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ST UNFILES July 19, 1966 7 Tax Hike Backers New Gry House Opens Debate on 3 more and she may not believe you. But tell a home-buyer that the I President is to blame for higher WASHINGTON (UPI)-Advo-cates of a tax increase have a new rallying cry "Let's roll back high interest rates." Not long ago they were crying "high prices," but the recent slowdown in the cost lof living especially in food costs and the economy's significant cooling in the second quarter have robbed the price cry of some of its Defense Bill WASHINGTON (UPI) The House began debate today on a $58.6 billion defense money bill, described by a key member as a "signal to Hanoi" that the United States will not tire and leave Viet Nam. 7 Chairman George Mahon, of the House Appropria, tions Committee said it would be "the height of folly" if North Vietnamese leaders misread the signal. The measure is the largest military appropriations bill since World War II. An over- whemling house vote of approv al was expected.

I Red Skelton's Wife Shot In Vegas Gun Accident mortgage costs, because be refused to raise taxes thereby forcing the federal reserve to boost interest rates, and he might fasten. Chances are Johnson will not be persuaded that it's worth raising taxes in order to reduce interest rates. Even if he did, there'st no assurance interest rates would be falling by election day. And no politician wants to go into an election with both higher taxes and higher interest rates. Yellow Bird Fades HONOLULU The o'o is a yellow bird of Hawaii whose feathers once were prized for native costumes.

Now the rare bird is in danger of extinction. EXPRESSLY PL CUSTOM TAILOR Interest rates, on the 6ther hand, continue up and up, and have reached their highest levels in nearly 40 years. Heme, car and personal loans cost the borrower substantially more than a year ago. With loans so profitable, banks, savings and loan associations and other lenders have aH been scrambling for the saver's dollar by offering higher "3T night stand near the bed accidentally discharged," said Simmons. Attendants at Sunrise Hospital would release no information other than to report Mrs.

Skelton's condition was satisfactory. The sheriffs report said the bullet entered the victims left breast and may have struck the lung. The Skelton room was cleaned immediately after the accident to keep from alarming Red Skelton who was doing his show at the time of the shooting. Simmons said the couple had the pistol in the room "because they had received information that they might be robbery or burglary victims." He did not elaborate. and higher returns on deposits.

and Ls have got the worst of the interest rate war with the result that home loans are not only, more expensive but sometimes unobtainable. It was with the high interest rates in mind that Sen. Jacob K. Javits has urged President Johnson to recommend an income tax increase that would take between $5 billion and $7 billion of spending money out of the hands of consumers and businessmen. Javits was critical of Johnson for relying almost entirely on tight money and high interest rates to restrain the booming U.

S. economy. Higher taxes would do the job "more equitably" and would bring interest rates back down to earth, Javits said in a senate speech. Andrew' F. Brimmer, the newest member of the Federal Reserve Board, told a Boston audience that in the absence of an income tax increase "serious consideration" should be given to temporary suspension of the tax credit businessmen get for i i in new plant and equipment.

Like Javits, Brimmer said tight money "is not enough" to keep the lid on the economy. As a political issue, high interest rates are potentially more damaging to the Johnson administration than high prices. Tell a housewife that Johnson is to blame for bacon costing -LAS VEGAS, Nev. (UPI) Georgia Skelton, the wife of comedian Red Skelton, was shot accidentally in the chest early today. Mrs.

Skelton, who was married to the entertainer in 1945, was reported in "satisfactory" condition at Sunrise Hospital. Lt. Glenn Simmons, chief of the Clark County Sheriff's detectives, said the shooting occurred in Mrs. Skelton's room at the Sands Hotel oh the Las Vegas "strip" where her husband currently is appearing. "Officers were unable to question Mrs.

