The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1951
Page 10
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BLTTHrEVTLLB, (ASK.) COUKrKR KEWS TUESDAY, JUT.Y 31, 1*51 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Insertion: Allcjmum c!i%rg« , $flc 1 time prr line ..,., ISr 5 tlmen pet line per day Uc ] Iim« p<-r Jfn» ppf duf ...... Sr 6 limes per line per divy , , 7c 12 limes poi line p«r d*y 5c Wnrjth [t<»r line 9<!c. Count five average words to thn line Ad ordered Tor three OT tlK tlrni* hn<L (topped be/ore *-\plrailon will bo rhniK- fd for (he number or timed the art All cI»Ksirifrt attrprtffttiiK ropy nuh- mUtnd hy person* residing outMit* of th* city imial he accompanied by cuish Rntef- may eiifily be com puled from the above tftblo. •ertlons tnWPS the one tlrtie tnhLe No responsibility will he taken for more Ihnn one Inroirect 1n/serl1on of All aris ftt(s re.'trlctn'l to iti^lr proper c)H*EUICht1nn strip unrt type.. Tlv Coml«r NPVTS rrserven Ihe HRht lo edit or rfljffi Rtiy ad, M-I3 H Colton Picker. Jut* 49 mode] IMrfct-d |rj, A tliAn Vj bales njii K nln. Whistle Oj/i Co. Ph. 26JS. oe-ll. * T,KI ,cfc tl Tom'* C^M for *nJ*. «-)t?i or wldmiic 1 liulldiriK «of>rf huxin'Afl. Kr-Raon for jftftllntc, 111 Health, pti. 4W j 7 ?R CK fiII i A PrmirifMl Collie pupplrA for'nnlV! ,'AKO *35 c«rb JJmil Moore. Hnx IM'i ! Wll*nn Ark Ph. ttsai, 7 ?R j^ a 2 j 7i 3 HP Ftrrflnne motor nnrl J3 Ft , i Hnal, IJOO Ph, 6:120 Mr*r 7 ,, m SO feet of d 'tipap. O**-nft - - — 1-117 \V. .Main We wish to «priw« our nlnrfire j thank* lo «RC!I nncl every one ol our i many frlendr- thai were so kind lo 11" ' during ihe rtralh of our lovrd on NEW Power La wnMower Full 18 inch cuUinK widili, HriffgK * Sti'altnn Motor, |{n- luppfl lo $n8.!i(). Alfio j,'oi>rl used radios & rrrortl piny .fft.tmj (town, $1.25 |IIM- wcrk. Son us for yrinr lir<> ncr-iis. B. F. Goodrich Co.! ]'h. (in:!I 7-30 ck «1 clBllv do wr wHri to thank Dr. Jolm Klllotl rfiid ilic Re». McPCRlcr, und Rr», M. H. Grlftl I^M^JHIGHEST'TRADE! for Re/if * rm, unfnr. *pt., v,-Uh hath, reasonable rent. 12!S Holly. Pli'AR12. 7.^1 pk R5 3 rm, /um. apt. Private hath, olfr- tto»'. I3fi mo 12f> N, 3nrt- 7 ; 3l l>k 1 2 wn. (urnlshfd apart mftnt. Blcrttlc ttchm. 106 W, KrntncVy. Pli. 3109. 1,31 pX R ; 2 rrrt. fur. apt., pn only. 14U Anh, Ph 2fl2f> 7;30 pk 3 room imf upt., prlTnt* hnlh. rlcroTRt«H, rh. 6179. I'M rm. iinCtir. npt, Rood, lorntlon. r*- or*t« for p»rrn. rpnlcr. rnll 3335 7;23 pX R'.aS rooms and bfvth. slrc- , furniture. 121 W. Simon. Modern 1-ioom furnlchwi Cnll M!t 01 2591. . ef)>ilpineiit, vlR. Ph 3113 r. 7|5 cX U rnent ck tf Small apartments, furnish- d. ^8 up per week. Bedrooms $4 up single. 114 West Ash, ' ph. 2833. 5-29 ck If Vloxti In, nlp<- ; 4 room and lialh tin furnish Pri Rpflrtmr'nt. On^. PI Tilphl 3.1fl«. 7,2fi ' IN TOWN On your old rufriufinitor on a BRAND NEW KELVINATOR Savn up lo S25 on Ihe ntvtr- esl Ifliil. model. Open your account, liiclny. The B. F. Goodrich Co.! <117 \V. Aluin ['hour (i,S;it 7-:<! ck 8-1 If yon want lo sell or buy USKD KUKNITUKE Bee us. Arnold &Gaines 4UB LOast Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck If IP1P nihton Rnnst RUnrnEiLrf. Cull ])lcl Hohfrts. 