The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 5, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1952
Page 9
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', PgBHTTART g, I99t OUR WARDING HOUSE — wiH^M^ WWffO f VlHO'D^, PAY ^ooH-ftwr WOULD FOR THAT!* HfsslE TO MOST MHKT6 MOrlEY A \} -*~- IT'£ Ac OTOEST R6ucs~-j7 PURCHASER A \I6ST OP . <fj\ Mf>, toPOL6OM'S/->~j|| WAS WHAT l£TH& A^*«OO BUT VALD6 OF -THIS ]%} MAYS' COOU3 A9 A QUARANTINE ' SIGM.' Political Announcements to Preferential Election July 22, ISM For County Judge GENE BR/DLEY For Circuit Cleric OERALDINE L1STON For Slate Senator SEN. LEE BBARDEN £ Nearly four million farm tractors Tre. now In use In the United States. American farmers grow about 18 million acres of alfalfa. Fifty years ago only two million acres were grown. CONCRETE CULVERT TILS Sites up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sizes up to 84 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gain Concrete A Metal Stptio Tinki Sewer Tile Best Pricei w> Dellier Highway S] a t State Line Phone 714 FARMERS Be sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS lest for GERMINATION Send Samples (o Woodson-Tenent Laboratories 612 .West Ash St. Blytheville, Arkansas FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. '"/ Sell That Stuff" Phone 2089 Off ice & Bulk Plant—Promised Land Enjoy Delicious COUNTRY HAM the RUSTIC INN at the 'Food Vou Like" Dr. Logan's Wife - TIIE HTORV, o..,, the fcomc of Jlr. BBd Mr». SV M I|» rrll«Clcr. Thrre tk# 7nunK hi. ophy»lri»t Trier *itnkeB* l» J<-»- nrc the rrnllznllun tVnt hrr n*«K titr. n, mm, O c Ilr. [.ncnn. alt,, and In fit Arnlili. hnn hrrn nlnili-M. (tn hrr wny hnmr. Jrnnoi rrlU Bci ko.hnrd .hr nlll , ake „ „!„„„.,., nnr«i- • nTdr jrth nT Anerl'F* ho^nTrnl. Thr follonlnc ,!n, .hr «"<•. In ikr hn^iiltnl to «pp1]r, xn u mrrla Velfr trho n*k> her In yr*lT hi. Irthorw. Tlip fcl* work. <rhlch «,in/ i1Ur,.T« mcnt for nlnml^ rnrilnttni* Kn- JE^^NET LOGAN worked the fingers ot tier right hand as though she were putting on kid gloves, and she felt the ring and skimmed it oil and tossed it onto the counter. '1 enjoyed the tour," she said, raising him. "Thanks very much." fl Peter Surinov plowed alter her. grabbed her roughly by the shoulders, swung tier around to him "You are angry And it's not (air. I didn't think this up -and you know It! It just happened, as much to me as to you." The strident crow of a rooster incredibly renl Ihe air rhe screech was so male, so outraged. that it parodied Peter's own outburst, and Jennet, after a split- second's paralysis. Burst out laughing. Peter glared at her In furious disbeliet. and then his ear too caught the caricature, and in spile ot himself, ti: began to laugh loo. Relief widened their lungs, elasticized their voices Ttieir gasping merriment rilled the oun- galow. ricocheted oH the w«lls, overflowed the open windows. The? stopped finally, and looked at each oiher She saw nl» <wim- od Uiea Uie> e»- By DIMM Gam«* Cofrrt^tmi D«h*.M kr NEA iiitvict '£T" ploded Into laughter again, shaking helplessly with it until tension was dissipated by cheer weakness. "Chanticleer, protector of wives!" she said, at last. "What timing!" She wiped her eyes with spatulate fingers, took a deep breath, shaking her head. He put his hand on her arm. "L.OOK I'm dead. 1 Know, but rton't avoid me like the plague when you're working here." He waited for ner answer, but the gamut had been run. from operetta to tragedy to farce and she had no more lines. She rapped his hand lightly, said, still giggling, "I really have to run. See you." "See you." he said. The screen door slammed behind her. JN the volunleer captain's office, she was sincere and eager, pandering brightly to the undiluted Ho ft in son of the middle-aged woman with the hat (rom which wisps of hair drooped—a peacock at molting. "Ordinarily " said the woman. "I wouldn't dare place > new volunteer in the Admissions Office—you'll be in complete charge there, my dear—but I have no hesitation in placing rou there. No hesitation whatsoever! 