The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 30, 1951 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1951
Page 3
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MOJTOAY, JtTI/Y 99, TM1 BLrnrevn,Lr3, (ARK.)' COURIER PAGE Pace Fires General From Tank Arsenal WASHINGTON July M, (AP)~Tht commanding general of Wit D«- troii tank arsenal has been fired, from hi* command and reprimanded for accepting favors from contracting companies. An Army announcement last night tatd Secretary of th« Army Paw had relieved Brig. Gen. David J. Crawford aft*r an Inspector general'* report showed Crawford had "violated army regulations and had not met the high standards required of an Army officer." The 54-year-old Crawford, a West Point graduate and veteran of 29 years' Army service, admitted be- fo^4 a Congressional committee at Bdmrit on July 23 that, he had accepted a iree Washington hotel suite and the gift, of a boat keel from contracting company representatives. In addi'.ion, he acknowledged using government- materials in building pleasure boats and transporting personal property at government expense. Crawiorii. head ol the Detroit Lank ar5Di:a! lor the past four years, •Kill be replaced by Bvig. Gen. Carro)l H. LJeitrick, 53, who HOW commands the Walei-town, Mass., ar- Crawford A.waits Orders Informed of the Army's action at his home ia Detroit,, Crawford said "I am still in the Army. 1 don't k no w whu i, I \vil 1 do now. i awaiting ncV,- orders." In testimony before the Congr&> sional committee, Crawicrd saiti hfi felt there was no impropriety in his actions and that he "coulojVt do business without accepting hospitality." Pace .said Crawford's work In organizing the big tank center had been ouLStoncting and that an investigation had not- disclosed any contractual irregularities. £j*~Conduct Nut Condoned Trover the less," Pace said, ''Gen. Crawford's lailure to meet the high. Aiandards required of an Army of.- ficsr cam lot be condoned, nor can his violations of regulations which require vtry exacting standards on the part of Army personnel, both military a\\d civilian." The Army said Crawford also '•acted in a manner contrary to standards expected of an officer by converting to his own vise government ma^lal in the construction of pleasure boats at Fort Wayne, General Crawford Mich., and in transporting personal property at government expense from Deii'oit to his home' at Cobb Island, Md.' Reimburse ment Required The Army added thai action has been taken "to require Gen. Crawford to reimbur.">e the governmen for the materials so used." Deitriek. Cray-ford's successor started his military career In "the tfavy in World War I. He later wai commissioned as an Army oUice: and has served the past 30 year, as an ordnance officer. He was on General Dft'ight Eisenhower's Allied headquarters staff in Eutope in World War H, and formerly commanded th«i Cincinnati ordnance district and the Ogden, Utah, arsenal. Keystone Kop Seeks Return ToU.S.onTV HOLLYWOOD, July 30. <ff>)— Remember the Keystone Kops, careening »nd skidding In their jalopy In hot pursuit of some ban* robber! Fighting on roofs, sliding down awnings, landing on top of the crooks—and getting custard pies In the face? Well, these desperate law enforcers, who panicked moviegoers Irom 19H to 1834. are working toward a comeback on television. There are lour oMtimers left. They' are Heinle Conklin, with the painted black mustache and gy clothes . . . Chester Conk- liri, (not a relative) with walrus mustache and bowler hat . . . Hank Mann, with the droopy lip spinach and pancake fedora . . . and Tom Kennedy, massive man with mustache to match. Their project was revealed yesterday at the fourth annual re- Censors Ready For 'Attack' Communications Plan To Be fixed in 'Hours' WASHINGTON', July 30. OP)—In he event of enemy attack, the Defense Department expects to be ready with a proeram of communications censorship "in a matter of tours." Plans /or this wore disclosed to ,he House Appropriations Committee by jack Gorrle. acting chairman of the National Security