Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 26, 1895 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1895
Page 6
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OUR GUEST, FIIOM Firm PACK.] Ford J B, Jesse Stukey, 1112 North Freeh T F, Louisa Larrimer, 1300 High Fred J J, A M Cockley, i'09 Bates Ferris James E, W M Ganger, 703 Linden avenue Frceland W D and wife, Iloracr Kessler, 1118 High Foster W A and wife, Mary Fancher, 1119 High Gerard A C, John Buchanan. 1317 High Gillum N and wife, Ruth Forest, 818 Broadway Green G VV>, John Buchanan, 1317 Higb 'Greenman A, W S HieharJson, lOli'Nortli Gregg ET and wife, C E D)ke- man, 8^9 Linden avenue Gross W P and wife, Borge?, JSU"lu m l>ia Horace Guild D H, Broadway GuiM T M, 1601 Broadway Griest W A, Horace Mrs I> A Crismond, Crismond, Mrs H Wool, 519 Manly, G C Home, 112:> HtitnesJ M and wlfV, Mrs C13 Broadway Harbour 0 V I, G C llornc Bj'Oac'lwuy [•!:•.rristin 0 S, Lincoln Gipe, 2010 J5 road way • IL.r.vdi J II, G- C Home, J123 Broui.iwiiy Marvoy U and wife, Mrs Kate 'Rsl'.i'r, 728 High E 114 F. A P Jeuks, N, Hon G E lioss, 90S W T Gill'e, 1000 North. Will VanStceu- 1 fasty .Ninth Hfrrick I Market Hill G H Holloppter B S, bci-f; 1717 Spear Hollopct.if C M. and wife, Mrs D -Campbell, 213 Chippcwa Hudson C G, Hon G E lloss, 90S ^Market IT.uiglilby F L, Joseph Amon, 219 Jfutchiins J L, J A ViDcy, S!C> Limlun avenue .Ilartei 1 3 V, Anna JOikloburncrJ.M) Howcr 1), J P B Updegrafl 1 , 205 Sta'o Hart/. \V J, J P .B UpcU-gratf, 205 -Stale Hurrou \\ r Pand wife, K N Taylor, 10!' Kul iliver avenue Ilollopi-tur C K, A M Uocklcy, 209 .Br.tos Ih-ston Ssmucl, J S Craig, SIC JN'oi tli Hiukaian W II, W D Wright, CUO Mar It ft Jnclcson .1 H', Ci W Westcrmari, .1405 'Broadway Jolmsion. J and wife, M Beezuley, .olS Filch Jones 11 C, Andrew Hublcr, 414 '.NortU Johnston T J, B F Harriott, 500 Dilc'lbuiiriH: avenue Junes M L, Mrs K Woo!, 519 Clones 0 S, B F Barnelt, 500 Mel- .bourne avenue Johnson H M and wife, Mrs L Jlcrsuey, 5.12 High Kemp M A, Mrs Elizabeth Wilson, '.200 Broadway Keuiper V A and wife, Miss Ella AlU-n, 413 Thirteenth Kiug G, WE Sweet, 1012 Broadway Kuox L E, 0 A Cuminings, 1S10 North Kvcicler L M, W M Krcicler, 1212 2fonh Kepner F B, Col Kobert Cromcr, •412Mi i lbou).'ne avenue Lewellcn J A, Capt D H Mull, SOI North L-\coy F M, W M Hagcnbuck, 1527 Broadway Lacy H J, S .Seventh Lamport A L, 1015 North Lamport A W and. wife, C E Johnston, 1710 Hi^h L:isb W M, Mrs Elizabeth Wilson, 200 Broadway Lewellen J~W and wife, A J Kob- inson, 1100 North Lisrht S and wife, F W Edwards, . 1205 High Lower? J W and wife, B F Kees- 1ms!, 907 North Lynch C W and' wife, D W Tora- lioson, US Seventh Lang J C, Col Robert Cromer, 412 Melbourne avenue Lacey H and wife, Mrs A R Smith, 1503 Broadway Lundifar F, Mrs,II Wool, 519 Osage Lonng W T, J H Tudor, SOO Helm McCarty W A, W H Ganger, 703 Linden avenue Magor M J, D M Watts, 701 Helm Mrtlrin E E and wife, George Washburn, 1015 Spear Mahin M and wife, J S Craig, 816 JSorth Marble MS, IN Crawford, 1318 ^Broadway Martin J G A, Wm Hagenbuck, i 1527 Broadway McCarter A G and