The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1951
Page 2
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FAM TW« »trnn;rn,r,B, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS US. Develops New Atom Weapons With 'Bigger Bang to Be Tested WASHINGTON, July 11, — The Atomic Energy Commission Is planning "much more frequent t#ste" of iu weapon* in the fuluie. Thft WRJS announced yesterday at a news conference in connection with A EC's tenth .if mi-annual report U> Congress. The report \vi« made public today. At the conference It VIM also dLs- eto&cd thai the United State, 1 ; hns developed some weapons that have e, bigger "bang"—ihnt is, greater "energy release"—than others. The commission said that was ewe of ! the r«£ why some weapons have ! been tested In remote Btmverok; while others with leaser "bany." hfive been tested in Nevada. "One of the considerations <in choosing te.siing grounds; t* hurting: somebodi 1 ." AF,'C Chairman Gordon Dean told reporters. "When they ge', very large On enrrcy- releasinR capacity) we lake them away from people." Tht co;»inis.sion did nut mukf U clear whether the weapons differed In aclufll physical sirx 1 . ARC hn.s previously rti.srlcxsed that ft is work- in jr. on the development of atomic warheads (or guided mi AS tics and •r'.illerjr shells as well a.s on bombs, To CongrcM. AKC reported: 1. New experiment; fn military and peacelime applications'of thfl atom — Including advances lo- wards developing atomic-powered submarine* and aircrMl. 1. increased acquisition nf uranium ore.s and .stepped-np production of fissionable materials from them. 3. Achievement by the United Ctata of the No. 1 spot among "the free nations" In the production of uranium—second only to Ihe Belgian Congo. (Simmer Pike, a commission member, .said some time ago (hat the U.S. had sur- parsed Canada to take over second place.) Asked at the news conference how the United Stairs cnmpnres with Russia in iirAnUmi production, Dean answered: "You're in the field of intelligence there and almost anything I sny geU u* into trouble," The oommiwion announced at the news conference completion of 1x11 experiment a] device with which it hopes to <Jet«rmln« whether It will • be actually posMblt to "breed" or ereai* new atomic luol at a rule Jfuitw than operating fuel is coti- «nm*d. First operation of the "bre*d*r" li scheduled to take plnce in aboMt t*« or three wcckts. Ther« wai no mention In the report to Congrefis of how thmg.s are foin« cm the projected hydrogen hr>mh. Thtre has been -speculation that some primitive'form of the H- homh may have been tested during recent explosions of A-bombs a t Fnfwefok proving grounds, but the , commJMlon ha.s never gone beyond its atAt«menL that -thoflo t,-es(s included experiment^ "contrib'uting lo thermo n\iclear weapoiiR research," which mettns research on hydrogen bomb*. : • - -y $4,900,000,000 Cost of Atom WASHINGTON, July 31. <AI>)~Th« nallon has sppnt Jl.MO.OOO,- (XX) on the career of Hie atom .so fur. The Almnic Fucj-pj- Coininlssion hns ailnlhcr *I.4<X),0<*).IXX> in a|.- propi-ialed. hut. imexiiomlnd. Tiinds- -and It h M asked \Cnnamt (or $l,200,(K1n,(H)fl more Jor the current fiscal year. Tin- ARC Ki ,vc out tlN-w fl«,,res at a n-.v f <-onl<!reiic« ycMcnlay In cunnectlrin with its semi-niinnal reiwrt to CoJigrcM. AEC Gives 'Furnace' Split Personality WASHINGTON, July 3L. <A' t .. TJir Mvunty-eoHsH'jfjs ALoim<" Envrxy Commission was %ivr>n one of its score', devires a .split pi'r.simriUly. rt'.s a ro>t;iirh te;u:rnr •— rjj aumik /"[uninc,?" run foy th e AKC at u,s. IlronJOiavei), N, Y, naiionnl laboratory. 