The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 11
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, IMS BLYTHEVn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major H«opl« PAGE HCW DO Y0U*<p RELICS AR&^2 gONDCD 4TUFP, MK. GUMHOBM 1 fi TO THINK' ^ THEY'D BE AS j HARD TO \TRAC6 AS VA 6NE6ZE > IM A J ri (SLEEPIHS ^ THAT5 WORTH PRSTTV P£>W T MIGHT s£2 IT AMD SEARCH /g{ COMTlMUE THe FOR THe «X*JTAIM iT ^ v is, IF i WERB OP » ^-i AM QUO MAKI A «KXercoM- TWI66S" ^ 3OST DOESN'T UsTOER- Political ; Announcements The U. S- citizen uses more steel than any other commodity except water, says the American Geographical Society. Subject to Preferential July 22, 1952 Election For County Judge GENE BRADLEY For Circuit Clerk GERALDINE LISTOX For SUU Senator SEN. LEE BEARDEN *nie American system of coins wu devised by Thomas Jefferson over 160 years ago. CONCRETE CULVERT TILE Sizes up to 36 In. Corrugated Metal Culvertg Sizes up to 81 In. A. H. WEBB Automatic Flood Gates Concrete & Metal Septic Tanks Sewer Tile Bert Price* We Deliver Hifhway «1 »t State Lin* Phone 1H FARMERS Be sure to kave your COTTONSEED and SOYBEANS test for GERM1 NATION Send Samples to Woodton-Tenent Laboratories 812 West Ash St Blytheville, Arkansas FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. • B ' "/ 'Sefl That -.Stuff* " Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land ,., v^-^t- T. U. «•(. «. 8. frf. 0*. Cop/. 1911 b) NEA~S*nk« !«*. OUT OUR WAY | y j. R. . "My wif»'« dovm with a cold, so I'm stuck with the job of minding th» children tonight!" The TJ,S. produces about a fourth of the world's apple crop. Starters & Generators Repaired & Exchanged J. Raymond Smith 2M E. Kentucky Av«. Phone 5665 BUILDERS SUPPLY Y. Price Annual Wallpaper SALE Now in Progress! COUNTRY HAM JUST RENT A CAMERA from our CAMERA SHOP Take the Pictures Yourself... With a box, flash, or Mori* Camera. BARNEY'S DRUGSTORE 2006 West Main Phoni 3647 Dr. Logan's Wife By Diana TH£ STORTi JeBMei I^IEKB Hrrra • roanjc ••« rltanatniE b|. •phrftlrlBT. I'citr dnrlnov. »i • »»rly •! ihr komc ol Dr. and Mr* Wjiiicr Ppllftlrr. l^elrr HnnlttBa !• Jrnnri Ilir rc-KllzxIton Ikttl her • WM llfr !• rmplr Hud tdler Jen- Met himhn The Dr. lob . Dr. LnfrNn fiR^ c cold, fir l» Mark •I'er fbMv Jcnnrl And xltr*7B In III healtB. Jtnntt brnMlnrji In inkc • f*Prr (• nr. rrUrllri •( ih« • n**lr&l and prrron* otfcrr «-r- *••'• r«r fcfr fcflMhHMd wfcllc nh r !• *prl«lt ft»OH1 her vnlnnierr job. Bit •;•<•• ID Dr. rellrclrr'B office • n»t ••< >•«• Peler vlnlttHK Inere wltk Ike doelwr. Peter leflrei* nltb '«••«! and offer* 1« BNoTr her M* •••. Jennet !• eMKer !• vcr f(. •!- IhoviTB In BKrreflnir. •*<• airnircle* with tfenlre Hud Ike Trlnclnnre IA vn t SURINOV had some entanglement with the glass door, •nd then they crossed the streel to tti« campux. The sky. powdery ^Irith ocean fog, silvered the sunlight. The air held the fragrance of gently baking grass. Girls in ballet shoes and skirts and blouses, boys In tight trousers and bright- p*tt£TDed shirts strolled or lounged the rolling lawns which were shaver! to the smoothness of pelt. Their voices were private