wife, W II McCord, 710 Knee McCarty J S, Carrie Haney, 712 Broadway McCarty AV E, Frank Martin, 140S North McCinlock E and wife, Aldin Cook, 14.29 Market McCay J 1, A J Sutton, G10 Broadway McDauicl J W, R D Stevens, 112 Eel River McElwce J S and wife, Morris Sellers, 1215 North McCaig W C, Mrs P J Elkins, 231 Pratt McKee A E, Mayor G P McKee, 421 west Broadway Malinger S J and wife, M Nash, 10G Ninth . Mendcnhall M H, Mrs J C Mer- riaii), 718 Market Miller S C, A J Robinson, 1100 North Mikels C M, C L Dilley, 123 Fourth Mott M II, Seybold Bro's, at Mardock Murray C H, Carrie Haney, 712 Broadway Murrey D G, C L Dilley, 123 Fourth .Melts C H, Mrs R Wool, 519 Osage Murrey W E, Aldiu Cook, 1429 Market Martin W W, B F Barnett, 500 Meiboume avenue JiJiiiior E J, D M' Watts, 701 Helm Maftxgar L J and wife, James Walters, 1700 North Nash J T, Mrs George Doolittlc, MOti Market Neal A G and wife. James C Fairman, 1423 High Neal E li and wife, E F Lconaid, 124 (X-ago Neal T C, A G Shaffer, S14 Race Nelson M N and wife, Rev H J Norris, SOG Broadway Nethercut M E, Bert Small, 802 Spear Norris S C, Rev S I Zcchiel Sycamore Oboi no J W. S W Tecple, west Market Parr W D, Harry Thompson, 2322 Broiidway PasdiiiJl J W aud wife, W M Con- dun, 020 North Patterson J A and wife, W D Place Jr, 900 Broadway Patterson A M, Joseph Patterson, IGUl North Pock W, Mrs 'Fred Shulte, 1711 North Pedcccord N T, Mrs Fred Shultz, nil. Noith Phillips N 11, B F Keesling, 907 Skinner C, Aldin Cook, 1429 Market, Slack J H, Daniel Foglesong, 14 wife Wiljard D McElheney, 1911 798 22 P, Robert Mc-Elhancy, 15 Richardson, 207 F II Wippermac, North P.erc'c M 1U17 North Pierce W II, Dr H C Cushman, 112 Eighth Pierce W 0 and wife, Mollic Black, 1G.15 High Pitlenger A A aud wife, G W Boivyer, 1S25 Broadway Powell l> D, S W Tut pie, 522 west Market Powoll P E, Mrs C P Wright, 1421 Smith H C and Place, 12uO High Smith M H. Robert 1G»7 North Smith R H, F M Murphy, Market Spellman R D, Dr H C Cushman, 112 Eighth Stabler T, Mrs J C Merriam, 71 S Market Stamin S F and wife, Tillman Sampsel, 703 Thirteenth Stewart J M, Dr D L Overholser, 321 PleSsant Hill Slewart W S and wife, James McMillen, W. Bates Stone F M and wife, W W Reynolds, 410 Tenth Striglu M F, Lincoln Gipe, 2016 Broadway Smith D D, E E Davis, 1501 High Stranahau W S, E E Davis, 1501 High Suman W R and wife, A C Planck, 1426 North Smith W D, B F Barnett, 500 Melbourne avenue Smith C W and wife, Dr Sterett, 1409 Market Sleeve L and wife, F D Wright, 423 Michigan avenue Syiu S F, H Benici 1G25 High. Suimvalt J A, H Benicn, 1G25 High Stokes L H,J A Vine, SI 6 Linden avenue. Speckeinc F. 0 A Cummins !S10 North. Synder B F, 0 H Black, 12 Balsam. Shiun B G, P B Shinn, 207 Seventh, Teaguo M A, Seybold Bros, Murdock hotel, Teri'flinger J V, James A Day, 927 Spear. Tharp F D and wife, Judge Nelson at Murdock. Tiukbam C, B V Pittmau, High. Toby R, Mrs Doolittle, 1506 Market. Turner A A and wife, W E Wicl- geon, 815 Linden avenue. Teeters Grant-, The Misses Swadener, 230 0=age, _ "• Trippeer Edward, D L Overholaer,' A Doctor's Evidence COLLEGE HIPPODROMING. ma Ex- I What He Sa.ys .About Medicine and |Curef. He Tells Wlislt He Con>UlCrs the J C 1322 There is One ICeiutnly AVbicU He Knows Will do all it Claims. A doctor's wviOte.Cb rfjfardicg' med icinee KQC dise-. M-. is- «.!