The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1951
Page 11
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TOMB AY, JTTLt *1, Wl (ARK.) COURIER NEWI Our Bo *-! din9 House *i*h Moj. Hoopie OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ^E^^^^^^^^^^^^^d*/^^ kfiT*" f_^T*w^r^^^^wm f^ WELL, THIS IS ALL TH' \ — -£°JH THfs NEIGHBOR- \ HOOD--WE RIM COME I AN' GIT THAT OTHER _/ . .. •* -<•— KIT nc-r-e-n ~*. .. ,-« f ^ — ——^n«rg PAG1 ELEVEK , Nice HIGHWAY Vbo HUNCH Of= Ya»s ABOUT FOUOWIM3 WA.3OR LEADS Cien IMTOTHIS IT'LL SET US DEEPER. IKJ THE WOOD6 THE UTORTi O.tll, • k«lor* Ik. t.r> „[ Ik, et.t.r, •"" *''•< l« «»l rid «I kn; . M.. .kt l»rllr>larlr llontl,. Krnt. Ik, "" •« LT I lrl*M t_JIMtr> BIT AFTER TH'GOAT ^ MOVES.' II w$H&», : '- \r^l&H i H^r/i c cA**.gfiVi.';!.Ta ^ gQgM "THICrry YEARS TCP SCONI 7-31 W ' lt "'" s 1V« (r*at t» Itvt In Arkaiuii Wh*r« M«yer'i Bread la made, ft'j grett to buy with confident And nerer be afraid. S4t*« Repair H«lpj DRIRV QUEEN MWDMI H«TJ DAIRY QUEEN S«- Highway 61 WILD WEST CHARITY STANDiSH BY CHARLES JUDAH II nHARITY STANDISH wore her fines) gown to the Aztec with D<Hi(!las Kent that night and. was nervoul lesl « be not haJf fine onough. The Aztec was one of hose fantastically impossible Jreama that come true only in strange comers of America. It •vac castle-on-the-Rhine. chateau- on-the-Loire and huming-lodge- m-the-Black Forest, aOJ rolled into one. R covered four acres erf ground lhat ran steeply up the side of a canyon «orne six miles we*l at San Lorenzo. It was constructed oo seven different levek ind the outside wai in three different • tyles of architecture. Inside, how- •ver, it was uniform — pur« Aroer- •aa millionaire, with walnut inellng and marble bath lo »ach t the 489 guest rooms. Tie casino was in keeping wtth :i« re»t. Not the sort of place latehet-face Krt or Fly-Speck Al vouid be likely to visit, though littjr the Kid sometimes swaggered hrough It Nor was it the sort of 'i«e in which Douglai Kent cu«- Mnarily gambled. But it was de- 'nUrtf the sort of place to which i mas eould take a girl from a mall town in Ohio. Nowhere was ;ambling carried on more e!e- tantty, no clientele could be more ^•oteri. Roulette, faro, blackjack — Douslae explained eacti v fiame to Charitjr. It sounded eomplicated and * little dud. It was more fun to look it the women's clothes, and to ;ue*s which ones of them were wives, and which were maybe not, At a dice table Doug won a small bet •tm* mvu. MC "It's a sign you're going to bring me good Juck." he crowed, and added airily. "Seven's my (riend." "But wasn't $5 a good deal to risk?" Charity asked. For answer he took her lo a roulette table. It was piled high with silver and gold, for Aztec policy scorned (he eflcte paper currency of the East, holding ttiat shining specie betier symbolized the glamour ot New Mexico. But Charity thought H was silly to have so much money strewn carelessly around, and wondered nervously concerning the whereabouts of Scar-lace Charlie and Rattlesnake Jo*, who appeared to be overlooking i great business opportunity. v Under a high paling moon that a few hours earlier had risen in orange splendor above the mesa she kissed hjm. "Couldn't you do something else, Doug? A raneh, maybe?" J-JE knew he could make a living oo « ranch. This was good sheep country and fair for cattle. During the years in the West he had tided over more than one financial crisis by taking any Job that oflered itself. It added up to considerable experience. Yes, he could make a living on a ranch. He could picture Charity, on the veranda of the long adobe ranch hous«, waiting for him or, better yet, too Impatient to wait, riding to meet him. . The idyllic visions faded. He no longer saw Charily waiting lor him at the day's end, fresh and laughing. He saw his mother and aunts as they were at the end of the war, gaunt and careworn, tempers and spirits as frayed as their bodies. He saw himself walking home from the fields, walking because the one remaining mule was even more exhausted than he. He could almost feel again the hot stinging tears that had been shed, not for hurt or defeat, but out ol sneer rage that life should be all drudgery. "I can't do it. Char), honey 1 just can't." he muttered. • » • UK kissed him again and told him lhat she had been foolish, and ihai it did not matler. He was relieved that she had decided to be sensible, that (he matter was thus settled so satisfactorily. But when they were riding down the. canyon together something stirred within him. something he had brought