Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania on January 29, 1929 · Page 7
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Reading Times from Reading, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Reading, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1929
Page 7
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TIMES PHONE 6101 THE READING TIMES, READING, FA'.,: TUESDAY MORNING, J AN U A R Y .29, T 9 2 9 " TIMES PHONE 6101 Sevca ? Letters to the Editor The Tlmei welcomes letters from its readers. It merely Insists that icnonaUtles shall not be Indulged n and that letters shall not be over 300 words In length. All letters must be signed. These will be withheld from publication if desired. COMMUNITY CHEST DIVISIONS Editor, The Times: I have just read the account of the session of the budget committee of the Community Chest. Evidently Mr. Ilorst is not going to permit the poor directors to shirk their share of the taking care of our derelict children. Next thing we know he will be asking Clinton Bach, Esq., to provide a home for them at the county farm. Probably he thinks that which is good enough for the old folks is equally as good for the kids. And since Mr. Bach has such keen vision for the need of that now county building at this time, he miht include quarters for the children now taken care of by the Children's Aid society. When they put on their drive for the chest this year and before they arrange the budget someone should send the committee a generous supply of musterole. This is a very fine preparation for opening chests, a generous application might do i;ome good. It is also very good for the eyes in creating a fresh supply of tears, it has the same effects as an onion in a handkerchief. This i.s suggested in he event that sympathy 33 needed for our children and wayward girls. I have before me the fiscal report of the 'Chest' for the year, from June 1, mi, to May 1, 1928. I note that the Beulah Anchorage received $2,000. The next Item is for the Boy Scouts, the staggering sum of $20,001.00. And if I recall it correctly, this amount was increased in 1928. I am sure that many people desire to know why the Boy Scouts get this amount of mon"? And - why should worthy organizations be held down to a few paltry dollars and a social organization, formed mostly from the ranks of the better homes, be given such a large amount of money. In what manner or form does the Boy Scout organization constitute a charitable agencv? When you go down the list vou find that the Camp Fire Girls received $879.09. Perhaps they did not need or ask for more? Incidentally, I note that to raise this charitable benefit of the city, it cost in 1928, the sum of $8,287.55. One thing I note in particular, we have such wonderful, brainy men in Reading (and it is not questioned that Reading does have capable business men and executives), but when a campaien in the nature of the Community Chest drive is put on these men go out of Reading and bring forth a stranger to do the work and take a handsome salary in return. (Pardon, I do not mean tha he does the work literally, but that he directs it. The various crews do the work). I am not against the work of the Community Chest, however. I do not believe this money is properly distributed, i. e., for one thiivr : am opposed to the Boy Scouts Kcttins anything like $20,000 from this chest. St. Augustine (long since dead), .said, "It i.s good that thou givest bread to the poor, but better were it that none hungered and that thou hadst none to give." PETER HERBERT JACKSON. NORTHCOTT DECLINES TO QUESTION MOTHER Alleged Slayer, Conducting Own Defense, Puts Niece on Stand Instead RIVERSIDE, Cal., Jan. 28 (JF) Gordon Stewart Northcott, acting as his own attorney, started today his final attempt to break down evidence on which the state Is basing its demand that he be hanged for the alleged slaying of Nelson and Lewis Winslow and an unidentified Mexican lad. Mrs. Sarah Louisa Northcott, moth er .of the defendant, serving a life sentence for the murder of Walter Collins, on which charge Gordon Stewart also Is indicted, arrived from San Quentin prison in the forenoon. Northcott who had complained several times before his mother's arrival that her failure to appear was upsetting his plans, declined, when she finally was brought into court, to place her on the stand today. Shows No Emotions Mrs. Northcott was brought directly from the train into the courtroom by Sheriff Clem Sweeters and Mrs. Sweeters, in whose charge she made the trip from San Qnentin. Sh3 had no word for Gordon Stewart, although she sat for a few minutes close enough to touch him had she chosen, lie gave no sign that he knew she was there. Northcott later met his mother In the county jail and she displayed much affection toward the accused slayer. The meeting took place in a room in the quarters of Sheriff Sweeters, with Mrs. Sweeters and a deputy present. The young Canadian chicken farmer, attendants said, appeared indifferent to his mother's tears and embraces during their first meeting ia - several months. In place of his mother as the first afternoon witness, Northcott called Jessie Clark, his 19 - year - old niece. Questions Parentage Northcott questioned Jessie regarding the relationship to him of her mother, Mrs. Winifred Clark, of Vancouver. Jessie answered: "She's your sister." "Are you sure, Jessie? Think, now. Haven't you ever heard it suggested that she might be something else?" The line of questioning was objected to by Special Prosecutor Loyal C. Kelly as immaterial. "I'll prove It's material," Northcott exclaimed, leaping to his feet. "I'm going to show by my own testimony and the testimony of others certain family conditions that have not been brought out." The question went unanswered. WOMAN AND LOVER MUST HANG FRIDAY Court Denies Last Plea of Louisiana Couple POPULAR AUTHOR TURNS TO MYSTERY WRITING FIGHT ABOUT BABY NOT YET ARRIVED Police Interfere When Guns Are Brought Into Play NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 28 The state supreme court today denied Mrs. Ada Bonner Leboeuf and Dr. Thomas E. Dreher a rehearing of their petition for a commission to determine the sanity of the couple. Unless further court or executive intervention is made, the middle - at - ed lovers must hang next Friday tor the murder of the woman's husband in Morgan City, La., 18 months aEO. ROCHESTER, N. Y., Jan. 23 U The Notos and the Ferignos had a pre - baptismal dinner in the Noto flat today. They picked a name for ! - Tn : l i r j., 'i . . i i lie ruuKiiu uuuy, uui, tuuiuii b liuitt: on the church for the baptism. The Ferignos left In a huff and went home to their flat below. Sam Noto and Carlo Ferigno kept up the quarrel by exchanging through the floor. Finally Ferigno received one he couldn't answer in words, so he opened fire with a shotgun and a revolver, blazing away through the ceiling every time he heard his neighbor above move his feet, whicli was often. Police interfered before there was any bloodshed, and locked Feriglno up for having weapons and a "slant." "Where's this baby the argument was about," asked one of the police - mea "Is it a boy or a girl?'' "Oh, we don't know yet," answered Ferigno. "It won't be born for several weeks." The elephant sleeps very little, generally an hour or two at a time. i - i j l IP. VfeI ) I S - fc - - hi S "" - " - . '... - ft ' ' " WwlBJMMBMl i V a - IT W . . . TELLS HOW 7 BANDITS WAYLAID MAIL TRUCK Confessed Member of Band Testifies Against Two Held for Murder v Anne Austin, author of several sensational serial successes, has turned to the detective - mystery story for her last serial. "The Black Pigeon," Which begins in The Times tomorrow, is Miss Austin'? first venture into this particular field of fiction, and the story is one of the most mystifying thrillers ever produced. Before she turned to fiction writing, Anne Austin spent several years in newspaper work, during which time she was called upon to "cover'' a number of big murder trials. She has had her snare of police reporting and she is familiar with police methods. "The Black Pigeon," which is to be brought out in book form immediately after its newspaper publics - WARDEN MILLION LEFT TO HOSPITAL PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 28 (It) The American hospital in Paris is the ultimate beneficiary of all but MR.OO of an estate estimated at approximately $1,000,000, under the will of the late John B. Warden, probated here today. Warden, who had made his home abroad for the last 25 years, died at sea, November 11, while making a periodical trir to this country to preserve his American citizenship. tion, is the story of a murder which will keep you guessing from 6tart to finish. It combines romance with thrills and carries with it an Interesting love story. ; Anne Austin will be remembered aa the author of such serial successes are "Daughters of Midas," "The Penny Princess" and "Girl Alone," in addition to her ever - popular "faamt and Sinner." "The Black Pigeon" is destined to take its place among the big mystery thrillers of 1929. Be sure to read it. It begins tomorrow in The Times. ELIZABETH, N. J., Jan. 2C (It) - Benjamin Haas, confessed member of a band of seven who waylaid a mail truck on the principal street of this city in October, 1926, and escaped with $151,700 after slaying the driver and wounding two guards, took the witness stand for the state here today and testified against two of his alleged companions who are on trial for murder. The two defendants, Canice Neary. former New York policeman, and William Fanning, were indicted with Haas and Frank Kiekart an alleged old - time criminal known as "The Ghost," but separate trial was granted when the case opened today. Names Whole Gang Facing Neary and Fanning as he sat in the witness chair, Haas told the court of the story of the slaying and the robbery, naming Neary as the driver of one of the two automobiles used by the gang and Fanning as the man who spread machine gun fire about the scene to frighten off spectators. The witness named James "Killer". Cunnlffe, John "Ice Wagon" Crowley, Kiekart and a man named Degrosso in addition to Neary and Fanning, as members of the band. Kiekart and Crowley were killed in Detroit in a fight over the division of the money and Degrosso ha3 not been apprehended. James Sweeney, who was