The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1952
Page 1
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FASE TWO BMTHEVTLLE <ARX.) COTJRTE* NEWS Old Feud on Civil Rights, Party LoyaltytoBeginNextAAonday 4 Prison Rebels To Be Punished By D. HAROLD OLIVKR ] Esie* Kefftuver of Tennps.M?c WASHINGTON On — The old feud between Southern and Northern Democrats over civil rights and party loyalty Is headed for another boisterous showdown ai the Democratic National Convention starting Monday. The issue •which split the party four years ngo comes first before Gov, AdJrii E. Steven.™n of Illinois G; President Truman ,Vi among ihosp replying. Party chiefs both North nnd Soutli have been trying to soft- pedal bolt t;ilk this year. The fact thai Truman, strong civil rights plunk advocate, Is not a candidate, has helped to mininiij-.c It. But just mi NiiUonnl Chairman & Democratic National Committee ; F k y McKinncv ^."thi-owiiw siibcommittee which starts hear- . ^u^innej ^as imouing Ings in Chicago tomorrow on contests (or convention seats l>y rival state delegation'i from Texas .itxl Mississippi. Calvin Rawiings, l/lah mitiojml commitieemnn, her.ris ihe .-uix'om- branch to tlio ._ '•regulars" recently In roco«niz- Inx a new Mississippi nnticmal commltlncmati from the "rrxular" cani[), other Northerners wore re- .srntsiiK statements by Gov. Shivers of Texas and Gov. Hugh White of Mississifipf Implying ;in- o!!it-r party \valkoui if the coJivcn- iron did not do whr.t they wrjutert, Oov. Rhivors, '.vho he-ids the "ref-uliir" fleloj?nl:on In his .state, said It is "all or nrnlnnn" lor pt no ne a I S-S Interest Sold Art Sci thr S and _ _. North Franklin, Rlylt for Forrf lrac!'>r.i nn<( I>arhoni niitlce. Seventy convi?niion voif-s are involved — 52 in Texas and 18 in Mississippi, The outcome may we!) dincrmiin? whether the Southern Sirups H:yi;'.- crs will boll ihe piiny usaui ibis Jpili , year if ihe national ticket ;.nd plat- Lini. He sr.ui lu- would arc form are tint to their likuij?. 'J'ticyL, l<: h compromise ;ts the formed iheir own lickoi in Wi'A \ Bnd look Jrcm tho in Alabunis, Luu;siati:t, Mis^L-- ";ppi. South Carolina and Tenncr^ec 4 , The fight i:; between the anU- BdmEnisi ration or "regular" (actions in the two Somhern slates and pro-adniinistraClon "loyalist" . delegations. The "regulars" oppose tho nd- ministratiou's civil rights program and favor the states handling racial problems. They havo reserved the right to support another third par* ty ticket If the presidential ticket nnd platform displease them. Mississippi's 18-vote delegation Is endorsed to the candidacy of Sen, Richard B. Russell of Georgia. An Associated Press poll of the Texas iminstructed "regulars" showed Russell n 2!U-votc first- ballot favorite, ninong those replying, with another 10I/a going to Gov. Allan Shivers, who also fft- vors Russell. The "loyalists" largely KCC eye to eye with Ihe "reg«Jnrs" on civil rights, but ngrce lo support the party nominees in advance. They favor working out the racial mutter within the party without n bolt. The Mississippi "loyalist" group has not Indicated n, candidate choice. A poll of the Texas unin- strucled pro-administration faction shou-ed 13'a votes favoring Speak- Chicago In 1044 when the convention scaled both "loyalist" (pro-Roosovelt then) and antl- admlnistrnUoij lorccn in the Texas battle. The Mississippi "regulars" are led l>y Gov. White, nominee tor the loiir-ypiir term of national cominiUcemnn, and State AUy. Oen. J. p. Colenian, whom Mc- Kinnc-y recently rocounizert to till North Carolina Sends Head of Uprising to Roleigh Confinement 'Curative' Well Water Proves Unfit to Drink BAWBUriGH. England Wi-For B thousand years Britons have been WEBNESDAY, JtTLT 1«, 1981 drinking the waters from St. Wal- sion's Wc-ll, nm.side Ihe Hawburgh . Church, believing it effects mlrncu- I.INCOt.NTON. N. O. 1*1—Four I Ions cures. And now a 20th-century analyst reports the water is so Impure it's Irink. The church vicar, Herbert L Da- ringleaders of yesterday's Lincoln County Prison Camp uprising, in K'dfch a K uarrt was hold hos'lnRc no'l"i iT W for 10 lunirs. have boon sent to ' , Central 1'rison nl li.ileifjh ivlierc vncnncy on ihe committee" until j ! h( ' y , wi " bo l n "> lsll < 1 d for their part o ntvri ,.