The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 2
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m,TTBEVTU,F counrER FRIDAY Y*«i«f»4j Y*«f Tax— Here Are Things You Can, Cant Claim for Personal Expenses NOTE: This to the «, i tt H lUfiM explaining how t» Mfce Mrt juu 1W1 livomf lu re**m.) By JAMES MAKI.OW WASHINGTON (/?> — Here are things you can—»nd can't claim as personal expensei if you itemlw your deductions, - And at the end ii a, list of tax- free income which doesn't have to be reported at all. You do yoyr itemizing on page 3 of form IWfl under six headings on' tti« top half of'the page: contributions, interest, taxes, losses from naturil causes and theft, medical «nd dental expenses and miscellaneous. CONTRIBUTIONS You can't deduct more than 15 per cent of income /or contributions.' Within that limit you can deduct your contributions to non- pr ~ r ». •--an : 7-'hns operated for charitable, religious, scientific or literary purposes. Examples'. ' Community Chest; fled Cross; Salvation Army; tuberculosis, heart aJid cancer societies; societies for the prevention of cruelty to children and animals; USO; American Legion ana other veterans' outfits. You can deduct for interest you paid, on installment purchases; on borrowed money or personal wotes; on life insurance loans; and on the mortgage on your home. TAXES You can deduct your state income 'and personal property and real estate taxes except those which, like paving assessments, tend to In;'crease the value of your property; 'school taxes; auto license plates and drivers' licenses but not auto inspection fees; stale poll taxes; state unemployment insurance taxes; and state or local retail taxes (like gasoline) if under the laws of your state they are Imposed directly on the consumer or if they are Imposed on the retailer or wholesaler in the case of gasoline taxes and the amount of tax Is separately stated by the retailer to the consumer. . But you cannot deduct for federal Income taxes, federal social security taxes which you pay for yourself or a domestic employe If you're an employer or which nre withheld from your pay if you're an employe. You cannot deduct, as a personal expense, taxes for tickets to theaters, ball games, movies, night clubs, You cannot deduct -gift, Inheritance or estate taxes; federal excise or luxury taxes such »s on Jewelry, fun, cosmetics, pocketbooks; or federal taxes on tobacco and CHECK POINTS?—UN truce learn, in order to insure complete cessation of hostilities, has suggested that neutral observers be stationed at Korean cities Indicated on above Newsmap. The Allies hope that continual inspection would prevent a military build-up by either side. Curving black line across 3Blh parallel is proposed armistice line separating North and South Korea. CAPITOL CLEAN-UP—Sen. Joseph It. McCarthy (ii., Wise.) tries out an outsize broom sent him by constituents from Little Chuie, Wise., to help him "clean up the cnpitol." McCarlhy's specially has been in trying to ferret out Communists in government agencies. liquor; federal taxes on gasoline, \ doesn't have lo Be reported- oil, tires; federal taxes on radios Federal Income tax refund! and refrigerators; taxes on personal telephone calls; or taxes on travel fares, such as trains, ships. planes, busses. You can LOSSES deduct for damage to your home or other property by fire, hurricane, flood, lightning, storm, freezing, explosion; damage to your car In an nccltient if you were not wilfully nt fruilt (you'd be wilfully at fault If you were driving dnink). And you can deduct for properly loss through theft. Medical and dental expenses— Until this year no taxpayer could deduct for medical or dentnl expenses except for thnt part, which exceeded five per cent of his income. The l«w has been changed ft bit but only lor some people. Now if » taxpayer or ms wife is 65 or over—^meaning he could be 45 nnd his wife 65 or she coiild be 50 and he 65—he cnn deduct their medlcnl expenses in full. Deductions for their dependents rcmnln the same as for other people. For fuller details on medlcnl expenses see page 14 of the 16-pnge pamphlet—"How to Prepare Your U. s. Income Tnx Return"—which the government furnishes free for everyone itemizing on Form 1040. MISCELLANEOUS You cnn deduct for dues to professional societies nnd for union dues; for fees paid for help In mnk- ing out your Income Us return; for gambling losses but not more thnn you reported ns gambling gnins. You can deduct for alimony to your legnlly separated or-divorced wife but only if the alimony was ordered by court; nnd the wife must report the alimony as her income. You can't deduct for gifts to any individual, or for gifts to propaganda or political organizations or to political candidates. Here Is tax-free Income which FOR SALE Concrete culverts, 12 Inch (o 48 Inch, plain or rcentun<.1. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. Vie deliver. Call us for fre« estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone 601 NOW OPEN the DAIRY QUEEN Daily 11 a.m. t» 10 p.m. Daily 11 a.m. to 10p.m. ds (although the Interest received on refund Is taxable); unemployment pay nnrt social security benefits; life Insurance pntd because of the death of Ihe Insured; Inheritance, gifts or bcn.ucsl.-i of money to you, although Income from them is taxable; slck- , FEBRUARY 1, 1M| Coaxial Cable Will Be Laid To Little Rock L1TLE HOCK (API—A coaxial ible—capable of carrying a television picture _ connecting Little Rock and Memphis Is being planned by the American Telephone and Telegrnh Co. E. C. Prase, ch'lef engineer of Memhls radio station WMC and its television affiliate, tald here AT&T would begin laying the cable April 1. Officials of Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. confirmed the report. Prase said the proposed cable would contain eight tubes cables within the cable, and that each cable would be capable of carrying 420 telephone messages simultaneously. The cable will not be equipped Immediately to trnnsmlt television, said Prase, but TV equipment can he Installed with little effort. He said the cable Is scheduled to be tested Dec. 1. and should be In operation shortly after that. He said It would cost about »1T,820,000. Patterson's Widow Asks Public Feeling For Pilot's III Wife NEW YORK Wi— The widow of Robert P. Patterson, former secretary of war who perished In the Klizabcth, N. J., plane crash of Jnn. 22. appealed last nl^hl for public sympathy with the pilot's widow. Speaking over radio station WNDC last night. Mrs. Patterson urged listeners, to use their "inexhaustible flood of sympathy and strength to give moral support to the widow of Capt, Thomas John Reid," pilot of the American Airlines plane. "Besides Mrs. Reid's other (rou- bles," Mrs. Patterson said, "she had to bear wickedly foolish rumors blaming her husband for the accident and now she Is in tho hospital. "It seems impossible that anyone could be so ungenerous and Inhuman . . . . " Mrs. Reid Is expecting her third child next summer. Mori Citn* Max* TV NEW YORK «y-Th« coast-U>coast television circuit, now linking Holywood to New York and vice versa, embraces a total of 54 cities. Thus only n cities and 13 of the 108 stations are outside network range. NOTICE of COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE fS HEREBY GIVEN. that in pursuance with the authority and direction! contained In the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Mississippi County (Chlck- asawba District), Arkansas, made and entered on the 14th day of January, (952, in a certain caaie (No. twecn then pending therein between Federal National Mortgage Association and F, W. pyke as Trustee, plaintiffs, and Hershel L. Croft and Mildred Louise Croft, defendants, the undersigned, as commissioner of said court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the highest bidder, »t th» front 4wr «f the county courthoun in ville, in the County ot Mi betweei the hourj described bf liw for Judicial sal«. on l^hruary M, 1952, the .following described ittt estate, situate tn Mississippi county, Arkansas, to-wlf: Lot Nineteen (1«), Block'Eight (8), David Acres Subdivision to the City of Mlytheville, Ark»n- sas. TERMS or SAIJ5: On t e»dit of three (3) months, the purchM- er being required to execute i bond as required by law »nd the order and decree of said court In <<14 cause, with approved security, tew- ing Interest at the rate of fcur per cent <4%1 per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to «•cure the payment of the purchM* money. GIVEN under my hand this 24 day of January, 1952. Harvey Mo.-rU. Commissioner in Chwicery COON OVER Nfl6HVlLLE-Flyinj» proudly from atop the dome ot the Tennessee stale rapitol building in Nashville is a giant replica of the coonskin campaign cap worn by the slate's Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. Estes Kefauvcr, and his followers. Iden for the campaign banner came from Mrs. Mary Bioker, executive secretary of Davidson County's Kefauvor-for-President Club. West Memphis Names Man of '51 WEST MEMPHIS. Ark. (AP) — Comity Judge w. K. Ingram ha* been presented the Chamber of Commerce's "man of the year" trophy. Main speaker at the banquet was Mrs. Mary Cain, editor of the Summit, Miss., Sun and a defeated can- lidnte In the 1951 Mississippi gubernatorial race. Ssnttai^aws^*'' 0 ' Newcomers Found or—through accident or health In- 1 surance which is covered by an Insurance contract. Also tnx-frce nre muslering-oub pny; nil benefits under the OI Bill of Rights, such ns education and subsistence; allowances for uniforms, subsistence, quarter.