Skelton to any length because she was under heavy sedation. All she really saijHvas that a .38 caliber pistol on the a I it I 11 nician, wearing Apollo space suit, deploys an Apollo Lunar Experiments on 'the moon-' jscape at Space Center in Houston. Instruments will Silvet label suit front 110 Gold label suits from 173 406. Uth ST. OAKLAND PHONI: 452-1444 be carried to the moon mockup in Dackgroung.

Hnnp Vanishoc fnr "Vl AA' vjin in fvune ondii i I in a modu simi ar to (AF) the ghost towns they left behind. Her body may never be found. Rescue workers, repeatedly forced to stop by jutting timbers and other debris, have pushed down less than 600 feet. They continued hauling out debris today and inching farther down the shaft. Ruth Ann's brother, Gary.JOr rushed home first with the news.

He told his mother and stepfather, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Taylor, that they had been berry picking. His sister stepped into the fringe of a bush alonside the mine can. he said, and dis appeared in the small caved-in hole beside the concrete.

-Today state police disclosed Gary's later reconstruction. It was a story of a children's adventure discovery of an old barbed wire fence, a hole in it, and inside an old mine. They played there Friday and went back Saturday after telling their parents they were berry picking. Gary took his pal, Eric England, and his little sister. Ruth Ann never returned.

Search for Lost Boy Widened YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. (UPI) Weary rescue teams, unsuccessful in six days of searching for an 8- year-old California boy, today shifted search operations to a new area in vast and rugged Yellowstone National Park. Park officials said search teams would be sent north of 9,000 foot Dunraven Pass, an extremely rocky and nearly in accessible area which also is north of the section previously searched. Despite the failure to locate the boy. William Johnson of Inyokern, father of the 60-pound youngster, said he still was hopeful his son was alive and well.

He said he felt his boy might be trying to hitchhike a ride home. Johnson said there was a "good possibility" his son, Den nis, might have reached one of the roads that run through the park. I Uranium Millionaire In Politics RENO, Nev. (AP) A rags to riches urnaium millionaire, who as a Utah legislator once introduced a bill calling for "a head tax on virtue," filed yesterday for the Nevada Senate. Charles Steen, discoverer of the nation's largest uranium mine in Moab, Utah, seeks the Washoe-Storey County legislative seat on the Republican ticket.

As a Utah state senator he espoused bills which would have lowered the legal age for purchasing cigarettes, permitted restaurants to serve wine with meals and allowed liquor to be sold by the drink. All of them failed, causing him to introduce his "virtue bill," he said. The Reno man said his liquor-by-the-drink bill in a state heavily populated by Mormons re? suited in 10,000 letters. "One letter writer questioned: 'If you don't like Utah, why don't you move to Steen said. He did.

In 1952 Steen and his family became an American success story with discovery of the Mi Vada Mine, estimated to be worth million at the time. STEP OUT in a Rocket rr 1 V.iJ Sfeso- srs s- hSz CALUMET, Mich. (UPI) -Two hovs sat aton the concrete mine cap, their legs dangling. A little girl, pleased to be with her big brother, sat below them. She slipped her feet into a shady hole.

Suddenly shft vanished. The boys called her. Their voices echoed in the dark hole which no person had entered since 1932. There was no reply. State police gave this reconstruction today of the tragedy in which Ruth Ann Miller, 7, fell down a mile deep abandoned copper mine shaft in this far north "copper county" that is pocked with empty mines and Heliport Rejected By BART MARTINEZ The Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) said the San Francisco-Oakland Helicopter Airlines may not use BART's new station at Lafayette for a heliport.

BART's statement brought angry-reaction from Mrs. Carol Lary, secretary of the Sunset Village Improvement Club, which has been fighting to get the present heliport relocated. 'The controversy has been going on for more than a year as residents of the area have complained, excessive noise and violations of the number of helicopter flights agreed on. In a letter to BART Mrs. Lary asked if there has been an arrangement with the airlines to move the" heliport to the roof of the new rapid transit station when it is completed.

BART Gen. Mgr. B. R. Stokes wrote Mrs.

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