The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 2, 1952 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 2, 1952
Page 7
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY t, 199* OUR BOARDING HOUSE — wltti KUfw BLYTHEVII.LE (ARK,) A*I AWTi«0£ I've SAVING R3R YKHJ, . HOOPL6 -MISA P£M DSHD ey UXXSA. MAY ALCOTT , ME. GUMMORrt ? TL O 8e M irJGRATe, 0m THAT wooLOfiT HELP MS AMY MORE TMAlJ WINGS in me SAHARA.' ASOOT TO A LIST Political Announcements Subject to Preferential Election July 22. 1952 For Co'unly Judge GENE BRADLEY For Circuit Clerk GEKALD1NE LISTON For Slalt Senator SEN. LEE BEARDEN * If conditions are exactly right the sun can be hidden in an eclipse (or as'lonj as 7!4 minutes. Marine worms called teredos bore their way into the insulation ,'n communication cables under the sea. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sim up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Site* up to 84 in. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete ii IWtlal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Best Prices We Deliver Hirhway (1 at State Line Phone 714 FARMERS B« sure to have your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS test for GERMINATION Send Samples to Woodson-Tenenr Laboratories «I2 W«t Ash St. / Blytheville, Arkansas PAGE SRVBW T, M. tatf. l>. L Pat. Off, "I thought you'd lik» to thow the coach your baby pio- tur»»-4i»'d »•• how cute you looked before you broke your no»e!" There are approximately 25,000 different kinds of fish. FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Se// That Stuff Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land COUNTRY 2006 West Main Phon* 3647 Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith ZM E. Kentucky Are. Phone ZSS5 BUILDERS SUPPLY Vi Price Annual Wallpaper SALE Now In Progress! JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERA SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself... With a box, flash, or Movie Camera. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE Dr. Logan's Wife a* na(« o< Dr. Loffaa. «ldcr • hcrarlf aail ta HI krvlla, ana i *aaaty. O» tfct? ^ay k»M«. wlla her aoabavd tliac aa« !• «v *• rak^ a volanlerr aanc'a c J*b BT Anxcl'a liMptlal, wa«r« er la 4*la« r«««Krrk la alaailc dlelHe. Tae a«xt 4ar •«« K»e« th^ hawpltal, BKV wiace Dr. l-*~ to 111, mtte call* on r*r. Pellriler rfcIfTcr M>I«C paa«r* Irnai her fcand. TkFrr aae Met!* P«1er alM ai«d 1'fler aakca h»r la a«e lab. SJte rafent la« ranm mmt trr Hhow* arr the work ae ta »K vita aalamnln in dlneavcr «taa««l far atnailc ^«ra*- vin room lo which he stiowed her was anything' but the Jungle of rigged glass and flame and darkly bubbling liquid that she bad imagined. It was a simple little study lab no bigger than a galley and not nearly as shipshape. Two long counters ran the length of it and on them stood a few pieces of apparatus. 50 or more little bottles, and instruments not of torture but of measurement. Metal stools filled under the counters as did two largn galvanized trash cans which were marked up with red crayon, and an enameled garbage-can A pile of laundry had been Dung in a corner. The Unoleum floor was stained, and a cor.y pair of window-dressers' slippers lay on the window sill. Peter Surtnov spoke, "It's not as messy as 11 looks You see. we nave to be very careful aboui disposing ol things, and when you have a smali space to work in and you can't throw anything away, you get » little crowded after i while. Those gowns there In the corner have to sii for about two woohs Then I rhecK them aa and U they're nice and ,iuiei they can ao to Ihe lioadn. Tbcs« trau> are marked with Ihe date hey were sealed. In two months '11 take another reading with the Geiger counter to see if they're safe for roe dump. r One portion of the table coun- :er was blocked off by a chemistry hood. In front at tt were several stacked bricks. "That's where we unpack the shipment, b e h i n d that screen, Surinov explained. "Ever lead bricks before? And these wails are lead-lined too. Tnere'* an exhaust fan above; dont lean there, you can see it from