The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1952 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 5
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1952 BLYTHEVTXLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Arkansas News Briefs— Lawsuit Filed to Keep Conway From Buying Parking Meters By THE ASSCOCIATEU PRESS CONWAY—A lawsuit to prevent the city of Conway from purchasing 400 parking meters nom Duncan Parking Meter Co., of Chicago has been filed In Faulkner County Chancery Court. Judsou Goad, a retired restaurant operator, brought the suit yesterday, charging that products of the Duncan firm are not the cheapest meters that can be purchased. Goad said the city could save about $5.000 by purchasing meters from Michaels Art Bronze Co., of Covington, Ky. ^ The Kentucky firm submitted a lower bid than Duncan but the city council said the Chicago firm's products were superior to those sold by Michaels. Arkansas Violent Death Toll Stands at Eight Arkansas' violent death toll for the week stood at eight Friday. Five persons have met death in traffic accidents. Mrs. Alma Savell, 19, died near Avbarkana, Ark., Thursday when the car In which she was riding overturned. Mrs. Elizabeth Cheney, 48, of Lexington. Mo., was injured fat. ally when the car In which she was riding overturned near Marshall Thursday. Mother of Quads Sees Babies for first Time NASHVILLE—Mrs. Leonard Ponder of Murfreesboro, Ark. has seen her quadruplets for the first time since their birth Jan. -14. She saw her three boys and a gtrl at Howard County Memorial Hospital yesterday and remarked she was pleased with their progress. Fulbright Joins in Plea tor U.S. of Europe WASHINGTON—Sen. Fulbrlght (D-Ark) and two colleagues have asked the Senate to aprove the establishment of a United States ^ of Europe. Fulbright and Sens. McMahon. (D-Conn) and Sparkman <D-Ala) yesterday submitted a resolution urging political unification of Europe. The proposal drew a prompt endorsement from president Truman. Sparkman Mayor Dies after Heart Attack ARKADELPHIA—Mayor Eugene E. Pehrell of Sparkman, Ark., died at a street Intersection here yesterday following a heart attack He was 55. Pehrell, t retired lumberman, had lived in Sparkman about 25 Tears. Telephone Company Seeks Raise in Rates LITTLE BOCK-^Southwestern Association Telephone Co., has - filed application to raise Its rates to residential customers by 46 per cent and to business customers by 69 per cent. The company, serving 10 Arkansas exchanges, asked the Arkansas Public service Commission yesterday to make ; the proposed rate increase amounting to $280,344 effective March 2. Augusta, Blevins, Cotton Plant, Marvel], McCrory, Prescott, Texarkana, Waldo, Waterloo and Wheatley exchanges are served by the company. Mining Claims Controversy in Garland County Court HOT SPRINas--A controversy over an estunited'2 to 4 million dollars worth of mining claims is being" aired in Garland County Chancery Court. A hearing in the dispute, oenterlng around 11 Barlte mining claims In Montgomery County, Ark., opened yesterday. The claims were listed in the estate ot the late j. E . Henderson, Mt, Ida, Ark. Barit« it, axi to weight mud for drilling oil and gas wells. WANNA NECK?—A couple of big rxxken are these two clowns seen getting ,n a hohday mood for a parade aflhe annual carniva in Mainz, Germany. Two nativi girls try out the extraordinary ntckmg qualities of the bi E dummies. PARE HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN =^s^;EHHSHis!H^=SiS the enemy in Korea. ' * W$p;n| PLEASURE JET—French plane-makers have come up with the vyorld's first jet-powered light Th^sr£nTh. r rZi ». n , u . se - 'iV h ? " Sipa 200 '" P° w «cd by turbo-jet engine, and wci c hin fi less _tnim_a ton. The light let is saiA to travel 200 miles per hour, with a range of 300 fo 500 miles Truckers Strike; Arkansas Cities Are Affected UTTLE ROCK (AP)—About 450 APL truck drivers operating out of Arkansas' cities were on »trike shortly after last midnight. The striking Teamsters Union members joined in a to-state walkout after negotiations for a new- contract broke down. The old contract expired at midnight. ,'ames M. Harrison of Little Rock, Teamster* Union official, said ft few trucking companies In Arkansas had signed contracts i-lth" the union and would not be affected by the walkout. He declined to Identify them. One trucker said the strike did not affect those firms engaged solely in Interstate hauling. Marion Ward, secretary-treasurer of the Arkansas Bus and Truck Association, said the strike would affect about 3,000 Arkansas communities that receive freight service only by trucks. The union has asked for & 19- cent-an-hour wage increase. . State Anti-Gambling League Drops Plan to Test 1935 Pari-Mutuel Law LITTLE