* ,!,„ :. .r. i ] D tho convict mutiny. Ihe Olid nl Die coming nnticmnl convention. The "loyalists" nre canliiinprl Ijy Mrs. John A. Clark, acting niuion- nl commitlefiwomnn v.'ho last week prcsf'iited her case lo Prcsl- rtent Truman. In addition to the Tcxns and Mi?slEsipnl contests, the Convention Crcrtpnllnls Committee will have to settle the matter of six over - stj-e/islh rlpleuntlom from Idaho, Iowa, Maryland. Massachusetts, Mtchignrt and North Cro- hna. Pevivol At Lone Oak vies, get-s scores of requests for bottles of the water to he mailed to M.H-HI /•• ,-,,H n r, ' invalids. He says he's In a "difficult Nmth Carolina P rKnm Director ! p^m^.j do £ t Wiinl lo destroy Wolves Snop Tip Off Tot's Finger BRISTOL, England (/I'; olrt Roderick Downs is used to his fan'lly's Alsatian dogs. So when he found himself In front of the wolves' cage at the Bristol /.oo yesterday, he stretched a friendly hand through the bars to pat them. The wolves snapped a tip off a ringer. Roderick, not realizing Just what had happened, ran off. cx- claimfriE, "Naughty bow-wow." The same wolves snapped the tip off a finpcr of another child. 4- year-old Graham Davis, later in the Texas Oilman Grandpa Again HOUSTON, Tex lman and > • •• -•»• \n ) — \s till Lill I ttJJU hotel owner Glenn McCarthy Is a grandpa again. Mrs. Harry B. Richards Jr., McCarthy's oldest daughter gav« birth yesterday to a •Hi-pound bof. _l»_ a Read Courier News Classified Act*. nbaiffih. of i The I.ono Oak Missionary mp'.iitj—. -. ,,,.,,„.!, ,j,u m.-ur; 1 -u Tractor Company. 1M j Church will hold a revival meet In;:! thrinwlvcs In the cell liloclc. Thei Walter Anderson premised last niifht that an -investigation would continue, lie said that any of Ihe SI mutinous prisoners, out of (il in the ct-l! block, fount] to be Involved in InstiRiuiiiK the revolt would be similarly punished. OimiitnJrits Heard Anrlor.son met with the prisoners for several hours last uiRht and heard their complaints, which ranged horn poorly conked nnd insufficient food to complaints about yard privileges and handling ol prisoner mail. Tin- uprising started ycslr-rday moi'tKfii; whc'Ji tlio aii'ii returaiMl to the cell block to receive v.-ork as- .^.'nnjpjits. .Sliunmjji^ Ihe door behind an unarmed l-'linrd. Carlos Reynolds, trm convicts harrjearied 5-Day Atlantic peoples' faith." Dr. Irene M. Green, the local j health officer, lold the Town Coun- ( C«-Ua<4ii|A til tlie people would Just have to >**<il«iUUIC .strike n balance between spiritual and physical benefits. But It the N'EW YORK M>j— The new well is too popular, she added, she hner United States, speed queen of mi^ht have to put up a earning; the Atlantic, is going to settle down notice, "unfit for drinking." Marine in Korea Does Not Wont to Attend Slain Girl's Funeral c ev. , farm Implements,, 'iinnuuncnl ves- i pastor, nnd clarence Kl'ns' ' ,, , that lie hns sold his Interest j sell.'.t. In in tlie firm to his prirtnrr, .James MHton Stiow, [\t\rt Mr. serins from 3 Ihrnu - ;tist 15 with th'c Rev. R r, I/inn ''tvin- to rcleaso Reynolds to cjunp officials until tlicy hud n cliancc In Ulh to Anderson personally, Wlien tfie prisons director William Burks in Course Of Study of Cose Plants William Hurts, son of Mr. and Mrs. w. O. Burks. 1301 Hcarn St.. is studying the ,1. I. Case Co.. plants in the midwest us part of ,T t,v mouth course for new employes. Mr. Burks Is a 11)32 graduate of Arkansas slate college and on completion of his current course Is to ., . be assigned lo (lie company's Mem- ti Sam Haybllrn, « Texan; Sen. phis branch for further training. brother, H. V. Snow of nes Moines la. Mr. SemcnbatiBh said that the transaction was completed yesterday afternoon nnd Die new owners resumed full managership tocl^y. The nnme of s thc firm will' DC! changed. .Mr. Si-nsimbnugh said, lo| the Snow Tractor Co. MornlnR .services will besin at !0 appoa'red at 4 p.m., Reynolds was a.m. and evening service at 7:30! released imli.