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SaScpt.HJ 5-B 7 GERALD NACHMAN Brigadbbn' $KX0pCIf3r fo told the commission that the fsals Nov. 15 and performances; meateroupwiiri)egtrrTeheartwaiteginto February. By GERALD NACHMAN Tribune Drama Critic In the leads; Robert Harks and Cindy Schoel, as Tommy-andFionaere compatible and Ukeablejovers; singing easily and richly. Miss Schoel, wnosevbicewas trained at the Peabody Conservatory of Music and shows it, and Harks blended forcefully in "From This Day" and "Almost Like Being in Love." Sue Cormier is a sweet Jeannie and Al Messer a friendly Charlie Dalyrimple despite his habit of holding one hand outstretched, during a song, as if expecting rain any minute. A i 0 "Not to; sound unappreciative, but it would requireia lot of practice to mess up "Brigadoon," whose ama-, teurproof score rs having its summer outing at Wood-' "minster Amphitheater.

The Oakland Light Opera Association production sky that may have given producer-director John M. Fails second thoughts about retiring after 16 years of trying to outwit the weather up there. Cc, (Of course, 'Brigado(mV is therohe show that can use a little mist, so the elements are still ahead.) Falls'- last show is one of Jiis strongest, but then after all these years of staging it probably should be. There's nothing exceptional about if, but it's a very honorable job all the same. It doesn't have some of the feathery quality that "Brigadoon," nas a few of the frightening moments that make Woodminster Wood-minster, but the Amphitheater audience is the most forgiving in the city.

1 Last night it' applauded gratefully over half a dozen --arriving jets; into a wind that threatened to carry off the curtains -and in face of "scenery -feat was too spare and too yellow. In the comic roles, Frank Falls (Tommy's friend, Jeff) does about as well as anyone $h6uld with a character that is meant to be funny but isn't very, and Mary Gallagher (Meg Brockie, everyone's friend made Jier song, "My Mother's Wedding Dayt" count; she sung it faster and lustier it would count more: Edgar Iverson, as old Mr. Lundie, somehow makes lis tenable that long and tedious speech giving the history and ground rules of Brigadoon. The dancing except for the Royal Scottish Coun-tryDance Society, which contributed an authentic sword dance rwasjiot especially interesting; the ballet dancers, as is their custom, were gloomy and intense. 81XLAID Df K7R lest 12th et 7th Ave.

rLALA Phone: 01S-SU4 "tSPECULISTA IN CHAMACAf Enrique ftneien Tin Tea "MIX ICO LIN DO CjUIRIDC'-Cptor Lole iettree-Pedro Vrtte OiLlDA nDIVTl A Tunnel Hiwey end Oriryle UulnilA Crmsroeds lS4-Uir 1st Reel "AMRUSM AY" CM-t Much COfiee-Mickey Reewey "ROY, DID I 6ET A WR0M4 NUMliR" Ceterl with let) Heee Pke Smmmt Phyllis OWe CONTINUOUS FROM 1:00 1EEEN ALLEY Phone: 254-1300 4 Miles From Orindev Memmetti, Actten Pecfce4 Soeetecsit "THI AGONY 4 THI ECSTASY" Wile-Stee, CeSeti Starrirva -CHARLTON HISTON-REX HARRISON CONTINUOUS FROM 1:00 SAI LEAIBIO BAL test UrhSt. l48rhA. Phone: 1ST40 hi Cetor! ALFRED "TORN CURTAIN" Paul Newman Julie Aeeltewe "MADAM! Color Lane Tentee 4 John Fenrytke DEL HAH UrH Euclid 431-1SS4 Peal Newman "HARPER" Ceeert Lauren lacaM-Janet Les-Julie Heffss PLUS! Alee In Celerf MARLON BRANDO 4 JANI FONDA in "THI CHAM" Musically, opening night got off like a freshman relay team. Conductor William -Jackson's baton was a few steps behind the singers and it took about two numbers for: the orchestras to catch up. bit parts most noticeably "-Likewise, a few of the 1neartendernde park handXfe capped toe show.

