The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 4, 1952 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 4, 1952
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLTTHEVTLLB. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS You end Your Income Tax— Deductions for Personal Costs Dont Work Alike for Everyone Br JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON (.Iff— You may be foaled over the problem of deduc tlons for'personal expenses and expense* connected with your work. They're not handled the same way by everyone. A taxpayer—whether he's «ome- one'» employe, like a newspaperman, or a professional man, like a lawyer, or a man in business for himself—may have various expenses. All three men may have personal expenses like medical bills. If those expenses are large enough to require itemizing, all three men handle them the same way: They itemize them on the 1040 long-form and claim them in full. And all three may have had expenses connected with their work. In that, case the professional man or the businessman can claim their business deductions separately from their personal expenses. Expenses Are Tersona) But the expenses of someone who is an employe, even including expenses connected with his work, arc all treated a* personal expenses. He can't claim them separately from his personal expenses. It's easier to understand if yovi start with the basic rules: Under-$5.000 people using form 1040-A or the 1040 short-form automatically get a deduction of about 10 per cent for personal expenses, like medical bills. They don't have to itemize their deductible personal expense- 1 ; but can claim them in full. The «,000-and-over people must file their return on the 1040 Jong form anyway. They don't have to itemize their personal deductions unless they're unusually large because— Deduction I: standard They got a standard deduction of 10 per cent of their income up to t limit to 11.000 which they Just take off their income before It's taxable.. If any of the |5.000-and over people want more than the 10 per cent they, too, must itemize. The- itemizing for all personal deductible expense*; on the 1040 long-form lj done on page 3 under tlx headings: contributions, Interest, taxes. IOSSM from natural causes and theft, medical and dental orpenses, and miscellaneous. That ^'miscellaneous" \* a catch-all. that 1400 for business expense, he finds his Income was »9,000. Now he shifts over to the 1040 long-form where he reports his Income and figures his tax. A Supposition On that long-form he could take lor personal expenses the standard deduction of 10 per cent (1000 In his case) of »9,000. nut suppose he had deductible personal expense.?, like medical bills and charitable contributions, which ran to more than 10 per cent of his Income. In that case—in addition to listing and talcing his $400 in business deductions on schedule C—he'd itemize his personal expenses on page 3 of the 1040 long-form and claim them in full, too. But it's different with someone who Is an employe, like that newspaperman. Say he spent $100 for things to help him in his work, like newspapers and magazines. This $100 was In addition to a num'jcr ai personal expenses like medical bills and charitable comrj- butions. Could Not List $100 But In this case he couldn't list that $100 spent to help him in his work on schedule C. In fact, a per- use schedule c at all. That's strictly for professional »nd business men. Let's say the newspaperman's salary was $1.000. If the total of his personal expenses — inrludlng that $100 for newspapers and magazines — doesn't a/nount to more than 10 per cent ($700 in hl» case) of his income, he simply takes that standard 10 per cent deduction on the 1040 long-form. Under the proper headings on that page he'd list his contributions and medical expenses, plus deductible taxes paid on his home, and under "miscellaneous" he'd list any other deductible expenses he had. Including that $100 spent lor newspapers and magazines. So he could deduct for expenses connected with his work only if— because he was Itemizing all his personal expenses—he Included the money spent In connection with his work, among his personal expenses. In that way all his expenses were treated as personal expenses, not as business expenses. That's quite different from the lawyer who could deduct for business expenses on schedule c and then in addition deduct for person classified as an employe can't]sonal expense.! on form 1040. Sex Orgy Is Reported in Campaign ADBEVILLE. La", fff^— A reported two-day liquor and sex orgy In a Louisiana "bullpen" to influence prospective voters in a state primary comes under official Investigation today. Now see th« difference between a professional man, like » lawyer. or A businessman, and a newspaperman who W >n «mpk>y». Say tr» lawyer (pent. MOO for (•becriptioM ' to law journals and Jaw jootctiec. for him they'd be a buMnMfi Mtpeme eohnftoted with his nook. He'd Hot tbM bwdneu on a «ep«- J»t« form — .eclted Schedule O — whMi is »lnm professional