The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1951
Page 8
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PA'Ql E50HT (ARK.) COUNTER mnrt MONDAY, JULY W, !•« CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION M-12 H Cotton rirn«r. l* Picked lom than 50 bal GJA CO. Ph. 2fl35. iOc| Dully r&t« pti lln« lor consecutive Insertion; Minimum charg* , I lime pet Hne I times pci line por dny !2c j times pel Un? pc* dflj 9c 6 time* PIT ILut per rt(ty 7c 13 times per lln» per dftf 5c Month per line S'Jc Conn' fire Average n-ordk lo Ihr line Ad otdfrfd tor iltrt-e or 6t* HniM itcifi I topped bffore eiplrnTLon will be cltnvs- *d tor the rnimbri of Hint* the *<1 »pper\rt-d and ndjutiiittent or bill made All clA$sLfifld nd vrriis1i](j copy sub- Biltted by person* residing outside ct th« city tnusi h* ncoompaniert by caah, JEAtes may easily be computed from the abort tnble. fcertloiis t.iicej. the onr It rue Inljle ' Ho reepOKSlhlllty will be taken foi more iJuin one Incorrect Insertion of 'All ifi* arn restricted to their proper flftKlflcaUon style «nd typr. Trif Courier News n>fervna the rlRhi lo edit #r reject an? «d. torn 1 * C.ife (or solo, with nr without LlrtlUK. Oood tnitlnri*. Kfnitnn lo selling. IN tipfttth. PI:. 4W2. WATRHMKI.ONS Corner Asli nnd )M, SJiers 2ir- Opfn xJJ hours. Keller's Car Ixn. 727 pk .11 • 3 PertJ^if-cil Collie pup5>te* for tale, i AKC 125 i-m-h. Hunt Moore, H->* 1513 j Wilson Ark J'lj 303j. 7 2 « J(J , j, 2 Apartment fof Kent ' 3 rm /«r apt., pn* *qulpmrnl. couple only, 1411 Ash. 725 pk 3|1 3 rm. ivnf apt,: 3 rm rum- apt.; also *lorag« room. Ph, 21M. 7;24 pk 31 « hi Houselcceiling rm, Ph 2920. 7;M i*k B,S 3 room iml spi . private bath. >>>w)y dryoraIcr'. Ph 6179- 7;HO j>k R a I' rm unfnr. npl. uood location, re, depOrats for perm, renter, CR]| 332S i 7j23 [A a : 2: Pur. apt.., 4 coorni and hath, elrc lite rpfrlgcrator. gfts equipment, gnoc rnmltnre- 124 W. DAY!*, pli 3,173 F Simon. 7;5 ck tr Ph. d323 au«r 1 pi n<t 12 Fl. loot (if dniK T.ioir wMI fixtures p. Owoiif Dm? -Stoic, [!}!, 3021 7 28 rk 8 I NEW PowerLawnMower Full 18 inch cutting width, HrijTBs «* SI ration Motor. RP- Inced to $S8.50. Also «oo(! used I'iidioR & record play $5.00j doH'ji, $1.25 per week. SOB us for your tire newts. B. F. Goodrich Co. •it? w. Miiin PH. s:m 7-30 ek Ii! 7(i Ft. WestlnKtious,, nrrrlfprfttor ROOfl conriltlon. call 2UO 730 pk 65 nKlc Chff Gns Btovp, R!SO niixtlrpsR | practically ,i e -A-. ph, 4ids. 7,30 tk 35 Modern 2-room furnished apaitrncnt CIV^I 565 or 2535. 4:4 ck If 'Small npaitments, ftirnisli- ert. $8 up per week. Bedrooms ft up siiiijlc. 114 West Ash, ph. 2833. 5-29 ck tf In. nice 4 room find b*th uf)- ied. R|i«rlnip]lt. OUR. ph. 2B12 Auto Supplies and Services Atrro AWD ruRfftTOnit LOANS Trompt fetsonhl Scrrlce 3«n«r»l Contract purrhRsf Coyp 1M Bouth 5th Phonn 6B03 '_ 4\i ck >1 T>on't enrtunger ynur ranUly with faulty UreA—BUY LEE T1RKS OHAFMAN SERVICE STATION Main and Division Phone 25fl3 1213 ck tt *tig *nd i»!terallona, Mra. lf(\dno Ph. J»M. «f,7 K. Rose at 7iS» pk 828 _ *l»«ft, «xp«rt fier»lo« on Commr-rclal REFRIGERATION & AIR CONDITIONING Aii tor TRANK WEST'ALL i Electric Service 36SS * . - Rmldence W>H Watch and Jewelry Repair l-0«r (ervlce oil Jewelry—3 dnjs on •*»tch« and clocXs. CHiiraniMH work ri"™ hf «!