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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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OaklAUfcllirribune June 3, 1966 2,000 JOBART Marchers IS Plan Sunday Protest Ra r. Yinger made i his an- An estimated 2,000 persons nouncement i his church 8 newsletter, be distributed Sunday. He said BART is being made Sunday will make a two-mile protest march and a Lakeside Park rally to dramatize a push for equal-opportunity hiring in building the billion-dollar Bay Area Rapid Transit system (BABT)." the "fall guy" in the hiring is sue when the basic has to do with the unions." "It is very unpopular, I know, The demonstration will be to work directly on the unions," Dr. Yinger declares. "But it is sponsored by Justice On Bay among those which have llttte, i "any, minority represents tion." LEGISLATION NEEDED 1 He-suggests that JOBART seek legislation on union menj-bership or work insistently" i the: unions rather than carry out "expressed threats of work stoppages on BART which would' cause the whole Bay Area to suffer.

"I keep wondering," wrote Dr. Yinger, "why someone doesn't start a union that would have as its basis those minorities that find it difficult to get into the established unions." Dr. Yinger advises members of his church who don't agree with him "to act according to their own lights." clear, from every bit of infor Area Rapid Transit mation that I have gathered, an organization formed specifi that there would be no problem cally to increase the Wring of at all of the unions would open minority workers on the three- the doors to minority people.1 county In a new development, Dr. Dr. Yinger writes that he "has been told that laborers, cement finishers and carpenters Paul Yinger; pastor of the Piedmont Community Church, and have good representation of minorities but that ironworkers, president of the Oakland Coun operating engineers, plumbers and electrical workers are cil of Churches, has announced that he personally will not take part in the protest Desp i the fact mat fee church council last week unanimously threw its support behind the demonstration; Dr.

Yinger said he could not "in good faith join fee parade and rally." 'RASH, ARROGANT 'JOBART proposals contain an element of "we demand" which he considers rash and arrogant, Dr. Yinger declared. council spokesman today said no other ministers have followed Dr. Yinger'a action i '-I -1 andfee council continues Jo urge the congregations of its 62 member churches to join Sun day's protest. JOBART made its estimate of 2,000 participants in its applica Architect's sketch shows principal details of the Grove-Shafter, MacArthur freeways interchange tion for a parade permit, which UK KT has been granted by the city.

nraiiunucjLL FDA Closes Down Diet Firm Agents Paraders are scheduled to start at 1:30 p.m. from the First African Methodist Episcopal Church, at 37th Street and Bid Opening June 22 for Huge Freeway Interchange WASHINGTON (UPI) The Telegraph Avenue. RALLY AT BANDSTAND Food and Drug Administration has closed the New York head The procession will move southward on Telegraph and turn eastward on West Grand Avenue, continuing to the park, quarters of a group promoting The other bid will be for con The culvert, 650 feet long, will replace the present a diet which the government No minimum balance required Insured safety Passbook flexibility No time restrictions Savings accounts arc insured up to 1 0,000 by a permanent agency of the U.S. Government. Save by postage is paid both ways.

Continued from Page 1 the project with about 33 months estimated for comple said had resulted in several struction of loop and ramp connections to the Nimitz Freeway where the rally will be held at drainage facility for San Pablo Relocation gill Backed By Reading ayor John H. Reading today urged the State Legislature to pjss a bill ordering Bay Area Bfcpkl Transit to pay relocation expenses to residents and business firms in the path of transit fht-of-way. a a letter toTouFEastbay 1 ar Reading said, 'persons required by BART to njove residence or, business locations need every possible practical assistance to alleviate hardship. I feel this bill is a deaths by starvation. the bandstand.

at Dixon Landing Road in the cities of Fremont and Milpitas. Agents seized quantities of tion of the entire project. Creek on the northwest side of the Orinda interchange. The major portion of the grading will be done in this Capt. Charles Hansen of the police traffic division said the procession will march in one The Grove-Shafter Freeway solid and liquid grain products Thursday in quarters of the Estimated cost is $205,000 for this project which will provide Ohsawa Foundation, named traffic lane, escorted by two excava-1 IWHi Protestors will march in and Coyote Creeks.

groups of 250, each headed by a AND LOAN ASSOCIATION The FDA said the items that made up the "Zen Macrobiotic monitor, to permit the flow of Standard Savings Buildini traffic from side streets. Diet" were illegally labeled and 1849 Willow Pass Road, Concord, California tion for the culvert and subsequent fill covering it will form the foundation for the Orinda Station parking lot -Another grading site will be on the northerly side of the freeway east of the Orinda interchange, near the St. Stephens Overcrossing. Already backing the JOBART promoted as a cure for some Keaton's Estate Left to Widow 80 diseases, including cancer andj project are five Negro minister major step to that end heart disease. ial organizationsr He sent the letter to Assem will ultimately extend from the Nimitz northerly, to the Calde-scott Tunnel, where the Route 24 freeway passes through the bills into Contra Costa County and proceeds toward Walnut Creek.

The BART fine parts company with the freeway at Chabot enters its own tunnel and doesn't "see" daylight again until the Orinda Station. The State Division of Highways, which called for Ihe bids to be opened in Sacramento on June 22, will open two other bids on the same day. One is for installation of a 14-foot concrete arch culvert and grading of two areas for widening Route 24 at Orinda to accommodate BART facilities. POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL LOS ANGELES (AP)-The The work is extimated to cost $2 million and will require about 4 months. blymen Byron Romford, Don Mulford, Robert Crown and Ni-cholas Petris.

bin, which has passed the assembly's committee on transportation and cornmerce, directs BART to pay up to $200 to relocate a resident and up to for a business firm. During construction, the contractor will be permitted to widow of comedian Buster Kea-ton, will receive his entire estate, in excess of $5,000 Superior Court records disclosed. Keaton, 70, died Feb. 1 of lung cancer. A Mrs.

Eleanor-Keaton, of suburban Canoga Park, was wed to. the comic 25 years. She was his third close the outside lane in the area where grading is under way except between 6:30 a.ih. and 9 a.m. Monday through Fri cost to BART has been estimated at about day.

As teachers we are appalled at the recent cutbacks in educational expenditures announced by the federal government which result from the increasing costs of the war in Viet Nam. These cutbacks can be' seen in the Headstart Program, the Schqol Milk Program, and the School Lunch Program. Should our presents policy continue, further reductions in the appropriations of federal monies for education can be Imports of lasting beauty from all parts of the world. BRASS METAL PATIO BELL ling wheoyoo arrive; jing to welcome; ring -your departure, at home olm yout Jboat, diameter, brass plated bells make handsome decorations bane from black iron brackets 1.79 each I il IMPORTS sRi S33? JACK LONDON SQUARE OAKLAND I HOURS: 10: 00 a.m. to 10: 00 every day These cutbacks are an unacceptable casualty resulting from the Viet Nam war, a war which finds Americans killing and being killed without cause and without relation to national interest.

This war is creating in our young people disillusionment and frustration. We oppose the war in the interests of higher standards of national morality and integrity. We therefore urge you to support a candidate for Congress who has exhibited deep concern both for ending immediately the war in Viet Nam and for seeking solutions to the major educational problems confronting our society A We support and urge your support for Robert Scheer, candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congressman from the Seventh Congressional District. Scheer will fight for better schools and better lives for the people of Oakland and Berkeley, and for peace in Viet Nam. (including Sunday).

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