax is 2 ! i per cent of the first $3,600 of that income. If you're in this group, list the amount of your social security tax on line 3 B and pay It, when you file the income, tax return, together with any Income tax you owe. Besides using form 1040 for their Income tax return, the self-employed must also use a separate form. Schedule C. where they provide Information necessary for determining their social security tax. Many people filing "on the 1040 short-form must use not only Page 1 but Page 2. also, because of their special income and problems. Be- cau« they Jlnd their tax In th« table on Page *, they don't use p«se 3 which is strictly for those figuring their OUT] tax. ArJccmsos News Briefs- Hot Springs Police Chief Is Demoted By the Associated Press HOT SPRINGS—Hot Springs Police Chief Dan Watxins—who recently refused * demotion to the rank ol lieutenant—ha* been reduced to assistant chief. Watklns resigned last night «s chief. His resignation was accepted promptly by the City Civil Service Commission, which (hen promoted Asst. Chief John Ermey to top post and named Watklns assistant chief. Watklns' resignation apparently brought an end to a controversy involving himself, former Lt. E. W- Rove and the commission. FFA Awards Are Mod* LITTLE ROCK — Two young Arkansas farmers following in th steps o[ their older brothers, hav won top awards of the Futur Farmers of America. Awards were presented to fiv national winners and 11 slat champions at the organization' ninth annual Recognition Dinner here last night. Top monetary award went to Ves Chllds of Magnolia. HU livestock earned him $300 (rom the Sears. Roebuck foundation. Hi* brother, Allen, won the award last year. Horance Henderson of the Lakeside-Hot Springs Chapter won S50 In the poultry production division from the Kroger 'Grocery Co. His brother took the DREIFUS Fabuiou* February TRADE IN SAlfl Wednesday & Thursday "THE LADY PAYS OFF" Linda Darnell Stephen McNally Friday Red Badge or Courage' Starring Audit Murphy •4 ttw M*4*'» TTJt is Arlunsu' vlelMit faliHSv toll for th* first tvo tejri of thU w«ek sttnd* at 10. Two persoru died Tuesday. Clsrenc* Tractow, 31, in Arkansas County riet irower died in a Utt)« Roek hospital from * bultet wound which was inflict** Mcldentally. Sheriff Woodson said Trietow wa* found by Mrs. Tra«tow in the offlc« of his rice «l«vator about 10 mllei south of Stuttgsrt *>rly Tu«day. He had own shot in the head with a J2 caliber pistol, the officer said. In Ruiaellvll!«, otls Iddie, »a- 5'«ar-old construction worktr from Blackville. wajs crushed fatally by a ditching machine. Zd- die waj caught between tlw track ef the ditcher and th« machine as it swung around, ?AGB THRBB WSCS to MM* The Women's Society of Christian Service of the Wilson Methodist Church will be host to the District WSCS Prayer Retreat tomorrow &t the church. The session of the ill-day meeting will begin at 10 I, m. Mrs. Leroy Brownie* of Luxor«, District \>SCS secretary of spirlt- u»l life will be In charje of the program. She will be isslsted by MIw Mildred Osment of Jonesboro MlM Rowland HMte» Miss Annie Raye Rowland was Brldft Club Utt we«k in the Mer- rtll Heem »t th* Wilson Tavern. Mrs. j, j. Buawy was high scorer anil Mis* Lillian Wilson, second hlfh. Mrs. O eorge Brewer was awiroed th* bridfo priM. Pmon>)> Mr. «nd Mt«. J. M. Hosford, Miss Dorothy Russell. Miss Phyllis Ma. brey, Miss Patsy Oreenwell, Bob Forrester, Mis* Jeanne Trnrmum and ?r«nk Keel were smong those from Wilson who attended the Ice Tollies in Memphis last week. Mr. and Mr», Ned Oreenles and their family have moved to Osce- ols. Mr. Oreenlee. who has been employed «t Lee Wilson and Company Slore the past five years, has accepter! a position at Grain Super Market In OsceoU. Charles Standefer. a student st University ol Arkansas at Fayctte- ville, spent the week end with nis parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. 3. Standefer. The Hey. D. B, BIfdsoe attended Ihe funeral of E. W. Simmons In Blythevllle, Saturday. Dwlghl Anderson was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ray In Jonesboro. Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lynch of CornlnB were the ueek end guests of his brother. Claude Lynch, and family. Mrs. H. O. Yatcl Jr.. and baby, William Henry, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. o. Yates. Sr., this week. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Conner and children. Chcran and Tommy, of Monctte were the guests ol her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Buford Boyles, Sr.. last week. Nancy Grain, a student at Gull Park »t Oulfport. Miss., spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Grain, and their family. John Ellis Elslandcr of Forrest City was home the past week end. Miss Virginia McAfee, a student at St. Joseph Hospital School of Nursing in Memphis, was home for the week end. John Ellis, who attends the Unl- Kno«rHJ«. was the we«k end guest of hi* par- enU, Dr. and Mrs. tt. B. ail* Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Buford Boyles, Jr., and baby. Eleanor Buianne, of Mtmphia wcr* the fueeU of his parents, Sunday. Miss Peggy Bo»'«n wa* confined to her home last weelc with the flu, Mrs. Broughton' Lovett, Mrs. Marshall Woodyard and Mrs. Ed Wil- Hams attended Ihe first Mission Study Institute of the Mississippi County Woman's Missionary Union held at the Dell Baptist Church Friday. Mrs, Williams, mission study chairman for MiAsi.vstppl County, led the responsive devotional. Cpl. Donnle McIJanlel of the Air Force, stationed at Chanute Field. III., spent the weekend with hli parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Me- Dantcl. nnd Judy. The. Barksrtale Bible Cla*» of First Baptist Church met Thursday night at the church tor their annual Valentine Party. Clarence Medlln lead the devotional followed by the group games, Mrs, D. B. Blcdsoe, the class teacher, was in charge of the games. The cla,« Is made up of younff married couples. Dr. Eldon Falrley and Mis* Lillian Wilson were the dinner quests o( Mr, and Mrs, J. M. Hosford Saturday evening at their home' at Driver. The occasion wa* in honor ol Mr. Hosford's 31st birthday anniversary, . Sgt. Charlej p. Keel, son of Mrs William Keel ol Wilson, has been assigned as receiving chlsf clerk at the 26th SUtlon Hospital at the Regcnsburg Military Sub Post in Germany. Mr, «nd M*t. H Wttllam* and atsfht**, j 0 jj Ki ^4 Mrs wu . .low's mother, Mrs. Barda Ander- ion. »«re the gueit* of Mr. Williams' elster. Mrs. Allen Neal. and h*r Jwnily In Weon* Sunday. Prt. Bmer Ryals, »n of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ryalj, who Joined th« army last month, b receiving bs*lc training at Fort Jickson. S. C. Pvt. Ryuls U a Wilson High School graduate, and attended Ouachlla College at Arkadelphla prior to hi* enlist- Flerx Smarting of minor QuM UK ol thu Kxjthin. oi t vea am»zint rtlifl K*f kvH «l» lor uch ol ^mple rwh, dry e RCSINOL m*nl. Miss M»rth» Ann Btuart, »'j«»e instructor at Wilson High School, presented her pupils In > ncfta] Thursday evening at the Khool M> ditorium. The Women'i Missionary Cnloa of First BapUit Church met Monday night lor their regular buslne** meeting. Mr«. Albert Or«*n»eU, president, presided. Mrs. Curti* Miller lead the devotional. Report* were given by the various chairman. You Con't toot a M«dicin* That's GOOD! KERFS HOW YOU CAN RELIEVE A REAL CAUSE of STOMACH DISTRESS Deficiencies of Vitamin , Ba, Kiacin and Iron DUE TO If you're bothered by * stomach disturbance (gas, indigestion, heartburn and cin't ever eat good food without suffering afterward) due to deficiencies of Vitamins Bi, Bi, Niacln and Iron In your system — don't be satisfied to merely relieve your symptoms. Not when it's possible for HADACOL to relieve Ihe deficiencies which may he the teat and underlyina CAUSE of your stomach distress. Let HADACOL bring about an amazing Improvement in your condition. And jo important/. Continued use of HADACOL not only gives continuous, complete relief but helps prevent such deficiency- caused stomach disturbances 1 f ro m corning back. Thi» Is the AaaoLtm rttmi that no en* CAB deny. This Is what you mutt do it you want IwnMt-to-toodnMi ra*i relief and freedom from UM mls- erie« of &ueb disturbance*. 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IT'S BUILT FOR K££fS Wtfi n«w Full-Circle Visibility the Ablest Car ever built •far the American Road -*• With ne* Coachcraft Bodies of vphoftfiry &nd cofor c<yrvb ,;.,feKs: :SliJ tn Ito low*pric« ir.H. Wrth new Automatic Ride Control T>i« '55 Ford'i W»» etnl*r »( grmilr. >^»r fro« cind niw Irorl >pringi (iclor.d to rt* n^i.l y«i Wy) «h» you A. moaliutt, ftrjrt rij. Vi lU k»w-prto. IbU. ii H i: i r L n . . .WurDiai IH, UL'it ITMM m HiMMMS. tkUiUViUE UU '52 FORD 9t your Ford Pealerk PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Broadway & Chickatawba Phont 4453

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