Daily News from New York, New York on November 12, 1997 · 522
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Daily News from New York, New York · 522

New York, New York
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Wednesday, November 12, 1997
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us Television 3 Two doctors find a newborn in the trash 'Chicago Hope; CBS, 10 p.m. z - E D O Z a o at a c T3 a INNER TUBE CANADIAN RADIO WATCHDOGS LOOKING TO MUZZLE STERN The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council yesterday accused radio man Howard Stern of violating Canadian broadcast codes by insulting French Canadians with a slew of unprintable expletives. He was also cited for his comments on women and gays. Stern's syndicated show treal and CILQ in Toronto mediately linked French Canadians to the French, whom he regularly reviles. As he does in the U.S., Stern said his comments were intended as humor. The council rejected that argument, saying his remarks "surpassed the permissible." The council cannot levy fines on radio stations, but it can revoke their council membership, which could lead to a challenge to their broadcast license. It could also lead to action by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the equivalent of the U.S. FCC. The council said it received started on CHOM in Mon-in September, and he im-more than 1,070 complaints by letter, fax and E-mail. PjvM IBncMay Spicing up UPN Hoping to capitalize on the traditional December reliance on repeats by the networks, UPN is scheduling three specials during the month, including an hour-long look at the Spice Girls and, for the fledgling network, a first-ever theme night. "We're trying to keep the lights on when the other networks sort of take a holiday," Tom Nnnan, executive vice president of entertainment for UPN, told The News. The Spicn GMs special will ( lyl IRES BLEU: Howard Stem air Dec 2 and include interviews and clips from their new movie, "Spiceworld," as well as their new music video. "Moesha" star (and singer) Brandy Norwood will interview the Spicers during the programing breaks that night In addition to the Spice Girls special, UPN will let viewers pick their favorite episodes of the network's Tuesday night comedies to air on Dec. 9 and Dec. 16. As for the theme night, the common thread will be a snowstorm on the Los An geles-set Tuesday shows "In the House," "Good News, "Clueless" and "Sparks." "If nothing else," Nunan said of the December package, "it says to the viewers, we're awake." Nunan said UPN hopes to air seven specials between January and May in order to take advantage of other down times. RfcJurd Huff Loggins jam on A & E Kenny '-tf-. tuning up for his "Live By Request" concert on cable's A & E at 9 tonight, says there's just one thing that drew him to the live, two-hour session, for which viewers will call in requests. "It's the intense level of spontaneity. It's what we call juicy," the singer-songwriter told The News. "Normally, when you go on a TV show, you're only concerned about how the music's going to go. "Well, I kind of know how the music's going to go, so if you have to fixate on anything, make it the unknown." Loggins is the third artist to go "Live By Request," following Tony Dennett and James Taylor. The composer of "Footloose," "I'm Alright," "This Is It" and many others, Loggins says he's worked up about 35 songs for tonight. "There's no way I can know 25 years worth of material," he said. "But I let them producers! know that I'm OK if one sneaks through. I just hope it's not a song where everybody goes "Yessssss!" and I say, 'Gee, I wish I could play it' " Scott Williams Sad goodbye