*ftys conalc ored ibo biyhtbt «u bori.ty. E?or court, in ihe.wuila ri.ix-ept.ii bis judg menl ->n positive ,iau loultputtt evidence Tn*TtFuih. wljnv Ue sa about a ce-taiu rcmecy cannot b doubted. Dr. J. W. Mi;:kler. o! Biih, N. H. suffdruc for a loc£ lime from that ler rlble disease, aeihmii. Ail ibe doc iors nod mcdiclcfag hb tried could d nothing for lilm 'till he'found the: on remedy which he an*- koo>>?a to be th beat remeOj 1 in i»e world (or asthma and all diseased of the nerves an lnood. Read loe f. uoior'rf convincinj words: "I bad the atibiii.a." h;i bald, "th worst of any mau I ever htard of tha lived. 1 ba.v.3 pi;d out more thau fivi Qundrtd dollars for meoicices, with, cm: ever ructivin^ iho alightes oonefit. "I ivas ohlljrcu to Ir.ava NOT York bcciiUoO I conliJ DO- !ivv. ttiert), !»DC *eru to the utiuMry (hiiikln^-it migh it 1 Ip me but U fiid (io ; . C was HO bac off I did not-expscl in l'v<?.. It would ootne upon rue KUUI inly, it; ice ml jf oucvei'ici'.iiiu mid n'op me iosta.ntly, i* q>.;iekl;y as :.Luu^a i had dropped dead. Herbert Brown, S Richardson, t> Turley. 72S Powell 6 and wife, Al Svriidcuci', 1G2G High Preston A S, G A\' \Vesterrnan, 1-I05 Broadway PiUenger ?I C, Joseph Rogers, 1S05 rii^h Poh M, Joseph Rogers, 1S05 Hij;!i 1'ult "U" K, 1-huTy Thompson, 2322 Broadway Petty T W, Misses Swadencr, 230 Osnge Pittengor Elmer F, A J Robinson, 1100 North Persons (J E and wife, AY 0 Washburn, at Murdock Radcliff J F anl wife, Thomas Givens, 415 Third Randolph W B, H J Norris, SOG Broadway Reed R S, A J'SuUon, 610 Broadway Kv-ever L, 31 rs AV L Wilson, 1301 ;.lovos J 31 B, Mrs W H Wilaon, 1301 Spear Robinson F A, A 0 Shaffer, 1S14 Race Ross S A, F -M Murphy, 1311 Market Ruley J A and wife, John Reeves, 162S George Rush J M, L B Stevens, 108 Eel River avenue Ramsey J L, J D Allison, G02 Helm Bowaud C A, Thomas Austin, 1606 High Sarah A E, Earl Stewart, -1C3 Canal Sawyer B, Rev W R Wor.es, 1303 North Sells T, S B Richardson, 207 Seventh Seaman E L and wife, B F Louthain, 906 Broadway Se*mans 11 L A J Kobmsoto,1100 North Shackcford N D, J W Henderson, 1527 Market Simpson F T and wife, Mrs J N 0 Brown. 927 Market Singer! W.and'wife, J E Ervin, 1007 Linden avenue;;;;' ' 117 117 SOG 40S 321 Pleasant [Jill.' Vanslyke W M, 20 Market. Vigus W J, W 1010 North. Wade 0 U, J IJ ten. Walters J H and wife, H C Hesslin, cor Eleventh aud Spear. Walts J K and wife, Dr J E Shulix, G17 Market. \Valtz W J, J H Tudor, SOO Helm. Way man M., Dr J B Lynas, 1128 Broadway Welch J W, . D I-I Mull, 801 North WestHaferE B, Will VanSteem- berir, 1717 Spear. White G E, T E Smith, Ninth. White John C, T E Smith, Ninth. White J C, Rev H J Norris, Broadway. Willcos C B, Earl Stewart, Canal. Wilkinson, C H and wife, John Hawkins 1S10 Spear. Williams D V, W H Wipperman, 1605 North. • Wollpert D C, Judge Baldwin at Barnett, Wollpert Harry, Judge Baldwin at Barnett. Wooten, A