The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on October 6, 1965 · Page 19
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1965
Page 19
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POTTSTOWN MERCURY. OCTOBER «. 1W5 PACE 19 Tell People All Over Town What You have To Sell Thru Want Ads. Pottstown Mercury LU( At C I ASMHI D WANT AD MAtl L» fl 12 i JOOO tor Ad faker Aant *ds am rpte(i trom fton-t (itntnm iai advertiseri unfit I p m tor n*«t riny i litj« BUSINESS GUIDI TV Radio Service & ALBRIGHT f V S«rVi< e SHULTZ RADIO-TV d 11)4 High »treet II SCHWOYIR 171 n*4 ' i R V 176 4)10 BUSINESS GUIDE Builelmy Contracting 19 SALLY’S SALLIES and rwh y wop* H i \> h«>*> drill Air f (>m rs Streeft, Mr 1/6 701« COfIC Will AJ-»o Rent pressors, iii I H Kf F L I Y C f)fii rete Spe- iali»f Curbs Aim» Pnrr ha», Steps Patu. Wain, Mu i formi 134 4137 « sif.ed Di»p dars tieniti ay J p m oublie ation. W. Can Do I» CRAFTSMEN 18 kODHlON inet'-, Ml» york MAI i|*f*nrv kifrhen rati , on-rete f m#‘< nry MAI I III M 714 4325 *iii#d >r H Rat s For 1 Lin#» Avn«i.(» Aords <J<* /i » » day* day* day * j M 11 05 1. 65 1 ¿0 11 éo vo >p*i ¡aiding ir» unique pioiert and L)wpii< ation of old sfyi# Ai IBI l K GROf I , 234 4410 Gli<i iatiom Wanted and f >, ,ons ue ad s mini b. paid In tidvanc# In Meinorium — •iff lint Service (.hartjr for numi»« ri 5<x Lo* monthly rale on request. Noi for 2V be» t rror» m Want Ads should b» rt¿ rt'd immed at#iy The Mrnur, V not b* r#',i>onsibi# for mor* than on# incorrect insertion ANNOUNCEMENTS Death« 1 iti I I AH', and YARDS cleaned Junk and Trash Hauled Away, Uiai tVJ *>8 i0 VN flX IT Dial 176 6 !94 Qualified < arpenfry, . ament finish ing, painting and roof retare* Wl SPI ( i A li ZI m cleaning yards. • e lari Trash i.auling R#«v>iab»e 123 Pill or J23 /V15 Part» and repair parti of any make wa her PAUl PRIOR. 41 I 2nd W6 ll/J TYPfWRlTEP Rf PAIR 'JRVICt all makes and morteli 12' 4057 John Gaiamba, 1071 N barren it VFNFTIAN BLINDS Cleaned A. Repaired Custom Made Blinds K Shade* GOOD BUND SERVIC I »4* 1240 w nn Window top*, thermop & plate mirror* itidinij gias* door*, nie glaring, sforni pliir ed HIJÏ T'S Gl A" Iperltvl Thermo» arw mirri ir pi (69 10/4 'S, sfore dnw autft ■ h and 70 gla-s I Of sa’.h S CO front tjlass r,i reen 5*51? .1 A' WRINGER ROLLS 171 I PAI SHOP r^e ver ,i tv, M PVIff R dPiATf GLASS fiifiire top* a iom «♦r d sr reen« repair and »**ev glass Givr US nP AKS) piLRSOL Ot Lynv ew, Lyndell, Pa on roe->day, Oct. 5, IV6S, Lester if o hu band of Clara (Leyiri») »rsoi, aye 69 year* Relatives and end* are mvittd to the service*, m R.ilph W. Ralston Funerai mir, 107 W Lan .^ter Ave , )//ninqtown, Pa on Friday, Oct at 2 p rn Interment in Hop# Methodist cemetery, Fritnds r i»y rail at th# funeral hom# on tVf (Ralston) W11 SON In Norristown on Tu*s day 0(t 5 1961, Frank P , of ISO Perkiom* i Ave, Sfhwrnksville, t hand of Ruth (Wheeler) Wilson p.-’i.Viv#« a d rn#nd' are mvited to t ie *ervir** from Benner Funeral j. I r day, 0» t I hj 2 p m Interment in Chrlltl Union cemettry friends may call a’ the funeral home on Thursday evenmq from 7 to 9 (Benner) CUSTf R On Monday, Oct 4, 196V f li/r'beth Nilsson, daughter of The late J. Warren and Fliiabeth (Puokwalter) Custfr, formerly of .S‘8 High St, Pottstown, age v rs Relatives and friends are invited to the servmss from Houck f ineral Home, Charlotte at Grace. On Wednesday, Oct 6, at 12 noon Cremation tollowed by Interment in Pottstown cemetery Friends may ca.i at the funeral home on Tuesday evening from 1 to 8 30 (Houck) jyillEPT On Monday, Ort 4, 1965, f iorenc# M (Gring), wife o* I i ' Relatives and fr er d*. are invi'iKi to the serv- |rf from Houck Funeral Home, Charlotte at Grace on Friday, 0< t I at ? p m Interment in Laureld re cemef#*ry, Reading Friends r^ay call at the funeral home on Thursday evening, 7 to 9 (Houck) fMUCf P On Saturday, October 1965 F'se <lang) Manqer, wife of Pol.prt K Mauoer, aae 74 years P« at ,•jr ai d fr ends ar* invited to the servires from Kopicki Funeral F 1 e, 1104 Hiah Street on Wedn#s I If 11 am 1nt#r rn-'nt In Hiahland Memorial Park Fr.ends may call at the funeral hr • r> T Ilid f evening from 7 to 9 Schuylkill Chapter No 33S O E S. Servires on Tuesday at 9 p m. (Kopicki) PANF LING Quality Work Modern Dial 376 6)94 igns Moving M0VINGS Storage 7i Commerc >at Residr ritiai RONAl D G Nlf HOI Plano Pefri^j. Household STORAGE 176 517« PAPERHANGING 3 ROOMS i I-w 13V A so Til# Work 948 96«! Wa'hers Refrigerators Wan'jes Service Call IiM PAr r 140 E Fourth St 326 415* WALIPAPFR Removed bv Steam Low Price* Free Fstima’es FRANK S7VCHOWSXI, 373 5594 Cesspools Cleaned ISA Yergry's Moving Storaqp Piano* refn '’raters, an househoo Al & res denti*! hai ing /6d Sprur e St Dial 373 Î47! MOVING - STORAGE lAMf S N SHF I I Y Piano* R^triger ati.c* HauHn« Da. 173 6162 l MI'I.OYIVILNT Help Winltd Male 31 HANDYMAN T ruck driving, odd |r»hs Dia! 754/Hi or apply m person. SWANN OIL CO. tassamant/ill#, Pa. i ififr'LOYNifc.K I Help Wanted Male SHOP 10k! MAN METALLURGIST FOUNDRY SUPERVISORS BENCH M01DERS oundry Workers fotjcidr/ o(/#ration* a’ idisviM# arid I ar,raster created openings for foundr i personnel. company benefit» ecf for evening appoint iMnl (/!