Ron TimfigKa, a TV executive who played a role in the careers of many of today's top news stars, died Monday at age 51. His more than three decades in the business included stints at Ch. 7 and Ch. 2. At Ch. 7, Tindiglia was instrumental in the formation of the Eyewitness News format and played a hand in the careers of Bill Bewtel, Ernie Anato, Joan Lnnden, Spencer Christian, Gernlde Rivera and the late Roger Grimsby. At Ch. 2, he brought sportscaster Warner Wolf to Gotham. The popular and much-respected exec is survived by his wife, Misti, and two children, Jeremy and Nicole. - R.H. Ratings: Tfcs big 4 rcsfrJorCis are in a prinza-tinre fSacBine By RICHARD HUFF Day Mews Start writer tl n V ITH seven weeks of the 1 7 36-week television sea-VI VI son in the record books, Nielsen ratings indicate that prime-time viewership for all six of the nation's broadcast networks combined is down from the same period a year ago. On average, 6290.000 viewers are tuning in nightly to ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, WB and UPN. At this point a year ago, the six networks were being viewed by 64,780,000 folks each week. Compared to the same period a year ago, the four major networks are down about 2,710,000 viewers in their nightly averages, while the two new nets have picked up about 220,000. Most of the lost viewership is going to cable, which is up about 1 1 year to year and has added many new networks in the past year. Despite the ratings fall-ofT, the networks seem to be showing at least some level of restraint when dealing with poor-performing new series. So far this season, there have been nine cancellations, exactly the same number that had been dropped at this point last year. Most of the iced shows had at least a handful of outings to try to prove themselves. The exceptions were Fox "Rewind," which was canceled before an episode hit the airwaves, and NBC's "Sleepwalkers," which aired just twice before being, well, put to sleep. The networks, in fact, seem to be sticking with some shows that in past years would have long been gone by now. For instance, ABC has stood by "Nothing Sacred" and "Cracker" even though they finish a distant third in their Thursday slots. And NBC has yet to pull the plug on the ratings-anemic Sunday combination of "Men Behaving Badly" and "The Jenny McCarthy Show." if pitk 1 j?-' I REST IN PEACE: NBC's "Sleepwalkers" Last year, CBS had canceled four shows by this point. This year it has yet to ax any. Conversely, NBC, which at this point a year ago had yet to kill a series, has already dumped two. ABC has the most cancellations this year, four. Among the 1997 offerings that won't be back in '98 are ABCs "Over the Top," "You Wish," "Total Security" and "Time Cop;" NBC's "Built to Last" and "Sleepwalkers"; Fox "Rewind" and "The Visitor" and UPN's "Head Over Heels." Meanwhile, NBC and CBS last week tied for the Nielsen crown based on household ratings, but NBC was slightly ahead in total viewers. Each turned in 10.2 ratings (percentage of the nation's 98 million TV homes) and 16 shares (percentage of the sets in use). However, NBC averaged 14,720,000 viewers per show to CBS' 14,650,000. ABC averaged an 8.7 rating14 share, with 12,850.000 viewers. And Fox averaged an 8.313, with 12,600,000 viewers. In the rankings betow, for the week of Nov. 3 9, the program is foiowed by its network and then the number of viewers it attracted, m rmfltons. Repeated rankings kxfccate a be. 60. "You Wish- (ABC) 11.89 1 "EH" (NBC) 31-95 2- "Seinfeld" (NBC) 31.64 3. "Touched by an Anger (CBS) 26.94 4. "Friends" (NBC) 25.68 5. -Veronica's Closer (NBC) 25.63 6. "The Xfles" (Fox) 24.84 7. -60 Minutes- (CBS) 