6700 7:13 cfc If For So,o, Rco? Cstato /950 FORD Tudor Sedan . . . here's n beautiful dark blue car at Phillips special price 1947 FORD Chtb Coupe ... get dependable service from this car (has a nearly new motor) 1947 HASH "600" Club Coupe . . . the condition i s aoocl find so is the price — check this 1946 MERCURY TWor See-on . . . it's equipped with both radio and heater — make a good trade 1946 TUDOR Sedan , , . get m ;/ ej & miles of goad driving in this car ,now reconditioned motor) M295 ^895 ^745 ^745 $695 omparai ifc * •> & Chickasawba Phon« 4453 For Rent, Miscellaneous Tl Auto Supplifi and Seryicet A6Vo AWD PTTRNITTJnE LOAMI Prompt Personal Brr?lcc **ncrnl Cottlmct Purf:lmnR coni IM South 5th 1'hnnp fiflO^ 4;1 f* W obc't entlhnRer your Tamil)' with llVllty tlrej—BUY LE* TIRK.=5 CHAPMAN SKXVICC STATION 13,13 oV tf ! ^ ronrn hn B 2 ) I2.nflfl.00 insl row-oil. 35RI. S«rvrC«» Nice 4 room house willi cur- port .Concrete driveway. Gl financed. Move in lod«y. $a50 down pftynienl. F. ft. .loynor or H. C. Catnplu'll Ph. -1418, 320S, 4871 7-30 ck 8-a W Hera [arm nr«r Unit Moon l mo in tioiur. Biiifll bnrn nnrl i P n»nt Ixiusp on gravel ro»n. ph. «S7l T 25 ,>k B 1 fiooi) fi-room house JUK! biitli ~Br-r*- ', I °" Nortli Broiuhvay, nlso -1- -,»r"»u 'ork^V.'i',''?'cJr^rrV ! room h " llse "»rl I'Hlh on rear of lot. This house is only 3 years old and is (food rental. This properly is well u-orih 7j.1l pk ll-.1t Kcwlnp nnd atlerfttlonji. Mrs «>»<. Ph. MM. 401 K. Hnso m Prompl. K^ptrt Serrlcfl on ComriinrclnS REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING FKAN'K" \VKSTALL Charlie's Electi-ir Service Phcma ^W - - - RrMn-ncp ?8C"* 3d ck It Watch and Jewelry Repair r. "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second RADIO & TV SERVICE Tour -.t nn lh^ ftllp';"' Tor ro--t "Rl'v-rTlKVILU-; Trlovision ' ^ H.'i'lio ^crvico ltd, «• »-:n Phrjnr .17^ II U ck I TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO in per olln H;.l •uum cle^t .nrl pollKlip hfflx. rfiwi DPI rrs. )1 no |ici ( II.CK1 pet day WADE FURNITURE CO I'll IK'J H c-K BJ For Rent i""«». imf., I'h frihani's crtte on Ash ptnd liroatlwav tnll in i,,rson. , „ ck ;, Help Wanted, Malt .^ A,''.""'" tnl ' ch »"l''5, by «.M. b« •i cn nlncl no. |,.o. en Courier Ni- rowor lawn niiuvprs for rent. Al.intcr Al-iwcr's (liu one thai cuts all. Unle ifl.f>0 first Iiour. 11.00 i>oi- hour thcre- Ulylhevillp .Mjn-l Phone i;s 7-5 ck 8-5 i h. li«lrr ,-inrt oil irli-r'nKitot 117 S. llth. Dl. MJ4. 7 311 rl: II 4 nil. film mine I'll, qjr,-.- YES, WE HAVE VETCH SEED TMA C«rrif!e«t«i Accepted Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceola, Dial'520 — Blytfi«ville, Dial 2371 <« sif i ? ^ 'GATOR—"Sominole," the official mascot of the . h. 611) InCimlry Conilwt Regiment, was fit lo be tied when Iho unit paraded by in his honor. In fact. Seminole had to be\ecufSy lied to keep him in order during th« ceremonies. " fyc.' out fo pull "Oh. mjv J> . maes m« v fr .T surprw. i am . n f «„„„,.. \ Hovf Full Schedule .In pan PS*. All that embarrass me Is hoax nn [ilmriom ! r (I y- • ~ shirier. "it makes ' '-O'-ege-Gotng Parcnti ieo|ile whn write that 1 am num- wr on* movie star In Japan. "I tlon'l say. I am I am •lie of five biegest,. like