/ 191 sm,] or apply da / I mpioyment Office Se/mour K Prince St’., I anr aiter 9 a m 10 4 p fn. PENNSLYVANIA MALLEABLE IRON CORPORATION 712 S Pnn^e Sf , l anrast#r ri F t TRONIC TFfH TO 5150 Rn, h ma', for mu,i store 'jeryice home t nU rtainmer * equipment ,o, d growing co , toil benefits CaN Mr Mar w *t. ba'kground of #*p«ri*nc# in a Motors D#ai#r»hip Tar 1/ advanr «meni for a person witt. initiative F r nqe benefit* P#r sor.a barkgrour.d and references Panal#d required Write M#r< ury ho» N 10 Perori PRODUCTION WOPKrRS (5) Start af 17 with large ar»a com pany H * grad, service rompi# t*d Call Mr //ood, 174 éM Sn« il ing fmp Agr , f ,rsf F ed B¡dg WINDOW r I f ANf RS F /pefienced preferred MuSf dr /e (yla1 265 14/7 MJH SALE 33 Article« for Sale BAPGAINS lODAY tram# 46 Assorted pictures, na> tram# 79» I* «4* throw rug* »I 800 page disonar/ 79# De«,» with lamp K char ... »I» I *^/# IN atnn#t 114 Armi#»» *o(a With 7 chair* 14* *.#ttee *ith 2 chair* 179 7 r hair * with otfoman $79 ( riair with ottoman, 1 rolor* 111 f I ferini AAHf HOUSf OU TI I T He*, n K f /an* St* , OPF N NIC. TSH FOR SALE Article» for Sale 46 BOLENS ' Hutfcy Tra« tors 4 to ifl H P i from 1519 f R T I Dr?mon itratian RAV S Bicycle 4 Mower .hop, Rf 73. Gilb#rt*v»li#, I49ll*i. HUH Outgrown Shop, Parkar I'ord Mon , Wed Fri & ,#t II 4 f v# » br app’t 4V5 4151 or 4'A /I5I fURNISH A BEDROOM Livingroom & Kitchen Complete for only $?83 CPF DIT COLI ECTOR • ve» ar d Sa Dial 3/1 24',8 MANAGFMl NT l#r4# grar] w 'irofjr.d Wi r,# e/e< utive positi fir e Cal MÜS Sntlling F rnp np ar./ Mu it part time ha/« rar TRAINI f fol- vifh bu*.inet* bac k > tr^ir.ed ''i s*#p mto ion p, ,st io/al of lare. 126 4100 Age , f 1rs! f *d B dg 3 room* of BRAND NF M furnífura of r|e#p pm* custom including complet# 7 pf, tiymg room .«a .«.IF, ---J to mt- , m 44 ' it” m t , . grotip table* K tamp* 7 p' r.ed- room* outfit, tprlng & mattr#*», plu» a S pc, dinatt# tvarythmf Brand raw 4 guaranteed Pay only 13 per wee» FREE STORAGE A* f #f I DFLlVfRY For further Information phono 413 4191 Out af 'own call roller f. BIRMAN BROS. 714 Hamilton St AHantown G F #i#r hot wat#r heat* #r, doub'# heating ei#m#nt. Lika new 1/5 Phone ItVNJI, Pai d'ape* with valance, M ’ long 72 w de with mafr h ng double bed spread Alio red veiv#f dre*s, Siia 8 ♦ 1Í Ph 371 4«09 COLORED PATIO BLOCK TOOL MAKERS ni- ed ate ope' >f gs a/a. ab e for «perieneed men, at>i# to wori* to o'e toleran'e* All benefit* Top (te • Profit ihanng pian più* odem air ror,dif«oned ihop Drinco Tool & Mold Co. //heat .fr.rj 4 Me:t,n St*. Melon e, Pa nf /»ood w4 6300 ncj I rnj Ag< , I rst I ed B dg. with “And Co Chink I’ve waited dnmrxCir üll day bliss. 1 for Chis sorC «di Professional Service* 28 EMPLOYMENT EMPLOYMCKT DRIVERS Appiy in Person RIVLIN BROS. Old Perd r n Pik# Stowe, Pa CFSSPOOIS, Saptlc Anywher# lowest equipment Special SAMUEL W RICF Tanks cleaned prices M -derr comm rat#* 696 3454 Have Mar tal ln*#st¡g«.‘ive Sf , Norristown Problem«'’ Muilin Bi.rrau, 515 Swrde HI 8485 or 775 3VU8 CESSPOOLS Ti CESSPOOLS and Septic Tanks Ciee'-ed JOHN PAY. Pottstowh 376 2851 CFSSPOOIS *. SFPTIC TANKS CLFANt D G I kFFl F R Phon# 323 1105 or 286 5ft40. and Septic Tank* Cleaned Nam# In cleaning *m<e 1919 HAROLD C KUIP *48 4593 or t no an*wer 94« 7281 EMPLOYMENT NOTICE TO JOB SEEKERS Help Wanted—Female 32 il Lf PHONE Solicitor Supervisor, to handt# telephone solicitors and drivers, in your area Permanati» position Excellent income E uper lenced only Call 855-5226 or write Mr-rcury Bo* M 45 WAITRESSES, enperienred, over 21, apply in person LAKf V f A HE-S TAJRANT, Boyertown, Pt Help Wanted Male 33 MERCHANDISE DISPLAY SET-UP SUPERVISORS Screen Repair» *89 SCRFFN RFPAIRS All Types. Aluminum or Wood 373 1178 RALPHS GLASS SERVICE BRING US your screen trouble*. We repair all types of alum and wood *c reen*. LAVFRNF S f.l ASS SHOP. 121 E. 3rd St., Pottstown. Under fn# Civil Right» Aif of 1944 the employer may not indicat# his preference for "M ALE" or j "FEMALE" In *p We will ton tinu# .o publish BOTH "mai#' and! ’frmale" classification* tor those' ¡CDs which are peculiarly »uiteti but nof restricted to their rrspcc five sex Jobs app# ^ring under our ‘Male and Female ' classification j wi d « tons.derr-d a* suitabi# *c e ‘ner e« Emp'oyars of less than ^TTRACTIVF married ladies work KITCHEN HELPER Apply m person CRYSTAL RESTAURANT 149 High St , Pottstown New * midst of phase p un R a / a bold oqram. and ex' itirig "i tTv-i Three NEW STORE REMODELING 01 REME RCHANDIS NG A STORES EXPANSION DER STORES L OTHER ESTIMATOR /V *♦ haw fuii knowledge of tab nr a*ion techniques and capable of estimatinq cosfs from customer drawings for wrldmerts, prc>s*ure r" ■ is, machii »r/ parts, #tc A k’•.owlrdcje of machine tools and A'iMT cod»* 6*)' rabe Suburban lo P 1 B W 2C6B, Phiia , Pa, 3, furnishing re. sume o* exper enre and salary de sired An equa; opportunity epmloy er undrr Title VII, Civil Rights Act Of 1964, /7 A N T f D A reputable i e* ability to intere- f peop# in i expan-.ion pro e'f by a w*il mown Iviil company Opportunity •o earfl a r,era! commission Arif# Mercury Box // 78 I LI CTRIC IA r< 11 70 HOUR Large area firm ne*«ds firs’ da*s man for nioht shift Plenty of overtime Mult tare tough test Ci Mr Wood, 326 4!00 Sneilinq F mi A'(c , F .r*t F ed B dg SH0PT ORDER COOK ''ail G A 1 1041 POTTS CFMFNT BIOC* CO W High St , Poor # 323 8870 IViNG ROGM SUi f E , 9 pr \\Vi comp 7 cha.r* divan, 2 #nd and 82 ga'lon I coffee fables, 2 fabi# and I floor lamps, 171 M90 befor# 4 10 p m SPRlNGFtFlD 17 ga shotgun/ two / SO x 1 4 inow t re* Dial 123 504/ LIMFD OAK dining room Hilta, 9 pi#' as, good condition 449 4 5/9 SFPCO electric wafer h#at#r, 50 gal , 120 Dial 373 3941 Rf M pump gun 14 ga 155 32 Win Spe* 140, St#v#n* DB 17 ga 145, 321 7215 A/ISC. 2 cyi 14 h p motor, 5V Belt, 10' long, H#avy duty Yale water pump Best offer 371 8444 MAYTAG automatic washer; Frig dish washer-floor model; Eiectfic range apt »if#; Ei#efric 119 9'; West, rafrig, 130. ironer. SANATOGA CORP. HAND BRAIDED and HOOK F D COSTUMES FOR RENT SARA SWANN Dial 754 7911 COVf R YOUR POOL NOWI No cleaning next Spring STAN sr F AN. dial 323 7240 CARPF T BONAN/A roll and ram* rant*, now 11 *q yd , value* to US *q yd Man/ new »howroom opening *p#ci#t* Open #v#*' 9 K); '.at to 5 M f WF F k 5 Inc , Ridge PiX#, jusf F of Col'egevllia USf D H W HEATING SYSTFM compie*# with radiator* & heatar, H A COAL FlRf D HI ATER. Ail good condition Apply 314 Chasfnuf St START A LAY AWAY on a Schwinn, or Ro** B>k# Full sll#rt from 114 95 Polo Bikes 11/95 up. King 4 Wa*h Sf». DIENERS Phona 324 1841 PUGS Sa/# * ’o j during new in T f R fj A T ION Al Cub and LCBoy showfooffi opting Añ y %>i§, color Open e/e* *o 9 10, Sat. *o 5 M C WE f KS, INC f of tolieoey » dg# Rika, Just Tr*rfor*~ Q\tr Price* ara Right I A. C. B r R NE T, Rout# 42/ R O 2 Bir<jDoro, dia 582 8110 or Dougla*»vltl# 315 3500 BUS BOYS and ST A f F WAITFRS, Fu¡ or part tin* Room board K jackets furnished Gratuiti#*- Beoe , 12 Mr Buck 100 employés ar<» e«empf from the requirements ot th s act, this year Building— Contractinq 19 WE BUILD OR REPAIR Cementing, Plastering, Root ng Dial 326 68/2 CONCRETE WORK All type». U»ing »feel form» 324 4/71 E "Lyn" Drumh#ll#r GENERAL CONTRACTING We Build - Repair Remodel PIERCE R1PKA 40 F Ird St 326 66/7 or 323-7451 E .timate* T eoal NOTICES 11 Funeral Director« S For Free Transportation to ANY VIEWING OR FUNERAL At the Houck Funeral Homa, Charlotte and Grace St*. Please Call 323-8220. Monument»—Cemetery lot» 6 TWO GRAVE burial lot located I n er k G*rcV*n of Memories. P^ m e 49S 6‘60 “ EMERGENCY SERVICE For Complete Ground Burial or Mausoleum Entombment Call MFMORIAL PARK FARMINGTON AVF Dial 326 0835 payable HIGHLAND INVITATION FOR BIDS The Redevelopment Authority ot the County of Montgomery will receive bid» tor furm*hing of a motor vehicle until 1:00 P M (E ST.) on the 27th day of October, I 1945. at it* offices located at 355-D __ West Lancaster Avenue, Haverford, ~ Pennsylvania Bid* will be publicly opened and y0 iak# read aloud at 2 00 PM. on the 77th day of October, 1945, at the Authority'» offices. 355-D West Lancaster Avenue, Haverfcrd, tor the furnishing of one 1966 model VI nine passenger station waqon. Copies ot specifications shall be obtained from the Executive Direc tor of the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Montgomery af 355 D West Lancaster avenue, Haverford. Pennsylvania A certified check or bank draft, to the order of the Re- Help Wanted Female 32 20 I ADIES to handle new program tor the Fuller Brush Co Phone 326 /46i, Ihurs. evening, Oct. 7, 7 pm to 9 pm MAT UR I WOMAN to live In I iqhf housework and l Hp rare tor eld eriy woman Phone J26-5777. BABY SITTER wanted from 2 JO to 10 p m , tor 3 school age children. 326 269V before 2 p m, DEMONSTRATORS for Party Plan Up to 1.'5 profit in one evening Fringe benet.ts it qualifiad Write, Realsitk, Inc , P O Box 956, In dianapolis, Ind 46204 SALESLADY Experienced in Ready-To Wear and Sportswear 40 hr. week Apply: Penna Stata Emp. Service 362 King St., Pottstown ' WOMEN - PART TIME orders on phone New Pottstown ottice Hour* 10 to 2 p. m, or 5 30 to 8 30 p m. Salary 11 25 per hr. Cali 326 7131 or apply Bahr Arcade, 272 High, office it 2. several evening hour* as fashion stylis ‘5 Free wardrobe and training No investment, no delivery or collecting. 