Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on February 11, 1994 · 39
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Edmonton Journal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada · 39

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1994
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r w w w i BEST COV AVAILABLE The Edmonton Journal, Friday, February 11, 1994 C7 I 5 ? ! ! I i SSafte off dlosos a IhieaBttlhiif sigim ffosr ciity tends DAVID HOWELL Journal Music Writer Edmonton Evidence that Edmonton's music scene is thriving can be found in the number of upcoming album releases and the launch of a new independent labeL This Saturday. Feeding Like Butterflies releases its debut compact disc with a party and performance at the Sidetrack Cafe. The show is sold out but some tickets have been held at the door. The album, recorded locally at Anvil Recording, is titled John In His Earthsuit. It's a whopper, at 23 tracks and 68 minutes. Reports are that the packaging is first-rate the booklet inside the CD box is a full 16 pages. Copies of the disc hadn't arrived in Edmonton by Thursday morning. They're coming from Montreal and should arrive in time for the party. Soon after the album comes out. Feeding Like Butterflies will be hitting the road to promote it, starting with some shows in Vancouver. Touring plans could keep the Butterflies out of Edmonton for much of this year, says lead singer Jason Johnson. In January, the Butterflies opened for the hugely popular Crash Test Dummies on several dates, including one at Winnipeg's Walker Theatre before an audience of 1,700. Next Saturday, Feb. 19, four local alternative bands unveil new albums with a release party at Mickey Finn's Taphouse on Whyte Avenue. The bands are The Greyhound Tragedy, Minstrels on Speed, Captain Nemo and The Naked and the Dead. They're all on a new independent label called Raging Postman Records. Another Edmonton band. Idyl Tea, will release a five-song compact disc EP on March 30. The CD a real labor of love, according to singer-guitarist Everett LaRoi has been more than a year in the making. Vancouver pop group The Odds, up for a major award at next month's Juno awards in Toronto, plays the Power Plant Saturday night. The Odds, who write tight, bright pop tunes and deliver them with a barrage of crunchy guitars, were nominated this week as Canada's best new group. The competition is fierce as four other promising bands are in the running: Junkhouse, Sloan, The Tea Party and The Waltons. Journal News Services 8 a.m. Today (Cable 3 Shaw, 11 Videotron): Actors Tim Daly and Alec Baldwin; author Erik Larson (Lethal Passage); "hot" toys at the Toy Fair. 8 a.m. This Morning (Cable 6): Singer Andrea Marcovicci performs; cooking Valentine's Day dinner; correspondent Arnold Dial with a "Shame on You!" report; Paula Zahn reports from Lillehammer, Norway, on preparations for the Olympic Winter Games; interview with the royal family of Norway. 8 a.m. Good Morning America (Cable 7): Second part of an interview with actress Ann-Mar-gret; NBA player Shawn Bradley of the Philadelphia 76ers discusses his rookie year; emotional aspects of prostate cancer. 10 a.m. Live Regis & Kathie Lee (Cable 3 Shaw, 11 Videotron): Joan Rivers (Can We Shop); actress Ann-Margret. 10 a.m. Bertice Berry (Cable 6): Women who say their husbands remain too close to their ex-wives. 11 a.m. Leeza (Cable 3 Shaw, 11 Videotron): How violence in video games affects children. 11 a.m. Home (Cable 7): A Russian-American romance story in keeping with the spirit of Valen aaa am Am hmr Mm ..... mm H SI Fu'l House Boy Meet Wrld Ie.N.G I Second Chinees IzOflO cTVNw ni H3l!Nws Inside Edition Jeopardy! Wheel-Fortune Viper Moris: MacShayne: Winner Tikes All (1994) Kenny Rogers. 