S and wife, F M Spniker, 713 Bigu. Work G B, Mayor G P McKec, 421 West Broadway Wright F-I, L B Stevens, 10S Eel River Avenue Weaver A L, Louisa Lurrirner, 1306 High Willcox 0 B, Mrs. Jane Martin, 516 North White AY T A, Mrs. Jane Martin, 5 1G North AYade R J, J D Turley, 72S High Zimmerman L C, H Benica, 1625 Hipli Wright E E and wife, Joseph Whinnery, S30 Twelfth AYilson G A, Joseph Barker, 1122 DK. J. W. M1NKLEK. Tilrman J W and wife. C, Logan House Newton R Toodalln Due Excursions. On April 2 Bed SO, 1S95, home seeker's excursion tickets will be on eale at very cheap rutea to various points in the South and Southwest. For ra'ea, limit stopover privll^es, etc , apply to J. C. EDGEWOBTH, Agt., Lofjaosport: Ind. BucJclen's ArDle» Salve. The best salve in the world for cuts bruises sores, uloers, salt rheum tever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, come, and all ekln erup lions, and positively cures pilea, or DO pay required. It U (faaranteed to give perfect gatinf action or money refunded; Price 25 centt per bor. »mle b/ B. F. ' i-. I tixc-d so ilifit I co'dlcJ Uiii'ih a spria;; vid throw i 1 . op< n (j.-.'i"k!y to uut my tiend out 10 brcaire One day a friend nslred me 1,0 try Dr Gi-CBiie'a Nervurw blood and nerve remedy. I did so iind It helped rue. 1 continued ubinp it, nod afiiCr U;liiotj l*o hoMli.'S wu£ comploU-ly i/ured, aau havu had no return o.' it bitiCrj. "Ton thousand dollar- would not tarn pi mo to ruiura to iho condition I was in beforo taking Dr. Greece's Ner- vura blood ana nerve remedy, il I could c*' DO mora of thftt wouderfu! medicino. It saved my hf^, and 1 don'i know bow it, id possible for mortal man to give a btrOiigcr lesti monla than this. I will gladly answer any questions regardU'g 1 my case. I am satisfied ibul Dr. G-reeae'a blood and nerve rernedy is tas most remarkable medicine in existence." Mr. Charles Childe, one of the Isad- Ing citlzsns of Balh, N B. , ssys: I was aware ol Dr. J. VV. Miakler'e coDdhioo from asthma, acd of his wonderful care by Dr. Greene's Ner- vura blood end nerve remedy." Everyonj knows that Dr. Greece's Nervura blood ' aud cerve remedy gives health and strength 10 all who use it. Everybody needs a spring tonic and restorative, and this is the beat tprinj; medicine in the world. Convince yourself hy trying it, Itia not a patent medicine, but tbe prescription of the most euccessful livicp specialist in curing nervous and chronic diseases. Dr. Greene of 35 West 14:h St., Net? York City. He has the largest practice In the world, nod tbie grand medical discovery Is the result of his vast experience. The great reputation of Dr. Greene 1» a guarantee that his medicine will cure, and tbe fact that be can be consulted by any one at any lime, free, of charge, personally or by letter, gives absolute assurance of the beneficial action of this wonderful medicine. The Sbo-w Uu»inC6J Curried to tremc bj University Students. i There is a sentiment rapidly spread- ; ing and taking root in the minds of the ! alumni of the different universities of j this country antagonistic to the execs- ! sive amount of