The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1951
Page 7
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MOWAT, JT3I,T 90, 1W1 Sen. Taft Awaits GOP 'Draft Call,' Would Housec/ean Washington (ARK,)' COURIER NEWS PLYMOUTH, Mus., July Hi, (jf) — U*. Btn. Robert A. T»H (R- OhJo) hu *et a complete house- deaning in Washington ag a 1952 OOP election aim and says hU hat will go into the Presidential rlne K th« RepublicBn Part)' says the word. Tilt told newsmen he'll run for th« GOP nomination "if the majority of the Republicans want It," But h» said he may not make his 4«cUton until next January. UMiUoneii by political observers •* a pricr.e GOP candidate, the Ohio sejiau>j may, in the opinion of. aome of them, be waiting for a "draft Tail move. Thej» observers pointed out that just before his arrival for an ad- drest at Plymouth Rock yesterday Tail wired a Plymouth newspaper that he didn't intend to announce his candidacy "at Plymouth or anywhere else.' Asked about that wire, Taft smiled but did not comment. Taft spoke yesterday at a "rededication" program of New England Republicans' gathered at ihe historic landing place of the Pilgrim*. "It If Hopeless" In his address to a crowd of 8,000 the veteran GOP leader said: "It Is hopeless to expect honesty and integrity in the Washington government without a complete housecleaning and the election and selection of officials with much the sam« uncompromising honesty as the pilgrims brought to Massachu- «tls." On foreign affairs, Taft said that the "one danger facing America is that we undertake more than our capacity," and he added: "I believe that concrol of the sea and air tnroughout the world is within our capacity, and that vve ihould, • therefore, undertake to se- Scotsman, 54, Makes Channel Return Swim DOVER, Ellg., July 30, MV..I| 54. year-old Scotsman today Is Ihe fourth man in history to swim the English channel in both directions. Ned IJarnie. an Edinburgh science teacher, made it the hard way yesterday by swimming from EiiRhuirt to France. Tides mid prcvniilim winds make this more difficult than the Prance-to-England swim which Barnie accomplished last, your. The distant? is approximately 21 miles and yesterday look Barnie 19 hours ind two minutes. Barnie was the third swimmer to make the channel crossing during Ihe weekend. Philip Mickmnn, 20, also tried for the double over the week-end but save up pijjht miles off Ilic French coast because of heavy seas. He made the Prance to England crossing two years a^o. An Englishman and an Egyptian both mario the swim from France to England Saturday. They were Philip Rising. 41, and Abdel I.itif Auou Hei'". 22. an Egyptian student. Six other men and two women failed. America faces danger of undertake more than our capacily... »-e should seek control of the SM and air on the federal government by 1853.. further inflation, a great Increase and said thai would amount to OI :„ ,, ,. ' increase per cent nf the national inco™ ln lhe nall(mal deb <' hardship and turmoil and impairment of the very per cent of the national income. "We cannot raise the taxes for PAGE SEVEN ONE FOR THE CHEMISTS—This '.luee-cervt stamp will commemorate the '(51h anniversary of the American Chemical Society, The stamp svill be placed on firs! <l.ny sale at New York City on Sept. 4, 1951. U.S. Hires More Workers In Washington Area WASHINGTON. July 30. W) — Gvocrnment agencies in the Wash- many new employes during last June as they did dtirlne May. the Civil service Commission re- any such program." Taft said, "and production which Is the backbone we must recognize that it means of our strength,'' ington area hired live times as cure that control cooperation with the British empire." "Country Will Be Saf«" If that ii done. Tatt said, "this country will be sale, and we can be of maximum assistance co those who undertake to check communism throughout the entire world." "1 believe that the preparation Hn time of peace lor immediate land warfare by ourselves, against Russia on any large scale on the continent of Europe or the continent of Asia IE beyond our capacity." Taft went on. "W« can assist those who are defending themselves, but we cannot undertake the job ourselves, or do anything unless the bulk of the defense i* furnished by the nations who are directly concerned," he nu., :.,,->.. - '/'TbivWatlonlng ot American soldiers; In foreign lands to defend them against attack Is the most * likely to involve us In war, and f- therefor* "should -never 'b«-under- • taken without oongrewkmal ap- pror«l. * . ' »• Beuon foe Favor And, wid Taft. he sees "no rea- »n whir we jihould Javor either Asia or Kurop«." "All that I haw M*«d for Is a •onslstent policy applying to both." Taft criticised