Nothing can slow a performance down Avenue girlfriend ons "who sound as if they No one seemed to flinchwhen a technician back quite like-twou)E, three walk were recruited from the Costume Committee. stage, standing too near an open mike, was heard out front calling orders to his assktanL -SAI LOIEIIO YTJJJICI Exe1wi. AiiltVeniii! Aside from those hazards, the show had more than its share of good singing, somewhat more definite acting than Woodminster audiences are used to and unusually good choral worK. saci iV7 TtXfJ" itT Read Martinez Column Daily i 41 rms the heart-1 ict I 2a color rtMm) ROBERT wise vriiiu-i MJE chiustopherPLUMMER i EXCLUSIVE EAST BAY SHOWING SCHEDULE OF PERFORMANCES PRICES al. Orch.

Loan I Starts Wednesday I SPjAIO INUW inwowoyinni inureooy on I I I I I I1! I MoliiwM at ti FMnum Theatre Oakland "iimmrjirTiuiwf SAUJii-mTK(uaiij Dii a iivnu MtTfiut niflin CINtMA AKIVlff AT Park Blvd. CMTTMIIMU THAT FIOM It-H NOON ixsr.4.04rsf IMPORTANT! NO OrftUNDCR 18 WILL BE ADMITTED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY HIS PARENT ERNEST LCHMANt MODUCTION drig. OFiowAAoutr. GEORGE SEGAL- SANDY DENNIS MM MKI WCMOU iNTitv MttRNH BROS "A BIG HAND FOR THE LITTLE LADY" Joanne Woodward Jason Robards THE BEATLES 2 GREAT, HITS! "HELP" color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Plus Bonus! Ray Miltand in "THAN WITH THE RAY EYES- -MONTEREYJAPj-The Call-fornfiArtsCon2nisslpn has a fhorized a gift of (10,000 to aid a touring 'theatpr that wouM bring operajp schools and communities throughout California and otter "western states. The commission, meeting In Monterey yesterday votLJhat its executive director may pay that sum to help cover expenses of the' new-Western Opera Theater, sponsored by the San Fran- cisco Opera Association.

The "association has received a $105,000 grant from the National Arts Foundation for presentation of opera in towns in California; Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. But the grant is contingent on the association's matching the amount with funds from other sources. Herbert Scholder, who represented the Opera Association, Harmonica Star Dies BEVERLY HILLS (AP)-3Le6 i a 51, internationally known harmonica virtuoso, died Thursday, apparently of a heart attack. Diamond composea manv soniis for the harmonica and for other arrangements and bnso wasolrector-one of th world's first harmonica work shops in nearby Studio Qty. Looking for Movie for Young People? DIAL-A-MOVIE 536-8600 Recommended movlei now thowma In the QKInd A COMMUNITY SERVICE Of GRANT MILLER MORTUARIES OAKLAND rtiU'iimmiiM, iirnniiJiii'aimmi Now! Ciitiims Daily from 12 Skm-Tadaiat 2:451.451045 at 145 -AuiJreuHepbqrn PfikrirTDole, Tense Thrilling Dremel DIRK SOAOf suian tnuUBiae otonot tMKieil sW .1 JBs 111 aYessisssleem-eMmew- Ilspiil ItlK IW 17X11 Ctmiif Th.

Sept. 27th Oil) -Start 1:30 aid I DER ROSENKAVALIER" is Cirteoas Color ce i Gt i use Coitiiiiis Sat I trim 1 f- HoflinBoof tiizABrrh1 TAYLOR PAUL NEWMAN bupl IVES rn7snrTM iaimfhcc iook I TAYLOR HARVEY FISHER hcm asses BUTTERHELDK A 0 WfS' COS' 'M('tf oi lion MQWl DOORS OPEN 6:45 'pit I'ILLIAMv' fIWYLERS' ijpw.fb I i steal 5 Million I COLOR by 'Ttoavuti 2nd Color eeesssssXal On Night Only! i 1 aiZABETH TAYIOR Liz Taylor Faces Oregon Court Move PORTLAND -(AP) Motion picture star Elizabeth Taylor has 10 days to appeal a ruling that says" she must defend herself against a charge that her conduct with' 'Richard Burton damaged the box office appeal of the film "Cleopatra." The suit was brought in State eme Court by the Para- mouhTeWr-ot-Torfland against Miss Taylor and 20th Century Fox Film" Corp. it asks $44,653 damages. AND "UVELT ENGAGING" IflMLt 1- E. 18 LMWOOD; cum nam loom Morgan! "HOWLINGLY FUNNV Cm.