>«' repBlrraen. I^wnt 'PAT O'BRYANT Main A: Second TV SERVICE Tour »rt on itir blink? ror (ftst «err- It. ™ll Vsogcr Cnrl Ixins At BLTTHEVILLE Television A Radio Service 11 M!» w. vr^in Phone 3T>l I1!I5 ck if TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS H,.™.? 0 Plenty of Parking! _. Space S«wfnjl anrt AUrr.^tlDn^ Mr* \!vnlr ^ ?flb "'". 3" O.k St T 17 'pk 51 For Sale, Real Estate room house will) carport .Concrete driveivity. Gi financed. Move in today. $250 down payment.. F. R. .loj'MKr or H. C. Ciiinplxrll Ph. .I.I4B, 3205, .1874 _ 7-30 ck 8-1 80 ncrtr turm neor Half Afoon J room htniBR, nnirll barn rttiU tcnnnl liouse, on Kcnrel roftrt, pli. fi5Tl l,2i pk «:: Good 6-ronni house and bath on North Broadway, nlso 4- roorn house and bath on rear of lot. This house is only 3 yeors old and is good rental. This property is well worth the money and will ewsily G. I. Total price f7,500. Nice 3-bedroom homo with KH« hunt, on large lot in Conn-! try Club Drive Addition, close' to Central School, .-.!MO new high school. $|;000 to $1,500 cash will handle. RiiJiince ?51.50 per'month. This is an exceptionally good buy. Total price $8,500. Sea or call JOHNNY MARR Office phone 4111 Residence phone 2596 7-16 ck tf 7950 FORD Tudor Sedan . . . here't a beautliul dark blue car at Phillips special price 1947 FORD Club Coupe . . . < dependable icrv/'ce from this i (has a nearly new motor) . . . . 1947 NASH "600" Club Coupe . . . the condition is good and so is the price — check this 7946 MIKCUKY Tudor Sedan . . . it's equipped with both radio and heater — make a good trade 7946 TUDOR Sedan ... get miles & miles of good driving in this car (new reconditioned motor) '1295 :; '895 '745 '745 '695 Br*«Mlway & Chkkasawba Phone 4453 in. (unu home- 4 Th. «C7 or 3K65. nn. imftirn. 1,31) pk 85 J riu. furnished apartment E kitchen. 103 W. Kenuicky. Ph. Real Estate I- arms — City Property LOANS If Jnlrri»ttec1 In Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil Earls — Glancoa Bldg. ph. 6868 C* K There n-rtre sli Brilish colonies n A'lslrnlia before they were tinll- ed Jan. 1. 1001. Private Rooms lAln-d brrtrnoiiiK prlviito nuancj. 10(, Luke SI., ph .1.119 7.34 o* 31 EW GLI-NCOE HOTEL HI 5 i?rci>nil Th 4<81 $9.00 WEEKLY Washing Machines rrpairetl. all makes. Blyfheville JTaehinp Shop. Phone 2828. S-fi rk If 1 30 pH R 5 | RADIO SERVICE pii sn^ mi J^j^l j For So^e, Misc. I Insurance Call 4553 KIT Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Finn ned Protection U4 W Ash 81. CI.F.NCOK HOTEI BITltDI.VO 3 [oom unfurnished apt. with hath, iloso Ln CAll 3300. 827 ck It .1 rm. tinf. lunisc with bnlti RUM eliia vaier tienter. 704 Howard, sc,i pnw- '"• ' "' 7;2S pk 84 . holisn anil 3 rm npt.. x »[it. fur. Ph. 4267 or .1065 7.24 31 Uiilur. 2 room prjvnte btilh. electric .01 water hpnter. Mr-wly tlccornlecl spoilers eleau. On Main Conplft or rRlnit Indies, Rensoriahlo rent I'll J.;ji;ip r S. ,1Mi. 7 .