ROOK (AP)—The Ark- msaa Anti-Gambling League has dropped Its plan to test the constitutionality of a 1935 act that permits peri-mutuel betting in Arkan- ias. However, the league apparently lasn't given up its fight against ;ambling. The League—offspring of a Baptist move to keep Dixie Downs, Inc., Tom setting up shot in West Mem- )hls— voted here last night to abaiv- lon plans to challenge legality of he law. But another meeting will >« called, probably Monday, when he group will discuss the possibil- ty of a sponsoring an amendment o the state constitution banning Rotary Magazine Is Program Topic A program on Rotary International's Rotarian magazine was henrd by members of Blytheville's Rotary Club yesterday. Heading the program were pro- grain chairman W. B. Lawshe and Dr. orlie Parker. It was announced at the meeting that the club will observe Its 30th anniversary with its annual ladles night event on Feb. 22. B. A. Lynch heads the committee which is handling arrangements for the special anniversary celebration. Guests at yesterday's meeting Included y. M. Hrister, Bill Donelson. Memphis; L. C. B. Young, Osceola; County Judge Fiber White, Osceola; Pete McChesney, Little Hock; Harry Kreiger, Memphis, and U. D. McCraw, Little Rock. U. S. Reds Said 'Ready to Act' NEW YOHK H>>-The Communfst Party in the United States Is "well perpared to take action" for Russia in event of war with this country says Herbert A. Phllbrlck who served the FBI as a counter-spy for nine years. Despite recent legal actions a- galnst Communists, the remaining American Reds continue to be "a real menace," the 36-year-old former Boston advertising man says. NECESSARY TAXES PLUS WASTEFUL ' POLITICAL SPEHDlHO SOMETHING CAN BE ABOUT THIS, FOLKS HAND ME AM ERASER f We have ho money except that which we earn by honest work, but the joy we have in our labor is probably worth more than we can weigh. Call on us anytime to learn of what we speak. DELTA IMPLEMENTS INC BLYTHEVIUE, ARK pari-mutuel betting. The drive aalnst pari-mutuel betting is aimed at closing down Oaklawn Park In Hot Springs, the state's only horse race track. Dixie Downs was defeated recent- y In a local option election in Orlt- enden County. The league was es- ablished primarily to attain this end, but later It expanded its campaign to include the outlawing of all gambling in Arkansas. Stewardess Job Popular NEW YORK m — Reporting it had 20,000 applications liist yea from girls who wanted to he stew ardesses, American Airlines notes that the average stewardess walk. 1 133 miles up and down alrplant aisles during a year, handles 386 children and pours i£33 cups o! coffee. Sifnllv Cure? Saint Vitus dance derived Its name from St. Vitus because it was believed the saint could cure It, according to the Encyclopedia Brlt- annica. NEW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Saf. & Sun. Phone 58 Friday "REX, KING OF the WILD HORSES" The white, pink and blue stuccoed housns on the Azores today give -the islands a Mediterranean atmosphere. MOX Phone 4G2I Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 SaL-San. 1:00 Always a Double Feature Last Times Tonite HARDY M. POPXIN p> RONALD COUMAM CUISTEHOIM —Plus . ONE MINUTE TO TWELVE Also Our Gang Comedy Saturday FKOKJIEK • MARSHAL —Plus- Saturday "MAN FROM TUMBLEWEED" Wild Bill Elliult Saturday Owl Shnw 'STRANGE DOOR" Roris Karluff Sunday & Monday "SANTA FE X Randolph Scott Janis Carter *~ -|*t^^. •m^mrfVHH; : Also Cartoon & "Sir Gallihad" Serial Saturday Owl Show Starts 1! -.30 Also 2 Keel Comedy , Sciial: "Pirates of the High Seas" Cross-Section of Man's Mind Wating for a Bus: look at All the People' NEW YORK Wj—Cross-section of a man's mind waiting for n bus: Look at all the people on the street tonight. . . Boy, I bet if a mart dog ran up right now you'd sre thcnj waiter . . . rd scatter too ... But if I had a cane 1 wouldn't . . . Wilh a cane a fellow is- pretty safe against attacks by rind doss. . . Why did men ever let them- ifh-cs bo jeered cut of the habit of .•arryiiu; canes anyway? ... I'd :arry one if everybody else dirt— < thorn cane with a big knobby ?nd . . . Canes feel Root! . . . what if h dog jumped me right (his minute? . . . why, I'd lie . . . you think the cops would help you? . . . Not thorn . . . They're too busy writing out traffic tickets . . . They'd probably rrest you for obstructing the log's pnih . . . Well, what could i do—climb this "bus stop" sign? . . . Hmmm. it's only about four fed high . That dog wculd bit me sure . . . Oh. well, what's a sllijht case of rabies today? ... if a guy had and didn't tell his friends, they'd never even notice It . . . That's how crazy the world Is now . . . But if you get cirrhosis of ttie liver, the word gels around right «»'ay ... i never knew anybody that had