here. If* supposed to c»rry off trie radioactive vapors, but I don't it much because I think R spread* as much a* M sucks off. 1 moved down the counter where there was another fence of bricks and a mirror behind R, and « long-armed pincer device that held one of the little bottles by the neck. "Here't where 1 prepare the doses. See how that mirror helps out?" "What'i that?" Jennet asked pointing fo the pincers, "It looks like one of the crane things ta • candy machine—the kind tha picks out I prize it you steer tt right." "Same principle exactly." h< said, pleased, as if she had said something bright. "Arid you Know how you feel like breaking the window and going In with your hands? That's the way [ feet with this thing It's a remote pipette I don't use It very much It> supposed to be safer because II Keep 1 the radioactive solution at arm length. 1 prefer the syringe. I'm used to tt, 1 cues*.- He picked up a stray syringe from the onpo«it counter h was empty but ne went through the motion? _ Dumping the rubber Dull- to snow tier how exact one could be IU PATCHING tt» rarefut. wbll«- knucMini fingers, ihe re- mernb«cd the clumsj barxllle« of tab)* lirnr U«t night And then gain, tb* pure easy touch oo the kulele. A contradictory man, not aiiir typed. She looked M his ac«. tree to observ* it tioce bit ere* wen on the tyring*, «nd she woodercd that at Bnt sight *ti« could hav* thought H dull- There was • nun's strength ID bis face, i niggednesa compounded not inly of bone* and the impcrish- ibly firm tltin of youth but also— it was she imputing?—of charac- er. The eye*, deeply Implanted. •en dark gray—soft now as ater-wells. The nose we: large but fleshiest, the mouth full and aut No, not ugly, and disturb- ngly, not dull. Perhaps, she reasoned, be wa* clumsy only when he was thy. She reached for a syringe hi the rack behind the bricki and be grabbed her hand. "Dont touch anything on that table) It's coo- aminafeed area! 1 * IHE drew her hand sway as from ' are. "Well, you picked up the syringe!" Trora «h« other tidt. That's clean. 1 haven't checked this side yet for spillago." But when you're working, you lavs to touch things to fix the doses or whatever you Ox.* "1 wear glovea." His foot depressed tb* p«dal of the garbage can and she aaw that H «•«« full ol rubber glove*. "That'i where Uwj go when I'm through with the »b. and thej stay there UU they're ready tor the trash can. 1 Keep myself entirely covered in case at splashing. Vou can't get the stuft oiff your skin, rot) know See here." He opened a cabinet In which were shelved surpcaJ gowns and cap* and flannel <Aoe covers "Ana this, too" He slipped a ceUopban* ahJeld over Her bead. She cnmae«d (nrougfi It, pulled tt of], ran ber bands over ber bair But she felt considerably Bumbled He no longer seemed an untidy schoolboy not vet s wizard, but an unsung nero OUT OUR WAY By J. It WHHcim FRECKLES AND HfS FRIENDS OKAY, PFAN . iu. CCAVS ,*XJ HERE Tb GREET YOUR Guesis / SEE vou LATEK / SSS^- / HAH- HAH.' THE MAILMAM rS OMTO VOU MOB! WAITH-JG FOR. HIM TO P1.OW THE VU4LKS WITH HIS BI6 CT^RSHOES SO VON'T HAVE SO MUCH TO DO—NOW 66T CUT V. ANC> <3ET AILTWIS? I. DOMNO AW . EXPIAHATOM; PROBABLY j'usf our or u AFTER.TWAT SPEECH/ IMAGINE .' S'JoatS eon RUN MP our OF OFFICE/ <r* ,i,\V • •'.utofcllW**-' -* •••. WHV MOTHERS <3ET GRAY Benefit by Reading and Using Courier News Classified Ads MADE Of THAT SKI6UT •5TAK Wow A HtennBLC: PLANET PRESCRIPTIONS Presh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores DON'T WORRY/ LEsTERl WHEN WE'RE GROWN UP YOU CAN GO TO THE MOVIES JUST WITH MS' WHEN WE'RE GROWN UP ID RATHER GO JUS7 WITH \OUK> -SISTER' VOU KMOW I \ AVWBE WE OUSHT TO HE MACS QUITE A TUB AIN'T \ CWVE FINISH HIA\ OFP, RAIL. MEAN1NH11.E. "coQuuoo, PWIKS 3U5T BETOMO, ANP HEADS FOR. THE ftOKlOA CAR... LUCKIW THEY LEFT IW A D(^R< PLACE,,, 'T TAKE ME 6UF EW MINUTES Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day " Speedometer REPAIR is part of our extra OORV? Qmlji- One Day Service — All Cars & Trucks T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone Z12Z

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