'I'Jie rarninisslon Inlri COIIKIPRS in a report today ttinl U hfls irarlilioned of/ one "[we" nt ihe renrtor jr> lh»t Mlentlsls who are not In on ARC ^ecreLs can do non-secrel atomic experiments without k?Jou'ifig u-Jiat/s KottiR on In the rest of the device. Union of South Africa Seeks Uranium in Gold Or* WASHINGTON. July 31. l/l'i — The Uniun of Smith Afrli-a is building |:lairt.s to extract, uranium Iron cold ore Hie Atomic EnrrRy C«mml«io!i told Cniigrrjus today hi it. r , tejitli senii-annnjil re- l>ort. Willie the manlum content ol the ore is lav, tire AEC saW. the ore is Rteal in volume. Under i\ three-nation agreement, soiith African jjoW mining companies have agreed lo urote.s.s Ihe ure.s anil sell (lie nrnulmn tn the Unltctl States and Canada. Uranium Is a key meUl In pn)- rfucing alomle energy. Loyalty Board Clears Davies, Calls Clubb WASHINGTON. July 31. (/!', — Oliver Edmiiiul Clubb, director of the State DfrKirtment.'s Olfice ol Afiatrs, n«M before the de- jiartmcnr.s Lo.vnlly Security Board today to answer imrilsclmoii charges fi^nlast him. Cluub's a]ilR'anin<:e before Ihe secret panel follows full clearance yesterday by the panel ol John Patan Davids, jr.. another career tlip- lomnt. state Dcpiirlment. Pra« Officer Michael McDcimott said Davits hud been heard nml cleared on both loyalty ami .security o,ue,stlom. Both men vi-erc suspended Iroin duty on June 27 pending hearings, but the Slnt« Uepartmeht dirt not Sawyer inspects Flood Sectors Asked at the new conference If I I^TH '»* T' h " 1 , PmgrCSS ls »">Ing made lo determine the feasibility of the H-bomb," Dean replied only: "Not today." Today's report salrt Dial "early romtructio.n work i.s underway" at «t AEC's Savannah River plant in South Carolina, in that plant, the commission haji .salt! previously. material* for either H-bombs. A- bombs or for potential Industrial power nine could be made. New advance* towards develop- !nj atomic energy machines rte- "igned to power subinarinr.s and •ircraft were listed aniang the pro- grcs« Items In the military field. Bui there »ns no specific amplification of this. In various other fields ot atomic •ndenvor AEC reported.: 1. Laboratory experiment* have fiven hope of eventually tinilliiK n treatment, for savins people rx- poaect to heavy'; of radiation during atomic bombings or ac:'t- dent-s. 2. Production and rilstribuli™ of Amcrican-made radloacilve Isotopes - the atomic program's definite contribution !o peaceful application ot Ihe nlom's power—hare been increased. .1. New spulicaticjt's for the materials In uWiiMrinl, snd medical fields were found. included studies dp«l<:nrc! lo determine cxiclly hoiv a txivv produces mili:: a new mnole-cmi- Irol technique for me.nurini: ihe wa'er conlfnl of snow [nil on ii tain slopes: and a ne-.v melhod tor testing the efficiency o! iW-pre- ventive.s. In outlinintr the vesulis „[ ".e.)!i«K cr-rla.n aiffnfe.i «ith radioactive materials rturins the ten yc.\r period. 1840- 18SO, ARC said Ihnt In more than 1.000 cas"s of IriiXemia in which tert blood celU are overproduced, -life may not. have been proloncert hut Ihe comfort of many patient* -va; greatly improved." KANSAS CITY, July M. f.^, — Secretary o r Commerce Chnrlon SnyO'er k making n person nl Inspection of flood (lAinnRc In Kansas nncl Missouri tn soft whrti *he am rto to .ipceri rrpairs. V\"' 'i: ! lie planned to vlrw HIP Ktiiijtas City nrea from H cnr then fly, over the Knnsn* nnd Missouri 'River areas today. Alter hi* arrival liore yesterday. Sn\vyrr hold n closed session \vll-li Government rcprtviRntatlvcs. H L» snfd thr.v discussed every aniilc, wlih most attent.lnn gomtc (o Ihe need for critlcn] bulletins irmtertV Musfif ami Nellie are nnmcj! of town. 1 ; in N'orlh Carclina near (lie Cherokee Inrlian reservation iu the rnsicrti Rule to the Oreut Sinnky Monntnlns National I'aik. dlsclns« the developmcnl until July 12. 