112 minimum averagr guarantee per evening 369 1495 SFCRFTARY Mature gal for ■mail office Experienced short hand and typmq Benefits. Call Miss Franc is, 326 610C Sneiiing Emp. Age , First Fed B.dg WAITRESS Experienced 2 p m. to 10 p. m. Apply R0SEDALE DINER AVON CALLING YOU'! If you want to earn money tor Christmas Start now Write or call: Mildred Gensjter, East Greenville, Pa 679 7688 after ) pm. We are seek ng and variety store up supervisors display or set up trained tor supe experien cd drug mer¡ handise vt and experienced men who ran be visors positions EXPERIENCD A LA CARTE WAITRESS Full time. Apply in person Brookside Country Club Managers Office WAITRESSES Som# tim# per sor i exper and iene# week necessary. Part ends. Apply in C0LLEGVILLE INN Route 422 Col.egevilie Woman tor general housework T or 2 days wkly, references preferred Write Mercury Box M 43 CLERK - for installment dept. Must have good figure aptitude,' credit background helpful Est. co.] Call Miss Francis, 326-6300. Sneiiing Emp. Age , First Fed Bidg EXCELLENT STARTING SALARY PROMISING FUTURE DUE TO OUR GROWTH JOB SATISFACTION WILL RELOCATE AT OUR EXPT NSE Forward a brief resume to: NEW SUN RAY DRUGS INC. DIVISION OE MARRUD INC. 8000 PENROSE AVENUE PHILADELPHIA, PENNA PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Tractor Trailer Drivers wanted for local transportation company Must be experienced Paid holidays, vacation and insur h ■ bonet ‘s Phone RAYMOND B LONG Inc port, Pa MEN 1mmedia*e openings tor part time guard work and uniforms furnished Many com par.y paid benefits Ca1 between 8 am and 5 pm TRAINEE — H S. grad, military exempt, firgure aptitude, aggres^ *ive Na* Ona1 CO Otters re*: career opportunity Î375 mo plus benefit*, plus co. car Call Miss l ane, 326 4300 Sneiiing Fmp Agy, First Fed B dg PRODUCTION PLANNING TRAINEE Clf R^ Outstanding trainee opportunity w asist in production scheduling and compile production control reports Must be Hicih School graduate with ability to work with figure Excel enf salary and benefits Telephone, write or come in to the Personnel Dept. DOWNINGTOWN PAPER CO. Downmgtown, Pa INDUSTRIAL and DOMESTIC Oil Burner Service Man Experienced preferred Dial 754 /811 or send resume to Dept B. WATE R PUMP TANKS We servire ard instali, #nd if yoti w/,nt to do it • yourself, save on supplì#* ** . DAVID W. MARTIN, Ine 77 W H gh St Ph 124 3270 BIG COLOR TV SALE Now On! Choose from a bg se'ec ti&n of brand new 64 Munti A, Emerson 21” and 23' roor TVs read/ tor immediate delivery Bu/| now before prices go up No n#ed With U»* ; w# servic# our own *#t* «t low ! cost With any color Tv, we will s#ir you a color TV antenna at our rost All sets, 8? rhannel, American Royersford pianti, made 21" color TVs from 1299 wt Reliable emplo/ees New Emerson portabi# TVs 11"584, 16' 5*9, 19"-5119 New Munti portarne Tvs 19" 189. 73”- 5119, new 23' tabi# ard console model Tv» from 1118 w f , new 21" TV combi nations frem 1179 wt , used TVs SNARF DRDM anth stand 4 fits Cali roller» 71/ 595 /44 noon to 2 om; 6 p m to 8 p nr P«trie BUCK HILL FALLS, Hill, Pa (Pocono Mt! ) PAINTER WANTED Phon# 777 8/71 MEN expenenced In domg general tree work stead/ employment ,o t>u7 -' service contra with l.bera' benefits Contact CHESTER VALLEY TREE EX PtRTS at 326 5442 for an interview OPENINGS AVAILABLE In Pho# nixville and for ninhf shifts needed for knitting and blearhlng operations Will train Call 948 9400 Mon thru F rl , 10 to 3 p m. BRICKLAYERS Apply H P. KATZ & SON D al S48 8448 “ guards full time TO WORK IN THE POTTSTOWN AREA. APPLY UNITED DtTEC TIVE AGENCY, 521 SWEDE ST., NORRISTOWN, 279 2540 Mu»ical Instrument» 46B ORCOA Coruert 4 octave chord or* gan, electric, 4 row*, ot chord», good cond , 17 music book» Jncl. 3/3 4134 after 4 p m. USED and DEMOS. F I TE RMS Student Plano» F lac Organ* Drum Outfit» Guitar w amp. CHIARELLI BROS. Hom# of The Hammond Organ 4th 1 Penn Sts., Read nq 375 4545 KIMBALL WHlTNFY piano and bench, walnut, 3 yrt old, hka new, asking 1450. Call 323 7690 be­ for# 4 30 p m »tick». low A* $79 114, new TV picture tubes 11 per n<-h, FM radio* 114, phonocraphs from 19, UHF ronverer» 114 Out door TV antennas UHF 12, UHF 14 up. MUNTZ TV INC. Factory Showroom, Div Jones Boy* Ent Rt 477 Sanatoga, 374 2143 Open Daily and Sat. till 8pm LESS than ’? the original price, practically new colonial »olid maple furniture — Boston rocker, end table, u*ed but in qood condition. Call 321 7545 Help—Male 4 Female 34 douoh bo* MARKET RESEARCH INTER- bench LÇ, couch with 4 mo old VIEWERS (2), gasoline study, custom »lip cov#r. dbi. bed, mattress SWANN OIL