The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1951 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 1, 1951
Page 4
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WW5NBSBAY, AUGUST 1, 1181 BLYTHEVTLLE, (AT?KA COURIER VTEWS PAGE SEVEN Russians Crack Iron Curtain to Let Party Faithful Read Briton's 'Friends Article LONDON, Aug. 1. '«>}— Russia opened the Iron curtain & crack today to let the Communist faithful read a "let's be friends" appeal from the British Foreign Secretary Herbert Morrison. The party newspaper, Hravda. Published the Morrison statement »nd, In the same Issue, lashed back with a bitter reply denouncing all h» s«id as lies or distortions. f The unprecedented East-West exchange resulted from a challenge by Morrison last June daring Prav- <1« to print his views. Pravda agreed, provided the British press would .give equal prominence to its reply. Six London newspapers Morrisons charge that there Is no Mittal. But, the paper added: printed the full change today. Said Morrison: text of the ex- "We are * peaceful people niho want to feel secure" Russia maintains but can't while "vast armed military establish- reedom In Russia. "In no country Is there such freedom c( speech, and freedom of organization of workers, farmers, and intellectuals as In (he Soviet Union" it said in a 2,600 word re- "In the U. S. S. R. freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom o! organization does not exist for the enemies of the people, for the landlords and capitalists overthrown by the revolution. Nor State Department, Pentagon Link By-Passes 'Civilians' forces and ments. " Why not, he asked, topple the barriers set up by Russia across Europe and allow a free exchange of news, broadcasts and even tourists? "Warmongers" Charged Oh. noi Pravda answered, the' British and Americans are warmongers who threaten the Soviet Union and we cannot allow freedom to "thieves, subversive agents, terrorists and assassins." Morrison pegged his appeal to the Russian people on the argument that ignorance breeds fear and fear leads to violence. He said the possibility of a third world war would be lessened if Russia lifted restrictions and permitted Western views and visitors to circulate freely. "News" to Open Columns « Weanwhile, Russia's new English nguage propaganda magazine, News, offered to open its columns to American writers for the purpose of promoting "friendly relations." The offer was directed specifically to the New York Times. 'In New York, the Times said It had no comment on the offer.) In his 1.500 word statement, Morrison called untrue the Soviet propaganda line that Britain, in alliance with other European countries and the United States, is "arming to the teeth to attack the Soviet Union." Pact IK to Avoid War He said' the main purpose of the Atlantic Pact i* to avoid war and preserve the peace. The foreign secretary said his government Intended to devote Its energies to the economic recovery of England, but was forced to switch to rearming when it realized that Soviet Russia had adopted a postwar policy "whose only purpose aeerns to be to stir up trouble and International hatred." ifo'the Russian people were allowed, tc- leave their country ' and | travel about more, Morrison said, i they'icould learn a lot about the ' West's friendly Intentions. I Charg* Rejected % Pr»vda, which has a circulation more than two million, rejected WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. (/Pi — The liiA between the State Department and the Pentagon's military chiefs appears to have become so direct I' even by-passes some of the civilian secretaries of the armed services. This situation differs considerably from that during the pre-Korean War days of sharp policy wrangles. The reason for the change seems to be In the unique position held by George C. Marshall, a five-star general in mufti. He is secretary of Defense. Hi was secretary of stale. Congress made special dispensation to allow Marshall, a soldier, to be :iamed to Uie post of defense secre- :ary. The national security act says the defense secretary must be a civilian ard must have Been one for ten years preceding appointment. Marshall doffed his uniform In 1945, but under terms of the law creating live-star rank he remains a general ni the army. Lovctt Is Housekeeper Marsha:! gives major attention to the military side of Pentagon af- (airs The housekeeping duties tall chiefly to Deputy Defense Secretary Robert A. L/>vett, a financier who ha.s become something of the business manager for the Defense Department, and to the civilian heads of the Army, Navy and Air Force. Against this background, the Pentagon Icr.rned of this incident: The firs* word Air Secretarj Thomas K. Finletter had of the late Admiral Forrest Sherman's mission to Spain to negotiate for air and naval bases was when he read newspaper accounts on the day Sheiman arrived in Madrid. Explanation