men and bucineM men list their busl- ne« expenM to order to deduct tfcem from their incomt before It's tweed. Now hU totad inoom€ for the fear wai »6,400. After deducting by Felix Carney When television was but a young thing . . . there seemed to be a lot of hue and cry about its hurting- the sports box- office. Remember? Anti-tele- vites predicted that nobody would come to football, baseball, boxing matches, .wrestling, racing and other events. But now it seems that some of these pessimistic predictors are having to swallow n few mouldy words. In short . . . sports television has IMPROVED box office receipts. _ Yes . . . TV has stimulated interest in sports, even among the ladies. People see events] on their living room screens and are suddenly taken with the desire to attend the events in person. So box-office receipts are upped. On the other hand, when events are not televised the receipts go down. It's a fact. Seems to point the way to a television future full of sports events . . . covering everything from baseball to hockey. 1052 ts going lo be full of surprises for television fans. And if you have an obsolete set . , . one with a too-small screen, why not come in and trade it for a powerful new set? You'll be surprised how much it'll add to the enjoyment. When you get top service and installation you can be eure of good reception. We hav* the best technicians in town . . . and our service is arways guaranteed. We have ft fnn line of General Electric seta too. . . so you get the best in television ALL WAYS *t BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO., 109 E. Main St. Phone Kidnapped Girl Found Unharmed !n W. Germany FRANKFURT, Germany (ii'i —An 18-year-old American girl, Iddnap- jed by a gunman in U S. uniform, was found unharmed today In a Oerman village near here. Thousands of American military police and more than 100.000 German police—the greatest manhunt in West Germany's postwar history — still searched for the unknown man who forced the girl's companions from their car at gunpoint last night and drove away with her. She was blue-eyed, red-hairat Mamie Ruth Shelton. stepdaughter of M. Sst. Springs, Va. F. 8. Burns ol Hot She was abducted at 7:30 p.m. last night. An Army phone call at 9 Ihls morning told her mother that two military police corporals had found her at Niederdorffelden, about 20 miles' from the Frankfurt suburb of Fechenhelm, where sh« was seized. For years In Ihls southwest Louisiana Cajun country, "bullpen" parties have been held In some communities shortly before election. Prospective voters are herded together and showered with free liquor and frcfi women 24 to 48 hours before the election polls o)«n and then they are made to vote for the "right candidate." ' On orders from District Judge Wllmot Daleters, five men will «p- penr In court today to tell what they know about the orgy that took place In adjoining Vermilion Parish two days before the Jan. 15 state Democratic primary. Wholesale Price Index Edges Up WASHINGTON I/ft— The government's wholesale price index Saturday stood at 3.2 per cent below a yenr ago and 12.4 per cent above the re-Korean war level. Tills was revcnlcd In the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that the Index rose two-tenths of I per cent during the week ended Jan. 20, reaching 175.3 per cent of the 1926 average. Increases In wholesale prices of farm products, metals and metal products were offset partially by declines in Foods, textiles, building materials nnd chemicals. th» bureau said. TELEPHONE BOOK GOES TO PRESS SOON YOUR LAST CHANCE to order extra listings in the new directory for your family or business. E\tra listings in the telephone directory make it easier for friends to call other members of your family or your business— particularly if their last names are different from yours. And extra listings are economical. Order them today for your business ... or for other members of your family. But don't delayl The new telephone directory goes to press soon. SOUTHWESTERN 1EIL TELEPHONE CO. ADDITIONAL LISTINGS COST MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, IN) End of Truck Strike Sought I0-Stat« Strip Of U.S. MEMPHIS, Tenn. <m — Federal mediators moved today to settle an AFL iruck drivers strike that has crippled highway transport, across a Id-state strip of the nation. D. Y. Hoafner nj Charlotte. N. c,, chairman of the three-man panel, called meetings between leader* of the APT, Teamsters Union and Southwest and Southeastern Motor Carrier Associations. The strike by about 10.000 drivers and other vinlon members started Friday when two months of intermittent negotiations broke down on the question of wages Both sides went into today's conferences staling they would stand pat on their final offers. An operator spokesman derided reports that scattered companies were signing contracts. "Not In this region," said A. E. Green Sr., of Kingsport. Tenn., chairman of the negotiating committee for Southeastern carriers. "Nine contracts have been signed," he added, "but they are companies whose runs originate In the Central states and extend south." SWORDEO AFFAIR-Armed to the teslh is Leading Stoker Louis Marshall, Royal Navy, at Gosport, Hampshire, England. The seaman collected this load of swords when British and French officers left them to board the submarine Spitelul. The sub is the second of four being lent by the British to France, Coast Guard Seeks to Save Ship on Shoals CAPE HATTERAS, N. C., l/Pt — Coast Guardsmen fought churning seas and high winds early today in a second attempt to rescue the crew of » Panamanian freighter nground on treacherous shoals off Cape Hatteras. A howling storm moving up from the south helped this famed grave-. - ..