0 3 Family Matter Air Firce Street Legal CBC Prime Time News Kid in the Hill Dm Redicin Comedy Hour H SO I Hew Murphy Brown Coich Cheer Mil USA Pigeint Picket Fence HB ABC New Full Home Roieinne M'A'S'H Family Witter j Boy Meeti Wrld Step by Step Mr. Cooper 2020 Q 13 Star Trek: The Next Genention X-File Viper ITV New Sport Night Bittle-Crime EJ 00 Tnvel Mig. Supermirket iFiir Comment lnuet in Math Bride of Christ HeirtBest Queition PeriodTBA CJ jO Rock 'n' Roll Edmonton Now Faahion Now Sport People Collector Tilk, Talk Weird-O-Rami Peter Hill Edmonton Now 3 12 Country c.-v. 1L Vie iiuvto le Telejournal (I 25) L Point Cinemi: Roie pinion (1991) Liun Dern, Robert Duvill. Cuoir i ' I 1 1 1 B IS MicNeilLehrer Newshour jwnh. Week Will St. Week McLlughlin Spokine Week , Memoir of Abrihim Lincoln Being Served 03 H Muiic City Tonight Club Dine Country New Muiic Video Album Hour Music City Tonight C3 1 Whiel Jordin: Greitnei iNBA All-Ster Fridiy Sportideek Imide Sports jwWF Wreitling Hockey Week d 12 Lrry King live World New Sport Tonight Moneyline Newmight j Showbiz Todiy Lrry King Live CD 2 'invtttigitivi Report ! Ancient Myterie Evening it the Improv Tim Machine Investigitiv Report t 1 j j j ED 24 Oft the Record iMcLsughlin iFime in the 20th Century Being Served ' Miv-December Behiving ISmithlJone Town Like Alice ) 1 ' 1 J : 1 ' 1 60 ( 00) Electric Circu Fix Spotlight TooMuch4Much Videoflow Dtily fl.S.V.P. j 1 1 1 B 19, Ent. Tonight Air Fire 'Street Legil CBC Prime Time New Biywitch Cop Cop Ej) .Turning Sixteen IVideo-Arcide jBitmin Denni-Menee Kitti Dog Piul Dtniel' Migie Hour Mining Tree. Nature Profile SJ 22 (:30) Petf m Prime 'National IWorld-Caned National World-Canada I National Iworld-Cmad 'National Wortd-Canadi ! j 1 ' 1 ' SI IE Mr. Pye Hell Bell jTimo of Life 1 00 Huntley Street Can. Hittory Catholic Journ. Something Like Wer SUP Movie: White Men Cin't Jump (1992) Woody Hirreiion. R jMovio: " Zebnheid (1992) Michael Ripiport. R 'Movie: Nowtiere to Run R FAM Fnj " Benji the Hunted (1987) Benji, Red Stugtll. Fleetwood Mie: Going Home jBurnelAHen jGliw Slipper TBS ;S:05) Movie: "PirmM (1971) )" Tentici (1977) Henn Fonda, Shelley Winter. - Froga (1972) Ray Milland, Sam Elliott. WGN (6 00) Another Midnight Run Newe 'Night Court Uptown Comedy Club The Wir Lord (1965) Chiriton Helton. KTLA Full Home iFamily Mitten 'Fimily Mittem Ctieer I Oeith Wiih : The Crectdown (1917) Charle Bronton. Iwewe David Howell Craig Northey, one of the Odds' two singer guitarists, says the group's first Juno nomination came as a welcome surprise. "We were on CFNY in Toronto playing on the radio and they sprung it on us. It's kind of like getting a birthday present that somebody forgot to give to you, two months later." The Odds have been racking up the road miles since last May, playing in support of the album Bedbugs. The quartet has travelled back and forth across this country and made forays into the northeastern United States. Bedbugs "just keeps yielding fruit," Northey says. It Falls Apart did especially well at radio. Jack Hammer is on the charts now and Heterosexual Man got a lot of attention for its comic cross-dressing video. The Odds were in Edmonton last month for an engineering week bash. Northey said the weird atmosphere some couples were two-stepping to The Odds made him and his mates feel as if they were "the human stereo" for a frat party. Opening act is Ottawa's Bar Stool Prophets. Vancouver country singer Lyn-dia Scott is at the Neon Moon Saloon in the Neighborhood Inn this weekend. Next week she's at the Cook County Saloon. Scott's had success in talent contests and has been nominated for British Columbia Country Music Association awards. Her debut album. Isn't It Always Love, came out last year but didn't open enough doors for her. She's got a good voice and shows a lot of spark playing acoustic and electric guitars as well as the mandolin. Scott has written a couple of appealing songs, but her show is mostly covers. "When you're on stage in a bar you have to think of your audience first. I'm lucky because I like a lot of cover tunes. My job is to play songs that make people feel good and make them want to dance." ooo tine's Day; fitness expert Susan Powter. 