Olven The explanation given to a reporter who made inquiry in the de- does it exist for incorrigible thieves, tor subversive agents, terrorists and assassins Kent in by foreign secret services." It said the prison and labor camps of Russia exist "for all these criminals." LUXORA NEWS B) Hn. Q. C. Driver Mrs. Lehman Thweatt of Chattanooga. Tenn., has returned to her home after having spent the last week as a houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Demon. Mrs. J, w. Wilson of Conway ivas a 'houseguest of her daughter, Mrs. Bowen Thompson, and family last week. Mrs. Charles namey and chlldien of Chicago are visiting Mrs. Barneys' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Howard, for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Caslllo left Friday for a month's vacation wJlii relatives in Oregon and touring the west. Mrs. Tye Adams and Miss Ed'.th McDaniel spent Sunday In Memphis. Mrs. Avis Crawford, who has been In Memphis for several months recuperating from a major operation, returned home with them. Mrs. T. P. Hudson and granddaughter, Wade McHenry, are enjoying a vacation In New Orleans and a Caribbean cruise. Mrs. Clara Mlfflln who has ->een visiting her sister, Mrs. Will Terry In Smackover for several months returned home Sunday. Mr. Terry. I.ce utley and Miss Betty Mlfflln accompanied her home for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. Winters Murphy and daughter, of Detroit, Mich., have returned to their home after » visit with Mrs. Murphy's pareruA Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Williams. »? Favored Turkey The eagle became the national* emblem of the United States when* It »as placed on the Great SeaU adopted by the Continental Con* gress on June 20, 1182. Benjamin Franklin thought the eagle was too common for a national emblem and preferred the turkey, a peculiarly American bird. Heaii Courier News Classified Adi. Slaff. Sherman, chief of naval opera- lions and member of the joint chiefs of staff, wajs > statesman and a man skilled In geopolitics. Secretary of State Dean Acheson and Defense Secretary Marshall between them reportedly decided that Sherman, who.also knew Spain and Spanish government problems well, was the mar who should handle the delicate mission of negotiating with Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Soldiers Moy Get Battle Armor WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. (AP>Military personnel in battle tones soon may be wearing body armor that will deflect a 45 caliber bullet' fired at point-blank range. Progress in developing the armor was outlined by Navy spokesmen U, the House Appropriatio-s Committee during hearings on (he 1952 military budget. The testimony was made public today. Two types of ar'mor are being developed. One consisis of laminated plastic—known as doron — panels fitted into pockets made in the lining of regular military uniforms. The other type consists of thick nylon cloth jackets. Experiments have disclosed that 28 thicknesses of the cloth will stop a 4S calibel bullet at num!e velocity. partment of the Air Force was that Sherman's was a military mission and therefore there was no urgent Harrison Beauty Dies of Injuries MALVERN. Ark., Aug. 1. 19-year-old Harrison beauty last; night lost u four-day battle against : injuries suffered in an automobile accident Miss Sammye Cox rtled at 11:15 p.m. in a hospital here. Miss Car. and Donald Gene Clark, her 21-year-old fiance, were en reason why Finletter, the civilian.! route to Texarkana Friday night head of the department, should when the,r new car left -Highway have beer informed in advance. Shermai,, it was explained, was on a mission for the Joint Chiefs of 61 and crashed into a railroad embankment seven miles east of here. Clary was killed. Czech's Tariff Concessions to B« Cut Off Soon WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. W) — President Truman i« expected to cut off all American tariff concessions to Communist Czechoslovakia shortly. The State Department yesterday announced the decision to take such Action. It would be the second time this government has slapped out at Czechoslovakia since the arrest . there last April of Associated Press correspondent William N. Oatis. Oatis recently r , was sentenced to ten years in prison after a spy trial denounced here as a farce. On June 3. the State Department announced a ban on travel by American citizens to Czechoslovakia. Israel May Hold More Elections TEL AVIV. Israel, Aug. 1. (API Prime Minister David Ben-Guilon Indicated today that new parliamentary elections may be called if he falls to form a stable new government for Israel. The leader o! the Mapla (labor) party, which won 46 of the 120 scats in the Knesset (parliament) In Monday's election, reiterated his belief that an absolute Labor Party majority is nr-cessary for Israel. 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