| 8 pj, e 3 For Rent or Sale 7 roo ni ho u «»P-J, Park 31 or snip, Ph. T1& pk 8.1 Notrce WHAT TO DO IN CASE OF AN ACCIDENT If vmu ci\r Is clMimflcd In rvrrklrtu hern's something you mid Jcimw nidinirtt will K(I-« you K -e pMnt ]ob on any roi^lr work ot 4100 or mnrff The whole c*r Is pnlnt- ftl —unt )n*t i lie <!a:iirtt{ert purls Prcc itlmixtps. For wrrrkpr iprvlcp rnll _ >f)l cltifs - 4IQR ^^tl;ht^ lUJRNE'iT HUDSON SAl.F;S. M5 Cnsl Mi\ln 423 etc II Help Wanted, Male 3 A-i [\iiln . Contact . h>- O M. CAR SALESMAN WANTED? KxiHTiunced ;uito & truck s«lary and YES, WE HAVE VETCH SEED Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osc«ata, Dial 520 — HyttuvlIU, Dial 2371 Hollywood -MV-A rubber boom I" the sleepy .southern tishlng cen- ,'i e h, T a , VO) \ h " bo "" ced <"'"*"« light Into the money. Money there comes so easily Rangoon folk sky- ride itown for a weekend's fct pto . saVd" ' * 8" ve '-»"'e»t agent , He said it is difficult to meet R layoyan wlio Is not rich. A world dwnnml for rubber has broiiKht about this happy state ,m the soulh coast H sent prices to n ve times theii- m<' ,« lllepil trade ., nfe . Nonetheless he snid buying i n the ba[I | Rnd , ehanccy business because the rebels are known lo murder customers to retrieve stocks for another sale The Communists who are nol averse to earning a fast buck also make ciis- i,?.'?". 1 !,^ ' Or lhe l>rivile se of trad- mK In their territory which houses the richest plantations. ConcHieud from Fag* 4 rnor. "I know H Isn't easy lo accept all sides of IffjJlytvfiml. Hut there's nothing concerned wHh UtU husl- I'fss Kctt I li.iwn't lf«rnt-(J to lire H'llli it ml even L-n|ny." About the .spanking's, i rcinindcij How did Pat Neal and Linda Damp)! fit Into lhe hMrbrush- polscti-oviT-the barkstrte picture? Hmtivnnitninin? I^orc-tta cla.sjicd her Imuls together. She sf\Sc! that actreRses fret and worry their careers away. "They brood because another actress has won a big role. They their talents by being ovfcr- concerued with everytliitiK abovit a picture but their own performances, II you're nn actress, you're not an exhibitor, cutter, editor, producer, critic or pre.w agent. You're just an actress. 11 You don't calcli Ix>retta whining about the ulum part that Jatie Wy- ™S,XS*on S^tU'^i 118 " 1 C ° Ufl " "'- «"-»«W Ads Du/ine is about to play. She r.issen She spurned membership tn the Ulcer of lhe Month Club when she won hrr Oscur for "The Farmer's Daughter." Shr* Inuglied: 4 Teopl« said. 'Rptcha you're jto- Injr, lo tir mlK"Ey cartful from now on, kid.' Tliat was A Joke. 1 didn't L the award by helnjr, careful. An ITPSS who Is out to get an award li cra/y. She'll never (fet It." I made one Just, f-tab at pinning her down on the spanking angle, "What," I small-voiced it, "about Rila?" "Rita flayworth?" asked Loretta. I nodded happiJy. The Young orbs widened. "Rita." «iid Loretla, "I have 1 cried and cried over that girl, God | love tier, God help her, that poor, [iour girK" Rubber 'Boom' Makes Fortunes _ „. , ( Because of their high energy con-! commission or straight! cetltratlon lier ullit of ' A " ei ^ 1 ' IaUi i nissitni. flno «r A»^,.;«.,V-, -'"tt.s-fy hunger longer th«« do; ii. Onu of America' . lines. .All replies oon- lulciitial. Write Box IKS c/o Courier News. 7-2{Jclc'tf many other feeds. Salesman Wanted WALKER INSURANCE Glcncne Hotel Rnildiiig Phone .1860 Kirc—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost ,1. G. "Hub" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf flAI.ESMRN' TO TAKK OVER KRTAPt.lf-rifEIJ TREIRITORY f ''Hist )mv« Hit exiiprlenccd Joca) ! •hinnn 10 L-c.vcr our e-<iini>llshect BC- '• nt* mia MVP iirORpccia lnrre«isln« f >.viniul-t ror onr products and fiprvlres ! Plus * national ndi-erti.sJn^ rrtmnnlitii in TIME MAGA7.INE lu, s xrpntly lii ™™" l .