show business in which ; the students of American institutions I of learning are permitted' to indulge. \ The fceliDR-, says the Buffalo Commcr- j cial, is growing 1 that the only legitimate | field for the exercise and exhibition of i the physical, intellectual and musical accomplishments of these young men is to be found in the university athletic grounds, the university theaters and j society halls. In other words, the j alumni and a larfjo body of thoughtful people not directly connected with the various seats of learning arc coming to an agreement that the college youth is altogether too much in evidence outside j of the college yards, either for his own good or the legitimate prestige of his particular alma mater. Of course, the conditions under which the rowing matches arc held make the selection on a somewhat retired and neutral course like that at New London fit and proper; but the football, like the baseball matches, should be confined to college grounds, with the avowed intention of reducing- the number and improving the character of the spectators, reducing the expenses and minimizing the publicity and spectacular features of (.he competitions. Another desirable nrsult of this policy would be the elimination of most of the gambling c^nd vorv tloiiiornliy.iDg "sporting" elements that inevitable gather around events like the great football matches that Cll the columns of the newspapers for several weeks every autumn. Certainly the students themselves would undergo less excitement r.ud suffer less distraction from their legitimate college work if the scale on which their athletic rivalries are tested were effectively reduced. When these rivalries become motleys of national concern they naturally tend to become dangerously intense aud injurious to health act! morals. We think this policy of restraint should also be applied to tho practice that has now become universal among the colleges of sending 1 out troupes of young uieu organized as glee, banjo luid mandolin ulubs to give public performances for money in the lending cities during the holiday recess. These lads travel about the country in special cars, give ton or fifteen concerts in pxib- lic halls and undergo a succession of 'social atteutioDs" calculated to impair the constitutions of seasoned men, to say nothing of immature youths who are supposed to be resting and recuperating 1 from the strain of three months of hard work at their lessons and loc- tures. Essentially their performances are not to be distinguished from the professional shows, and when they become an annual affair they :ire as tiresome as they are surely a, tax on the good nature of the local aluinni, besides being an unwholesome experience to those who take part in them. We have heard that the authorities at Harvard have served notice to the flee and banjo clubs of that university ,hat their present tour is to be the last one. It is to be-hoped that the report s well founded, and that the example vill be followed elsewhere, as it deserves to be. Let the college youth at- id their colleges and be required to ittcnd more exclusively