President Truman's suggestion tfcat we might be •pending a hundred billion dollars GOP's Soy Truman Must Share Blame for Lies and Slander WASHINGTON. July 30. (If, - the people are being "confused by Several Republican senators asserted tansy that President Truman must share the blame for what he said «-r,s "a flood of lies and pouring forth over the slander" country. Senator Young (R-ND) told a leporter if it Ss true, as Mr. Truman said at Detroit Saturday, that Electric Bills Go Down In U.S. at Most Other Costs Rise in Decode WASHINGTON. July M. Iff) _ While the cost of most everything else has gone up, average household electric bills have gone down In the past ten years. The Federal Cower Commission reported last Saturday that in cities of 50.000 population and more: The average monthly residential electric bill was J6.76 on Jan. 1, 1851 compared .with J6.9S on Jan. 't; ••ij4r;v-'-i~ y.^-v-^- r • _--- -- , However.' the commission added, averages for industrial electric sf,-- vices are now about itx per cent above the 1940-41 low level. The most common Jellyfish on the Atlantic coast in the shimmering "moon jelly", or aurelia aurita, which has eight eyes, tentacles and stingers. SPECIAL! CUBIC FEET OF SAFE COLD CLEAR TO THE FLOOR TO f MVI YOU Mm* Bigger on the inside, umaller on the outside. NIW FIATUIIS A full length 7^ cu. ft. refrigerator that gives you safe cold top to bnse. and front to back, becau.w Coolerator has taken the. mechanism out of the cabinet, flattened it out, anr! put it O n the back where It belong*. Completely new! Se* It now! Weekly Payments At Low At ACT NOW! '2.19 MOORE'S 306 East Main After Small Down Payment FURNITURE COMPANY Phone 2660 the smearers and slanderers," Democratic administration has contributes to this stat* of affairs. "The President has got the best smear experts in the country at his command," Young commented. Israel Elects 2nd Knesset Hot Campaign Ends in Festivity JERUSALEM, July 30. Ifi-One ol the Middle East's hottest dec- 1 lion campaigns culminated today in a festive holiday as Israel elected | its second knessc-t 'parliament). The young nation's 17 political parties concentrated on getllng to I the polls as many as possible nf the i MO.OOO eligible voters—double the number who voted in the elcc- Uncertainty over how new immigrants will vole for the 120-seat knesset has thrown off all election prophesying In this three-year old | country. American-style electioneering b; porlert today. The 7.900 new government workers rm.ployrrl in Jim? brow-tit to 258.100 lhe lotnl on federal payrolls here July 1. the commission said in its weekly )i:-css release. Lee O'Daniel Would Run For President of U.S. DALLAS, July (ifi— \V. Lee O'Daniel. the one-time flour salesman who became governor of Texas ami a United States senator, told radio listeners Inst ninht he would tre a candidate for the Demo- ci-nttl nomination for President ot the United Stales. "Only Ood can save this nation," O'Daniel said, "I'm willing to help him." Read Courier News Cln.sslfled Adu Mr. Truman's statements about "lies" and "fear campaigns" indicate lo him the President is gel- ting ready to run again. "That's the kind of campaign he conducted in 1948," Carlson commented. Mr. Truman spoke out against those he said were "using the smear and the big lie for personal publicity and partisan advantage" Ihe course of a speech urging the country not to let down Its military preparedness efforts despite any truce that might be reached in Korea. ^Senator Carlson (R-Kan) said poster, loud-speaker and newspaper i^. ._ _,_,_ . -' advertising came to a halt la-st night A law forbids campaigning after 7 p.m. election eve. Today is an official holiday. IVY-DRY and (Ii«'ckly, gently, safely dn'es up blisters ol oak 01 sumac. Al druggists, 69c ". . . So much for Gloria Glamour's legt. 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If you're one, call or come in for an appointment for your frea Truck Saver Inspection now, learn how our comp/efa Truck Saver Plan will save your trucks. DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc 312 South 2nd Phone 6863 INTERNAT1OHAL TRUCKS NOT1CB Or COMMISSIONERS SALE Hottw U hereby given that the undersigned as CommlssloMr <A tt* Chancery Court (or th« Chickasawba District of Mississippi County AT- kansa*, acting under authority of a decree rendered In said Court OB I luly 9, 1951, in CaitM No. 11,715 It, which the Farmers Bank and Trust Company, Blytheville. Arkansas, et al were plaintiffs and Southern Manufacturing Company, a corporation, et al were defendants, will, at 'the ioulh front door ot the court house In Blytheville, Arkansas, on the Uth H» ,T St ' 1MJl ° ffer /or sale lo lhe hl « hest a'" 1 "»st bidder upon a f rT. ?J i. rf * m0n " 1E " le '° 11nwin "5 descried property located In the Chlckasawba District ot Mississippi County/ Arkansas, to-wit: ' A) 1?r at ,Nwv°/ u " Sov ! tnWMl Qu"'er (SW'i) o( the Northwest quar. ter (NWS) of Section Fifteen (15), Township Fifteen (15) North Range Eleven (in East more particularly described as follows,,,.?