from South Carolina, some deep instinctive thing that he knew aljoul women like Charitv. and men like himself. He sensed uneasily that a smooth skin and eagerness for love were not ah that he required of a wile. What life was he offering as an alternative to the one which he insisted Charity relinquish? Living in dreary hotel rooms waiting alone night after nijjhl. hoping nervously that his luck would be good. Or if lliaj. pioved intolerable she might accompany him, not to Casinos like that of the Aztec, but to places like Duke Roger's Four Aces, where ^she could exchange amenities with the boys, or chat wilh women like Angel. But if he attempted ranching what would he use for money? He had exactly $180. Of course Ken Montijo owed him a good deal; but Ken was in lh« Apache country; there was no telling when he miJU get back. "What's the horse's nam«t" Charity demanded plaintively. He came back to her slowly. "Horse's name? Why?" "I'd like to be properly Introduced jo I could talk to him. You won't even answer my questions." "I'm sorry. Guess I was too busy loving you." "What a nice way to paw the time; but isn't it > bit difficult- being on different horses and all that?" "We could dismount and look »t the moon." "Not tonight. Tonight I'm asking questions. Do you spend much time at the Aztec?" "Not much. As a matter of fact I move around—Texas, Colorado. New Mexico. In San Lorenzo I go mostly to the Four Aces." (To Be Continued) LAWN MOWER & Wathing Machine Repair Service Fw prompt §*rrtc« and ttpvrt work, always Call 673K Herbert Graham T2\ Jamison SHEET METAL WORK 117 --------- OF ALL KINDS work v fpr gina. «[falf, m j|| 3i O j) mi ils. Custom She«nni »P to '/ 4 inch thickneiw. Frank Simmons Tin Shop Broadw.y p hon ; z ^l WANTED MEN and WOMEN »• folfow lnd> an Ho.plUI Insurant <Srnt demand — Good Pay When In the Hospital friends send Flowers — Wt Send You Cash See United Insurance Agency 106 S. Kirst St. Blylheville "Everything in Insurance" At Lower Rales Tte. /< - Now Open: Mustek CABINET SHOP 421 East Davis • Cabinets Built • Screens Mad* Expertly I •- H«M«I1 Majlck. Owner A. F. Dletrtck WATERMELONS WHOLES - HAKVKS • SLICKS Ixt^.j.*-^ il'iJS^X-.r'•>-*• > 3e Lb. Not Iced 4c Lb. Ice Cold Blyrhevifle Curb Marker — 130 K. Main — FOR SALE C»»r«w ttlrtrti. 13 mo, M u inih. |iUln «i returned Ako Co»crct« Biildlng BUcki chrap er than l«raber r«r barni chicken h «"»»«' W*i*\l knflnrt. tenant ho«e«, W«l 9h«ril W» drliYtr Call M f.r <r»« ntlnutc. OSCEOLA TILE t, CULVERT CO. Check Your Speedometer! It Will Sav, Vo« Mont; Arc you sure youi speedomeler reads correctly? It's no excuse foi speeding Come In tomorrow one day service Tor all cars and trucks. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrysler-Pljmouth Dealer 121 K. Main Phone ^\^^ Stepped Up! Gosoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Miles Exfra Power Get The Best "1 Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 A Tasty Dish for Termites ... .Vo( If you call Superior Ter- mllr Co.: We'll out an end to Ihclr fcKllnj In jle-tlme! Pro- tcrl your homr! Call in lodaj 1 Xn Cliarjte f«r Inspect ion All Work Guaranteed Phone Z.1M Superior Termite Co FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEi Junior Eves THERMS BEASLE/^ THIS. tOOKS BAD,' . CLOSING IM/ i I PLWSB DO -•- THE ? f LETS MsoM.ET_y !N e EXCITING/ Wi, "Oh, you didn't really surprise us, Auntie! Last week Daddy said he saw you •comma to visit u» in a ni«htmar«!" PRISCIU.A'S PO Quick Change Artist BY AL VERMEER ... -iS IT'S ONLY A BABY! I HEARD !T PLAYING WITH BY MICHAEL O'MAU.EY and RALPH LANK OU PBCV.MS6O THE- CsUV WtTH Tl-i& FUWMV CW&ATERi, TWAT >DU'O MAKE YOUR PITCH AT THAT FACTORY AT TOUORRCAV Btrr YOU TCK.C TErl_EVI61OM GUY WE COULD TO BE- SURE-.' THE WILL B» TWERt/ CAPTAIN EASY BY LESLIE TURNKR McTIGG,..TH'P!Rry, CQUEM.IM' PWMJPI I WOULDN'T J.MNP 50 IM<3 TO TH 1 CHMR IF I COUIO'UE WUBBEP HIM our wor A LWIGH! TMRT DOUBLE- PUWK PLANNED r«' WHOLE Joe,..sor«e TO CWACK TH' THIVF6 AFfEK HE BUGS BUNNY Good Morning, Doc Taking No Chances BY V T. HAMUN WHERE Y'FIND ONE KOMA.N. THERE'S SURETOBfc- A HUNDRED flORE OK TWO OR THREE,' RIGHT...AN' THEY'RE MO BARGAIN.' THF. PRACriCALLY CONQUERED TH'EARTH.' ...I IIKI.IT-D 'IM OUT OF 7 AM W/FUI JAM IN At-JCItMr BRITAIN. IF SUCH 15 TH'Cft.Sfi WEH.BUT I WON'T KISK. I HEN Ytl-'KK ON ICE - ) OUR NECKS ON ir... FORTHAr TH'RR^S/KKCAVIM 1 THESE GUYS ••-""'" -" * 1VEGOTA US MICE.' ^.-4 BErTEK PLAN.' /re* BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN

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