Resources Board, during hearings on the J9#2 military budget. The coni- niittee marie the testimony public today. In it, Gorrle said: "On censorship, in (he event we were attacked, you have to have it in force in a matter of hours. The quicker the belter, because it prevents the enemy from knowing the rfe.structlon he may rausc on your country," $500 Bounty Asked for Dop« Peddlm WASHINGTON, July 30. W)~l 1400 "bea»i of pn«r bountr" tor the capture and conviction o( dope peddVe» WM proposed to4»y b» Ben. Ivcs (R-NY) and Rep, Latham (R-NY). They hart identical bllU ready (or the House and Ewiat« which would pay the bounty or reward to anyone—«xocpt a taw «nlorcjement official—who furnishes Information leading to tlw arrest »nd convk- .. Uon of a seller o[ illegal narcotics. Lalhm said bounties have worked well throughout American history in ridding communities of wolves, coyotes, «iake« and other of prey. He placed dope peddlers in the same category. Small Plane Strews Race Hate Handbills Near Tank Arsenal DETROIT, July 30. (ifl— k small • private plane, disregarding zooming fighters that sought to trace it, | strewed race hat« handbill* over an area near Detroit* tank arsenal Sunday. The plane; and Its pilot, were oueht today by township and state ' police. Th« Federal Bureau of Investigation also was Investigating ^case. fo Ju^t what attioti. eould be | taken against the pilot or distrib- i utor, aside from distributing handbill* from the air without a permit, was not yet clear. The ship made fewo flight* over the arsenal area, on the northeast section of Detroit. Each time, it dropped approximately 1,0*0 of the hand billt. The - leaflet*, mimeographed on typewriter-sized paper of a poor gS-ad«, appeared anti-Semitic in tone. One showed a bearded man in a long Hlack coat kicking Uncle Sam off a cliff. ' -In th« bacttgfuunti »re two flags and a pennant. The pennant has a six pointed itar and a dollar sign One flag bears a hammer and sickle and a six pointed star. The other Is a TJnited Nations flag. Allies May Reverse Berlin 'Lift' BONN, Germany, July », WV- , | "Hie western Allies may revive the ! Berlin aWift—in reverse—VI the I Russian* dop.'t stop restricting nx- JXJTU frosn the R«d-surro\inded I former German capital. An informed source said ye»lw- ay the Untted SUtes. Britain and 1 Ft»nc* ara lining up planes to fcs Berlin's exports bo tn« west | U necessary to by-paa* new Soviet restrictions. Thft Ruseiacw hav« demanded that all Berlin exports moving the 100 milee through th« Soviet zone to til* West carry "certificates of origin." , Export products meanwhile are stacking up in West Berlin ware- union of producer Mack Sennctt's actor, stuntman, and bathing- beauty "nf urnni." The kops shot a few scenes in which Mint a Durfee ArbucKle, widow of Roscoe (Patty; Arbuckle, bilks Chester Conklin ol ^130. This sets In motion their C.I.B. Comedy Bureau of Investigation, as the KQJ.IS henceforth propose to call themselves. . This first haJf hour filcn. K it turns out well, will be offered to television outlets as a sample for a proposed series. "Producers think the Kops are decrepit old men," said their writer-director Frank C. Griffin> who directed about 350 Kcj-stone Kop pictures. "But they can still get around and do thrill stuff. Tn"ey should be tops on any TV program." They don't wear the baggy blue Ten Air Force Privates Held For Auto Theft FAIRFIELD, Cnllf., July 30. (IP)— Ten Air Force privates were in jail today charged with stealing more than 100 automobiles, Authorities recovered parts of some 31) cars stolen from used car Is in northern California cities They had tried, for a year to reak up the car stealing gang, one the largest ever uncovered in alilornla. The cars were stolen cthorticalVy from used car lots in acrameuto, Valtejo, Nnpa and San afacl. Highway patrol sergeant \VnHev Imnions said the ring ivas directed Private George R. Brines, 23 v eattle. He said Brines was convict- n Seattle- in 1944 ot car thtft nd, when arrested, had a set of i aster keys. uniforms and the bSg helmets of yore. They're in