The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 30, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY so. Km_ BLYTHRVILLR. (ARK.)' COURlKK NfiWS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word 'or first luscrtlon and one cent » word (or each tubsciuent lit-scrtlou. No advertisement taken (or less than 6Qc. Count tlie words and 6cud tlio jash. Phone 306 BRUSHING UP SPORTS FOIt KKNT FOK HUNT—Apartment in Insr building. Sec 1'arkhurst Company. 90-TP FO1J RUNT— Furnished rooms for light housekeeping, also sleeping porch for coupla or two yow-.s men 100 West Walnut. '.ac-l TOR RENT—1 rooms ami bath li'B Holly. Seven rooms ant bath, 11D3 W. Ash. Phone 100, D. I'trsiison. , 25C-KS I-'OH RENT— South bedroom. 1'hmn •101. -J7C-K FOR RENT—Furnished nparlmen for summer or part of smmnc-i Crawford Greene, Phone 310. Ill W. Asii St- 28C-K TP By Laui'ei FOR DENT — Mcdein bungalow, furnished, $40 per month. 015 Ilcarn, LMione -1C. 2SC-K31 FOR RENT—Furnished house. Mrs. Sisk, Phone G12. 29C-K4 FOU RENT, -ii roo.'n, unfurnished apartment. Modern. West Main St. Arcola heat. Phone 411 or •JTO-W. 29C-K2 I'OH RENT—Furnished |iy!il house- kcopliik rooms. 811 West Wnl- nnt. C-K-4 FOU RENT—Is'ice larse bedroom, convenient to bath. Mrs. Nolen. 310 W. Walnut. 30C-TF WAJSX1S1) PGULTKY WANTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn liat- clic-ry, 21U a. Fourth St. UC-'i'Jb' WANTED — Family washings or general housework. Mis. Dora IQzsll, 2207 18th at. TP WILL I'AY CASH for Used Cars. Lelmion Gilltspie, Demon Chevro- Jct Co. 27P-K1 CREW MANAGERS AND SALESMEN'—Here's your chance. New (Utick seller. New sales plan. Big pay. Fyr-Fylcr, 2100 F. F. Bldg, Dayton, O. RELIABLE MAN WANTED—To calE on fanners in Mississipp county. Wonderiul opportunity Make 51) lo $20 daily. No experience or fitpital needed. Write today. MeJSESS CO., Ucpt. I, I-'rcc- port, 111. ANiD ALCONftM? MW£H OFK>6AMe<$ CASPER STEWART AMD PAGE rtvi How Riots Will Be Dissolved WANTED—Man to take care of au established business in lite sales of our products in the. south half of Mississippi county. No investment, noceswiry and selling ra- pivicncc not required. McCO.NNON & COMPANY, bjK-cial G10, llcm- pltis. Tenn. I'EHSONAL CASH PAID for second hand furniture. A. TJ. Flowers, corner Main K Laie EU 6C-TF SXOCKHOM)KKS MEETING of Tlie Dl>Uicvillc Cuttoa Oil Conipany ^I'he Annual Meeting of tltc directors and stockholders o! the above company will be held Thursday, June 9th at 10:30 A. M. in the otlices of w. A. Gage & Co., falls Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 4C-KC-3 WAKMNG OKUKIl CHANCERY COURT, CH1CKA- SAWBA UISTHICT, iMiaaiSSIP- PI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Missouri Stale Life Insurance Co., Plaintiff, vs. P. W. Clare, et al, No. 4D58, Defendant, lite defendants, F. W. Ciare, Mrs... pits containinj bones and earthenware were excavated. They confirm the statement of Mcncius, the Chinese philosoplier, that early :hif.cse v-coplcs "made ueste for themselves It; the highlands and in the lov.