Ntm Tim HILARIOUS" -TmtUm Tkr Nm )Mw "Morgan. jwonderfuJly unny comedy! Chronicle Morgan! iSKEEfJ S23KI NO ONE MJ nun i DUKE ELLINGTON BSSasr- Benefit: Downs Memorial Church LOaklanfJitonunip Tickt: Sherman Clay, Oakland Downtown Cntr Box Offic, S.F. Bay Box Office Kaiiar Center Tickets also on Sale at Door AJJLKEBA ALAMEDA "AMIUSH IAY" Hugh 0tnea-Mickev Reaoey "OY, DID I 6IT A WRONG NUMIH Cetor, St erring Phyllis DUIot I. tike ALBAIY ALBANY CINEMA" Soleno Ave. S24-MM "st Ptctere ef Teer 4.Y.

Tr ROD PAWNIROKIR" Shown at 19 4:0 0 OO 4 11:1 On Yeer'i 10 Y. Daily News 'UMextUAS Of Shown et 1:11 4:30 tt Aeutt MettoM Set. Sam. 1:00 CeaiHie See. 21; "Deer Jehu" AITIOCH STAMM Phone: 7IM101 ftmUy CewMeyl Celerf "TNI RUSSIANS ARI COMING" JmiHmh Win ten I tva Mene Selet BEEXELTT i DTD IT IT FV Shettuc Haste DLTIAXXIjI Phone: Mt-4100 "THI RUSSIANS ARI COMING," Color! with Carl Reiner Jonathan Wkaten-Eve Marie Saint "A SHOT IN TMI DARK" -r Color Peter SelletvElke Seaieaer teetinimn Te4ey Teenrew trees 1:00 CALIFORNIA 2C.

"A UNI MADNESS" Color "THI LOYED OHI" Jonathan Winters-Rod Stelee I If Iff Shettuck a Haste 1 1 II It T1 A Phone: MO-IOSO THI RIATLES le "HIIPI" and "A HARO DAY MIGH "Hiesi Petet et Hie Ctnematie Year" 1 1. Chreatde "Marveleeely renny" Iiaallaer "MORGAN" etuat tUIUa FAatlirAtfe J'Runntwj, Jeeplne Stae4nn StW NORTHSIDE 1828 Euclid thnne 14 1.1 44 STUDIO Jean-Paul letmeade HATHiAH-sioa, iu-ji 'SITUATION HOPELESS. NOT SERIOUS" STUDIO 8: Rkkerd RunWTHI --SPY WHO CAMI IN MOM THI COLD" THI IPCRSSS HH -Micnaei veme a swea $olna et the Alameda Phone: llt-1114 THl GLASS IOTTOM Oorts Day It Rod Teyler Plus! Aeattia Chnstie'e "THI ALPHABET MURDER" eM4ll A Anrtji tkbere aKM Uott.rk I. i-late-84 8-2038 1 UiliU INGMAR BERGMAN'S bWILD STRAwBiemtS Fritz LangVmOPOLir nminivn Phone: UWllLU iUtllili I4J-14R7 Eluabeth Tayler-Richerd lurtee I4ward Albee's "WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLFf Ln .1 4'OA a -OO PLUS LAFF HIT IN COLOR! -WHAT'S NIW PUSSYCAT?" Peter Sellers-Peter OTeele Shown at 1:00 4:40 4 11:10 Centteeeee Seweey Pfe js 41-4147University at Shatt CK UV CHARITON niJIUH "THI AGONY 4 THI ICS I AS I "WHO'S 8EEN SLEEPING IN MY REDf" CJLST10 -YaLLET. rtlDflT 56 Castro SI1-1SSS LuADU 1 CHARLTON HESTON "THI AGONY 4 THI ECSTAST '-Color "NIVIR TOO Feni CaN Theeter te Startiat Times, SPECIAL MATINEE TODAY 1 :00 "JASON 4 THE ARGONAUTS "THE IVIL OF'f RANKINSWN CfiMCOlD ENEAN Phone: CARV GRANT "LOST Qtilee DAMYHLC VILLAGE Phi" iiTeoo That "Femele Jemes Bend!" Cele! "MODESTY BLAISI" Monica Vrttl PLUS! "PINK Peter Sellers-Oevid Niven 4 EAST OAKLAXD MMp te MecArlhur Ave.