io their rcg-u- ar college business. A New World opens to the man \rho finds quick relief from weaiiiy* pain. That is the testimo(;| of multitudes who have used ^llcock's Porotis Plaster for all sorts of aches and pains, lameness, stiffness of the, . musdes" 'and joints of the back, limbs or side. Make Sure *n up with imiuiionx *'Ju cct^uinc. Xe\-er put Allcock's Corn Shields, Allcock's Bunion Shields, Have no cqaal a> a relief ind cute for .and Brandreth's Pills relieve rheumatism and any diseas* arising from impurity of the blood,' REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a Well Man of Me. prot!u<~es thf above- r<>:-ults in 3f> il.-«j-;f. ItioM ]io\vrrful!y atij quickly. Cnrct; \vln-u .ill otiii-CKfaiL fouiicicrn \vill rt,'t:.1ln their lost jiiaiihoo.l.aDLt old :KC» vill trover thv:r yomlifnl vit^r by Jih'VlVO. It ooiolily unU bu DOKK. Ixi.»t Vitality, Irapmcno I.oet 1'ower. I-'aiJins Moniory, OH effects o£ svlf-abusc or i-xci'sii iuul it v.-h;ch i:nl!t^ cno ronrr.i'y, 'ji;.'-incssor:r; -vit only cures by i;;arli^i: st H:o sc^at of Uicr^cc, but isaproat ncrvo tonic a::u ?>lo*Kl buiUlor. brluff- Ins back t!io p'-nlt clo-v So j»ilc chcolis .vidre- ntoriDir tbc firr of voulV. it \v.-\rns off ?nRauit7 . pthor. I: can bp r2rri(-<! iu vt-j-'t I'.oelu't. 13y mail. SI. 00 purpacSaso. or fix :ov S5.00, v.-Hh a poll- .. f.ivo written ™'jnT-rr.'C'o fo euro or refund thojKon^y. C)r-" % l. J ir:rcf i . A<!drrj^] BOVJL MEDlfilHL 05.. C?, Sii'flr St.. CHIC<CO, ILL. FOU .S.VI.K «JV B. T. Kpeallno;, DrutfRist, I.ORRnsport. Cniirnntrf.* CIIM fur • .uid all nttciiiIliiK nJunont^ bcLb of yotincf ond mfdillo *1 men ami wnmon. Tn» ... mi effects of YOUTHFUL „. ..„ „...- Kllltons, protluclDK wit. new, NITVOIIK DutiUlty, XlRlilly janliwoiac. Cocimrnjvuoii, InfirLnltT, J-Ixilfti:rtin« drainsnnil lOf«of. IWH'Cr of tlio Gou- ni^iiivy'OrKnns uj'Ili li!i£ ono for utiidy, bunluCBR nij« map- <:i-aln«. They not only cure hjrswrtinjtnttlicaeytojrdliK C3KO. but uro ,-x t-roat > l:lt\ F. 10. 1 * 10 ixna HLOOIV [£L'n.l*l'lt* lirinymK lnujlc l.tip pink t |rlow t.o f^l*.'. iialinnt. l!v miui, iM .<"' por box or tt for ^;r ^llb urlt« i.-M cimrnmee 10 <-uro or refit/id tli<- tn<-m'.v. <DAO|C i^t'O. SpauJtiEi^'crvcOrulii C*... JJox»oUlSIS'c*v \onb of trcalTncnT- i'V Kiwlu-r, J»rtiss:'.»«. -' > r •* Vm r x r"""Ii '"^' u iaWwii Eklii.iu ITOOHV. f.<:. . r:ir«;l}-.ri!i .•»'. hv INI»AI V «. I WEAK lnr Mfli'ranr.v* rffrcti of teJf abuse at n Inmnity nnd connum L:ir t *;pst CnllrornliL O'oia J^u^ffor. Louis BlanJing, a recognized author- _ ty on anything pertaining 1 to gold or j California history, says that the goner- I ally accepted stalcmenUhat the largest i minVcMvor j'ir,u7f,"nVKror:~AbKoiuu-' U-j.vn-ot ever found on the Pacific nnfeeil toC«reNei-™i«m:««. r,o»f f™ , „ „„., . : Impoleniry, Mithtly Jml.