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The Bee from Danville, Virginia • Page 9

The Bee from Danville, Virginia • Page 9

The Beei
Danville, Virginia
Issue Date:

TltE BEE, DANVILLE, FRIDAY JULY 31,1931 Worn 'Em 73 Years t'NITED STATES KEALTY A Nil IMPROVEMENT CO. BABSON PARK, Massachusetts (Special). United States Realty and Improvement Company was incorporated In New Jersey In 1904. The company owns and operates many large offict buildings and hotels with properties In New York, Boston, and Havana. Cuba Among Its properties In New York are the Trinity, Fuller. United States Realty, and Whitehall Buildings, the Hotel Plaza and Savoy-Plaza Hote'. it owns) the Lawyers' Building In Boston, ard a large Interest In an Havana Hotel Through its subsidiary, the George A Fuller Company, it is active In. building and constructing work. It said to be financially interested Inthe new Manhattan East River Development Company. U. S. REALTY NET PROFITS (WMIUW.I) A record of old and faithful service which would make any manufacturer turn green with envy is pictured here on the 93-year-old feet of Jacob Miller, aged resident of Pleasant Hill. Mo. It'? boots, you know, that we're talking about Mr Miller bought them at in 1858 and has worn them for 73 years. They still have the original heels Popeye's Spinach Diet Leads to State Discovery Tht following contribution from a Bee reader who to be nameless displays knowledge of not only his onions but his spinach: "Popeye'' the sailor, knockout hero of one of the comic strips dally adorning ThcBee. has large following of Juvenile admirers, not to mention the who led compelled to read the comics under the that they do It to the language of the tribe when l)he children are present "Well, well and "Popeye" has recently stated to his gallery that his extraordinary pugnacious ability is due to the fact that he "eats, gplnach," that lowly sand-sprinkled herb, or vegetable which fond mothers force upon reluctant youngsters In the belief that It is good for the Inner works of the Intestinal tract. "The claim has been made by doctors, veterinarians, vegetarians, or somebody, that Spinach (with a capital contains vitamins PDQ or SOS, or something or other calcu- la'ed to Improve the disposition and distemper of the human animal. And now this technical statement, heretofore laughed at by the doubting Thomases, has recently been fully endorsed by "Popeye" And "Popeye" must be believed, for his is no ordinary endorsement to be confused Love Sure Is Grand! June Gollyer and Stuart Erwin, motion picture luminaries, who married recently at S'uma, have returned home to Hollywood They have gone to home to live, but, after a few months, will begin house-hunting; The happy pair, with Stuart looking a bit dubious, spent their honeymoon at Mar. near San Diego. Calif. with some movie star's blah-blah for land to raise 2.512,000 bushels of Capitalization consists of a funded debt" and mortgages of WHITMELL 97,982 shares of subsidiary preferred i stock, and 983,578 shares of non-par common stock. According to its last, balance sheet as of March 31. 1931. rains have made the morz total assets were $113,555,000, of optimistic about their crops in this WHITMELL. July 31 --The recent lion bushels, or twice as much as Vlr- "Poam-up" tooth-paste, and corn-1 spinach of the value of $1 ginla. but look at" the difference in plasters "Popeye's good word is for; Think of it, be astounded! Two and the size of the two states. I i A ariir all ntne the good old fashioned garden variety of Spinach, (still, with an And with prelude, here's where the come in to their duced more spinach than the Old own. "Did you know that last year the state of Virginia used 7,900 acres of lllr. UA half million bushels or spinach, "At any rate, all the other southWn selling for more than tha a million states combined, other than Virginia and a quarter dollars' and Texas raised the mere bagatelle "Only one state in the south pro- of only eight hundred thousand bushels, so that it would appear that th Old Dominion and the Lone Star to Texas, which i State are doing their full duty by the produced nearly five and a half mil- spinach-eaters, then some!" Dominion, distinction goes Wheat threshing is almost, and the wheat yield is quite i which property accounts was 581 'section. 