• i c ^ mmellci "6 at a point 8G5 feet east and 225 feet north ot the Southwest corner of the Northwest Quarter (NWK) of Section Fifteen (15), Township Fifteen (15) North, Rang* Eleven (111 Hast, and run thence North 221 feet, thence East 30 feet hence North 95 feet, lo the point of beginning, run thence North 115 leet, thence SVest approximately 465 feet lo East right-of-way line of Frisco Railroad (formerly J. I, c and B) thence In a Southeasterly direction with the East line of the'said railroad right-of-way approximately 120 feet to a point due West of tho point of beginning, thence East 435 feet, more or less lo th« point of beginning, conlalning 1.19 acres more or less. ' Tract No. 2. CommenciiiK at a point 865 feet East and 225 feet North of Southwest corner of Northwest Quarter (NWH) ot Section Fifteen (151, Township Fifteen (151 North, Range Eleven (11) East, run thence North 221 feet, thence East 30 feet, thence West 2r>0 feet to point of beginning, thence South 213 feet, more or less to Northeasterly right-of-way line of Frisco Railroad (formerly j'. I.. C. and E.). (hence In a Northwesterly direction along said right- of-way line to point due West of point of beginning, thence East 183 feet, more or less, to point of beginning, containing .55 acres, more (B> Also. Ihe dehydration unit located upon the land described In the foregoing subparagraph (At, together with all buildings utilities machinery, equipment and personal property comprising the sam«' Including (without limiting the generality of the foregoing) the following: 1-22 x 22 brick construction building. 3 floors, reinforced concrete foundation, with framework (or 4" steel tubing) for four du»e collectors, two 86" long cone collectors ot It gauge Iron and all piping lo and from collectorn; ^ 1-8 foot diameter. 60 feet long dehydrator plant, outside steel and and cross members of 5/16 plate, concrete base, with air cooled 2x8' bar Iron rings, cast steel supporting trunlons mounted'on 10 I beams and concrete base, together with furnace, 10 foot Inside diameter, 21 feet long, at the entrance lo Hii.'ch are located th« following oil burners: Burner No. 1 .— Type AFL Ray oil Burner, sire J. serial number 31338. connected to a *, HP 3 phase, 60 cycle, 220 volt electric motor, equipped with West nghouse. sir* No. i starter, class 10-100-31, style I0404«OE and Westinghouse catalogue No. OP321, 30 Amp, 3 phase «0 cycle 220 volt safety switch; Burner Number Z Type AFI, Hay OH Burner, sins 3, serial number 313J7, connected to a >.', HP 3 phase, 60 cycle, 220 volt electric motor, equipped with Westinghouse, sl7« No. 1 Starter, class 10-100S1, stylo 104000E and Westinghouse caliilogue No. 0321, M amp,, I phase. SO cycle 220 volt solely switch: Burner Number X SIM 56 Johnson OH Burner. Serial number 8557, •with Johnson Serial No. 1016 Turbo Fan, Size 930, powered by TA HP Motor with Westlnghoiise. slue Z DN Starter, class II-200ST, J phase. 80 cycle 220 volt, and catalogue No. 321, style »9756«7H, I phase 80 cycle' 220 volt safety switch; .' together with the following equipment appurtenant to said dehr- drator plant: - * Wehydralor l>riv« Motor 15 HP Westlnghouse ball bearing, ityle 120245* serial No 14145, Motor speed 1750 RPM, I phase, 60 cycle, 530 roll; starter for motor WesllnghoUK Magnetic cross th« lint, size No 1 DN class 11-20062, 3 phase. 80 cycle, 220 volt; Westinghouse catalogue No. 323 safety switch, serial No. 1183114O, 3 phase, 10 cycle, 220 volt- power transmitted to motor by four B Section BelU; 100 series to a Boston Speed Reducer, catalogue No. Td80, Serial No. 261500 ratio 60 to 1. power speed reducer to trunlons of dryer transmitted through Diamond Holler Chains No. 410. Exhaust Fan for l)rj*n No. 25 Clarage. equipped with LS Wheel; Ian drlyen br Westing, house type 1282286 electric motor, aerial No. 13445, 1750 rpm ^ phase. 60 cycle, 220 volt; starter lor motor. Westinghouse magiie'tle cross the line size 3 <k 4 class 11-20053; safety switch catalogue No .324. Weslinghouse serial No. 1180634C, poww from motor trarami»- t«d to fan by 50 Section V belts, series 120. f train f Fan. No. 18 Clara*., oatalogue No. 765M, equipped wHh LS Wheel- Motor for fan Westinghouse, catalogue No. 1078050, Serial No. 3B&W* phase. 