«lon«, I-o«i slope was worth ?01.000 is :m erroneous --' «_••-'— i.. one. lie says that •). J. Finncy found a urap of pold about six miles from Dowjiievili'c, Sier:-e county, California, on the -1st. day of August, 1S57, that veighed a f ruction over .'i.OCO ounces. Gold was at that time worth about an ounce which would make the vain- .f tiiat single lump something like 300. ISlanuing- further says that there sno doubt that this nugget was the argest piece of gold ever found. The next largest was from the Dallarat Australia) gold field, and was worth r.o.OOO. th —All the molestations of mn.rriajro re abundantly recompensed with the ther comforts which (>od bestowed on ham who make a wise choice of a wife. —F'aller. D° Fre u4 Accepted Seottlth Bite *f •110117 tf Iidlmia, I»dIu>p0Ui, •ink 26-28, 18»5. For the above occasion the Vaiida. lia lice will tell on March 26th and 27th. 1895. excursion ticket! from points In Indiana to Indianapolis, Ind., with return limit of March 29, 1895. For full particulars call on oemrett TandalU line ticket agen t, or addreu W. F. Brunner, Ai»U ' St. LouU, Mo. not be deceived. The following brands of White Lead are still made by the 'Old Dutch" process of slow corrosion. They are standard, and always Strictly Pure White Lead The recommendation of "Anchor," "Southern," "Eckstein," "Bed Seal," "Kentucky," "Collier," to you by your merchant is an evidence of his reliability, as lie can sell you cheap ready-mixed paints and bogus White Lead and make a. larger profit Many short-sighted dealers do so. Fofc COLORS.—National Lad Co.'s Per* \Vbile Lead Tiotjoe Colon, a oue-powid cm lo a 25-poond kw ot Lcad.juid raut yonr own poioLs. SavetUme and aAoyinec in matching shades, uri insures tbe best paint that it is jxisstble Iff put on wood. Send us a.postal card and ret ocr book on paints ind color-card, free; it will probably- uvc you a (ood oanj dollan. •<• MATJONAL 1JEAD CO;. New:Voi*; ; Ctecaraat) Branck. It nct,t l>OKnrriilly nnd quickly. Curen when nil fnfj. Yoiinrt men Ti'(;aln IOSL mnnhvod: old nol cltfacr OAACflt ««d OKHKrrtfnn. Wnrc!» on Don't let <1niKf;i(<t impose n worlhti?«8ftut)!*tllul6 you Dccauno it vlnldN » grfntfr nrnuu Inline on h»T- ln« PEEFEB'N KERVKJOR, or rvnd for n. Cun bo car.-ted (n veht poclf^t. 1'rcnnld plnin wrmp* pur. M per bar, or O for K.T, with A I'adtlv* written «*nuranU;B to Cur« or Reftand tu M oney. Puraphlni rrco. Sold tir driutRliiU. AddrcM FEF/JEB M^ These tiny Capsules are superior to fialsam 9f Copaiba. Cubebs or Injections and CURE IN 43 BOORS the same diseases inconvenience. Sold by all druggists. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS IS EXTRA FfSE. FfXK AST* BROAD POUTS', TO SUIT ALL UAMJS. THE MOST PSBF3CT OF PENS.. £R F. M. BOZHR'S CENTAL PARLORS. ) rz? Scate Nation a! Logansport, Jnd. H. E. TPiOAX, M. D. Special aKentlon given to Nose, Long, Llrer md Cbronlc Diseases. O.Tlce and Residence over 5tat« National Bulk. floors VI to 12 . in., 2 to t p. m., and 7 to S p. m. ill calls promptly attended. £^^^ WANTED! REAL ESTAT Wanted. Cheap Cottagftj For Sale. Wantwl Low an1 Acr« "or Sale. wanted Smalt Farmi For £«!«. Wanw<3 Btuloett Blocks For Sale. Wanted to Excbanze )-ann» for City Propertr. Wantrd M frch«ndl»« ro Tr«de.for Farms. . : DDttESS 31. 3t.OOBIION.Spr'Block . Logsniport, Lnditn*. KROE«;EK•& Undertakers and

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