11 a.m. Geraldo (Cable 22 Shaw, 19 Videotron): Transves-tite love affairs. Noon Vicki! (Cable 6): The Bold and the Beautiful cast members Schae Harrison, Michael Sa-batino and Darlene Conley, and from Days of Our Lives, Christie Clark and Robert Kelker-Kelly. Noon Maury Povich (Cable 7): People coping with the loss of an identical sibling. 1 p.m. Shirley (Cable 2): Soap opera stars. 4 p.m. Donahue (Cable 3 Shaw, 11 Videotron): Women who discovered their husbands were leading double lives. 5 p.m. Oprah Winfrey (Cable 2, 6): Advice on how to find almost anyone. 5 p.m. Sally (Cable 3 Shaw, 11 Videotron): Older women and younger men, plus a woman who runs a dating service specifically for these types of couples. Midnight Late Show (Cable 2; also at 12:35 a.m., Cable 6): Actor Steven Seagal, female rap group Salt 'N' Pepa. 12:35 a.m. Tonight Show (Cable 8; Cable 3 Shaw, 11 Videotron): Actor Tim Daly, models Kathy Ireland, Rachel Hunter and Elle MacPherson, singer Tori Amos. II.A.V. 11 Club Crawl Folk band's material ROGER LEVESQUE Special to The Journal Edmonton Being part of an ages-old folk tradition allows Ad Vielle Que Pourra a little licence to reinvent the tradition itself because adding even a hint of rock 'n roll might make it more fun. "We live in the 20th century," says Daniel Thonon, co-founder of the Montreal-based quartet "We've heard The Beatles and everything!" The group's name is a play on the French phrase "ad vien que pourra," or "come what may." The substituted word vielle (wheel) refers to their ancient, esoteric wheel fiddle, also known as the hurdy gurdy. The music folk sounds from France and French Canada is as far-flung as the players' origins. Thonon (originally from Brussels) and Alain Leroux (from Nantes, Brittany) met at a music festival in 1986, and launched the group as a traditional folk unit They soon exhausted the repertoire and began to write original material. Their 1989 debut disc New French Folk Music was mostly in the style of traditional Breton sounds, a mix of song and dance forms going as far back as the Middle Ages blended with Celtic rhythms. Two more recordings followed their second album, Come What May, and the soundtrack for Bruce Beresford's film The Black Robe. "It's not only playing old stuff" says Thonon. "If people in the 19th century had been playing the same thing all the time then there wouldn't be any tradition. So there's no mission really. "We just like creating an inter- CATALYST CENTRE 10943 B4 Ave.. 431-1750 Show: The Wild Guys by Andrew Wreggitt and Rebecca Shaw. Starring John Hudson, Ron Jenkins, Earl Klein, and Raul Tome. Directed by Ruth Smillie. Four men on a weekend camping trip discover that being lost isn't always a physical condition. Co-production ot Catalyst Theatre and Shadow Theatre. nto:Feb. 11-27, Tues.-Sun., 8 p.m., $10. Feb. 11, 12 and 13, 3 tickets lor the price of 2. Call for reservations. THE CHINOOK 10329 83 Ave., 448-0695 Show: Rapid Fire Theatre presents Theatresports. Edmonton's longest running improvised comedy show. Into: Fridays. 1 1 p m., $7 at the door, doors open 10 p.m. Show: Gorilla Theatre, improvised comedy show. Show features five improvisors as both actor and director. Each takes a turn at directing the scenes and the audience awards a ribbon to the winning director. Into: Feb. 12, 19 and 26. 11 p.m.. $6. Show: Union Theatre presents Die Nasty, a live, improvised soap opera. Into: Mondays, 8 p.m., $5 at the door. Show: Hedda Gablerby Henrik Ibsen. Presented by Teatro La Ouindicina. lnlo:Feb. 11 and 13, 8 p.m.; Feb. 12. 