plain clothes because. Griffin said: "if we brought them back in their old uniforms, audiences might think they were seeing an old picture. "But we'll keep the bathing girls and the old thrills. We'll have'm sliding down awnings, crashing motorcycles through lunch wagons, and jumping them over ditches," Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill July 30. (.TV-tUSDA)— Hogs 16300 uneven; weights 180 Ibs up 50-7 cents lower than Friday's average mostly 50-65 off; lighter weight and sows mostly 25 cents lower bulk choice 180-230 Ibs 22.50-2-j'GO top 23^0 for several hundred hea mostly .under 220 Ibs; 240-270 In 21.55-22.50: 270-300 Ibs 20.25-21.25 150-170 Ibs 21.00-22.25; 10-HO II 18.00-20.50; 100-110 Ibs 16.00—11.15 houses. The informant said if the I sows 400 Ibs down 18.25-1S.OO; heav Russians don't come around in a few days, 6h« new airlift will be started. 'Snowbufonee' Bought CENTRAL BUTTE. Sask. lift— The hospital board at Central Butt* has purchased a snowmobile for use In bringing patients to hospital during winter months. AUTO-MAGIC Helps you ... • BUY NEW FURNITURE, 01 • TAKE A VACATION, or « REDECORATf YOOR APARTMENT, or • GET CASH FOR EMERGENCIES, or any of a thousand and one things you want just by means of an easy-to-get, easy-to-repay Auto Loan from . . . DELTA LOAN & FINANCE COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE S24 West As* Phone 2091 ler weights 16.25-11.75; stags 13.00 15.30; hoars 10.00-13.00. Cattle 6,50&; calves 1,800; modcr ate early demand clearing son steers and heifers about steady, a close of last week; cows drag? with bids generally unevenly lower bulls and vealers steady; sever ioaris high good and choice steer 34.75-35.50; with high choice an low prime 36.00; commercial steeT 30.50; high choice and prime mi*xe Beaten Girl Blames Dope 'Salesmen' DENVER, July 30. UP)— A teenager and her Air Force soldier escort, brutally beaten and left unconscious on a school ground, remained in critical condition today. The girl, n-year-old Ernestine Vie U, although drugged ngninst pain, yesterday told two detectives she and her escort were beaten after he had refused to buy marijuana. The soldier, cpl. Frank BaergH of the Bronx, N, V., ID, stationed at Lowry Air Force Base here, la at FiUMmmons Army Hospital with i.s skull Jraciiired in five places, Miss Vigil said she and Btierga *U tended a farewell party for him it the Air Force base last Thursday Shi and liven took s\ ln\i Home They decided to walk on the school ground and- were approached by three young men, she told the officers. Then, she continued, two of the men tried to .sell Baorga some marijuana. He refused to buy and was knocked down. She tried to go to his a id vvi th part of a Ire e limb only to have H torn from her grar She said the two beat her ant Bnerga with the limb until thi third man came «p and stxid "Icr get out of here. 1 ' Whales sometimes live to be SO yenrs oM. 4ousewives Stand Firm in Refusal To Collect Social Security Taxes Lose Airfield in China TAJPEH. Formosa, July 30. (/Pi- Rumors circulated In Talpeh to night that Chinese Nationalist L Qen. Li Mi's force,? from norther Burma Jied lost Hie Kongmn ail field they reportedly seized froi Reels in a IhruM, into Yunnan pn vmcc of Hmliiwe-stcrn Chinn. This could not he coiUitmed here MARSHALL, Tex.. July 30. «P>~+ Housewives and tax authorities are Nationalist's Reportedly landing; firm in their battle over refusal to collect Social Security axes from servants. Notice of U. S. warrants for seiz- •e of personal property was given number of housewives Saturday. So far none ol the housewives has =tecl to pay the first quarter penalty for failure to collect the ta>:es, .lust how many housewives arc uvolveti EfKs Campbell. Jr., Dal- 35, collector of internal revenue for north Texas, won't say. Originally 18 women sent a letter of protest to Secretary of the Treasury Snyfler. Taxes on the 18 range 'rom S'.98 to 514 with an average of S3 and penalties for non-payment of the first quarter nverag? 