°" r hllstlloss We nre nn AAA-1 f'irrj in hustnpss tiH yeavs i Now turn rnnrint> up to SI.IXW [ _, , "'"- « rUc or wire Ilecnntlnv; I Division. Knnprr-Thomas Compitnv i Cincinnati 13. Ohio. 7 ;3tJ { )k 31 i Tlie Aland Ixlnitrls nre located at, lhe cntrnnco to the Gulf of Bothnia, i "bout 25 miles off (hp coa.-5t of; Sweden, For Safe, Cars and Trucks HFCKSHER SYFSTKNn ATTTO SAt.KS Ph 4-JT4 2Ur ,\urt Korxworxl Wf Fln»nre iPM Tudor Fc»r<i il.W « VO cS fl W • CARL PAUL H nc;v OI.OSMCIBU.E. R find !>im .xt Hornrr-Wilsun Molnr To. Priori t ZC^fi Nlcht •(-('5* What Don't You Need? j Olc! rickclv rnrinliirf. nnrn [ ctolhc*. flsliinit c(|ni|>nient anvthUiR nn r.irlb Hint ynu rlon't »aii( is worlli money In Iratlts anil sw^ps at n A M Safrs Cn. Rrinc it clown- niu-ll (iriil ,(,mr:llilni; TOO DO H&MSalesCo. in E No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home Shreds r«ind ,wast« to small hits . . Washes H safely down the drain Simple as A-B-C. Kits alrmiti any sink. Se« it lo- HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCECO. Personal ............ Buy «lumln:im v l»sl life ot TC.-.II h Sulicl«r« Supply Inc C__ D J ii • II ' ( ' i; r' ; i'^'n n«l . Mobllr- Atrt froiii ror Kent, Miscellaneous \ ^mur r urinj on ,nmc .>s i«i SHEET METAL WORK —OF ALL KINDS Cnslom wink for K ins. nlfalfa mills, oil wills. C»stom Shearing up l o '< inch thickness, Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Smith Broadway ph on » 2<551 Get The Best Car Service! Al! Make* and Models! No mailer what kind or car you drive, you'll snve money bv gel- ting the personal service at V I Sesy Motor Co. We'll cnre [or your car is you would yourself. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. ClirTslcr-rijw««h Dt»Je r 121 E. Mala >12Z TRUCKS TRUCKS T R U C K S Remember, there are jusi K feiv (Javs left le buy 195J truck licenses. That'* why now in the time t« t»4« i* • IH(« moriei truck] • 1919 Chevrolet 3/4-Toii Pickup Truck in exo«H««4 eondilion . . . $895. • 1950 Studebaker 3/l-Ton owner, low mileage . . . $9.J5. • 1913 Ford V-8 3/1-Ton Stake Truck with -l-speed transmission driven only 11,000 .miles . . . $895. Truck . . o««- _lS Dodge V,-T on pickup Truck in A .i cond iti OIl • • > -f / 4 ft. • 19 17. Dodge 1/z-To.i I'ickup Truck .... real one . . . • 1947 International i/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck . . . m d«"<i.r . . . $595. ' /2 " Tan PiCkUP TnlCk ' ' ' * g<X>d • 1911 Kord i/, -Ton Pickup Truck ... the motor has been overhauled . . . $195. • 1939 Chevrolet '/,-Ton Pickup Truck ... this on* runs good AND has extra good (ires . . . $195. • 1914 Chevrolet long wheelbase Truck ivith good tires . . . R nice-running truck . . . $195. Many more late models to choose frem. Eosy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 3»1 West Walnut Phone 4571 All REPAIR SERVICE appliances: refrigeratori, rretzfrs, ranges, «rid wiuheK. Radios and small appliances. All onr work is ffuaranieed. Adams Appliance Co. FOR SALE Cfmmtt »fr«rta, U luck U U !»