CINL 7 Phone- 141-S1B1 Deliahttul Adventeres er tna me Lioness "BORN -Color PLUS' Rosalind Ryssell-Hayley Mdle "THI TROUBLE WITH ANQlla -l-Oic Pimp Foothill BlvoTTTaTrf asrt AIIU HA Phone: I3S-47B7 1st Ran Marine Wer Oramat "AMIUSH BAT Hugh O'Brien-Mickey Reeney "CAST A GIANT SHADOW" iC.rir ttmMm-frnk SlHettra rROITYiUErisi. First Re last Bay! "WEIRD, WICKED WORLD" PLUS! "PARIS SECRET'5 Free Perking EL SOBBAMTE Dam Road, El Sobrente Phone: 111-4400 PARK Super-Action Wer Seaal "BATTLE OF THE BULGE Color PAUL NEWMAN as "HARPIR" TBEMOMT CFNTER Phone: 73-1113 PAUL NEWMAN H.tchcock "TORN "THI GHOST 4 MR. CHICKEN" H- HAYWARD HAYWARD -HAftSft 'WT" Hugh CBriee-Mickev Reeney "BOY. DID I GET A WRONG NUMBIR Cater, with Bob Hope Phyllis Diller-EIke Semmer ejeejiee 22331 Mission Blvd Oil fa Phone: SI 1-0420 Detlehtriil Comedy la Celerl "THI GREAT RACE" Tony Curtis Jack Lemmen-Netalie Weed PLUS! Femiry Color Adventure! "ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHINS CONTINUOUS SHOW EVERY DAY L. LAXAYETTE nmnt Latayette Phone: 2B4-4S13 ritiiA Lett Hit! Held Over! "THI RUSSIANS ARI COMING" Color! Carl Reiner Fve Marie Saint Jonathan Winters CONTINUOUS TOOAY FROM 1:00 LIYEEMOSE VINE Phone 447-1S4S GUY STOCKWIll "IIAU GISTI" Color Hudson, Color CONTINUOUS TOOAY FROM 1:00 OAKLAJD PARKWAY Perk Bkd.

E. 18th 2nd Month! One In el. Uncut Versien! "A tender and lusty study af leva Time Magazine "DEAR JOHN" AND' "lively! Turfculentl Ingagingr Y. Times "MALI Bemseeide "John" 7 4 10:10 0:00 All New Recfcine Chair Leees! Cei Sent. 21: "THI WRONG BOX" PIEDMONT -SEm Julie Andrews-Paul Newmee HltdMeaVi "TORN Shown at 4 0:00 Only -Rock Hudson 4 Claudia Cardinebj "BLINDFOLD" In Celerl Shown at 7: IS AdaRf Matlnaa lessdey 1:00 P-ee.

Al New Reakkefl Cbak Legael BERKELEY 0AKLANP if' I I I I MBBReRMBaRBaRa A4o t- 4 Jlrtnnithinfrlw Crinlrf Erotic Realism! "DEAR JOHN'U Paul Newmai-Jeanne Wooiwari "ITS A MAD, MAD, MAO fA Jonathan Winters I Buddy Hjcket-MiltonBerli I "HOW 10 MURDER YOUR WIFE" ri Color! with Jack Lemmon 1st Drive-In Showing!" traslTeclraiques if Ciirtsiii! Paid Heweai-Jeamte Woiinri A HEW KIND OF LOVE" TITlTiTT pfton 1 1 Astonisningly Frank! liouc Realism: "DEAR JOHN" 4 Paul Newman-Jeanne Woodwari "A NEW KIND OF LOVE" PRINCE OF DARKNESS MM If MM THETlAGUCOfTHE MOIL Hin SAT. 1:30 P.M. MrtNMi Tlwn. Sfl. 15, mi SAT THERS Af Til 2:30 ONlTSUHMtf.SIPT.JI AT 7 IIATS FOI AU J400 FRANK EILEEM PORRETTA CHRISTL jnd HANS CONRIED lot Sigimmd Kombrg'i lite stirring WAITER IRRA CASSEL PETINA with- MURRAY MATHESON a dittingvished cast ond eompony 2nd Big Week! PARIS MAIMTil4n.

