The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1951
Page 9
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TOMBAY, JULT SI, 1951 BIATHEVILLK. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE NTNl War Production Brings Wooden Windows Back JU a result of restriction* placed t w aluminum, steel and other inet- *U for non-military use, the Am* lan building Industry has re- ned to widespread use of wood- windowa. The trend toward wooden windows actually had set in shortly before war production metal products. Home-owners had expressed a preference for the California-type ol panoramic window consisting at * grid-work of .. .. , Leachvillc School District 40 to curtaided George and Ellen Ray, lor $2.500: • ' three aciei in the SE(, of Sect. 27-T16-R8 Sosan Moore to Johnnie B. Conor, for $200; rx>l 19 of Block 9 of ' _ „ — -, „ „„. K vt , iiw , ( 1VI *^uu, ijdT, i« Ol nJOCK S 01 board, with rabbetled grooves w. W. HfliipcWr's Second Addition llelr nulpi" pritrpE irttn n.l. '. i- r .i...i ; i. on their outer edges into wl' < 'l Panes of glass are set. Hie window •ections can be any size, but nsu- • lly each pane Is about 2'xV. Trie horizontal boards which (6r;n the sashes provide a slidf effect for tJie display of small plants and bric-a- brac. !n(«nluuj New Window Xewest of the wooden windows hax a removable sash to permit easy washing or painting on both »ides. instead of pulleys and sash cord, BK in the conventinal double-hung window, the sash is held firmly at any degree of opening by metal spring cushion slides, This window can be installed either vertically or horizontally with one half of it sliding over the other. One advantage of metal window sashee was that very narrow mun- tins anrf mullionti Ismail bars Which separte the panes) could b« used. Also, the' metal would « warp. By using hardwood and eloping new types of corner joinls, window manufacturers are now producing extremely lightweight wooden windows that do not warp and have sashes almost a* narrow ajs most metal windows. Installation of wooden windows is favored by virtually all builders who are seeking to meet price competition for their houses because they cost from 26 to 4tl% less than some types of metal. Easily Worn Screw Holes Repaired A common annoyance around a horn* is the frequency with which screw* become loosened, especially those holding hinges or other moving devices. Most satisfactory waj to overcome this, if the worn screw hole IK large, li to out a wooden peg to fit the hole, cent R with wood ,,«Jue and drive the p«g tirmly into Jlheihole. After the glue has set. cllt:'off Lany portion of the peg projecting above tht surface and drive the screw Into It. •' Plastic wood packed tightly Into the hole «*TVM Jn lh» iam« manner, but thU material must be allowed to harden for 24 hour». If the screw hole 1< small, steel wool worked into ttie opening will proHd« » holding surface for the •orew whun It li driven back into tht hol«. When t*w »ood li thick enough, tubstitute * longer or slightly thicker icrew. The eutr» or wider threadi will bit« hitp new wood, and hold fsM. Solid Earth Fill On Foundation Prevents Trouble After basement foundation walls «r« built, there remains a conslder- , »bl« jpace between the mason- Ky walU and the edgt of the hole •excavated for Iht basement. Thii »pner should b« filled with •olid eKrlh, preferably the subsoil that came out of the excawl- tton—never with large stonti, scrap lumber or other rubbish. The Idea Is to create an earth condition as solid as the original undisturbed ground. Therefore, the earth going into the back-fill should be spread in layers no more than 18" thick and- each layer should be wet down and thoroughly tamped to make the earch pack firmly. If this Is not done, the ground wiU selile and leave a reservoir tor water against the basement walls which will eventually cause trouble. Scraps of lumber dumped into the refilled area provides food and s harbor for termites. Real Estate Transfers to BJytherille. George A, and Ludeen Muidaugh lo Willie and Madried McKemie, for 11,000: a part of Ihe south half ol U>t 6 of Sloan's Subdivision of Ihe north half of the NE'i of Sect 36-T15-R8 C. Davio Jones to Sam and Brace Jones, for $1 and other valuable considerations; the east half of the SEli of Sect. 28-T15-R8. E. E. ano Elsie Mai pettwiter to E. C. Kriiisnlck, Jr., for $10 and other valuable considerations: the north 75 feet of Lot 17 of Block 3 of Brevity's Addition to Blytheville. Buford and Berntce Martin to H V. and Myrtle Mitchussin, for $10 and other valuable considerations: all jf undivided interest in the south 26 acre.s of the north 51 acres of Lots 2. 