except for an occasional ringing laugh. Peter Surinov walked here every day, Jennet Logan thought; the «udenti wp'ked here ev™ day: they all belonged. Jennet, talcing hurried pink linen step- lo Peter's rtrides, felt a sudden distaste for her carefully tailored suit and the currful matching of her resounding pumps. Her chic marked her «s a trespasser. She wished she were wearing the soundless ballet slippers, the casual blouse and •kiri o< those for whom this para- rtisical plot of earl'- had been set aside. There was something old tad «oui aad familiar about uus feeling of being aJien, o* wanting to belong, To hide her disorientation, she commented smugly. ''Could we possibly have looked that young when we were in college?"^ "The students? Thjey do look young They are yoing. I don't envy them thai." / 'You're too youni to envy the young. 1 do." "Why. Grandma?" "Oh. they nave » much time ahead of them. They can do anything." "Time won't give them whzt they want." 'What will, then?" 'Just remember that all the old sad men and women you see oo the streetcars and in the free clinics were young once' But I guess you don't nde the streetcars or iee much ol clinics, do you?" • • • CHE pushed away the picture of gray bulldog faces of old men, hen faces of old women, summoned instead herself In a fresh starched uniform, dispensing youth and vigor. "I will soon." she retorted. "I'm signing up for volunteer work today." "Well! A Gray Ladyl When did you decide that?" "Last night." And then, lest he feel that he was in any way responsible for her decision. «h« added. "I've been planning to (or some time. Now that summer's almost here, I'll be free to." "There it is. My rat hole," Peter Surinov said, nodding toward the pink stucco bungalow. He took a key ring out ot his pocket, pulled away the screen door and unlocked the wooden one, swinging it wide to the wall. "Get some air in here." he said. Inside was an anteroom which contained a refrigerator, and u they passed it. ne explained. "Serums. DM aoda pop." There wert severaJ cioaed doora. out the ooe to the animal room waf ajai and che walked In. Th* cement floor wa^wet, (loawd by th» oluisb illumination that came to from the skylight. Cage*, row. and row* of cages, ooe oo top of another, lined the walla and columned lh« center o< the room. •But K doean-t sraetif she exclaimed. 'You should come in here on Monday mornings." he said grinning. "It's )usi Been cleaned— that's why I invited you." He followed her a* sne moved slowly down the aisles, examining the faces of the animals. "The chickens and rabbits and pigs aren't mine." Surinov said "A couple of the men In the medical science department art doing some experiment* with them. They come over after classes In th« late afternoons. Would you like to pet on* ol the rats? Here . . ." He opened a cage and grabbed one and held it out to her. "Oh, no!" she screamed, backing away. • • . JTE put it back, locked the cage. "Poor devil. Next week ne and his pals are going to be sacrificed on the altar of science, but right now he's tn good shape. , Nothing to be afraid of." 'It's not that. I Just don't like animals." 