11 did Iben, li .said, because the news began to leak out. Under the board's regulations the spncllic accusatioms anainst the men were not mari« public. Both served extensively Jn China and their names were mentioned during the recent Senate Investigation 07 the MucArthur firing. Dnvics' hearing began last Monday and Inte ye.sterday the Stale announced the board hid- returned him to active duty on the policy planning staff, following full clearance. This Is a hlglilv "seiisilive" ill- vision In Die department which makes loi.g-range foreign policy plans allrt studies. The term sensitive 1,1 used lo rte.scribc Jobs where valuable, secret Informalioil I.s available. Davie.s' suspension was lifted and he was put back lo work "without, prejudice nod with the full continence of the department." Talks Brief, But Officers' Day Is Long U. N, ADVANCE HEADQUARTERS, Korea, July 31. tu'i—Tht Kaesotlg armistice Ulfcs last only a little over an rrair each day. But the delegates and their staffs «-ork a niBxed schedule—from dawn to midnight. Hours of preparing work are required for each session ..TJ 1 ' *">' •'«"•" 'or the five United Nations delegates and their aides when reveille sounds « 6:1,1 a.m.. U.N. headquarters said today I,, publishing their dally time Lahle. Aside from the talks Iliem- «lvrs, the most Important evenis on the dall.v urojtram are jsiaff meetings between the negotiators anil their assistants. The first inch session Is held Immediately after breakfast. Then the group discusses the papers prepared me night before for possible delivery during the day's conference xilh the Coni- inlinlst-v Most of the .statement.* made by Vice Adm, C. Tunier Joy Hie i:lilef u. N. delegate, are read from typed sheets prepared only aftor long and careful study. A feu- minutes before boarding the helicopters, the five delegates have n final lop-level huddle. During the usual nnon recess at Kaesonn. the delegates talk with their staff officers at the nearby "U .N. house" on the pro^reis o't the morntllK session. Immediately after returninx here in the afternoon, the delegates and staff review and evaluate the day's events. After dinner they meet again lo plan the next day'g program, Including discussion of the papers that \vill cram the delegates' brief cases fl.'hcn they return to Kaesong In the morning. A InrsD part of every day Is consumed in traveling to and from Kaesong and this advance '.•amp. No one In the U. N. side spends the night In the Red-held city. 'Hie five delegnles and some members of their staff travel by helicopter—n u to 20 nilimic hop over the hills. The air. strip here borders the heavily guarded lent city where the delegate* live. But at Kaesonx the landing field Is a five to 10 minutes Jeep ride from the conference site. Mont of the 11. N. personnel take th« overlann route to Kae- song. Largest horse racing ground tn the world In Belmont Park, which covers 475 ncres washer does any kind of wash automatically FOR IMPROVED KIDNIY FUNCTION | m . Ion r«d.c«d in "oil oi,nrT«J »»• >fMr drink- ion Mounnin V»l- right to jon. LIBERTY CASH GROCERY I ««l Main .Ph. ^« « none i»;;i J*fi«Btaia\Wl€y Wtltil rtOT^S»\ Exclusive rrtgidaire Select-O-Oiol ! I'rc-wkvl Ihe proper -.(n^h- limc on Die Sc!^|-(). -wl it IMK-O awl Uic Fricubire Washer cl,^^ ,,11 • lie rest. $30475 , Actlonl fWirlrs ,,,r,in s . jxnrtratinrr n.rrrnl!. ,-l hot. ..ncr n »,?, u™-™ h!uT;: M^ir ^ fntly: cioih " "• in Now Slylmjt Sec |KI» this now wnsli HXM.i. and laundrwi. Fits clo« t.. tho » « fil> ililo Viti-lirn.. utility all. AlU-ontmltare in cavy. Hi 0 h-Sp«.d Dryingl Kri s ,,|.,i r( ,-, K ; ,pi rt rv-S,,m cot, ,!,>(!>„ ^^.T. 1 !:™.^, 1 . 0 " 1 " ^ siir " M -n ^hti,!,,™,!,.,;,!™ at oner- All arr hehler. AII-Poit,l«,in Ftnl.h In. Id. on.slerl K ol« t . *& T-iitkly. easily BS a china plate ! H Oull Raymond Zachry Mutual Insurance ' Agency >7n« ,v^ MZ ^Tn^ 0 Adams Appliance Co,, Inc. • Safes J. W. Adami, Mgr. 206-208 West Main • Service Phone 2071 NEWSMAN OR NO?-Under fire from (lie American press is Mikliiiil Fodcrov, atwe. head ot the VVasiiinglon bureau of Tas.s, Smiet neu's asency. 