60 cycle, 220 volt, 20 HP, 1150 rpm; starter Westinghouse magnetic cross the line size 3*4. Serial No. 11200553, safety switch Is Westinghouse, catalogue No. .124, serial No. 1190«34O, power from motor transmuted through four O bells of 120 serte*. Coollnf Fan , * ... Size 35 Continental, Mrial No. 1047; 18 HP WestlnghoWM Moto» 17SO rpm, type 1262450. serial No. 19145. 2 phase. 80 cycle, 230 rolf Westinghouse magnetic cross the line starter, clasa 11-200S2 «4»i J 3 phase. 60 cycle. 220 volt; safety switch Square D, catalogue No. »8353, Series 1, power from motor transmitted to f»» through four B Section V belts, 100 series. Grinding Equipment Bauer size 3« attrition mm, serial Mo. 9O45, powered by two TS HP Allls-Chalmers slipring motors. Motor No. 1 being serial No 2327K Y26C;, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 220 volt, starter being Westlnghous* type F magnetic controller « F15. equipped with grids and drum controllers: safety switch Square D. catalogue No. 4«35S, series No 3- Molor No. 2 being Serial No. 2327Y-26C, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 220 Volt, •tarter being WestinBhotise Magnetic controller 8 F15; safety switch Square D. catalogue No. 46355, series No. 3; power from each ot these motors transmitted through ISc Section V belts of 128 Series' Exhaifst Fan for Attrition Mill Link Bell 9" screw conveyor, driven by Foot Bros. Motor Speed Reducer Unit; speed reducer being Serial No. G2856A, ratio 25 to 1 direct connected to electric motor manufactured by Dlehel * Co' type IN. Serial No. 900015, frame No. IN 254-122, 3 phase, 60 cyclei 220 volt; Starter for motor being Westinghouse magnetic cross th'« line sir* No. 1, class 11-200 SI. Exhaust Fan for Attrition Mill No. u Clarage. direct connected to WestinBhouse. electric motor 3600 rpm, type 1078031, serial No. 6744, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 220 volf starler being Westinghouse magnetic cross the line, size 2, clasi 11-20082. 3 phane. 60 cycle 220 voll; safely switch being Westinghouse catalogue No. 323, Serial I183114C, 3 pliase, 60 cycle, 220 volt. (O) Also, all rights ot way, switch bracts, easements, franchises and privileges of. every character, which are now lor hereafter may CM) . appurtenant to said dehydration unit or used In connection there(D) Also, all additional land (or Interest therein) which the Mortgagor may at any time hereafter acquire In connection with the enlargement of the plant site for the operation of said dehydration unit. <EI Also, all machinery, equipment (Including automotive equipment) and personal property of any character which Is used or useful in the dehydration industry Including particularly all Items similar to those-listed In lhe foregoing siibparagraph (B). at any tim« hereafter acquired by the Mortgager and used in (or acquired for use In) the operation of the dehydration unit aforesaid) 1 Farmall Tractor—Model F20; Serial No. 130859 3 Redpath Harvesters manufactured by Redpath Harvester Company, Olathe. Kansas, serial Nos. 54, 65 and 66. together with 2 Fox Cutlers No. 224. 1 Diamond T 2!i Ton Truck, with long wheel ba4 Model 404HHS. Serial No. 4041431. upon which ij mounted' 1 galllon hydraulic hoist and body, type OH 567P. No 72569 1 Farmall Tractor—Model H. Serial No. 356832. subject to a prior Ken ol S4B8.00. I Westlnghouse Electric Molor, type CW, 200 HP, 3 phase SO cycle, 1770 rpm, Serial No. 4219504. Above molor Is parl of a Westinghouse starting grid and drum controller. The above motor 1* directly connected to 1 48 x 40 heavy duty Hammermill. 1 Fuel Oil Pump; Demlng 2902. for unloading fuel oil, equipped with V-belt drives and 200 feet of piping. 1 84" Cyclone with 30 feet of pipe: no Serial Number. 1 1946 Ford cab-over-enslne long wheclbase truck, upon which l« mounted 1 galllon hydraulic hoist body, type GH567P, Serial No. 76247; subject to a prior lien of {925.00 to the General Contract Purchase Co. I 1946 Chevrolet Truck cab-over-englne long wheelbase. upon which H mounted 1 galllon hydraulic hoist and body, type OK 567P Serial No. 76248. 1 International 1H Ton Truck. D3o. Motor No. 7633. Serial No J650, with steel body. 1 Link Belt Molor Speed Reducer, type DM, directly connected lo a 1 5 HP General Electric Motor. 1 8-thousand gallon oil tank, no serial number. This deed of trust Is Intended to cover the above described prop- •rty and any and all additional personal property purchased by th» grantor during the life of this mortgage. Tlie purchaser will be required to execute bond with approved security «nd a lien will be retained upon all ol the property until the purchase price Is paid In full. Witness my h,ind as such Commissioner In Chancery this July 20. 1951. HARVEY MORRIS <8»»1) Commissioner In Chancery. OSCAR FBNDLKR, Altorney lor Pliintilf».

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