Lana Tur- i'»r and Betty Orahle." ii«. en iv i Tne Vamafttichi reaction In runup - 1 the first- Japanese .star in Holly/— i r-, rVT-;—r^; -•- - rne ' lr *l- Japanese star it CAR SALESMAN """" "" r " sowi " H -^ k »" WANTED' —— unto f;. truck 'Hlesmen. Guarfinttied salary atut foniitiisRHHi or straijflil TAt.F.NTKIl f;\J, 1950 Chevrolet A beaulifii] ),u.y if (here ever was one! Here's a sliinini; maroon 2-door sedan( our deluxe Fleel- Ime model) equipped with lh« things you like. . . deluxe radio, fresh air healer, defroster, bumper guards ANJ) .5 ne«- (ires! And NOW jusl . . . $1489! *J 930 ch « vr »'e< '/z-Ton Pickup Truck... very ele»n, • J!)48 Chevrolet i/ 2 -Ton Pickup... a dandy .. .$875. • ISMS Undue '/,-Ton Pickup with an overhauled mo- lor, real good tires. . .a clean truck. . .$745. •- 1917 Dodge i/ 2 -Ton Pickup.,. a nice truck. . .$629. • IRiit) Sftidehaker [/,-Ton Pickup. . .looks and runs like new. . .$089. motor ' s • 1910 Ford long wheelbase Cab & Chassis Trurk' with perfect motor and good tires. . .$295. * cine P(>rd ltmjr . . . SlifS. Truck with 12 foot bodv • • HMO International tun K wheelbase Truck with 12,foot platform... $119. Altmv more late models to choose from. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY WACO. Trx.. W ...... farine for IP,, inomh . old twjus '; s jV^'^H™/^; <1ai!y ( -horK of Mr, nnri MM. Prank Garnett. Oarnetl rppnrl.s fn r riul.i. a (. ||,c i Genera] Tire Co. hrre a I." 11 p.m. I He works cicht hmirs and thcii hurries lo a 1 a.m. clo.w at Baylor University. H e has at)o(:ir-r class at. n a.m. Thr> n JIP rilm (hree blocks while Mrs. Al 301 West Walnut REPAIR SERVICE Phone 4578 refrijteratoM, /refers, ransts. » n d washer... Radios and small appliancrv All our mirk Is guaranteed. Adorns Appliance Co. M«, (he do,, *^ f nw , r ^ ;•„,•,;•„^v;,. £"£, ^ e ^ -i ahnkf a IRE when Hollywood's -' - ' H/oklni; fr^rtically for a dancing culie who won't lower over Gene Kelly or Frpd A.stairr: a f) class. She Him dashes 'home to relieve Prank while he attends to fiilpnli;il. Write Box Ji'e'r"^ ! .Dlll-K-r ,\CWS. 7-28 fit H' Salesman Wanted the money and will easily G. I. Total price $7,500. N'ice 3-ljcilrotim homo with .. . K«« hoiit, on \ni- KO lo| j|, (; ( ,nn- hVi'"' try Cln), Drive Addition close ! to f.-nnival School. „!„', new j i-,,i'";i«.' r T;",, r , rl N.-MV „,-,., llTjrll SrllOol. $1.000 tO $ 1.500 j »„"""" rlran. On M,ln fmjpli cash will hniullc. R;tl;ince *6Ti.'J [:l .i"s!".n.v"" ir ' nnhl ' /iTV Sol.r>() per month. This is an I ly groocl buy. Tut <il I h.iv,. , <tnr(H (n the pasl s Imlnstrioij' »'ltli b.ith. rl ,.,rnn t . r *'" <-" '' ! ««tr n .M, . , , ; si.«i,,,,i c, > anil rt,-r ,, „ ,. r , ., ( 7 ' f ",.t [ '» I ' '"="'^ "" -" I' 1 - f ' ] I I'll,-.. -IVm: • • s)lr "»'i - h»nf with Ihr -h«t orill a.m. class lh ' m ' h "' I >r '" | iiror5 kp C) . MUn f \ After lunch. Cornell, '" r| lroh monnlaini nr Into lh« I in action thrillers. But tmist. he up in time lo rare for Ihf twins while MIS. Garnelt attends n 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. night class. : "« l , nB H «*->lRh pro- CfaSpl-.f-r.,-! Countr for . r am looking ir> r nn nf ROOCJ rnputarlOTi. KOO.I worker to on- b.lM,,,.