'I'tie president ot the American Sticiely of Newspaper Editors, Alexander E. Jones, charges thai rVderov is ii'jt a ncwspafjernirin ul fill, but a ti;iini>rl aigt-nl of Ihe Politburo. Jones asked the sovernnienl to 1951 Traffic Toil In U.S. to Be High CHICAGO, July SI. I,T— The na- lion'.s traffic death toll for 195] may reach n,300. the fourth hlah- est In history, the national Safety Council uarn.s. " the first six month.s tl:U vear, the Council reported 10 320 person* lost their lives hi traffic accidents, eight per cent hicher than (or the snnie period in 19,i(j The June total ot 3,080 wns 18 3er cent over June. 1SSO. It was the bipsipsi. increase !or any month since July. i94c, a m , the second highest June toll on record Spy Trial Begins For 4 Generals Of Polish Army Weif Hears Reports Of Wide Dissension 'Within the Ranks' TTJMBJAT, JULY «, W ami 1.ONDON, July 31. r/Pj—T)« trial of four Polish generals five other high ranking officers opens in Warsaw torfny. The trial follows widespread reports In the of dissension within the Po- army. The nine are accused of con- spirins with Britain and the United States to overthrow the Communist Polish government. Warsaw reports said the British and American military attaches there were mentioned as belli* Involved. The Warsaw radio identified the defendants as Lieut. Gen. Stefan Mossor, Maj. c;enernls Stanislaw Tatar, FVancisnek Herman and Jer/.y Klrchmttycr; Colonels Marian Utnik. Stanislaw Nowicki and Marion Jurecki: Maj. Wladyslaw Roman and. Commander Szcaepan Wacek. Tiilnr served with tile underground Polish army during World War II and was also on the London staff of the Polish army in exile. Colonels Utnik and Nowickl served with him there. Col. Utnik continued after the war as chief of the Polish purchasing mission In London until he was called home! last October. The radio said the nine 'men sought to undermine the Army and "make It possible for the imperialists to tear away the Polish western territories from the mother country and annex them to neo-Nazi Germany." The reference was to former German territory which Poland took over at the end of World War II. The polish trial coincides with reports of dissension within other Russian satellites. SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, l J7-y<"ar-old delivery boy faced eight counts of imiuler today after tearfully admitting he deliberately started an apartment house fire that killed seven women and one man. The San Francisco grand Jury voted to Indict Kenneth Skinner last iijjjht shortly after his mother- prompted him, police said, to admit he deliberately started the early morning fire. Previously he had claimed he started it accidentally. Polite said he broke down and cried. "I got a crazy idea, I was filled with vandalism, I never dreamed anyone would be killed," 'There is no sense In telling only part of the trulll. It won't get you anywhere," Mrs. Louis skinner said. Whereupon police said her son As of the middle of the yenr. Il),il, the number of persons employed on U.S. farms was slightly more than 11,000,000. Youth Admits Firing House In Which 8 People Were Killed sobbed: "I was prowling wound th« lobby ot the hotel. I went into tht room off tl» lobby. On k ihelf wer« an empty gallon can and two quart jars with a clear liquid Inside . . . "f knocked th« ?ars ante. th« floor, the liquid ran onto the floor and I could tell It w«« p«Int thinner. "! got • crazy Idea. I wu ftlltd with vandalism. ! looked at th* stuff on the floor and I wondered what type of fire It would ''So I leaned down and my hands and threw some on tht drapes. Then I lit the drapes with my lighter and left when the fir* started going." When he had finished his a<orj, Mrs. Skinner too was crying and officers had to help her somt. BIGGEST MIDSUMMER SALE IN MAIL ORDER HISTORY ENDS AUG. 15, 1951 DROP BY OR PHONE 8131 TODAY! Get out your Midsummer Sale Book NOW and make a list of the things you need. 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