2 and 8 p.m.; S8, $6 for six or more. Sat. matinee pay-what-you-can, call for reservations. CITADEL THEATRE 9828 101 A Ave , 425-1820 Show: Cyrano de Bergerac, new translation by John Murrell from the Edmond Rostand original text. Directed by Robin Phillips. Starring Brent Carver, Kate Newby and Andrew Jackson. Into: Feb. 11-20; matinees $25, $16.25 studentsenior; Tues.-Thurs. and Sun. $28.50; Fri.-Sat. $36 Show: Life After Latex, written by and starring Gale Garnett. Garnett's characters, ranging in age from six to 55, address questions about AIDS, safe sex, children, and homeiessness, with some input from the audience. Into: Feb. 11-15. 8 p.m.; Feb. 13, 2 and 8 p.m.; $21.50, $16 studentsenior, Rice stage. FANTASYLAND HOTEL 17700 87 Ave., Entrance 51, 444-5341 Show: Skulduggery Murder Mystery Dinner Club presents The Case of the Haunted Bride, a tragic honeymoon. Info: Feb. 17-Mareh 31. Thurs.-Sat., doors open 6 p.m., $25.95 includes dinner. GRANT MACEWAN COLLEGE Room 189, 10045 156 St., 497-4408 Show: West Side Story by Arthur Laurents. Directed by Stephen Heatley. Tragedy strikes two young lovers from rival street gangs. Presented by the college's Theatre Arts program. Info: Feb 11-19. 8 p.m.; Feb. 12, 13 and 19. 2 p.m.; $10, $5 studentsenior, call for reservations. HOROWITZ THEATRE 256 SUB, U of A, 492-2495 Show: Studio Theatre presents T's Pity She s A Whore by John Ford. Directed by Beau Coleman. Set in the city of Parma; Italy, a society where moral corruption rules and love and charity have flown. Info: Feb. 11-19, 8 p.m. (no show Feb. 13); Feb. 17. 12:30 p.m.; $8-$10. $5 students, seniors and Drama Alumni Assoc. members, group rates available, call for reservations. KAASA THEATRE 11401 87 Ave. Show: Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare. Directed by Timothy Ryan. Ad Vielle Que Pourra't music Is 22 Ad Vielle Que Pourra Where: Orange Hall When: Friday, 8 p.m. Ticket: at the door esting combination of sounds to stick with traditional acoustic instruments but to go further in our own composing. France is a mixture of different influences and we like to reflect that Jewish, German, Celtic influences, everything." With Thonon's own Flemish influences and the French Canadian background of other members it Leave It To Jane Theatre production sets this battle of the sexes in a place like Alberta with political leaders very much like Alberta s. Info: Feb. 11-12, 8 p.m.; Feb. 13, 2 and 8 p.m.; $15, $12 studentsenior, for tickets call 497-4395. Show: Workshop West Theatre presents See Bob Flun by Daniel Maclvor. Bob travels to "the water" in hopes of washing away an abusive past and entering a perfect fantasy world. Starring Michelle Martin. Directed by Gail Hanrahan. Into: Preview Feb. 16, 8 p.m.; Feb. 17-19, 8 p.m.; Feb. 20, 2 and 6 p.m. Interpreted performance for the hearing impaired Feb. 25, 9:30 p.m. Double bill Feb. 25: To Hear With Eyes, 8 p.m. and See Bob Run, 9:30 p.m. Tickets $9-$17.50. For tickets and info call 477-5955. LEDUC PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE Corinthia Dr. and 50 St. Show: The Leduc Drama Society presents Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. Into: Feb. 18-19 and 24-26, 8 p.m.. $10, $8 studentsenior, tickets at the door or call 986-4510 for more info NEIGHBOURHOOD INN 13103 Fort Rd., 448-9339 Show: Celebrations Funry Dinner Theatre presents a three act musical comedy There's No Life Like It. A salute to the folks in the armed forces with some questionable candidates for recruits and a navy from Saskatchewan. Info: Feb. 1 1-March 20; Wed. -Sat., 6:15 p.m.; Sun., 5:15 p.m.; $29.95-$36 plus GST. SHERARD MUSICAL THEATRE Show: Presents Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. Info: Feb. 18-19, 8 p.m., Ardrossan Jr. High School. $10, $7 studentsenior; Feb. 25-26, March 4-5, Festival Place, Sherwood Park, $10.50 advance, $11.50 at the door, studentsseniors $7.50 advance, $6.50 at the door; Feb. 27. 