3, 4. 5. 8 and 10 in Sect. 18-T14-R13 Johnnie D. and Vivian E. Mick to Lawrence and Ruby Ashby, for all exchange 01 property: Lot 9 of Subdivision of Lot 16 of Barren and Lilly Subdivision of Blytheville. Lawrence and Ruby Ashhy to Johnnie and Vivian Mick, for an exchange of property: Lot 4 of O. S. Rollison Subdivision of Blytheville. Paul Yelverton to H. R. Crawford and Cobe Bowers, for »1.000: the south hal! of Lot 4 of Block 8 of First Addition to Dell. Opal Webster to feed and Velma Faught, for »10 and an exchange ot property: Lot 1 of Block 2 of Chickasawl'a Gardens Addition to Blytheville. Fred and Velma Paught to Opal Webster, lor $10 and an exchange of property: lot 17 and 18 of Block .5 of E. M. Bryan's Subdivision of Blythevills. Susan Moore to JOB Glide, for $850: Lot 1Z of Block A of D. M. Moore Addition to BlylhevUle. Garage Is Useful To Dry Clothes An umbrella - type revolving clothes-diyer in the garage Is useful for drying clothes in stormy weather. This lypt of dryer usually has a metal jleevt in which the central upright fits and rotates. ]f it is not so equipped, a length of pipe can be used. A small hole the siae of this sleeve la easily drilled through the garage floor. The hole should be of sufficient depth to bring the top of the sleeve flush with the .floor surface. The dryer can be quickly inserted and removed. Two Weekg Free Trial THOR GLADIRON—$69.95 E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Real Estate LOANS • Commercial • Residential • Form Best Service—Best Terms TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnul Phone 2:!S1 Summer Is Time To Check Smoke Chimney Repairs Now Prevent Fire Hazard* When Cold Arrivet Summer Is the best time to find mil why your • fireplace smoked !aso winter. It's a good time to check up on your chimney and to repair leaks and cracks (hat might develop into fire hazards under the strain of future cold spells. There's a famous old method for testltiK chimney. I pass it on at the risk of having the womenfolk throw R few Ioo>e chimney tricks my way. it's a sure-fire lest, but a bit smoky. Just build a brisk little fire out of paper, straw or kindling »i the base of the flue. When it Is going M-ell. add about a square yard of lar paper to create dense smoke. Theii get up on (he roof anri clap a wet carpet or blanket over the chimney cap. Every place smoke oozes out will be a leak to be fixed Trst the mivUr Joints, especially at (host joiiilt, with a screwdriver. Any mortar that crumble* call] for replacement. You'll have to lake the chimney down u t»r » necessary to reach hard mortar and then rebuild It. This Is a vital precaution tor (Ire and wind safely A good chimney Is equipped with a fire-clay flue lining. This Is very Important when chimney walls are less than 6 Inches thick. In heavier chimneys a lining is sometimes omitted. However, a lining protects chimney masonry from bath heat and destructive gases. Without a lining, mortar ivlll disintegrate faster and fall out. Air will then leak into the flue, spoiling the draft, and hot gases and glowing sparks will leak out. The usual starxfardi. for flue- lined chimneys, not more than 30 feet tall, call for walls 4 Inches thick when built of brick or reinforced concrete; 8 inches thick for hollow building blocks, and 12 Inches thick for stone. A chimney in or near the center of a house is usually considered the most efficient, since it is protected against chilling. Outside chimneys are not supposed"to have waifs less than 8 inches thick. No woodwork of any kind should be closer than i 2 inches from any chimney. This i.s a fire standard. The chimney stands alone on its own foundation. The strength of your draft Is determined by » Ion;, straight, unobstructed flue. Each due should measure at leait i by 12 Inchfj. or 100 square Inche*. Most repara- "A STITCH IN TIME SAVES MINK." Re-roof now on our BUDGET PLAN. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Prompt Service Expert Service Experienced Service PETE IS THt 'LUMBEI BLTtHtVIVL 109 N. First Phone 2731 .,,„ „ "" — Courier News I* ho to S (;<>MI ' I - CTIOX - T '« "<>»'« of Mr. and Mrs. ulley Jones and Mr. anri M w , . . s an r. anri Mrs. Walter G. Card, Mrs. Jones' parents, on North Highway 61 is almost completed and the family ex pects to move in within the nm 10 days. Mr. Jones said. Of Brick construction, the house contains a kitchen and breakfast nook, lining room, large living room, throe bedrooms, two tiles baths drew Ing room, pine-paneled den, and a screened in brcc/eway connecting the house and a two-car garage An ddillon on the bact of the W r... contains ih. heathy .nit and . sto,, 8 e spnoc. The ho,, S e Is .Jed by tV h Tl Jl thr ° U8 " baSe " bOCU ' ti "" US - Slit "' 1B d °°' S ^ 11SC " l ° a lar « e ext "' t '" «« "".Hated home It vsas built by Holly Development Corporation. lion of flues in a chimney tj- what are called withes, not less than 3}, Inches wide. No flue should have more than one Intake. Two fires connected to one flue will cause one to kill the draft of the other. That's why English houses, with a fireplace in every,room, have so many chimneys with so many flues or chimney pols protruding. But to cap a chimney with a pipe extension that is smaller than the flue will choke Its draft. One of the commonest causes of smoking fireplaces Is a flue that is too small for the opening of the fireplace. Multiply the width of your fireplace by the height of that opening and divide by 10 and you get the size flue you should have Some builders allow a flue aren lo be one-twelfth of the area of tlje opening, but some other factors enter In. one Is the height of the chimney. When a flue is shorter than 32 feet, or I s unlined, its opening should be larger than a tenth of the fire place opening. The depth of a fireplace also must be kept In relation to its opening. There are regular tables for these measurements. Sometimes A smoking fireplace can b« corrected by a metal hooil across the lop o[ Its opening. T' 's adjusU the size of the opening In relation to the flue. Sometimes a course or two of llrebracks can be added over the hearth to accomplish the same adjustment. When a fireplace smokes while there is no fire in ft, a lea): between flues In the chimney may be Building Permits E. R, Jones, to remodel a building on North Second St. for use as •A Moose Club at a cost of $900. Weaving was so Important to Great Britain that Edward III In atmul 130 ordered the Lord Chancellor to "sit on a woolsack" ns a reminder, n custom which prevails to this day. indicated. The furnace fire may be creating a downdraft that sucks the smoke along with it, Dowmlrafls from Ihe chimney top often can be prevented by having one flue extended higher than the other above the chimney cap. Another method is to provide withes, or walls, between the flue lops and cup the chimney with a slnb. As a general rtlli- a chunncy should extend at least 4 feet alinvc- i\ flat roof and at least 2 feet nbove the highest point of u gable roof. You can get a gond view ol the inside of a straight-flue chimney from the smoke pipe opening or clean out door. Use a flashlight and a mirror as R periscope. This will reveal any obstructions, such as bird or squirrel nests, fallen or protrudhiR bricks. Spare Room Added Cheaply Enclosing of Porch Will Do Job Easily An additional room can oflen be provided economically by enclosing a fcotit or rear porch. Roof, foundation and floor already exist: therefore the only construction needed is a lew wall studs exterior siding Interior finish ol Rypsum board or lath and plaster, windows, n door and an Inexpensive durable I'ooring Installed over the existing concrete or board floor of the old porch. A room created from a front porch should be given the same decorative treatment a* the living-room, to avoid a lacked-on appearance A back porch opening off