1 can tell lust by talking to you that you are a person of unusual capabilities. I can se* that you're the executive type, without being overbearing, don't you Know We have to watch that in social work Now 1 hope you'll be failhful. Mra. Logsn. That's the only trouble with our volunteers — especially the roung ones—they nave so many demands on their time.' Jennet set the captain's tears »t rest with modest avowals of de- pendaoiliiy and they shook hands wiumiy actosi uie Dire aest ) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS U1T JUICER, A FLOUR. SIEVE?, AMP A MEASUR1M 1 CUP--BUT THE REMARKABLE THIMa IS TH 1 RXH- COFFE6 IS SOOP.' eiTHt(Tr«T~AN OFFICIAL' CAPE OK I'M TH«OOG« AS A MASCOT H »D VOU FOOLED, EW,L4RD? _S VANDYKE'S ' MMD, HlLOAJ BETTER MAKE "KIM AN OFFICIAL CAPE/ BETTER MOT EHOLP ASAUMfWG- FOK.HK , STOMACH; Benefit by Reading and Using Cguri.r N.wi Classified Ads SO YOU WANT TO SLUG- IT OUT, EH? "You w«r» to busy you asked me to help you with your filet—did you mean busy socially?" VOU KNOCK BEFORE YOU COME INTO The total length of New York !State canals is 525 miles. Starters & Genera I ors Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith JOO E. Kentucky Are. Phone 2S«5 BUILDERS SUPPLY tVE'KE £>ONNA BH WORLD 4AVER-5... WE'LL THE IHVM'IOH Of THE EACT SOL EKON flAf JKT 4EHT WOKP THATWELK/N W/Li. LAN01F THE5TAaAU£AO IK HA* A MB/rAffLE FLAttCT,? Vou can lake Bood-looking pictures yourself when you rent cameras at Barney's Dru R on H'est Main. Bo x , flash or movt( . cameras for rent. THEN W£ fO4ii LAND THEKB flK-STI Annual Wallpaper SALE Now in Progress! BARNEY'S DRUG STORE How About You? 2006 West Main Phone 3647 A\e. WOKTHMoee 15 NOT PEELIMS WELL, SO WHITE MOT ecxwe TO THE. ' SVMPHONJV, JAMES IP vou AMI? soewe COME CM, SOPHIE, we tee \VEAK A ^ FUZ-COAT I SU&SE&TTHE MINJK-THE SA5LE — » If You Want the Best Car Service, Come to OH, set ALOKIG wrrw sou' BUT, OFFICER... IF- VOU'RE AFTER MIS5 TUUra WHY D1DWT SOU AEREST HEE WSreAp O TPMLIMS U5 LIKE — ~'tK 1VE-R6 NOr AFTER HER...EXM:n.V. BUT WE KNOW SHE PLMJS TO ^EET SOWEOME WE'VI HUMTEP ** FURTHERMORE. SHE'S SOIkJG TO LE»o JUST fORGEr W fOLlOW»l6..WD OONTT IF VOU WI5HTOAWJP .. TRY TO SHlkKE ftE AGWNl YOUR. TAWJ TROUBLE rOR VDUR5ELF ^N5 »I55 inm . SNFETY, f^ND HERS, WAV DEPENDOM ' UR5ELF ^N5 »I55 inmc WUlLSfc, KOTHIH6 ABOU7 THIS ro , ^ND HERS, WAV DEPENDOM THIS wikN's ARREST: MOW eo FINISM THf,T MUM WHO'S BEEH 5TW.KWS PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Krby Drug Stores Y'KNO»i«-_TH' WAY Y'SOf T)1AT FEATHER STICKING UP IN YODR HAIK, I't> Xl AM AN ALMOST THIMK YOU 1 .INDIAN: WERE AN INDIAN ME...UG, INDIAN?) MY GOODNESS ' HECK,NO!1...IMEAN , NO) UG! ME NO /DO YOU SLID- ME FEEL-UM SWELL, /OH INDIAN/ us; /DENLY FEEL ME MOOVIAKJl I BADLY SOME UG.' UG. 1 A~ PLACED KREAM CASTLE Drive-in OH, I'A\ NOT BOTHEKEP ^TK KUNMING IMTO f ffOPUE ANY t HAP LOOK LIKTB V». JOB, BOG*.' J RUN Oam Oauj; Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. M»ln Phone 2121 Gus was lying on tne maae rjea, dressed in flannels, watching • children's television program. "I'm much better." he said. "Did you give Walter PeUetier the paper?" 'I did indeed. He's such a nice man. He was very cordial." Her heart opened and closed like a paper fan, shooting air into her throat. "That Peter Surinov was in his office when I came. He showed me through the 'hot lab 1 —as-it seems to be called. It wa» quite fascinating—what I understood of Jt." QUS smiled, "It is a nice research set-up, isn't it? Suri- nov won t prize, you know, for his work on the use of isotopes in tracer studies. Won the National Caldecott Science Award He's a trail-blazer, that boy. Kind of envy him. Musi be kind of gratifying to be working with new stuff instead of trying to keep a bunch of old wrecks going with Pink pills and mental therapy. Isotopes are really big stun, and Angels Hospital is a pioneer in the field. I'm glad Pellctler talked Surinov mto being sensible about signing the loyalty oath. The boy was rabid against it. Really bullheaded. Wouldn't think it to set him last night—seemed as mild as milk, didn't he? But believe me when he gets up on a platform, he's got plenty of ginger 1 think he's an attractive guy. don't you? Maybe we'll have him over to dinner some night when we n«ve the Pelletiera Say Jen while 1 think of it, you better give me the car keys. I don't want to have to KO rummaging in your purse In the morning." Jennet opened her purse The car keys clicked against ner fingernails. She could not still the flapping of her heart. She was full of I«B breeze, heaving with it bellied out like a sail She nad ,to gel away. "I must have left them in the car," she said. TU get them." She ran out the front door and then slowed to a walk as she approached the garage. She took • handkerchief from her purse and patted her unoer lip (la tte Continued)

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