23.04 8. -Monday Night Footbal" (ABC) 22.06 9. -Union Square" (NBC) 2037 10. "King of the HOT (Fox) 20.04 11 "Raster" (NBC) 20.01 12. "MNP pre-game (ABC) 18.45 13. "Worlds Scariest Pofcce Chases" (Fax.) 18.16 14. The Simpsons- (Fox) 17.91 15. Movie: "The Third Twin- (Part 1) (CBS) 17.79 16. "NYPD Blue" (ABC) 17.47 17. "Home Improvement" (ABC) 17.43 18. -Just Shoot Me" (NBC) 17.03 19. "The Drew Carey Show" (ABC) 17.02 20. -202O- (ABC) 16.88 21. "Scott Hamilton: Back on Ice- (CBS) 16.80 22. -PnmeTime Lrye" (ABC) 16.37 23. "Cosby" (CBS) 16 .31 24. "Disney: "Angels in the Endzone" (ABC) 16.27 25. "George & Leo" (CBS) 15.74 26. "Dateline" (Tuesday) (NBC) 15.69 27. "Promised Land- (CBS) 15.48 28. -Diagnosis Murder- (CBS) 15.45 29. -Candid Camera" (CBS) 15.41 30. "water, Texas Ranger- (CBS) 15.20 31 "Dateline" (Today) (NBC) 15.19 32. Movie: "Outbreak" (NBC) 15.00 33. "Dharma & Greg" (ABC) 14.87 34. Movie: "House of Frankenstein" (NBC) 14.86 34. "World's Deadhest Swarms" (Fox) 14.86 36. "Mad About You" (NBC) 14.82 37. "Everybody Loves Raymond" (CBS) 14.68 38. "Early Edition" (CBS) 1430 39. "Party of Five" (Fox) 13.66 40. "Sabrina: Teenage Witch" (ABC) 13.62 41 "Chicago Hope" (CBS) 1339 42. "The Nanny" (CBS) 13.52 43. "Spin City-(ABC) 13.47 44. -CyHr (CBS) 1335 45. "Beverly HiUs, 90210" (Fox) 1333 46. "Boy Meets Wood" (ABC) 13.27 47. "3rd Rock From the Sun" (NBC) 13.15 48. "NewsRadio- (NBC) 13.12 49. "Law and Order" (CBS) 12.98 50- "Nash Bridges" (CSS) 12.88 51. "Caroline in the City- (NBC) 12.63 52. "Ellen- (ABC) 12.61 53. "Murphy Brown" (CBS) 12.54 54. "Dr. Qumn, Medkane Woman" (CBS) 12.51 55. Movie: "Into Thin Air (ABC) 12.47 56. "HHerand DMer" (ABC) 1231 57. "JAG" (CBS) 1227 58. "Suddenly Susan" (NBC) 123 59. "Piaster" (Wednesday) (NBC) 11.93 61 -48 Hours" (CBS) 11.60 62. "Teen AngeT (ABC) 11.48 63. "Cops 2" (Fox) 11.44 64. "Working- (NBC) 11 42 65. "3rd Rock" (8 p.m.) (NBC) 11.25 66. "Brooklyn South" (CBS) 11.16 66. "World's Funniest!" (Fox) 11.16 66. "Soul Man" (ABC) 11.16 69. "Pretender- (NBC) 10.91 70. "PronTer" (NBC) 1039 71. "Cops" (Fox) 1038 72. "America's Most Wanted- (Fox) 10.28 73. "Famrfy Matters" (CBS) 10.21 74. "Melrose Place" (Fox) 9.88 75. "Over the Top- (ABC) 9.79 76. "Any McBeaT (Fox) 9.77 77. "PnmeTime Live" (Monday) (ABC) 9.69 78. "Michael Hayes" (CBS) 9.48 79. "Hormade: Life on the Street" (NBC) 9.47 80. "2020- (Thursday) (ABC) 936 81 "Cheating Death" (Fox) 931 82. "Millennium" (Fox) 9.13 83. "Step by Step" (CBS) 8.82 84. "Dateline" (Sunday) (NBC) 830 85. "Men Behaving Badly" (NBC) 835 86. "Detoventura" (CBS) 8.06 87. -The Practice" (ABC) 7.90 88. "Sleenwa-kers" (NBC) 7.74 89. "The Visitor" (Fox) 7.56 90. "Between Brothers" (Fox) 738 91 "Players" (NBC) 7.15 92. "Living Single" (Fox) 7.09 93. "Nothing Sacred" (ABC) 7.04 94. "Star Trek: Voyager- (UPN) 6.43 95. "Cracker" (ABC) 6.16 96. "7th Heaven" (WB) 5.97 97. "Moesha" (UPN) 5.14 98. "Smart Guy" (WB) 5.10 98. "Total Security" (ABC) 5.10 100. "Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" (WB) 4.98 101. "Sister, Sister" (WB) 4.92 102. "Clueless" (UPN) 4.86 102. "The Steve Harvey Show" (WB) 4.86 104. "The SenuneT (UPN) 4.73 104. "The Wayans Bros." (WB) 4.73 106. "Malcolm & Eddie" (Tuesday) (UPN) 4.46 107. "C-16" (ABC) 434 108. "The Jamie Foxx Show" (WB) 4.01 109. "Good News" (UPN) 3.94 109. -Malcolm & Eddie" (UPN) 3.94 111. -The Parent -Hood" (WB) 3.93 112. "Sparks" (UPN) 3.91 113. -Unhappily Ever After" (WB) 3.71 114. "Hitz- (UPN) 3.67 115. "hi the House" (UPN) 3.58 116. "Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher" (WB) 335 117. "Alright Already- (WB) 238 118. "The Tom Show" (WB) 2.66

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