convicted as a participant in the crime and sentenced to life in state prison, was recently freed by the board of pardons, and Edward Purtell, indicted as a suspect, dismissed from the city. I First Attempt Failed Haas told the jury, the plans to hold up the truck were laid in September, 192S. He said he met Neary in New York and was introduced by him to Cunniffe in a Newark apartment house a few days later. He readily consented to take part in the robbery, Haas said, drove the gang to Elizabeth on September 30, but found the truck was going too fast to be held up. On October 14, in two automobiles, the gang tried again, Haas continued, this time with success. The gang escaped to Newark while state police threw a futile cordon about the Watchung mountains, and scattered after dividing the $151,700. IN PROrER SEQUENCE SHE: Ah; you, too, have no doubt had your romance? HE: Yes; our eyes met, our hands met, our lips met and then our lawyers met. Life. Keep Your Skin Young Tedious treatments unnecessary! Just daily cleansing with Hesmol Soap, and a touch of K smol Ointment for the occasional pimple or roughness will keep most ekins clear and smooth. The tonic odor of the soap tellsyouatonca of the healthful properties it K contains, and the ointment has been prescribed many yeara for skin troubles Blight or serious. Begin this treatment today. At all druggists. For frM Hmple of Mch write, Dept. 42, Retinol, Baltimore, Md, esmo. JOHN D., JR., CALLS ON KING OF EGYPT CAIRO. Egypt, Jan. 28 UP) - John D. Rockefeller, jr., was received in audience by King Fuad, this morning. Rockefeller was presented by Franklin M. Gunther, American minister. every time and fart! Smith Uroibera Tripla Action Cough Syrup stops a cough! Triple Action docs the lliree things ucccury to rid your system of a cough: 1 it sonlbcn, 2 is mildly laxative, 3 clears air passage. Safe fur children! It has the famous cough drop flavor. r - , SMITH DR OTHERS Triple Action COUCH SYRUP C GOOD NEW! EVERY DAY FOR TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY Every day for the remainder of this week is Bargain Day at the Arch - Preserver Shoe Store, 446 Penn Square. The final clean - up prices of Men's and Women's "Arch - Preserver" and "Bilt - Rite" Shoes remain the same. X Five Bargain Days and scores of shoe bargains a wait' you. IB ATTACKS N DRESSED AS WOMAN Girl Says Rouged Former N. Y. Pugilisf'Grabbed Her In L' Station NEW YORK, Jan. 28. Rescued by the police from a mob which had heard a woman's tale of an attack In an elevated station washroom, a young pugilist, dressed in a flapper's clothes, was held today on a charge of felonious assault. He Is Stephen Wiszak, 24 years old. Police said they would question him regarding the murder of Mrs. Emma Weigand, whose body was found in the washroom of the city hill station of the B. M. T. subway on August 5, 1927. ' The woman he is alleged to have attacked last night disappeared. She had told John Dougherty, ticket agent on the northbound platform, how a "woman" in the washroom had choked her with her own scarf, and beaten her over the head with a revolver barrel. She said her insistent struggles finally won her freedom. Dougherty thought she was drunk. The victim went to the streets and a crowd heard her story. Wiszak came down the stairs and the crowd pursued him - into a hallway. There detectives arrested him. The woman whose story led to the chase had meanwhile vanished. Wiszak, who fought under the name of Young Eddie, was painted and powdered and wore a sealskin coat, black silk turban, blue flow ered dress, flesh colored stockings and tan pumps. He said he had no occupation. AND THAT'S ALL A man visiting in Scotland was persuaded to try a game of golf. At his first stroke he aimed a terrific blo'.v at the ball, scattering the turf to right and left. "What have I hit?" he asked, looking around for the result. "Scotland, sir," answered the caddie Tit - Bits. fl (0AYER . For TONSILITIS mid SORE THROAT For sore throat, there's a swift and sure1 way to soothe away the inflammation. Every singer lenows the secret! Dissolve Bayer Aspirin tablets in pure water, and gargle. Nothing in the whole realm of medicjnc is more helpful in cases of sore throat. And you probably know how Aspirin dispels a headache; breaks up colds, relieves rheumatic pain, neuralgia, neuritis, lumbago! 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Other furs are Beaver, Skunk, Civet Cat, Kit Fox, Caracul, Badger. i. k Sizes are mostly 14, 16 and 18, with a few assorted 36 to 42. Colors are Red, Green, Blue, Black, Tan, and Brown. Be sure to see these amazing values! Other Smart Coats at $17, $33, $69 Fur Coats Reduced 25 to 50 KLINE EPrmiMZB A CO., Seetnd Floor Pre - Inventory Sale of Kiddies' Wear! Children's Coats, sizes 2" to 6 years; at Half Price. Children's Jersey and Velvet Dresses, sizes 2 to 6 years; at Half Price. Children's Sweaters, in various styles and colors; sizes 2 to 6; at Half Price. Odds and Ends of Women's Crepe de Chine Undergarments, not all sizes, at very special prices. KU.NE, EPPIHIMEE CO., Thirl Floor TCLINE, EPPIHIMER & CO. READING, PA.:

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