*;; pensions to veterans or to their families for war service; slate bonuses to veterans; nnd pny for disability resulting from active service. Service pay for members of the armed forces • Is taxable for any month they're' not In a combat zone. But all service pay for cn- ll.ilPrt men—and tip to $200 for officers on active service—Is tax-free for any month served In the combat zone or for any month In which a mnn was hospitalized for wounds Injuries or incurred while In the combat zone. There's no tnx .on^thp-esfnte of a serviceman who diccUof wounds or Injuries received ln' : Vcombat zone in 1951 or for any previous taxable year ending on or nfter the first day he served In the combat zone ST. THOMAS. Out. «!>)—Ten new species were added to the categories of birds observed by the St. Thomas . Field Naturalists Club on their annual outing. Newcomers on the list included brown-capped chickadees, evening grosbeaks, pine grosbeaks and northern horned hawks. Mcnhntien. a species of tish. yields oil widely used In making soup, paint, linoleum, waterproof- Ing compounds nnd in tempering When your cold tels into your throat and chest and cough develops, work fast. Creomulsion relieves quickly because it: 1. Soothe* raw lore throat »nd chest mcrnbianes. J.[.oosen« and helpi expel lermy phlegm. 3. Mildly relaxes tystemic tension. 4. Aidj namri fight Ihe cause of irritation. }. Has slood th« t«t of millioni of useri. Vpu must be pleased or your druggist will refund your money. CREOMUL"SION ittitm Cnclii. Chut C.[<iv Aciti !„,( Tm proud of my appearance! . . . says this neat looking fellow, and your husband will be loo, when his shirls nre laundered crisp and sparkling bright. We'il wash and iron your laundry to perfection at reasonable rates, BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 Rend Courier News Classified Ads. McClellan, fulbright Support Import Curb WASHINGTON <{P> ~ Arkansas' Democratic .senators, Sen. McClel- ! Ian and sen. Fnlbright, supported n request oi President Truman and the State Department for a curb on imports on fats and oils and dairy products. But the measure wns shelyeti, yesterday when the Senate voted. 47-39 to send it back to committee. The Greek Island of Lesbos lies less than 10 the Turkish coast. TOXAPHENE 53 Per Gallon I now offer loxaphcne emulsion, six pounds technical per gallon at the above price in ten drum lots, $3.15 per gallon in lesser lots, F. O. R Blytheville Warehouse, March 1st, dating. This is equal to $2.00 for four pound technical per gallon or Si.OO for eight pound technical per gallon. These are the lowest prices ever quoted on toxaphene emulsion in Blytheville. Call or write me if you ar« interested. PAUL D. FOSTER, Dist. Phone 3418 Home 3153. Office in New Blytheville Warehouse NO OTHER ORGANIZATION IN BLYTHEVILLE IS AUTHORIZED TO OFFER TOXAPHENE FOR ME. 1 How "big" should government be ? Lincoln was President nt a time when the federal government harl lo take away from its citizens more rights and responsibilities than ever before. But he didn't like it. Me believed, with the writers of the Constilution and Ihe Declaration, ihat our government flioultl protect people's independence, nol push people around. As Lincoln once said: "In all Itic people can individually do as well lor themselves, government ought not to interfere." • Lincoln never let Americans forgcl thai. He kept reminding the nation that the government's vajl wartime power? must ric only temporary. He made powerful rncmies. For there are always those who want lo pro government run things — ami run people ~ peimatietitiy. We have them today. They Ihink up all kinds of reasons why Uie federal government should take over this or that business, industry o,r service. They never say they want socialism, Mayhc they don'l even realize it. But that'j actually what thcj* propose. Mo=l Americans rlon't want •orialism any more lhan you do. The job is lo recognize it — and halt it —no matter what disguise it wears. The people «ho pl«n «ni! work for * Mxluriitf-i Tt.Jl \. knnw th«l |>erninnent control of « few kcj !• <!lutrtc* ar;J •«»![:<•« Kill (tive government th" power to tuVt. over just •hout (nrrytMnn. OIK; of the key h '.i.|rir.« iVvM ihey'rt Ill-mil In Inke o'er is rlcrlric lighl «nd pu»cr. 1 b.T. wilf ve brina thU warning to you. • "MEET CORLISS AKC1IER"— Sundays— CBS—8 P.M., Central Time. Ark-Mo Power Co.

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