-lands they made caves." IK TIIH CIIANUEKV COUliT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AH- KANKAS, CIIIOKAHAWDA »1S- TKICT. hi 1 rrmk'nllttl InMiiiineu Company ot America, a curponultm, i'lniiuili, vs Marvin li. iioblnsriii und Ml/alxllt W. Kobiiison, his will", l.'dmi Pcr- tlue, and liemy Perdue, hi 1 !' luis- b:uid, luienmllQiuil llaiih al U(. i'Jills, ii coiiKjrallon, Gcori;c A. Mi-ycr, Charles M. Kiev, Utis llclsaitytr, Jr., Edward llonnaii and liriity UrciliuT, Truslws of iHtcinational Uunk of St. Louis, Culturally, u corporation, The H'd- ml Intvrmtxllate Crtdlt Hank of ^il Louis, a corporailon, l.aFay- it'.j a-juttt Side- Bank unit Trust Company, u corporation, liniix- ii'j' Moilsaue Coiupany, a corpo- iLillon, c. C. Cnmpbell. Adium- isnatoi' ul tho liitirtt- of \V. M. .Mvifea. iiereas«l, Mrs. Mury i;. (.•I'.nii, K. B. Nolcn. Tiiuslw, !•'. A. Robinson, doltiy busliK'.ss us liuliinioii Packliij; Company, t-'l.Mle T. IJcnton, Trilslci. 1 , mul Hiiiiiaiily Bank and Trust Com- P-'.ny, a corporation, S. J. Me Uiiiiiiiun, Tnulcc", and F. A. Kobiiibon, Uelcndants. WAUMNti OllllKEi Tin- diti-ndauls, liduu IVrdiie aiiil Hiiiry IVrduv, her luistiiiiul • Iniirjialioual Bank ol St. LOUIS ;a curpur.iiiun. tiroruc A. Meyer, I Uiiark'S M. Kkv, (.ills Hdiliieyer, i Jr.. t.iUviinl Honnan nntl llmry ', iiii'iiiii.! 1 . Trustees :or Inti'iiiiillunal jHank of St. LUIIIS, The Klccirn: ! I'.iini und Varnish Company, n • coi.joraiion. I-Vderal Intermcillale iCiuiu linnic of si Louis, a corpo- | rauem, Lniayelte South Side lliuik '. in:d 'iviiit C'uinnuny, a corporation, Bankers' Mortgage Company, a lurporation, C. C. Campbell. AO- iniiibiniljr of the estate 01 W. M. McHca, deceased, Clyde T. Donten, TruslU', R. B. Nolcn, und UUiir.mty Bank and Trust Company, a corixn-iitlun, are wanted to appear In die Cltanccry Court of Mississippi Count y, Arkansas ! Cbickasawba District, witlilii thlrlj ! dajs to answer itiis eomplaint of illiL' Prudential Insurance Compans jo.' America, a corporation, 111 the i above cause. Witnc-is my hand us the clerk o said court and the seal thcreo on th.U.lSth day of May, 1031 (Seal) R. L. GA1NES, Clerk By Harvey Morris, D. C Gco. W. Uiuliimi, Atty. ad Litem. ia-ai-2-9 OU» BOARDING HOUSE By Aliern PEIPINO. China, (UP)—Reports from (lie Hwaiking district in llonan province slate, that "for liic lirst time within (lie memory of the present senOTalion," there no silk-worm feeding In that district, this yrar. TliD poor market for 1 silk Is the cause. tad Courier News Want Ads. Quite the latest thing in street sprinklers is ihis armored tank car designed Tor use in dampening the enthusiasm of rioters. Police officials in Prague, Czechoslavakia. itovUcd the car, and it is s'unvn here riurlns a recent test. Puutpb operated by lite motor can eject hundreds of gallons of water with great force ftorn the nozzle, which )s aimed from within the car. \Vi\KNI\U ORUKK CIIANCERV COURT, CHTCKA- S.VWBA DISTRICT. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. Equitable Utnldins & Loan Association, Plaintiff, vs. W. L. Cunningham ct al, No. I'jtil, Defendant. Tltc defcndant.i. A. Harrison and Mrs. A. Harrison, are warned to ap- penr v.itbin tlurly days in the court n.muil i:t ll:c caption hereof and ans'.vcr the complaint of the phiin- tilf Equitable Building <fc Loan As- sOL'ft.nuii. U.itcd May 22, 1331. R. L. GA1NES. Clerk. Ey Harvey Morris, D. 0, Jesse Taylor Ally Ad Litcm. 2'1-^3-5-K F. W. Clare and. Ada B. Gwyn, are warned to appear within thirty days in the court nauuxl in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plainliif Missouri State Life Insurance Co. Dated May 23, 1931. R. L. GAIN'ES, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, U. C. Ivy \V. Crawford. Ally Ad Litem. 23-30-C-13. PEIPING. China, (UP)—Possible habitations of Chinese cave dwellers havo been uncovered by a China,? o:pidition at Chatijteh. in Hcur.u province, avcordir.i; to New Orleans Cotton MEW ORLEANS, May 30 (UP) — Cotton closed quiet and steady. July Get Dec Jan icpcris received l:cro. Several deep Kpo TlUICKF.HS AND HIS FRIENDS open 813 U05 DOS 805 027 030 01U 032 03 J 2 032 sieady at 850. up low close 300 0-"0 B.BUL,GARICLSS : CHICAGO •— HE RAM A -RESTAURANT CLEAR UP Si«ilSS IM MILk MAKE: A LACTIC r AM BOTHERED, AMP WITH A SIMPLE. ATTACK OF GOUTJ IS, I T^EL IT I POLE-VAULT 1 H erf COFFE g, BECA Li se. IT usep -TO SCAUP THUMB ? He HAP GREAT •STEAKS WERE SADDLE-BAGS OF 7 OL1 EXPRESS' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin IWJ-ltKAKTHl) WII.ME! SOMt DOiN'T DELAY CALL 100 For Liii'uniuilion iintl J'ricus E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. ROOSTER. BWPtO 1KSTO -Vh , IN "W H<S\t\-, 6OT ^>OW£ 'cNtet 3. POPPtO ArA I NMAt's TCf '.! 6KV- >OOK 1 1H UK ON DKCK MONDAY! THIS CURIOUS WORLD SEiSIAM CONGO, HEADS INTO OOO -• SHARED ev 6,'NCVNG THEM WfTH WRE AND STRWG... KH ONE QCFKON \VCWLO KAVf TO >A0.5!< EVf fiY CVW FC« /IfA ENTIRE COOLING OFF, &OT HFAT IS" NOT 6EINS LOST 7HROUGH THE Sfc>ilD CR^JST' ,„ AND VOICANOS5 A"? CWl.MG T«£ V.'CWIC oo wscze TO GEABCU i Tue TRAIW F05. A caiwwAi. vji4o HAS TJ= UECTOB CJOBV ;l FROfA IS ASS SWW3 15 THE CS.\Y o:e NOT IM nis AUH.-TW1S MI5HT \S GREAT '•! ME REAoeBS' MOTEJ YoOT-L H«JE ib PAROOfJ US FOR LSAVIUG'jfeO I ft SOSPS^e THIS WAV, BUT \W6 JCJST NCWl R6AU2BO THAT THIS IS OECDRATlOfJ DAY AUD^H OR06R TWAT ALL THOSE A\WAY CM \weex END 1JJ1RS AW NOT MISS TV.' ST/«TLI|J<S NEWS, ws BSS OP voo Sl'HHOUNDlOI)! Cran« pC $$ rS »?^ QUICK 1 . IM W10 OUT BfvCK POOR CMOMl THERE'S OMLS THRGII OF THEM- ViE tftN SHOOT OUR W,' O'JT. MOT WtTrt JE.MJ ' W.CN&.NOO (OWt! T TO TrtWK 0' ETUiNCr BETTER THF^J THftT. , THEIR ENEMIES (\&6Bf\uc-AH& « THE.W.ON OWt BtWNTJ THEM. > THt^ CAM BE HEfW.P UPS>T(>,\RS, TOO— !>TOMP\N& ANtneUANti f^NO SHOOT1N6 — ._-_ _.J<j\\HU<3 gUH-WS JUST DESSERTS.

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