12 cents apiece. The housewives in their letter to Snyder contended the tax law is unconstitutional in attempting "to torc« either employes or employer (o invest in insurance against their will." John P. Armistcaci, Treasury Department employe Bt Longview, Texas, said the warrants were being held to give the women a last- minute chance to make the penalty payment. fin* to Speak WEST MEMPHIS, Ark., July 30. 1—Allan B. Kline, president of f American farm Bureau Peder- on, will speak at a meeting here ug. 15. The public meeting will be icnsored by the Crittenden Coun- Javm bureau. Airmen Choose Newport Miss BILOXI. NSiss., July 30. W)-A 19-year-old brownctte from Newport, Ark., Is "Miss Kcesier Air Force Base o( 1951." Belts CasMeberry defeated 30 other contestants (or the title last night. She is five (eet, six and a hall Inches loll, weighs 122 pounds, has 38-inch bust, 23-inch wnlst and 31 inch hips. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Ph. 58 RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Monday & Tuesday "QUEBEC" John liiirryninre, Jr. Comm- Calvet Br«akt Record WASHINGTON HV-The hlghwt ecelpU of fees In the hutary at he Copyright Office were reportod n the "Annual Report ot the Ll- irarinn^o/ Congress" for the flscaj •ear ending June 30, 1960, rtcentljr eleased. Total fees applied amounted to ;849.595.22. covering 510.581 regis- rations and other chargeable fier- •ices. Last Times Today "THE LAST OUTPOST" (Color Ijy Technicolor) Ronald Reagan Hh.onila Fleming Laist Times Today FIGHTING COAST GUARD ''orrest Tucker Brian Donlevy Tuesday "China Corsair" John Hall Wednesday A Thursday "I CAN GET IT FORYOU WHOLESALE" Dan Dailey • Susan Hayward SAVE Kitchen Kilting Reported TEL AVIV—PP>—In neighboring j Jolfa, a man has Wiled his wife. He said; "Her cooking was too bad." can 'em and EXTRA! EXTRA! Mosquitoes Are Being Killed by the Thousands We tire removing our screen doors! We are spraying daily to kill lliese pcsly mosquitoes and hugs, and are doing H good job of it. Our customers tell us they juet don'1 find mosquitoes nny more out at our Starvu* Drive-In. Now you can really enjoy the movies out in the fresh air. KIDDIE ELECTRIC CARS Yes, Sirt Kiddies, the electric cars are here. They ar» on our spacious playground and in operation. Come out and ride FREE! Bring your friends, enjoy yourselves. LAST TIMES TONITE — 2 SMASH HITS Hannibai made his famous crossing Of the Alps in 218 B.C. steers and heifers 3G.OO; Utility and commercial cows 22.50-28,00; canners and cutters 17.00-22.50. Now! a non-smear lipstick that keeps lips soft! JUSSY PER3IASTICK I plus la* • Biggest lipstick news in years! • Indelible...yet keeps li|U soft • Won't smear oS on people, clothes, glasses • Stays on ihrougK a meal...through s day • Keeps lip-lino«sn'l «al off • Six glamorous Tussy fashion- right colors Don't ask for a lipstick...ask for """ PERMASTICK. today WOODS DRUG Blythcvillt OUR NEW NAME! COTTON BOLL Miles North of Blytheville on Highway 61 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Formerly the Skylin* Starting Time 7:45 -LAST TIMES TONIGHT Errof rrrv j /»•< it Ann Flynn UOdgC Llty Sh.ridon Plus 2 Cartoons Tuesday & Wednesday ' Plus 2 Cartoons Pony Rides Children Free Guest Movie Ticket Day Your opportunity lo lake a guest for (he price of one! Ask local merchants for your free guest tickets! NO MOSQUITO WORRIES . 11NH UHNtSSAUHHRHMKltlW. VffiTOl Popeye Cartoon & Additional Cartoon Latest News TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY .m NANCyjSUlLO • SDELE JtRGENS Cartoon & Comedy MOX 1'hone 4G21 _ Show Start* Weekdays 7:00 — Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Always a Double Feature An extra cooler has been added to our cooling system, for your comfort — You'll be much cooler. Last Times Tonife—Two Hits! " Kid from Cleveland" Yvonne Richard De CARLO • GREENE George Brent • I.yivn Bar! Also Cartoon )Kk* tllASOK • Uis ANB81WS * Latest News Tuesday & Wednesday — 2 Feature! MONTE HAlt I' LOUIS HAYWARO LEE BOWMAN • JANE WYATT Hou^e bg the River A REPU8UC PICTURE Also Selected Shorts

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