«» rloio .r re«Bt«rc«4. A IK Cncrel* Billdtni BUrki <hca^: er than hml»er f»r bar«>. chicken ti>«SM, pimp k>Mc<, w»>t Call H { TILf « c»tnn.i,. OSCEOLA t CULVERT CO. Now Open: Musick CABINET SHOP 421 East Davis • Cabinets fiuilt • Screens Made E,T pertly! Ru.isfll Masick.' Owntr PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores . cull 179. Manila. Sl Brif^. J3l>0 ptT riiorith. ; v ' rt ,-, ? hce 1 chiUra. ^fi (n> pt-r monlt-i r>*bv I L'. II "^ p?r dsy WADE FUKSITURE co rn. Shiners and Golf! Fish. Crappie and Bass Size, lioaches anti : worms, f'hohe S335) 32S K Main St. G. C. Hawks. 7-S pk 3-U For Rent If yon want to sell or Iniv USED KURNMTURE see us. Arnold &Goines 406 East .\tnin Ph. 6857 2-26 cfc tf unl.. Ph 61',^ 1,25 pk 8 S Help Wanted Power lawn mowers for rent. Master Mower's tlie one Female Help Wanted EARN REI.I. CIIKISTMAS CARDS v that cms all. Rate $1.50 first; r »'"<"^ »»rrr tWiiin.'*rti«io iiin ; hour. fl.OO per hour Ificrc-' i-'.''.^!'^^"^!™ ^\\r/"\n »-»u-i rfi 1 >!l^p!.>v ro'doi* and IIOT RS- ; if-iif. rr nppror-il COLOMBIA ROM. II,p! N. D.lllaj. Tcx.rv ' 28 |)V JS after. Blyllieville Machine Shoj Phone 2828 /-OCKC-Sj SFII, DRKSSFS H!OM~NEW~VOKK Ave u.T. firm ileslres women ell I>rr«^e.>. .S;iitv Mnteprtr Seen ^ room house *Slll window ran Irlf water hraler Hurt oil rlro...,„„ . „...,. -..,,„._,_.« ,, j „,, incluo,,!. ,,j s. mtl . rh ,„, ,, t;i ^, s ^^^XTn M^nir. iml 'iJ* ck « SK Fifth An., New York. 1,30 pit 31 i WANTED MEN and WOMEN In fellow* on ti>^uiance OrfAt rlcni;\tid — C,oorl Ta.v t \\hen In ihc Hospital friends send' I-'lowers — \Vc Send You Cash See United Insurance Agency li S. First SI. Blylheville "Kverytliiuj; j n Insurance' 1 At Lower Rates A. r. DlcM* LAWN MOWER & Woshing Machine Repair Service For prompt service anrt eipert work, always Call 6738 Herbert Graham 721 Jamison ^ Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Biylhcvllle go. HAIRY VETCH New Crop Vetch Seed IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Place Your Order Now! We Accept PMA Purchas* Orders Blytheville Soybean Cprp. Phone—6856 — 6857 Choose A Horner-Wilson TRUCK! ToiTII bf glar! NEXT year that you rmu s ht jour Imck from Ilorner-Wilwn. Chnoso from a big selection of late ft nldr«r model* trade with the friendly people her. U serre you. TRUCK & TRAILER 1499 '49 Oodgt Z-Ton Truck with Z4 ft- Xabnrs Trailer. . .just what you need for hauling seerl or soybeans. Truck ha« 900*20 tires—trniler has new hr;ivy duty axle. \Vow! \Mial a price! $ • 'J9 Chevrolet '/j-Tcm Pickup wilh deluxe cab, radio & heater . , . bargain price, ?S95. • '50 G.'MC •/, - Ton I'ickup wiih practically new (ires . . . very low mileage, noiv only $i).)fl. • ''18 International 1 Vi- Ton LM'B Truck »ilh practically new bed . . . 825x20 new tires. Save no\v. • '50 Ford i/, - Ton I'icknp . . . clean as a pin? It's CLKANKK than a pin . . . now just $795. • M9 GAIC 34 - Ton i'k-knp with rack, an unusually nice (nick with new tires. A bargain. • 'IS Chevrolet ft-Ton Pickup in perfect shape . . . has deluxe cab * new (ires . . . $875. • '18 Chevrolet ]i/,. Ton S\VH Truck. Th« best buy in Blylbeville! Has new motor, t brand new tires. Deluxe cab. • M6 Chevrolet li/j- Ton HVB Truck. A perfect truck for farming has good tires and a new motor. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oidsmbkile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Lof - - - 300 East Main Street

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