-u-mod p.m.. according to the Rev. ,\!i Long. D. R. McMiHln On Indiana Honor Roll Delano R. McMulltn. m. 3. niy- thcville, helped Indiana University's- freshman class of lost, year set a neu' scholarship record. He was amnns HC8 first-year students who qualified for the second semester honor roll by making a srraile nvcrace of at le.v-t B. Some 115 percent of the freshman class made the honor roll to set a new record nt the university. Hickory is the shortened fnrm of an American Indian name, pohlck- cry, for a tree native to Eastern North America. WITH 1ST MARINE DIVISION Korf-a i.l't — A Marine spokesman | said today that Pfc. Ronald j does not want a leave to attend the] fiim' of his sweetheart, shot to death in New York Monday. I/>o said he would not attend sers ices for Eileen Fahey. killed by a Klmnian In Columbia University campus as she read a letter from him. Prison officials identified the riot t lxa ' who a" 1 "" 1 ln Korea last leaders ns members of a group o fi January, broke into tears when told prisoners recently transferred from i ot Mlss Fahey's death. He declined Central Prison after a June 3 riot I ln bc Interviewed or to pose for pic- to a schedule of five days for transatlantic crossing. The D3.0W-ton U. S.'Lines vessel shaved about a day and a half off this time-table In each direction as she turned her maiden voyage into a tv.o- v .vav record-winning trip. The ship berthed here yesterday Ihe grand-slam vojage. there in which 10 hostages were held until the prisoners demands were met. Cow Gives Milk Long lures. ike Appoints Press Worker Denver f/Fi— Gen. Dwieht D. Els- enhower, tho Republican presidential nominee, today nnnounccd the ASHTABULA, O- f/P) — A Jersey | appointment of Stewart Newlin of cou- toll backwards into n 34-fon't. [ TopekB. Knn. f as assistant press well half filled with water at nenr- j -secretary. by AiiMfnburtr yesterday. Firemen' Ncwlin. who will serve under filled the well with water, and [ James C. Hagerty. was publicity cli- fJoatcd the cow to the top, ami .she'rector of the national Eisenhower was lifted to the ground. Six hours! for President, headquarters in later and nono the worse for her Washington during the lime the wetting, the cow gave her regular general wns bidding for the GOP two gallons of milk. = -_..-nomination. MORE TO ENJOY EXTRA WIDE CHOICE of Styling ond Colon Stylcline or Flcctlinc ... 26 colors ind cotnbinalions . . . the widest choice in the low-price field ... with D< Luxe color-matched interiors. EXTRA BEAUTY AND QUALITY of Body by fitbtr Tlie graceful, flowing lines of flody by I'jshcr styling . . . Safely I'/nle GlnK all around . , . Y-.-7. !'.>•= Plate Glass optional at extra cost. EXTRA SMOOTH PERFORMANCE of Conterpoise Power Tinpine rides flexibly suspended- centered. poised, cushioned in rubber-to power impulses. screen mil" vibration and EXTRA RIDING COMFORT of Improved Knee-Action Chevrolet's fnmcd Knee-Action riile is smoother, softer than ever. New shock ahsorber action levels the, smuochs the bumps. EXTRA STOPPING POWER of Jumbo-Dium Brakes Chevrolet Jumbo-Drum brake! have full il" dnims-tiiggcsl in the low-price field. Bonded linings last up lo twice as lone. EXTRA STEERING EASE of Ccnlor-Poinl Steering Steering control is centered fVf H-PIM the front wheels. You steer, park and maneuver wilh wonderful ease little wheel cITort. EXTRA PRESTIGE of Amcrico's Most Popular Car Make yrt.vrchoici; Anicrtca's choice. Lnjoy ihe satisfaclion of owning llic car that leads in popularity, year after year. EXTRA STRENGTH AND COMFORT of Fisher Unisteel Construction Steel welded lo slrcl-above you, beneath you. Firound you—to form a one-piece unit of massive strength and rigidity. EXTRA SMOOTHNESS of POVVEP tf&tte, Automatic Traniminion A complete pt}\\rr trntn wilh extra- powerful Valvc-in-Head engine and Aiilomalic Choke. Optional on Do models at extra cost. tur cHiv«oirr» IHAN ANY OTHU CAM priced m /Ys PRICED so LOW! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W«st Walnut Phone 4578 Golden Royal ORANGE or GRAPE DRINK IN THIS COLORFUL 24 OZ. ART GLASS DECANTER Get it of your Food Sfort or oik your Milkman MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION Divfiimi CITY PRODUCTS CORPORATION :':if will meet the lowest advertised price of every competitor - item by item - day by day - town by town quality considered! Be Sure... Shop Safeway! MLEW Full Quart Armour's Brand lb. cln. Busy Baker Frei'h Krispy ib. box 23G YELLOW - - lb. IOC Red Potatoes U.S. No. 1 Select in Bags 10ibs.69c BACON SQUARES Smoked Cello. WVop ib. 26c Prices in this ad effective Wed. thru Sat.

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