CENTRE MMKtT at J0M3 doom ortN (O 35 kti'tmmr mci HM MiTiTfJR ilTiTTi rTrTlTTTTT. -PDMAi LORENZO San Lorenzo Ylllage DICK VAN DYKI 4 NANCY KWAM In WALT DISNIY1 -IT. ROBIN CRUSOt, U.S.N," Color PLUSI Disney Feeturette In Color! "RUN, APPALOOSA. 8UN" wjLuroT cxnx niW Phone: UieXlel Cemedyl CeteH Stuart Wkltmen Terry-Tkemee "THOSI MAGNIFICENT MIN TN-: THEIR FLYING MACHINU" AND! In CinemeSeope-Colorf "VON RYAN'S IXPRISS" Frank Sinatra Trevor Hewarst CONTINUOUS TODAY FROM 1J0 THEATERS AULKEDA ALAMEDA DRIlrT Weeeter at Alameea Teba SU-0S44 THI RIATLES ie Their 1 Greet MRst "HIIPI" Color "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" PLUS! SPECIAL BONUS "MAN WITH THI X-RAY Starring RAY MIUAND ISLAND AUTO HOVIE 3 Blocks From Tube PtMeet 112-7105 SHOW STARTS AT DUSKf The Creiieet Caper IVer Caperedf "ASSAULT ON A QUIIN" Frenk Sieetre-Virrve IM Richard Ceete-Tony Praeeiaee In Panevielew colon PLUS! NATALII WOOD in -JTHIS PROPIRTY IS CONOIMNIlV! Celerl with Robert Redterd Flea Market Sat. 4 See.

I Ainoci BRIDGEHEAD pi7 "CAST A GIANT "MA DAM I Lane Turner COICOED AUT0M07IE "DEAR JOHN" 4 Paul Newman In "A NEW KIND OF LOVl" OsTBLH (lU BUltnU AUTO MOVII illin 4UVI'lUal IN-CAR HEATERS Af Hlghwavs-50- 2 1 phone- 028-1 700 "GLASS iotivM eui -uoris way "NORTH BY NORTMWIST" FIEMOIT FREIIONT IkWCAR Fremont Fr way- 793-5900 "AMBUSH BAY'-Huoh O'Brien i'iOYID I GET A WRONG NUMBIt" UTtfTTf AUTO MOVII nU'll I ta IN-CAR HIATIR IN-CAR HIATIRS Nimiti Fr'way Durham 0asa 4S4-0 SM e.T6-Doi 'GLASS BOTTOM OAT--Oorts Bay "WHIRI THI SPIES ARE" EATWA1D MOTOR MOVIESi E. Tennyson Mission Blvd. $BI-STJ First last Bay Shewing! "WIIRD, WICKED WORLD" PLUS! ''PARIS SICRITS" OAXLAID AilsPORT-NCAR lATERSf OH Nknlte ee Bth Ave. (4-je21 Gates Open 7:101 Shew Starts Dusk! The 1 Hits that made Lb Taylor a Start "CAT ON A MOT TIN OO "-Color Elizabeth Taytoe-Peul Newman "BUTTIRFIILD fill ICmrt Nimltz-High St.