secret cirrhosis . . . And yet that's easier to hide than variccsc veins . . . Varicose veins? . . . That's what I'm getting waiting for this rfnrn- eti bus ... I'll bet all lhe buses are parked at the end of the line and the drivers are playing peu- nyantc poker . . . You never catch a bus driver with varicose veins . . . Kidney trouble? . . . Yes . . . "We get it from Jouncing over holes in the street the mayor Is too busy to fix." n driver tclrt me once ... He said they took a kidney stone out of him ns big »s a ben egg ... when I didn't believe him. he took' It out ot his pocket and showed me ... It was only about as big as a pigeon egg . Never trust a bus driver . . . I gupss it's barbers that get the most varicose veins . . . From standing on their feet so long, they say ... I asked one why didn't they invent a revolving chair so they could circle around a customer while sitting down in comfort, . . . Dlfln't Impress hitn at all.. . . That's a barber for you— rather talk about his troubles than think out a way to cure them ... Lot of people" thnt way . . . Where's that t-us? • Now what's that dame giving me the frozen eye for? . . . Well, how rt'ya like that? . . . Here I am just peacefully waiting for my bus and she walks over nnd stands -sllll right where I happen to be locking . . . And rlsht away she jumps to the conclusion I am staring at her . . . What a nerve- ... I wouldn't look at her twice if she swam past here In a cellophane nightgown . . . What a frizzle-puss she is anyway ... If Rip Van Winkle saw her, he'd go right back to sleep again .. . Funny thing about women — they never get mad if you stare while they're trying to hold down their skirts In a high wind . . . They Just giggle then, even If they're 80 ... It's the we.ither. 1 guess . . . The weather affects people in lots of ways . . Cops say married people and barroom drunks always fight more often during a full moon . . . The weather gets animals, too ... I knew a fellow who said his dog always cried when tt thundered . . , But cats are braver ... i never heard of a cat that was afraid even of lightning . . . People used to say thunder- storks turned milk sour . . . Well, that's a cheap way to make yogurt. . . Oh. here comes that darned bus. . . "Well, driver, where you been —abroad?" "Okay, wise guy. Save those funny remarks for your wife. You pay her to listen. All you pay me for Is to drive you home." ergman Expects New lossellini ROME I/Pi— Ingrid Berenwn Ml* oday she and her film-director hut- band. Roberto Rossellinl, "ir« expecting another baby in June" "We have already told a number of friends about it," the Swedish- born actress said in a telephone conversation from her home tie** lome. "Some of them must have m\s- inderstood the date," she added r»- ferrlng to a report published h*r» oday that the baby would »rrtve 'n July. "June Is the right date," she said. ,1, \^ rt lhe exix^d birth at the child has not caused her to break any plans for making pictures ••We've been planning on the b*by right along." she explained. "I hope to make more nicturM but that will be In the fall." U. S. Draft Quotas May Be Far Lower Than Expected WASHINGTON Wi-Draft quotas for the spring months may be far lower than expected due to a droo in Korea casualties and an Increase in enlistments. This is the latest Selective Service prediction following a mixuo yesterday in which Draft Director Lewis B. Hershey first forecast a sharp increase for the Aprll-May- JiJne period but later said a mistake had been made. Instead of Hershey's original «M- raate of go.OOO a month, the iinire probably will be between 40.000 and 50.0M men called monthly durtnz the period, officials said. This compares with the January call of 60.000, February 52,500, March 28,600, and the monthly average of "W.OOO since the draft was reactivated In September 1950. Highest figure was 80.000 for March, 19S1. "Little David", perhaps the Ur»- cst gun ever built, was a tr. a. Army siege mortar that could hurl a shell weighing newly two ton* to a target more than fiv« mile* away. GEM THEATER "Osceo/o's Finest" SUNDAY & MONDAY THE TOM-TOM 3EAT...THE PANTHER HOWi._THE SEMtNOLE* '•OB A UNITED STATES PICTURES YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE SUNDAY & MONDAY Conlinuous Showing from 2 p.m. Sunday Friday & Saturday "WELLS FARGO GUN MASTER" Allan "Rocky" Lane Serial & Comedy RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday "16 FATHOMS DEEP" with Arthur Lak«, Lon Chaney & Lloyd Bridge* Saturday "SILVER ON THE SAGE" Hopalong Cassidy & Gabby Hayes Saturday Owl Show "BUCK PRIVATES" with Abbott & Costello Sun.-Mori.-Tues. FROM THE, SMASH STAGE HITJ • h-l^cvtf P«M* KISK EtWWR DOUGWS-WBIBl JllLIAM KlflEirS Detective Story

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