CO. Sassamansville, Pa. Tylers- full and T raining Personal» FREE toys and gift» Have a Toy Party ar d get your toys and gifts bid* * Call 326 4092 or 324-1833 development Authority of the County of Montgomery, in an amount equal to *en percent (10°«) of th* total proposal must accompany ail WAITRESS MATURE, reliabie woman to baby sit durino day. live in or out, ref. req , 469 9214 before 6 p. m. HORST AUTO TAG SERVICE NOTARY PUBLIC 1010 Hale St. 323 4881 DRESSMAKING and Alteration» J ANF L GAUGLER Dial 323 7946 Hospital Beds — Wheel Chair* Crut hes Walkers. Sale or rent. CANNING'S DRUGS 451 Hif.h Street. Dial 32* 1404 tost and Found 10 FOUND: Small sum of money Owner please call 323 6676 I ~iST- Man * brown wallet contain mq money and valuable cards Generous reward Phone 326-0735 l.OST Bulova white platinum i : es watch, broken wrist band, • »ard LEGAL NOTICES 11 The successful bidder will be required to turnl*h and pay tor satis factory performance bond for compliance with the contra't The Redevelopment Authority of the County of Montqomery reserves the riqht to reject any or a bid* or to waive any Informalities in the bidding Bids may be held by the Re development Authority of the Coun ty of Montqonvrv for a pe-iori not to exreed thirty (30) days from the date of the openinq of bids tor the purpose of reviewmn the h,d‘ ar d investiciating the qualifications of the bidders, prior to a/ard nq of the contract Requirements un- d»r HHF A re advert, tor Item 12,500 00 or over. Prices quoted shall be exclusive of all Federal excise and Pe^n'vl- vania sales taxes. The Fxemplion Certificate will be furnished to sue ce*sfi'l bidder RFDE VFL OPMTNT AUTHORITY COUNTY OF MONTGOMERY J. Harvey Shillinqfcrd, Executive Director WAITRESSES Ti Night shift, 4 to 12 p. m. Apply in person after 3 p. m POCK'S DRIVE IN ml S of Pottstown on Rte I APPRENTICE AUTO MECHANICS Must be mechanically nclined and rave military obi afion fulfilled F rte uniform* plus many fringe benefits Hiqhe*f sfartinq salary. Apply to SERVICE MANAGER MANAGE R FOR ROLLER RINK to manage and take charge or Pheasantland Park Rmk and Lodqe (near Boyertown Prefer man or couple with good business or promotional background Must s'.’8 9495 *** dependable and trustworthy Lov ely apartmen* on grounds Phone area rode 215 TRemonf 6 6151 for interview. PART TIME DRIVER SALESMAN hrs. approx 8 a m. to 12:30 p m Apply Wednesday to Boyer Towne Inn, Boyertown, bet 12 30 & 1.30 pm. Ask tor M, Evans IOC Tractor Trailer Drivers County Line Volkswagen Short hauls, experienced preferred Excellent opp( rt, n fy for live wire girls Good ‘tartinq sa ary and tips. Steady year round employment. Apply THE GUERNSEY COW Inc. Exton, Pa. LADIF S matured. Show wigs address post cards at home, ary. Call col ect Mr Alien, PO 9 9056, Phiia , Pa and Sal SALESLADY Must be experienced in women's or children s apparei Good pay S. working conditions Dial 323-2949 bet 10 a m. and 12 noon. PRACTICAL NURSE lor elderly lady part time, DouglassviHe irea, Rte. 7U. 38S-3242 bet. 7 and 9 p m RELIABLE WOMAN for housework 2 or 3 days a week. 10 A M to 4 P M References reguired. Write Mercury Box M 40 OPERATORS—exp sewing machine operator* needed tor day and early ev^niny shift. Apply MAKF WELL LEATHER GOODS, 42i Main St , Red Hill WAITRESSES Full or part time Room and board and uniforms furnished Gratuities Benefits. Call collect, 717-595 /441, 12 noon to 2 p.m ; 6 p m. to 8 p m , Mr Petrie, RUCK HILL FALLS, B uck Hill, Pa Pocono Mts ) Dougtassviiie STORE MANAGER DRUG STORE New Sun Ray Dru«*- is in the midst of a bold and exciting stores expansion proqram. We are s and variety itone I men with experience. drug EXCELLENT STARTING PRESSERS SALARY TO WAITRESS 10 a. m. SPPINGE0RD JOINT SCHOOL SYSTEM Montgomery County, Pennsylvania AUDITORS' REPORT Year Ended June 30, 1965 ASSETS AND LIABILITIES - ALL FUNDS 4 P Star CONWAYS King and m 6 days a week 11 10 hr. ICE HOUSE DAIRY BAR Manatawny Sts. AS ,ETS Cash In Banks All Funds Re eivdb.tis Government Subsidy Inventory Cafeteria Tey'rook* and School Equipment 239,293 7,321 1,341 910,805 total assets 11.158,760 IT IES: Re » rve tor Summer Payroll Due io Mweir ber Districts (Net) TOTAL LIABILITIES . • 192,933 3,517 SURPLUS TOTAL L ABILITIES AND SURPLUS 1 196,45 11,1 58 76 STATEMENT OF CASH RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS- GENERAL FUND, JULY 1, 1964 TO JUNE 30, 1965 CA H BALANCE July 1. 1964-Geneial Fund 1 96,' RECEIPT' Revenues from Member District» Revenues from Local Sources State Sub'idies ............ Miscellaneous Receipts .................. TOTAL RECEIPTS ................. aUR'.E ME NTS: Administration ............................... Instruction ......................... Attendarne Service* ................. Health Service Pu, Transportation Servire* Qaeration of Plant Maintenance ot Plant ............... Fixed Charges .................. jit.d. it Body At tivities ............... C ani Deh Out- al Outlay Transf* 11,999,60 4 8 179 23,591 285 1 36,258 1,34 179 1,405 33.166 RV610 US 4 ; 65,082 . in ,155 5.781 14 991 16 I 4.’ 5 2 , 031.659 6.’6 We'll Help You Write Ads Thai GET RESULTS Courteous Mercury Want Ad writ r are trained lo writ# effective ,it*s Throurh lonq experience and a thorouch under^tandinq of advertising they can put your wants into words that get action. TOOLS I I It NTH It K not SI’IIOI.O Alt I M l I S Ml SIC \l INS I HI Ml MS inniK.s KOXTS in NINKSSF.S ( MtS and TIU < KS For hand iron Day and niaht shift. Evenmq shift from 5 to 10. For experienced pressers only. Steady work Paid holidays, vaca tion and hospitalization benefits. HAR MFG. CO 25 S. Reading Ave , Boyertown Help Wanted Mai« 33 WATCHMAN wanted tor pants fac I tory Apply in person, Osan Man ufa< luring Co. 320 S. Washington St., Boyertown, SALESMAN for our industrial uni form rental service Steady posi tion, qood salary, commissiun and benefits Write for appointment MFCHANICS’ UNIFORM Ri NTAL, INC , 455 S. Third Sf , Reading, Pa WOODWORKERS Ma- hine and assembling on fine lurniture Experienced or trainees A.,ply FAIR MOUNT WOODt-RAFT, 4th and Railroad, East Greenville, dial 6/9 7565 PROMISING FUTURE DUE OUR GROWTH TRAINING PROGRAM JOB SATISFACTION WILL RELOCATE AT OUR EXPENSE Forward a brief resume to: NEW SUN RAY DRUG INC. A DIVISION Of MARRUD INC. 8000 PENROSE AVENUE PHILADF L.PHIA, PL NNA PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT 2 RECFNT HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Dial 7547811 or apply in person. SWANN OIL CO. Sassamansville, Pa TRAINEE — Industrial. Outstanding area firm oflers 3 year training proqram for draff exempt H S. grad. Good starting salary plus WILL do typing benefits, plus bonus. Call Mr. Wood 326 6300 Sneiiing Emp Age., First Fed B.dg ALL AROUND Machine Shop Operator with set up experience Able to operate iathes, shapers, milling machines, surface and tool grind ers. An equal opportunity employer. Apply Mr. Shaner, Penna State Employment Service, 362 King St., Pottstown, Pa Pottstown. 11 75 hr 8c week's jfudv Contact Kenneth Seymour, IV 3 4773 collect. BANQUET HELP NEEDED No experience necessary. Apply in person— C0LLEGVILLE INN Route 422, Coilegev la SHORT ORDER COOK Apply in person LAKEVIEW RESTAURANT Bovtr*own, Pa PAYROLL CLERK Experienced in all phases of pay roll operation. Pleasant working conditions Company benef t* Call 931 8885 between 9 30 a m. and 4 30 p m OFFICE CLERK typing, various office duties, with progressive Read ing company Experienced pr#f#r red. Write Mercury Box M 39 COOK or Couple for kitchen In small hotel in suburbs Man could have outside job GA 3 3061. 1 & spring*. 489 4911. SPECIAL Used Reconditioned Student Plano and bench, guaranteed 1 full yaar, 11/9 50. FOR RENT: frumpet*. Clarinet*, Flut**, Saxophone*, Gui’ar*. Drum*, Organ*, P ano*, ate. ... ail rantai payment* appiy to iwrchasa prica if teieohon# fl*Cl0«d to buy FCKERT BROS. 101 High St. 324 4910 USFD TV SETS, »15 up. guaranteed YOST TV. We buy used TV, phono*, etc Oiai 126 7670. N#w location—931 N Hanov#r St Boat*-Accetto riot 4t 42 TROJAN boa* and frailar, »I». 1*4 S Franklin St.# Pottitown CUSTOM BUILT Kitrhen* #nd Van ttics Can us for FREE Kitchen STAR CRAFT boat*. McCullough 4 De qninq #nd Estlmata* -,nk Chry*'ar motor* A tew ieftovar ’erm* ar# available No money available H OVERHOLTZER, I down Visit Our showroom and see W 10th St., 123-37733. 6 complete kitchen* 0|»n 0ui#t MERCURY outboard* tirrucic • • r . and new boat* on dUpiay Wm K. KITCHENS, Pottstown * Finest , qrubb Walnut 4 Cedar St». 5LCif,ri°J-fM U3 Spf,ng at. Dial 88S5 326 4672 CLIP this ad and receive .....................— ■ .................... wall clock of purchase ot * FREE built ir selection with dream kitchen GAS DR YE R 175, like new 'oorn furnitur# with slip 495 6655 your that Living I cover* ! old, like new 5 *ire* 750x14, Situation* Wanted-Female 37 in my home, PHS Commercial Course grad Have Office typing experience 323 4112 WILL care for children in my licensed home Pick-up service Aeekiy rates Dia1 469 6616 WILL BABY SIT in my home. Ca i 36/ 5722. ___________ PRACTICAL NURSE Available anytime ________________________Phone 324 3957 FINANCIAL head shipping department to work in cutting room work. Ap ly CARETAKER FOR APTS. Knowledqe of boilers and qeneral maintenance necessary. Dial 326 5825 before 6 p. m. MECHANIC lOTAL DISBUR' E ME NTS CASH BAI ANO Juri# 30,1965 General Fund DAI ANC! Other Funds: Payroll Account ........................................................... 1 ( afiital Resei ve Fund ........................................................ Cafeteria Fund .................................................................. Activities Fund ............................................................... TOTAL CASH IN BANKS June 30, 1965 12.029,191 191.714 29,938 2,106 10,800 2,735 1 216 558 1 2.19 293 (fit l.ll I OK N ont \ IT \ WT SPARK ROOM AUDITORS' CE Rl IF !C/ II We eerMfy that wc havr examined the inountlwi r» oid ot th* Si»r mg Inro lent iiool System tor the sc h it year ended lu|t# 3i\ 196'; found them correct I tie preceding finan lal ,latemeif% \iie prt* . .•■red by u «rid ai# publikhed in accordance with the School laws oil Pennsylvania. DRESLIN and COMPANY C#itili#d Public Accountant» I INI) YOU A JOB <.l I YOU A IIKM*HR .Ititl Dial 323-3000 \üal Clf »lit IS (juudl Prefer FORK - LIFT experience qas or electric Pottstown loca tion. Good working conditions. Dial 21s BA 8 04C3. MEN Part time, Full time New local office for m.ijor company ripeds 3 credit verifiers. 52 per hr to start. Call 326-74S6, 10 ain to 2 pm _ METALLURGICAL ENGINEER Fxcellenf opportunity for a re rent qraduate or a strong equival enf in experience or at least 2 vf*ars of ter finical < ollege training pius 7 or more yenrs ot metallurgs • xi'erienre In metal ¡oininu and procc- inu, preferrably in non ter rous metals Inter**; ting ind ch.iUenging a* siunments in developing special new produ ts to meet customer demand' and improvement of present pro due tion and techniques Inquiries and resumes should be dire* ted to the attention of: W R, TINNY The Brush Beryllium Co. Box 9/1, Reading, Pa An equal opportunity employer MAN TO WORK PART HMF on tr in k 57 hr. N(> tr ilUu .. Apply .’9 W Bridge St Phoemxvllle C.l Nl R AI help tnr SHIPPING DIPT Apply KNOll ASiOC., INC., Wat#r St, East OtMnvlll#. One to one Steady Sircom Knitting Co. 20 E Bridge st Spring City, Pa BARBE R Full or Part Time Segneres Barber Shop, 151 King GOOD OPPORTUNITY for ambi tioir man with window cleaninq company. Din i.’6-346P bet 9 10 a. m and 12 noon and 2 to 4 p. m. MAN WANTED TO CLFAN AND POLISH N( W AND USED CARS C-ood sfartinq salary Free uni torni- and r'' in, tnn r> benefits. Apply to 5E RVICi MAN AC j I R County linn Volkswagen FIRST CLASS MECHANIC Apply in person RIVLIN BROS. Oid Reading Pike Stowe, F*a MANAGEMENT TRAINI E Re i ent grad draft exempt, leadership ability, national co. offers ex rellent 6 month training program 1525 a month plus benefits. Call Miss I an*, 326 6.100 Sneiiing Emp Agy, First Fed Bldg M0LDERS, GRINDERS AND LABORERS Ke^tone Grey Iron Foundry Kiini and Cross Sts . Pottstown Business Opportunities 43 THE ATLANTIC Refining Cc. has a servic# station tor lease in the Pottstown area High gallonage, paid traminq progrim Retirement prouram avai’aie Minimum invest ment reguired Finamial assistance available Ca11 between 8 30 and 5, Reading 678-8073, after J pm call Mr Butler in Pottstown 3216661. WELL ESTABLISHED RFSTAU RANT A'h liquor ren*e No phone Information THE ODELl AGFNC Y, 4.10 kmq St Money to loan 44 ACCOUNTANT inq on own. of prorressvie co, 326 6300 Snellinq Emp. Age capable of ri Ini a! COSt Call Miss work dept I ane Nf f D MONK Y ? Consolidate Bills l oa Payment 1st and 2nd MORTC.AGtS E H A «i Rl MODEL INC. t OANS CHESTER COUNTY MORTGAGE BROKf RS BOX 144 t xton, Pa, Dial 363 7744 day or eve GE Refrig., 2 yri, asking $75; also best offer 323 3619 H0MESTYLE CANDY and household product* offered to all oroaniration* for fund ramng Dial 326 3/84. AAA Attraction tor bride* to be Brand new wedd ng gown* 140 to rmal party (Jfe-se* HO to S34 Phone Jacki# and Ari#ftes tor an appointment Birdsboro 582 1134. ONE o* the finer things of Ilf# — Blu# Lustre carpet and upholstery cleaner Rent elicfr c shampooer 11. Don Sands Pamt Store, 21 N Hanover St. VFNETIAN Bt INDS: Buy direct See new "Fmrres*‘‘, no tape* all types Ph 4R9 Z231 M C WFFKS, INC , Ridge Pike, lust E ol Colleq# vllie COAL HOT AIR HEATERS Dial 489 4595 14 McLaughlin Lane, Llm#rick MAYTAG Select from complete display of Maytag washer* and dry#r* Ocr own delivery, *ervic# and financ ing No banks or loan company H R E NT I SMAl E, 19 N Hanover St., Pottstown. Adding maeh'ne* Ca*h Regi*ter* Typewriter* low a* 14C New and Ujed Term* We buy and #* hang# JACK GURsHICK, 772 Wainut Sf . Reading, 375 7511 JACOBSEN Snow Blower*, Giant Vac Leaf Pit kers, Parxer Sween er* Knipco Portabe Heater* and Jacobsen Tra<fors BL F IMS REPAIR SHOP 263 Master Sf D al 323 5)44 FIRESCREENS- We rr*ke to *i/e Large selec of firenia>e »quip ment aid readv made fireplace* Open eves till 9 30, Sat to 5 M C WEEKS, INC , Ridg# Pike, lust F of CoNeqeyille Fuel Oil 49A “GULF SOLAR HEAT Fu#l Oll — S 2 and ÄS 100 to 1,000.000 gallon« Wm E B0ALT0N Gulf Distributor Dial 376 5131 Coal and Wood SO FIREPLACE Seasoned or H Went/el & STOVE WOOD green, delivered Oial 174-0195. FiREWOOO — any length Delivered and stacked. Phon# .147 4335 COLLIERY Coal, standard, nut an 4 stov# 119 50 Pea buck and ric| 11/50 948 4729 Ronald s Colliery Coal Dial 1*4 4727 FINEST COLLIERY COAL Guaranteed weight Save buy from STOWE COAL YARD King and Rie# St* Dial 121 7t31 Wanted to Buy 51 WANTED Used Grand Piano, good cond, Pr#t#rably Steinway. Phone 948 9075 or 948 33*5 Guns, Shotguns, Rifles wanted A;*o oid com», vid<i #s, »i#ighs, buggie* — ready ca»h. VAN BUSKIRK A BRO 224 High Street Dial 32* 13/0 CHOI W'ANTED F TYPE COINS SALE F .r st F ed Bidg FOR SALE INSPECTORS & TOOL ROOM MACHINISTS Immediate positions available Full Arficle* for Sale 46 BRIGHTI N YOUR HOME with wail to wail carpet I00*'o wool, 40 y,irds at 1700 Completely installed with paddmq COVENTRY HILL benefits profit sharing p an, modern FURNlTURt STORt 710 S Han air conditioned shop, son Apply in pei Dour Uv svili# D jiico Tool & Mold Co Sts. over st to 10 p ! OIL 126 3814 Hours 10 a m m (3) Wheatland i. Me F’hoemxvil » Pa ÌHF MERCURY'S CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SECTION COSES AÏ 3 P. M. Day Before Publication DISPLAY ADVERTISING At 3 P. M. 2 Days Ahead SALES TRAINEE Draff esempt sales minded men for d v slon of national co 1450 mo. i all I ane, 326 6300 Snellinq Emp Agi first fed Bidg "A" tLFCTRICIANS Swing shift and tni'd shit* E x perieneed on industrial controls and some electronic experi#nie An equal opportunity employer Ap ,p!, Mt haner Panna State Lm Iployment ervice, 362 king St . ¡F’ottstown. I’a TRUCK DRIVER Small oil truck 1 xperienee prefer red but not rwcessary. Dial /54/811 or apply in person. SWANN OIL CO. sassamansvill#, Pa, PACT HEATERS 1 like new Dial 469 6668 afler 4 pm, RADIO and TV testing equip. SS BUICK century 1100 Dial J/6/81/ beiore 3 p m Miss too WAIT Show Pak side projector 110, Pi hand crocheted Cream Iwm bedspreads pr quilted twin bedspreads, moss green ro*e bou Uoir chair 489 9/14 Pr I e* redui ed on brand ne w '44 8, '65 lawn Boy Mowers, 6 hp, 32' Rotohoe Ride' Also used equip ment Th1, i* a clearance sale- prices are *ut to the bone KFN D ROTH GARDfN CENT^R 54 E Vme St . Stowe 323 7441 HAVING Bndal Shower* and Baby Showers Spe> iali/inq In »howers Need help1 Al*o make dec oi ation*, put them up; car decorations H ghest priced paid. Honest dealing and fast pay. Try utl A'4 M COINS, Jvl 1098 A iNTf D Household good» and furnish nq* of all kind* Dial 324 J370 0» 174 5575 SOUTHI RN DEALER S - U*ed furniture 8, Antiques, china 4i d> he«, all kind*, bought BUCHtRT BROS Dial 34/ 2*3* Nf f D EXTRA MONEY? Bring your »urplus furniture toon, antiques glassware, etc , to /I RN $ FARMERS MARKET Ik AUCTION, Gllberfsyiile WANTED Area to dump bruth 4 log* Am interested In di»cu*sinq reasonable rat#* for dumping privileges Contact Chester Vailty Trae Experts 374 5442 PAYING TOP CASH for hou*ehoid «toves, duhes, make pompon* tor oliance* DANIEL good*. antique». turn itura, gun», ap- SPÍ I D Old ed to fif ,’P 34 / 4411 STORM WINDOWS -DOORS Alum Beat rush Order now Save 51 Phone 489 7211 Onen eves fill 9 10, Sat to 5 M C WFFKS INC, Ridue Pike, just E. Of ColieqeviHe POUl. AN CHAIN SAWS - Sale* Rental* Service 373 94/1 Gulf Station, W High Sf , Stow# DRIVF a llftl#, save a »of on W#I1 to Wall carpet Wool oval hand braided rug* up to V7'xl8' KFHR'S RUG SHOP Route 10V 11 mi s of Seii#r*v!lle * 9 Tuesday thru Friday 9 5 s*t Cu'tom kitchen*. Custom Vanit.e* 8. formica work C K BtiDICH 100 N F vatu St . Dial 323 IV40 SIFTEO Top Soil-limed tertiliied manured Nursery approv del on KNIT SWEATERS all sire* approval, 112 lg#. load 489 4564 tin is & ladies; also will I ——to ord#r, Doll clothe* N State St FRI I f Sr. Dial 326 'ISO hp d* hydr frans i cu. in Chev 1er, mounts ( ep weil pump i uriverf bio* k t inc I. rehuid TRUCK DRIVER And «II around man. Write Mercury Bos M 44. (Our employees know ol kthis ad). fly AI 4.19 '664 BOYS WAGON, assorted women» clothing, 16 18; buys sport iacket, »lacks, 14 All like new 326 7617 HAND now, make 176 1/50 Vandalia slnqle harrel trap gun' 5'50 Remini ton double barre 11.' g.urne shntcun 55('; Stephen dou ■ ii ■ h.irrel 17 qaure shntoun 125 Phona 469 6/60 alter 5PM CHRISTMAS PROGRAM Books, plays, rantata* in »lock iTha LIGHTHOUSE, King at PENN FARM and GARDEN I urn Dairy Product» S2 NECK PUMPKINS, »quash, green tomato#*. Dial 495 7202 FALL SEFDS" Alfalfa Red Clover Timothy, Bari#y Wheat Ry# S##d (leaning and Tteafnq. /IMMI RS HIO MILL, INC. Boyertown .147 7/40 Amity vill# 489 5401 100 TONS ot HAY and STRAW, * ail kinds 933 8/58 between 5 10 and 4 30 p m. PL0TTS BROS. R oyei store Oial 948 /21« 24-H0UR SERVICE PROPANE QAS Exchange or R#till» 20 lb. $2.00 100 Ib. S6 ft* PLOTTS BR05. Dial »48 7220 Pica up af 442 Main St.. Ro«erster« ■

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