tULlOLUil 334-749 1 Heaters! "DEAR JOHN" "A NEW KIND OF LOVE" rUAUXT BILL MOTOR MOVIES 1040 Centre Casta Hlekway IBS-Mil "AMBUSH BAY" "BOY. DID I GET A WRONG NUMBtR" IICEM8ID tffl I TflD H'top Drive H'wey 40 lUiala 1 111-1711 Hootera "IT'S A MAD, MAD WORLD" -HOW TO MURDSR YOUR WIFI" UI LXA1BB0 H.ii OR 171 Rim DRIVE IN, JS1-70JO UAlaieAilU O. lest 14th ISOth TONIGHT! 1 BhS NITS! V-In Color! JANI FONDA in "CIRCLI OF LOVE" -PLUS! "IIVI GODDESSES" AND! Jack lemmen-Le Remkai "DAYS OF WINI 4 ROSES" STADIUM AUTO HOVE last 14th 4 134th. rssstt H1-T010 LAST 4 DAYS! ELIZABETH TAYLOR RICHARD BURTON "WHO'S AFRAID Of VIRGINIA WOOLFf" AND! Richard BurtmvAva Gardner "NIGHT Of THI SA1 PJLBL8 IT pr( U4-4448 Slam Dusk aAnlall Uth. B-wav Haetenl "DEAR JOHN" 4 Paul Hi 'mass In "A NEW KIND OF lOVf- "HBllOJIClTY UNION CITY aptK "DEAR JOHN" 4 Paul Hi'rmae, tn "a niw rind of wvr 1 AND "ALPHABET MURDERS" Tony I 1 TiinUTM Durexora tJ3 t-V 4J GlLfflMUJ tramUlT A MEW SECOND FEATURE -fifi 1L p.m.

I $2.25 $2.75 $3.25 -1X25 2.75 $3.25 $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 I I I fjn. $2.00 $2.00 $230 4 TONIGHT 8 P.M. Cf Aftgjii peacyi rn mraooucTonr kmon LA. TIMES leuulitully centeived end supetbly pefformed Mitt Dvnnock is abtotutelr nmBcelote." S.F. CHRONICLE "Mildied Dunned') brilliance wukeaTKe Glass Menoqene nwmerable yiittese performance perfection." OAK.

TRIRUNE Dunnock (ii) exactly right ol Amanda Wtnglitld They (ONRTA) hove taken their dieam a ond made it happen." F. EXAMINfR-. "Dvnnock tliitem a performance ttwt was not only me- moroble but heroic lUUAT Al Z-M CM. MILDRED DUNNOCK JOHN SAXON In Tennessee Williams' "GLASS MENAGERIE" THROUGH SEPT. 24 ONLY GENERAL OtKCTOt Of ONRTA RAOtMAEt (CN AVwVS, $kewst ItSO p-ev Metb-Set, Wed.

4 Sat. Mots, at 130 p.m. IndMdeal MdeVHl Gttt eBa. W. A S)4 We S1.75.

117S. 14.25. tSM. AeeeV eie (rem Mokw Boy Ane Bee Of. Reee er he ONRTA, M0 Bra? BW 432-03 la.

eOAJOARD AUDITORIUM THEAHl! JENTH A FALLON. OAKLAND le-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee e'sAondcV Astonishingly frank! Unabashed look at real-life a rkably ninhib i ted. Richard Schickel, Life Magazine "A tender and lusty study of Ioyc 'DEAR JOHN' is a tour de force of erotic realism. Time Magazine HUGH O'BRIAN MICKEY ROONEY JAMES MITCHUM AN ILWV PROOUCtiON HI3USIJ BAY" CfflOl byDeLuu UNITED ARTISTS 111-4431 ALAMEDA Alewetle Il47t7 FAIRFAX Oeklend S(l-5971 MOTOR MOVIES MmwiI Hill SI1-1S40 HAYWARD 3S4-211! ORINDA Oriede v. 1-I12 AUTO MOY1I VIIWONT UNDER 18 WILL BE ADMITTED UNLESS ACCOMPANIED BY HIS PARENT.

5 in' Call iTrNff. I Theater fqr 1 Complete if 1 Title PAUL NtVYMAN JOANNE VraODWAKD A NEW KINO OF LOVE eem-eaieii 11 eAaeof eeoeea ssse.tow "VIVA 7" 11' -mi- 1.

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