— -, yard of ships cl»lm Its latest victim anlstr * tor of the estat « of 'he yesterday. The vessel, the 2 (MC-ton I Kb °ve-named decedent on the 31st NOTICE IN" THE PROBATE COURT OF CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OP C. H. Whistle, deceased Last known address of decedent' Blythevllle, Arkansas. Date of death: January 7, 1052. The undersigned was appointed Midget, bound from Baltimore to Moreheart City, bucked the storm and found herself In trouble. The Mlrtget called for help, saying she was losing headway and taking water In her fuel. But her radio signal faded before her position could be determined. The Coast Guard reported the last faint signal from the Midget at 10:05 p.m. Patrice M unset to Wed NEW YORK W—Pa trice Munsel, coloratura soprano of the Metropolitan Opera, says she will marry New York advertising man Robert G. c. Schuler next summer. She announced the engagement over the week end. The turkey Is the only poultry type to originate In North America. Guaranteed Watch Repair For Only Tear w*t«h is disassembled, cleaned, plfoU polished and hair »pr1nn adjusted. 3 Day Service Thompson Credit Jeweler •Veit door lo Wade Furniture day of January, 1052. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them dulv verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. 4th This notice first published day of February. 1952. Clem H. WhlsSle. Jr. Administrator Highway No. 61 South, Blytheville, Arkansas Marcus Evrard, Biylhevllle, Arkansas. ittorney for administrator. 2J4-11 Royal Couple Are'at Home' In Nairobi NAIROBI, Kenya W) — Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were- "at home" In Kenya for the first time today. They broke their royal tour for a five-day stay —their first^-at the quie6 mountain lodge given them by the colony for a wedding present. The princess said at « civic luncheon yesUrday (hat the lodge was "an original and generous" gift which will "often bring us back to visit you.' The couple will sail Thursday for Ceylon, Australia and New Zealand. The trip home to England will take them by the Panama Canal and Bermuda. Five Persons Die In Flash Fire OMAHA, (ft— Five persons died and 12 were injured, one seriously, In a flash fire that routed 40 persons from the Liberty Apartments near downtown Omaha last night. The dead, four men and one woman, were found In their rooms. One body was tentatively Identified from papers as that of J. Les- novich, a railroad pensioner. Identification of the other bodies was not immediately possible because of their burned condition. Student Rioters Free PANAMA, Panama UF>— Panama's government has released 25 student rioters and agreed to extend their Interrupted school term to Feb. 20, apparently settling the country's turbulent school controversy. NOTICE OF NEW ESTATES ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION HAS BEEN COMMENCED Notice is hereby given that the following is a list of estates upon which Letters Testamentary or of Administration were granted during the month of January. 1932 with the date of the granting of such letters and the name and address of the executor or administrator. No. 2075 Estate of E W, Kirby, deceased. Letters testamentary Issued to Pearl La Rea Kirby. 606 Chickasawba, Avenue, Blythevllle, Arkansas. No. 2062 Estate of Jasper L. Ashcraft, deceased. Letters tcstamfn- tary Issued to.Thelma Ashcraft, KO.JC uua MSTIUJM uauan, touswut amen • u mor - MS msa e 4 nm an Sell it ... by using classified advertising in the COURIER! Ads placed before 9 a.m. will appear same day. Ail classified advertising payable in advance. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Blythevllle, Arkansas on Jan. «, J9M. No. SOW Estat* of O. H. Whistle, deceased. Letters at Administration Issued to Clem H. Whistle. Jr.. Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1952. Witness my hand and seal as such Cleric this the 2 day of February. 1852. ELIZABETH BLYTHE PARKER, County & Probate Clerk By Felton Miles, DC Military fool SINGAPORE m -A MV M»3M swimming pool hu bwn OPMM* tor members of British Aracd forces In thta ire*. Built wttH funds from the NuffleW T*u«t wflfe maintenance by th* N»yy, Army and Air Force Institute, th« pool; Is open to both men ind women members of the forec* tad men's wive*. 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