'No pets, no b a b I e s—you're missing a lot." She said coldly. "You don't miss what you don't have. What sort of experiments are they doing?" "On the animals? Oh. tests for t.b. on the pigs, eye diseases in the rabbits, cancer in the roosters." "Cancer!" She stared at the stamping breasty roosters. "They certainly look as healthy at any barnyard brother." "Well, they're trying to produce cancer In them. Whether they've succeeded or not yet, 1 don't know. C'mon, I'll show you the hot lab." He used a key again on the door marked, "Radiation Hazard. No admittance." 11* Be C*oUn«d) PRESCRIPTIONS Presh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores HE. WA-5 LEAMIW'ON NO, WOT INSTIMCT --ITS MEMORY/ rr JUST CAME TO THE BULU MAN HE'P NEVER CALL TH 1 CRANE IFTKBOSS XMVS, UStM IT.' THAT OLD FEELIS/ _i«,. Benafit by Redding and Using Courier News Classified Ads FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS GfcKrOH OK/OfS THAT $jJ!$ S ''W'^Si i *^1K~t*&*fcjli9& VANOfKE Melts A U7TU- ife BAiii f It,,. _ J^ HfepS A LITTi£ • AIQIH6 • EASY DOES IT, VANDYKE ' WE <50r SOME BROMXASWG TO DO OH STATION R-A-2-2/ loi^f _ UDENr OF SHA&YSiDIT, / 5 > ^i. WAMTA purwuwise/ *€^' ITsTiME FOR. A NEW 1 HEAD ARouto HERE- ^ ^ ' ~^ V VREAM CASTLE Drive-In -tiarcoal -^it (/barb ecue IN THE FLVJW6 T COHfKOL. POOA*.,. Hfe A W y SL OFF WtUKIN IHTO st/eeeHOEK I WE ARE &0/N& MSTfK THAN KAP/0 WAVES, BUT rue VELOCITY of OUK SHIP* WILL. BE ACVfCI TO THI5 SPEE& /THE BR1DC5E CLUB 'GIRLS WERE TELLING WHAT THEIR HU^B/ ' " ' LIKE BEST FOR LUNCH! JEAN'S HLJ5BAND INSISTS ON HAM SANDWICHES. ETHEL'S HUSBAND PREFERS CHICKEN. I -5AID MNCED LOBSTER SANDWICHES WERE YOUR FAVORITE! YOU SAID THAT?? BUT ALL t EVER SET 15 MASHED ' POTATO SANDWICHES' YES, BUT MY GOODNESS, THAT'S NOT VOUR R. t . u. S. Pit &H. SHOE REPAIR *Y SHOC SHO W. M fl P N ST. O«m ^>aua: Come to the RAZORBACK For Delicious Barbecue RIBS Served Every Day I WA^4T A FIFTY *PLIT ON THE TAKE HIA\ DOWN TO THE BOV*. THE COLD WATER WILL DO HIM SOOD> U'UE SHAKEN' ODE W5TEK- IOUS PURSUER tWICE, gUT H6 MAMAGESTO CMCH US LITTLE LATER HE KNOWS WE'RE HEADED FOR. \FLORIDA...MOD WES HMiO TO LOSE, SINCE THERE'S NO WIERNW ROUTE FROW HERE, ARCX1HD THE GULF, fc« FMt ^S PEN5ACCX I REftLtV WORE if) BECAUSE ! DIDWr W^HT TO B6 R6COQWIZ6D WIO CALLED»HETTl)LUS ** VOUR PRESENCE! [ A.LGO I KNEV> IF VOU THOUGHT GOSH.VOu CHANGE \SVKLl'. W" 1 STORES SO OpreH, llAsr rHEV'KE iJMjEr. I OUHMO /STOPPING TO TOU'O MAKE THIS )WWVT to 6EL1EV)E!/EM 1 . THISMAY TRIP TO PROKCr ^ J^BE MY CHAHCE ME ^"S^,/if?S% m_^£. uu THE ,'. K CM l .t t DOfJE LIKE OOPSMD...M/7 HE SAID I WASN'rTO POUFlHE'aGONE! GOSH, J LEr DOC KNOW-HERE SURE DO HOPE I'VE NOT V HE COM ES NOW. I ^ ——-' f; BETTER G0( Speedometer REPAIR is part of our extra i,/ WELL.FOOZY DID TrF TRICK ALL RlSHr...^ / BUT I WONDER f^ WHERE r.... One Day Service—All Cars " & Trucks T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chrjsler-Plvmriuth IVnlrr 121 JE. Main Thont *m HOW ABOUT A TROM9ON6 OR A. TU»A? I GOT A A KECOKI7 PLAWEK ANP AN AL-5L^\ OF' LULLABIES / " WHO ARE WE. ViOO ^ ^Nt-'v^^ I ^1^<

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