tht; kitchen can be converted into a breakfast room, utility room or other adjunct to kitchen activity by enclosing the porch, flooring it and finishing it as a complete room. If the porch is enclosed 'with glass sashes thai can be replaced with screens o( the same size in summer,'it \vlh serve admirably as a dining terrace. With the screens, provide awnings or weatherproof shades .to protect the interior from the elements. The poison of certain spiders Is used as a cure (or varloua human ailments. f ashion tints for homes Dutch Boy's FREE COPY Arkansas Paint & Glass Co. Come in today and gel your KREE COPY of Dutch Boy's new Home Decoration Booklet. This handy booklet tells how to begin.. .outside and in...selections of colors for your home. The correct shades lo use. . .beautiful color illustrations... yes. everything lo consider in paint, selection... the many values in lead paints, elc. BlyHievilU, Ark. Phon« 2272 IT WILL TAKE MORE MONEY In the fait and winter of 19.13-50, Hie Importance of water supply to the motUrn city was sharply dramnli/.ed l>y (he crisis which confronted America's greatest metropolis. Towns and cities all over the country wer« affected ... hut the consequences of failure hung with particular foreboding over New York and its jam-packed millions. With reservoirs s(amlin K at a third .if capacity, the compelling; need for additional water resources was suddenly thrust upon the attention, of the most indifferent citizen. And communities everywhere, whether affccled by the shortage or nol, began appraising Ihe status of their water supplies. They found « number of factors which were influencing the picture. Throughout America two patterns of nupululion movement have been revealed in recent years. People are leaving the rural areas anil moving lo the cities; people are leaving the cities and moving lo nearby suburbs. The result—a tremeu- duus population growth in metropolitan areas. l In lerms of water supply, (his means ever-increasing demari'd. Th» country cousin who settles in Ihe city must now be supplied. And so must the city cousin who becomes a suburbanite. He moves lo the suburbs because he finds (here Ihe urban facilities to which he is accustomed in « more attractive setting. Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity-Use It Freely Blytheville Water Co. WE MKAN IT when we stt.v we appreciate your orders—big or little. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Haldor Oust Proof Motors '/« *o 3/1 H.»>. 50% Disc. E. C\ Itohinson Lbr. Co. SCREENSOK ALUMINUM are Lifetime Screens; FC. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. SAVINGS The Best Way to Save is with a Home of Your Own. R. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Add" ptimintnl comfort and good looki U> your horn. v.ilh SLATS-O-WOOD «wningi. tailored lo lit thi deiijn ol your heuK, ttiey ,,, l.ninj „ fh, line wood ol which ihty'n mijt. No «««(«, no dinging, no "upi ind downi" — lot lh«y in built inlo youi hom« lo •tty. Wildoul obligilion, our dc!isn«t will givi you <n eilim'lr lot thtit tuilom tuilf iwninjt. Phon« lor |1>U free icrvic*. IlATS-OWDO Easy Payment Plan—10% Down and 30 Months Balance Kemp Whisenhunt & Co. 109 E. Main |> non , 4459 BORROW OUR FAMOUS SK YOUR HOME AS YOU'D IlKf TO HAVi IT! ONLY SHERWIN-WIUIAMS PAINTS GIVE THAT "Style Guide Look" . • on ceilingj, walls and w one ,c o A T FLAT TONE p • ^f '• "-,"„. v.. H.AT WALL PAINT .^* * "'. ,_,^ I N" ttilnning «r vnd«r<aol»r nttrfetl. Eoiy GAllON ""*""" ' f» tf«on , . . it\ jiom rttiilonl encf v*oiS. bi.. 0,i,> lopUl, and c»,,r, olmoil on, in S" ' ENAMELOID InuHar, tTl.ri*,. .11 purpei* for bilchin walli and woitdweiV. K>lit li h« arand ilairUKaiylo woih. C«mkt In M flowing. „ SWP House PAINT IS WiATHiRATfO f»t y««r fi»tt<t!*n •jiinil: *xc»i* tiv* T«u •( sl«n, c*ltr facing* tilflS dirt <«lficli*n. t»f\d •r*ilin, wntantf*llirf thDiking, (hltklnf, crfttVlnf. mlldtw •nd Ivmtt, C.l.lrxJ $6.05 Pi i} SCtjiiGuide SfiKificcJ product!... hi*^ ^W^flrtS^dSWP^If*?*: HOME DECORATION SERVICE SHfRW/N-WUlMAfS CENTER PA/wrs 411 West Main Phone 6767 OR YOUR NEARBY SHERWIN-WIUIAMS DEALtR

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