^ In N.W Mi,- 81 | Wails Arlelp "They lorset that. I'm n dancer. Nobody's ever said. -Hey, wall a minute, lei'." give Aclele a rhancc. 1 " I Rea < 1 Courier News Cia.isitird Ad: Dancinc on » trick MOM celling ' ~ " wilh an Astaire would be pie-easy lor her after some of Ihe movie .slunl.i .she's done at Republic in movies like Ihe current "The Sea ' Hcirm-1." ciNirviilc R,,rl CaniPi-nn. ,.| Female Help Wanted *",}'• — Says the 1-Don't. Need-A-Doutale i , fTIIHlSTMAS TA 1!, ""' price ?S,500. Set- nr c;tll JOHNNY MARR Office plume -1111 7-16 i-k U Real Estate Farms- City Property I.OVNS IT lti-rrr.1-,! i n B-,,! r , For Rent or Sale Hotico WHAT ro no is r-ASp/cir- A: _ I "When they ask me (o div« ofi » SRKSATIOKS i cl '"' l don'i say whj should I do If Show trie-rids, i It ? I Just do if I'tuprmtp"''"^"' 1 '"' 1 ' 1 * 1 p" 1 ''™ 1 ""i"""" i Lack of Discipline 'fi h i r " rc>t * nn appr^vat FHtFKnsHip 5 ^^ Blasted in Hungary Annul*. F.limrA >.' V T ->i _i. ^ '. ' ! Hollywood i Continued from Page 6 j '.e.-r. It's !.-,lfl lo B.-! s.i.-.d n lfl i f 'I tl,\T« - AII.S nlcai. Ht:HNb:TI lll-FWON a.u.KS. 515 EA« M,',, 4 .' i rs i; Agerncy RFA1.TORS I i'«'il Karls — '"'Iff. di. usiis \VAIKKK Olc-nroe Il l''ire ...... Auto— Casualty rm(rcti,>n ;it I ,o« Coil •I- <!. "i:,.!,^ Ki,ri..' S \S'. I.. "I!iH" \Vnlkrr Plenty of Parking ji,,' 1 ?",''^"^ ^^;^ j 7-lfi rV tf — j BUDAPEST -i/rn/p, Hungary's j , orfirial Communist paper, "Srab'arl Nep" has complained acaln In a j fronl-pnge erlitorialsbont the lark • of riuscipllne In Hungarian Indus- ! I tries. " j The rdllorial sinclcd out miners j .in(i cnn.stritcnnn worker.": charging il. that, many „; Uu-m «,,rke.ri less " "•'<••• "W"y. us -i'l-iin n. irihnn IS honw wrofclv The mncr : 'l.ry ,-.,„ ,ne and he,,r you. Ten ,t a ,od ,ha, h, Ih/Gan, Conifmo >'•:!!•; aco »e lork lonscr I,, m.lke Plain prnc'tirtinn lime was no more ; p:c.'iir-.. hut if, wa .s worth i' The than M |o ,m hours a iveek rere.llIv ! . i"-iill wu. Ivanttful and it p.iui oil 'Toleration of nvanl of diwijiliiic ! i.ii i).,\.o<fi,.p." : , ,J IP „,!,, ja(errs , 0( (h( , e ,,J myi .'. i I i a.-ken c.eor^p whal hr ihonsh' the editorial asserted ! ! nf Trie romrbark of nerrr D.-M-I.S, his -' ' j iro-.-!.!, in "Jezebel" and "D:ir< Vic- T1 " > firs', rnyal Smart of Scot- I " v - ] ""d was Robert It 113GO-i.1!H» ! [ Sn.ippe I Gn.rce: ] "I' s ii"l a qur.'lion nf a ,-,. m e[ h.v-k tin- „„ arn-f-M nf her rallbrp. i ] I'-'- ir.inn'.t- in Hollywoort is Ihat pn.iie ,'o ?prriali?c m C ^^ bpace U as hi n jr Marhinrs rcpnirrd. i all makrs. Klythcville .\taohinr',,' Shnp. Phone 'J8'_'S. ?,.r, ok tf] "'.rr ,n.R on "„-, roT.", M ' ^ llTit.. Ph seiVi. Day or Nirtil ! ' for Sn/e, Misc. a AD Combines rtc Comiti «?t lite at JIM; houie ^I^ Hullrt^rj Suprlf Inc. 6! Private Rooms : ~ | '- vilil dimple*. ,lnsi. bei:nii.=c a jierscn i jfor So/C, Cars anc/ 7"ruCr\-S '"" ha<1 b1 ' 1 l >ict " r « doesn't mean ' ;'' n1 ^--fvrr supposed to han: yon i nrc'Ksitrn \VF-u.\7i M:I-O PAI.ES '"" ;o rir >' i ' 1 " 1 run you onl of town. ' 'Html 10 n.i-n nlcr ' oil v\ \l,i rv '10 i^ d H MINNOWS: Sliirers snt) Gold Fish. Crappie Riul Bass Size. Roaches aiul worms. Pboiie ^:i:!9 ;V8 F Main Si. G. C. Hawks. ~ 7-9 pk 8-U •:W GI.RN'COK HOTI-.I. pARI PAl 11 >i. *. s.cnn.1 fn „„ V..AKL. KAUL $9.00 WEEKLY Insurance It MI.