269 000. Total current assets were 325 140, of whlcn cash and Government securities were 8 455 000 Total current liabilities were S4 A Sunday school training school, 289 leaving a net working capital vull begin at Wh'tmell this SS 4 through ssets to current liabilities was 2 week The Sunday school workers are i to 1 compared -Mth 4 to 1, three anticipating good results r-iomhs pre.ious J. Blair had the misforture to! Set earning for tne year locatefl tl 975.000 compared with S4 436.000 for the eight months ended Decemoer by fire last Saturday night 31, 1929 This equal to $349' Miss Jamie Elliotte is spending the per share in 1930 In addition to week witn Miss Gladys Thompson, tnese net earnings the company re-sandy River. i ceivcd non-recurring income of Miss Bernice Scarce is visiting her. J915000 v.hi(-h was to grandmother. Mrs Jenny at i about a share more For the Whitmell. f-rst six months of this year only, Mr and Mrs. Beanie Ellio'-te and 66 per share was earned compared spent last Sunday Mrs i with $3 45 earned in tne fi-st six Elllotte father, R. C. Alclerson of', ir.ontns of 1930 The sharp decline Keeling building construction and the pre- rs Brown and daughter, Miss i cent Blackness in the notcl business Katherine Brown, of Alexandria, are. larjelj accounted for this Deduction IT ea-nings Prospects are tnat tney will not. increase mate ia'lv until these condition? hive changed Income from rentals remain steady Dividends are now being paid at the annual rate cf 51 having Just been reduced from $2 The stock 1 sted on the New Tors Stock Exchange At a current of Mrs Tarpley. RANGE COMMON" High. LOST Share Earnings 1928 935,4 61'i 1929 119', 52 1930 75" i 25 349 1931 ending Apr.i 30, 1929 months ending December 31, price of around 16 1-2 It is yielding, 1923. 5 per cent ard selling for approximately 4 1-2 times 1830 earnings. Tomorrow we will Elevator company. analvse Otis, Grant customers get first chance at bargains! I'sis Deluxe Hosiery Becansa you par cash, the mannftc- a i come to Grant's first with their ipecial offerings, because we in turn par cath. Because we bay i hosiery in pair large quantities a cash, we can demand the best. French heels, picot tops, reinforced toes-- heels and tops, chiffon and service weights-G A A I QUALITY. Grant's Redi-Paks yom ptnny! Sanitary napkins which perfect protection -deodorized comfortable rounded corners super Box of 12 19 Grant for 1'alucs! -Women's Slips only 20. slips 7 inoh 1 a a hem- i 1 3 Ml buys a stout pair of Shoes Fully lined children's oxfords with leather uppers, rubber heels and sturdy Black and tan. Last year's $1.00 Rayon Undies now quality bloom- rs. trimmed. Regular YOU'LL FORGET ITS HOT IN THESE COOL SUMMER RESSES 336 MAIN STREET. OPP. POSTOFFICE i 200 CRACHEAD ST. NEAR RATION Butter COUNTRY CLUB 2S Flour AVONDALE 24 It). Sack SUGAR BULK CANE lOlbs.49 VINEGAR CIDER--BULK gal. 35c Palmolive SOAP 3 for 20c PKG. PALMOLIVE BEADS, FREE PICKLES 2 jars COUNTRY CETB--HOME STYLE LAYER CAKE eachZOC DEVIL FOOD BAR JEWEL Coffee lb. 19c BREAD single pan loaf5c COUNTRY CLIB. LB. 39c: FRENCH, lb. 29o LOE. DOtiBLE LOAF, lOc. Spagettee Dinner A Complete Dinner For 3 Ig. can 21c COUNTRY CLUB JARS pts. doz. 7Sc BALL DOZ. S3c. SALT 2pkgs.l$c COtNTRl CLUB--PLAIN" OR IDOZED. FIG BARS 21DS.25C HEALTHFUL--DEL1CIOCS MATCHES 3 Ig- boxes lOc KROGER PORK BEANS 3 for 20c CArPBELL'S PET MILK 3tallcans23' Certo BOTTLE 25 PINTO BEANS 4 bs. Watermelons Bells PEACHES, Fancy ElbertaV Bushel $1.78 MELONS, Honey Ball Each LEMONS, California dozen. 29c TOMATOES, Fancy Home Grown 4 Ibs. Bananas Lowest Priced In Town MEAT DEPARTMENT 5,000 Lbs. On Sale Friday Saturday MEAT LB 10 VEAL CHOPS 2 FOR 27 2 FL 49 DRESSED FRYERS LB 38 RIB SIDE STREAKED OUR ENTIRE STOCK REDUCED FOR QUICK CLEARANCE Regular $1.95 Quality, fast color Summer Voile Dresses, sizes 14 to 42 only 98 Regular $2.95 Quality fast color Voile Dresses. Sizes 36 to 48... only $1.65 Regular Summer Sports Frocks, sizes 13 to 20... only $2.65 Regular $7.95 Quality Summer Dresses--priced for Quick Clearance $3.69 Regular $12.95 Quality Summer Chiffon Dresses, ideal for party $6.85 EFIRD'S Dept. Store -IWSPAPFR!

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