2 p.m., Festival Place, $7 advance. $8 at the door. For tickets call Ticketmaster, 451-8000 or Festival Place. 449-FEST. STAGE POLARIS Old King Edward School. 8525 101 St., 432-9483 Show: A Tangle of Tales written and directed by Leslie D. Bland. In the laboratory of Dr. Strangetale. favorite stories unfold with some peculiar twists; children in the audience help create the stories and play the parts. Starring Michael Charrois as Dr. Strangetale. StarryTime Theatre presentation for ages 3 to 8 Info: Feb. 11-27; Fri.. 7 p.m.: Sat.. 1, 3 and 7 p.m.; Sun.. 1 and 3 p.m.; $8.50 MAYFIELO THEATRE RESTAURANT 16615 109 Ave., 483-4051 Show: Nunsense II, The Second Coming . . . Basking in the success of a fund-raising variety show and craving the limelight, the singing and dancing Sisters of Hoboken return to the stage with a new comedy show. Info: Feb. 1 1-March 27; Wed. and Sun. brunch. 10:30 a.m.; Tues -Sat.. 6 p.m.; Sun.. 5:30 p.m.; $24-$47.25. THEATRE NETWORK 10708 124 St., 453-2440 Show: Star Trek Live presents two new episodes: Turnabout Intruder ani Space Seed. Starring Aimee Barnabe, Claudia Buffone, James MacDonald. David Mann, Spencer Mather, Declan O Reil-ly, and Bill Wagner. Info: Feb. 15-March 6, Tues.-Sat., 8 p.m.; Sun., 2 p.m.; $15. honed with creativity as varied as the group members' origins makes for quite a flavorful soup. Now, on their just-released third disc Musaique (on Xenophile Green Linnet records, distributed by Festival Distribution) the group adds a touch of electric bass and more ethnic strains. It's a rich, lively album, blending in bits of jew s harp and shakuhachi flute amidst the various strings, reeds, percussion and accordion. In practice the fluid quartet lineup is a revolving door of 10 players or so, depending on who can make the tour. Tonight's date for the South Side Folk Club includes Gilles Plante on bagpipes, winds and the oboe-like bombarde; Richard Pouliot on guitar; Benoit Bourque on accordion, mandolin, recorders and guitar, iuoi'iintfi l : A A l Ul THEATRE The Little Sisters of Hoboken are back in the ' j Written by: Dan Goqqin Directed by: Robin Taylor faint This wacky, hilarious, musicalcomedy has the critics ravinq .. i Tl-: JI:L.. I It r, , . ' 1. i ins aeiignmu on-Droaaway nit will detinately tickle your funnybone! fm If you love to laugh, this is your kind of convent! Amen! L "Nunstop Enjoyment!" 483-4051 ?&LllIlell 7 all The Edmonton DALT TO THE HEA with very special guest JANN ARDEN April 5th - Jubilee Auditorium Tickets on sale today at TicketMaster 451-8000 For special tickets and a private reception with Bruce Cockburn, call the Western Canada Wilderness Committee - 497-7616. 4' 5 f s and Thonon on accordion, hurdy-gurdy and extra strings. Thonon's hurdy-gurdy might be the most unusual, orchestral element in their sound. He makes a point of explaining how it works during concerts so he won't have to deal with dozens of inquiries afterwards. A rotating wheel, worked by a crank handle, works like a bow to sound the strings, and a set of keys that stops the strings to create over one and one-half octaves. Its origins date back to the 12th century, but Thonon still makes them for other folk musicians, even the likes of Pink Floyd. Each member of the rock band ordered one when they heard it played during a Montreal performance. A fit. A U1 ,1 ,T .UtST RESTAURANT proudly presents A Pl sJa,A M it thernanfielcl inn 1-80069804 16615-109 AVE. Journal presents The fomnal I liJ ii r- .tfWft ifl-VrfJJ1J'A,,A M -j-!! tf .tif Jl ltV4l1 tH-4 .A M A A MM aWaW ar i if ifi afA. -A jiV

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