-IV h» inu;h from n.nv on lot K.Midcs who can slip O n a black u:.:. i;lue fish-.~km lo their eyes tnrl <-.iinc nut Uwkinp hke Martanir lv-,"rrfly lli>ll>ni>iu!> l.-iiriird n i,to (he real '"",-,«<• i ; Mr( '"' '" -'""'•''•.v YanL-igiirhl. » ,K He-ill 1 " 1 "' 1 '"'* Xil'linn belle who ro-.Mar* a! vo-.i-n , with lli.n Taylor anil Marie Mindin • r.ivt i, r.»st." Call -1553 For Complete 'ii.'-urnnce Protection . J Pollard AROIICV Planned Prntnctiiin p!,on'."' : 'n?." '''"'"" A '"V,'!V'M M 1 fSi V Vlrj "»" »>»*"rt"<'«-<l to Holly. --_- ----- "city ttr.'.hte. but now she sayj: Personal ; .Arthur ' Ihrrr It I ninsily mnke p.cfuiT?. N,vj- i am drsnie.tic netrfss I't Hclly-.voi-.d. MayVje now I BO hack !'• .I.iran fs .iKji.mesr Bone. Davis." When Shirley [Irst hit. movie- t"'.'li. inif historian of Ihf movie •i-en*-^!e<! to ,!apan to tind Olll if Rh:tlev vas a ceinnnp Miss Rice '-'Sf.e, or Ji^( * beautr »nh slant Get The Best Car Service? All M.iki-5 »n<) Model*! No mailer wtiat Kind ot cm yon drive you'll save money by gel- luie llic prrsonal jorvlct at r I Sray Motor Cn Wp'll rare tor vour car as you troiild yourselt T. I.SEAY MOTOR CO. <'hrnl»r-ri»!«<(i«lh ne»t» T I'M R- M.ln rh.n. till PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Storey HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDfATE DELIVERY I'tace Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchase Orderg Blyfheville Soybean Corp. Phone—6856 — 6857 No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home Shrrds (cu.rt n.ttlr to sln^ll hits Wnslirs It ,safrl> iluivn the drain Simple as A-tl-C Fits almo 1 .! anj sink. See It today at HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCECO. ** Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. So. ^^^^^••^•1 Choose A Homer-Wilson TRUCK! Von'll hr S li,rt NEXT year that jna hnnght Tonr track from Horner-Hilscin. Choost! from a blf srltcllnn nf 1,1* & elder model tmcka...and trade with Ihe frlcndlj |Kopl« her* I* Serve jou, TRUCK & TRAILER 1499 'W Dorlgf 2-Ton Track with 24 fl. Nabf rs Trailrr.. just what jon for haiillnn srcd nr soybeans. Tntrk has 300x20 tires—trailer ha.i ntw heavy duly axle. \Vow! What a price! $ • '-I!) Chcvrtilt-l i/j-Ton Pickup wilh deluxe cab, radio & healer . . . bargain price, .$895. • '50 GAIC i/, . To n I'k-kuri wilh practically new tires . . . rery low mileage, now only $950. • MS Intern a I tonal 1 \' t - Ttm I,\VH Trurk wilh rvraclically new bed ... 825x20 new tires. Save now. • 'SO Ford \\ - Ton f'icknp . . , clean as a pin? It's CLEANKR lhan a pin , . . now just • '-J9 GMC 3,4 - Ton Pickup wilh rack, an unusually nic« (ruck with new tires. A bargain. • '<8 Chevrolet '/i-'L'on Pickup in perfect shape • , , has deluxe cab &' new tires . . . $875. • M8 Chevrolet 1 y,Ton SWB Truck. The best buj- in Blythevillef Has new rnolor, .1 brand new tires. Deluxe cab. • '-16 Chevrolet 1 '/i- Ton l.WB I'ruck. A per- feet truck for farming— has xood tires and m new motor, HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Otdsmobi!«-GMC Truck D«alir Used Car Lot - - - 300 fait Main Strttt

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